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Game of Divine Thrones

Having no idea how much time had passed, Woohyuk finally arrived before the first Boss of the Labyrinth.

[Skeleton Knight]

Blue flames flickered within its hollow eye sockets, as an ominous black energy leaked out from its two-handed sword.

[Superior Undead]

Even among necromancer summons, there were different tiers of undead.

The higher its tier, the stronger its power and skills were, as well as how many subordinates it could lead.

‘Another one of Nakron’s pets.’

[Nakron, King of the Dark Wizards]

The secret behind his power was never uncovered, but one thing was for certain.

‘He is the very best Necromancer.’

Knowing the Historical Site’s background was quite important. For that reason, grave robbers, who preferred the term archaeologist, would do a lot of research prior to any exploration. It was the same concept as a student studying about his teacher’s style before undertaking a big test.

‘Maybe it truly is all part of a test.’

He didn’t believe for a single second that Nakron had come to this Tomb Labyrinth simply to uphold his promise with Akunaton. In his view, that puppet king was nothing but a toy.

He had quite the eccentric personality himself, so he needed to think differently if he wanted to place himself in his shoes.

As Woohyuk’s mind was occupied with such thoughts, the Skeleton Knight had begun his charge from atop his Skeletal Warhorse.

Tagdak Tagdak

The sound of its hooves resounding across the cave, as the knight swung its large sword, creating a gust of wind.

Woohyuk dodged to the side, evading the Skeleton Knight’s deadly charge. However he didn’t stand idle, activating Grandia’s Destruction Rune as he severed the horse’s front limbs.


The horse tumbled down to the ground, crying in pain.

Before the Skeleton Knight was able to pick itself back up from the fall, Woohyuk’s shadow was upon it.


He severed the Skeleton Knight’s left arm and it fell down to the ground, the bone turning to dust.

Seeing it in an awful state, Woohyuk raised Grandia up high in order to deliver the killing blow.


At that very moment however, the black aura that had been surrounding the greatsword, shot out towards Woohyuk.

[Legion of Vengeful Spirits]

An ability that could overwhelm the opponent’s mind and take over their body.


Fortunately he was able to neutralize it with a slash of his sword.

The Destruction Rune was able to affect Spirits. 

As he endured the Spirits’ painful cries, Woohyuk dodged the Skeleton Knight’s slash and then... 


Severed the Skeleton Knight in half with an indomitable downward slash. With those skills it was simply 100 years too early for it to threaten Woohyuk. That would have been the case whether it was alive or undead.


As the blue flame in the Skeleton Knights eyes disappeared, its bones shattered and turned to dust, scattering with the wind.

Woohyuk looked at its remains as he clicked his tongue.

‘I purposely didn't break its sword.’

He felt it had simply been a bit more troublesome compared to his usual way of handling things.

Woohyuk walked over to the fallen Skeletal Horse, sitting on it as he took a short break.

A Historical Site consisting countless Undead, the many battles slowly eating away at his Stamina.

‘How long have I been here?’

About a day had passed, in which he had been exploring nonstop, as he reached rather deep into the labyrinth.

‘I need to eat something.’

Even if he could keep going due to his strong mental fortitude, if he were to skip out on eating and sleeping, his fighting ability was sure to suffer.

Woohyuk took out some ingredients and began cooking.

It didn’t take him very long since he was only making some beef bibimbap. It was mostly boiling water for the rice and adding some sesame oil on top.

Once the rice was cooked, he ate his beef bibimbap with a plastic spoon.

‘These combat rations are so delicious.’

What had he eaten over the course of the last 40 years?

The faces of all his former subordinates, including Leifina came to mind.

‘It had been my mistake, only picking subordinates based solely on their fighting ability. ’

It was starting to become clear to him why he hadn’t been able to reach the Divine Throne back then.

The Gods would eat various rare delicacies, but he never sampled even a single one. 

‘Wait for me Hans, I’m coming for you.’

It was just another reason to quickly settle his business here and leave the Tomb Labyrinth.

After drinking the last of the miso soup, Woohyuk set off once again with renewed vigor.

* * *

The second Boss he encountered was an Undead Cyclops.

It was a one-eyed giant that enjoyed eating human flesh just like the Minotaurs, and were also known for their perverse sexual acts.

Even after its death, these traits remained. In fact, it had even been strengthened by Nakron’s spells, giving it abilities that it previously didn’t have.


A flame flew out from the Cyclops mouth, heading straight for Woohyuk.

It was similar to a Dragon’s Breath.

Woohyuk slinked to the side, dodging the flame as he unleashed an Ice Bolt at the Cyclop’s feet. He started off by reducing its mobility before engaging it in full.


With its feet frozen stiff, its single eye flashes red while it swung its spiked club. Out of nowhere, a single spike on the club shot out like an arrow towards Woohyuk.

It must be pretty enraged.

Still it wasn’t on a level that could catch Woohyuk off guard, as he relied on his senses and perception to dodge any incoming spikes.

Eventually he had closed the distance and Grandia’s sharp edge had all but reached the Cyclops.


Rather than evading or defending, the Cyclops chose to counter attack instead with its flame breath. 

With the fighting spirit of a lion, the Cyclops didn’t value its undead life, looking instead to drag down Woohyuk and make them die together.


The jet of flames was split in two with Grandia’s slash, and as soon as they dissipated, Woohyuk tossed an Ice Bolt into the Cyclop’s open mouth.


The Cyclops used its hands to touch its now frozen mouth, with a look of incredulity.

While it was distracted, a shadow loomed above its head.


The Cyclop’s head swirled through the air, before falling down on the ground. A grayish-brown blood spurting out from the severed neck.

Woohyuk didn’t stop there however, continuing to cut its body up into small pieces in order to make it more difficult for it to rise up once more.


Landing back on the ground, Woohyuk let out a sigh as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

A fight where he had to push his body to the limit, his low stamina making his movements sluggish

‘I can feel it now.’

That sense that made one feel alive.

To Woohyuk who had faced death on so many occasions, he was very familiar with the feeling.

It had been the case for the past 40 years, whenever he stood at the crossroads between life and death, Woohyuk would feel a calmness in his heart.

A feeling that gave him confidence that he was treading on the right path.

Now that he thought about it, death had always been right by his side, whether he liked it or not.

As he reminisced about his past, Woohyuk set forth once more.

His long black shadow stretched out as he passed a torch.

* * *

He had yet to encounter the third Boss, and was instead faced with a group of undead. The one which was now approaching Woohyuk, was a Dullahan. A headless knight that rode around carrying its head with one hand. It was one of the undead that was difficult to deal with physical damage alone, because it was equipped with heavy plate armor.

Naturally it wasn’t difficult for Woohyuk to deal with.


He split the Dullahan’s in two at the waist, immediately after casting Chain Lightning at the other Undead Spirits. 


After dealing with the remaining undead, Woohyuk carefully observed his surroundings. It looked no different than the other rooms where he had faced off against the previous Bosses, but somehow he could feel a lingering dark energy. 

‘Could it be a vengeful spirit?’

If it was a Higher-tier Spirit, it was possible for it to become invisible for a certain period of time.

Woohyuk raised Grandia as he pushed his senses to the limit.


A spiked metal ball, attached to a chain dropped from the ceiling, swinging in an arc. As soon as Woohyuk jumped and rolled to the side to dodge it,  a series of poisonous arrows shot out from the wall.

Ting! Ting!

He used the Ghost Queen Star Serpent’s effect to erect a translucent shield around him, deflecting the arrows.

A chain trap.

If you managed to avoid the first one, the second would be lying in wait.

‘You don’t seem to want to reveal yourself so easily.’

Feeling the increase in difficulty, Woohyuk stared cautiously at the spiked ball in the air. It was quite annoying to deal with since it could sense the intruder and act accordingly.

‘I’ll have to deal with that thing first.’

Woohyuk chose to jump up instead of dodging to the side.


Bursts of air were sent out from his Airwalker Boots, allowing him to jump far above the ball.


Grandia’s sharp edge managed to cut through the metal chain, causing the spiked ball to roll helplessly on the ground.


As the heavy sound of the collision rang out in the room, Woohyuk landed back on the ground and spoke out.

“Enough hiding, it is useless.”

Even if the Spirit was invisible, he could guess its identity.

For one to only utilize traps and hide themselves until the very end…

‘It has to be Akunaton himself.’

At first he was confused as to why Nakron had returned to find the dead king, but it was clear that he had turned Akunaton into a Wraith, to serve as the third Boss.

He might be the last one, since I don’t see any other passage leading elsewhere.

“You seem to be very confident in yourself,grave robber. Do you know whose tomb this is?”

After a short time, the spirit replied. As he had expected, it was indeed Akunaton. A Wraith whose body was virtually undetectable, unless you were fully focused on its silhouette.

He might have some useful information, so Woohyuk decided to suck up to him a bit.

“I know all about you, Akunaton. You were a good king, only that you betrayed your brother, dying by his hand.”

“Then why are you interrupting my slumber? Aren’t you afraid of being cursed by the dead?”

Hearing Woohyuk praise him, Akunaton’s voice softened somewhat. He must have been one of those that was weak to flattery in his life.

There was also a possibility that he could learn some clues that would lead him to Nakron, so Woohyuk focused intensely on the situation.

“I am but an Archaeologist that has come here seeking the truth. I don’t have anything in common with those grave robbers.”

“Is that true? Is it regarding a history about me?”

“Right, I am searching for artifacts that may unearth the truth in history. Currently you are remembered as a king that lived a life of opulence and debauchery, even raping your own daughter.”

The words Woohyuk spoke were actually true.

It was common for history to be rewritten by the victors, and Akunaton’s case was no exception.

“I was but a man in search of the secrets to immortality. Who has spread such absurd rumours?”

“Maybe you should ask Nakron, he must know everything regarding the situation.”

“Nakron! That ungrateful wizard, I never want to see him again. He turned me into this, and even used my children in experiments.

As Akunaton spoke about Nakron, he got quite worked up, his booming voice echoing throughout the chamber.

“Will you help me prove the truth? The way I see it there might not be anyone else but me coming here.”

“... Of course brave Archaeologist, take this and head to the hidden room over there.”

After handing Woohyuk a golden key, Akunaton turned his head and pointed towards the wall with an engraved rune.

Seeing the door to the Secret Room, Woohyuk couldn’t help but become puzzled.

“Is it possible to gain entrance without defeating you?”

“Normally not, but those who are chosen by me are an exception.”

“What do you mean by chosen?”

“The golden key you have in your hands. I usually keep it in a separate dimension, far out of reach of any grave robbers.”

According to his words, if he had simply cut him down, he might not have obtained the same golden key.

Woohyuk wondered if Logan had made the same decision back then.

“Do you know what is inside?”

“I don’t, all I know is that there are also some treasures in there which Nakron had stolen from me.”

“Hearing him mention treasure, he couldn’t help but think of the Golden Chalice which Logan had been so proud of.”

A magical item that would be filled with wine by simply pouring some mana into it.

‘This time I won’t have to listen to any stories about that guy’s achievements.’

Logan was the type to boast to his enemies.

The only reason he could learn so much about this Tomb was because Logan boasted so often to his enemies. Although that was now all in the past, it had become very useful information for Woohyuk. 

Woohyuk placed his hand on the engraved rune, as he imagined the face of Logan who would work so hard just to arrive here for nothing.

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