Book 2 Chapter 33 - Ice Sword (1)

Game of Divine Thrones


“ It’s a Hidden Class that only you can get.”

An Iron Maiden was very similar to a Valkyrie, in that she belonged on the battlefield.

Although she relied mainly on Light based sword skills, she also had access to a limited amount of Holy spells.

The biggest difference was that she only swore allegiance to a single Lord, and not the God of light, becoming more powerful when in his presence.

It was a buff that made it very much worth it for them to stick together.

“Can you stand?”

“Yes, of course…”

However, as he had expected, Leifina stumbled back to the ground as she tried to pick herself up.

Her body was simply devoid of any strength.

The Crystal ball that had been placed on the altar for some time now, shattered as soon as the Illusory magic was broken.

She was no longer receiving any Mana to support her.

“Don’t overdo it, your body is very feeble right now.”

He had asked the question despite already knowing the answer, because he wanted to make sure that Leifina understood how serious her condition was.

Woohyuk bent down and picked her up with ease.

“Wha.. what…”

Leifina’s face turned a deep red, unable to control the blush as this was her first time being embraced by a stranger.

Even if they were now in a Master- Subordinate relationship, it was still an awkward situation. 

“Don’t resist, you are mine now.”


It was quite the misleading statement.

As Leifina continued to struggle with her latest dilemma, Hong Yuri’s voice was heard.

“Woohyuk, are you all done?”

“Yep, come on in.”

Having his permission, Hong Yuri rushed inside. Immediately she scanned every inch of Leifina’s body that donned a stunning blue dress.

“Wow… You’re such a beautiful woman.”

“There are several beauties in the Eeth continent.”

Although the natives here had small differences compared to the humans that came from Earth, it was only small things like the color of hair or iris.

The biggest difference was the life expectancy. Natives here tend to live three times longer than humans. It was also one of the reasons that humanity’s lifespan had increased upon arriving here.

The rate at which they aged had been reduced, making it theoretically possible for humans to live to see three hundred years pass.

“I’m so jealous, to have such a face without even any plastic surgery….”

Hong Yuri muttered to herself as she frowned.

It was the feeling of being discarded to the side, as a celebrity garnered all the attention.

Not to mention that the very first thing she saw was her rival cradled up in Woohyuk’s arms. A tough opponent indeed.

Hong Yuri’s eyes continued to narrow as Woohyuk spoke up.

“Are you getting jealous?”

“As a woman, of course I am.”

“Don’t waste your energy on such useless emotions, this world isn’t so forgiving.”

“I know that already.”

Hong Yuri looked away dejectedly.

Ignoring her reaction, Woohyuk walked up to the stone wall behind the altar.


As he came in contact with the engraved rune on the wall, the Secret room appeared. He then turned around to look at Hong Yuri.

“Stop pouting and come on in.”

“... Okay.”

He is not the kind of person to engage in any give and take. 

Hong Yuri followed along pathetically like a domesticated cat that had a dog’s collar around her neck.

“Take them, they are all yours.”

Woohyuk spoke to her kindly, and Hong Yuri’s mood had brightened considerably.

she nodded back excitedly as she examined the loot before her.

[New Moon’s Attraction]

Category:        Weapon (Growth)

Grade:            C

Durability:        10,500

Effect:            When thrown, an illusory chain is sent out, binding your opponent. Following which Hypnosis can be used to manipulate him with your thoughts.

[Blood Fountain]

Category:        Jewel (Growth)

Grade:            C

Durability:        9,800

Effect:            Can store up to 300% of the user’s maximum Blood Energy. Reduces cost of all Blood Energy related skills by 20%

The New Moon’s Attraction was a rather unusual weapon with short blades sticking out on either side of its handle. Because they came in a pair, they were useful in both close quarter and mid range combat.

The Blood Fountain was exactly what it sounded like, an on the go personal blood bank. Using it you could store excess Blood Energy to be used at a later time. It was also very convenient because it took the form of a pendant.

“Wow… why is it that all the equipment is suitable for me?”

“Vampires are favored by Lilith.”

If Hong Yuri hadn’t entered the room with him, all that would have appeared was the Witch’s two-handed staff and the Baron’s cursed ring. That is what could be found in any of the other Sectors.

Both of those items were quite trashy, so it was better to help Hong Yuri a bit.

“Master, are you allied with the Night clan?”

“Hong Yuri is my slave, through the Blood ring we wear.”

Woohyuk pointed out the Blood rings they both wore, but Leifina was unconvinced.

Clearly she felt that vampires couldn’t be trusted.

If the Silver Haired Witch were to learn of this…”

“There’s nothing to worry about, I am also considered to be on the path of Darkness.”

“... ah, you are part of the Dark forces?”

“I have the Necromancer class.”

Being bombarded with all this information, she couldn’t help but look between the two of them.

Hong Yuri teased her by releasing her fangs.

“And I’m the Blood Queen.”

In order to reassure her, Woohyuk summoned a Skeleton Archer.

“It isn’t because we wield the powers of Darkness that we necessarily have to join hands with the Demons or anything. So don’t be so uncomfortable about all this, just look at this guy, isn’t he cute.

Following Woohyuks orders, the Skeleton Archer began tap dancing before them.

Leifina blocked her face with her two hands, as if she were staring at some sort of heresy.

“Everything is just all messed up.”

* * *

Upon returning to the Fortress, Woohyuk explained to Leifina how it was that he became a Necromancer, since he was sure that she’d still have some doubts based on her personality.

Although she didn’t seem to be convinced, at least she no longer brought it up.

It was her Master’s choice, so she could only follow along.

After having a good night’s rest at the Inn, Woohyuk decided to take a short break.

He had already achieved many of the goals he had set out for himself, he had to stop and evaluate his progress.

‘Only two more Temples to go.’

The third area on the left path was filled with lava and didn’t have any items that caught his attention. Simply sending Lee Jaesung to lead the party there would suffice.

Also he easily defended the central path, since the enemies wouldn’t be able to cross the Stymphalian Lake.

With Hong Yuri taking care of the right side, he likewise had nothing to worry about.

‘For now, I’ll need to deal with Isaac first.’

After having learned that Ranghilt was targeting him, it no longer was a problem that he could ignore.

The Sea God’s curse following him around wasn't something that he had accounted for, and could throw a wrench in his future plans.

As the rays of sun began to creep up on the horizon, Woohyuk went to the Auction house to collect his money from the sales.

A total of 3 gold coins and 2 silver ones. Nothing but pocket change.

As he headed to the Tavern to buy some food to bring back for Leifina, he heard Isaac’s voice from behind him.

“Good morning Chun Woohyuk.”


Seeing Isaac approach him without his usual posse, he knew something was off.

Woohyuk’s eyes became sharp like daggers.

“What’s up?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve come to see what was up for auction. I heard that there were a bunch of new items put up yesterday.”

Isaac smiled gently as he eyed the coins in Woohyuk’s hand. And ice cold gaze, it seemed that he was already under the influence of the sword Ranghilt.

“All of the items have been sold off.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Still, it’s fine since I just wanted to see some new items on a whim.”

It was a decent excuse since he wasn’t doing any large raids at the moment..

Isaac approached Woohyuk, casually leaning as he put his hand on the nearby shelves.

“Let’s see, a new item seems to have been put up last night by Hong Yuri.”

Between the two of them they had indeed collected quite a lot of loot last night.

As he watched Isaac browse through the Auction house, Woohyuk thought to himself what would be the best way to take care of him.

‘It would be best if I let him think he was the one trapping me.’

To begin with he wasn’t one of those naive people. Even if he had mentally succumbed to the influence of the sword, his inherent qualities wouldn’t simply disappear.

Ever since a young age he had received the very best education due to his royal lineage.

A man that admired King Arthur and had practiced fencing and horseback riding.

Good acting would be needed, in order to fool someone that had been born into a life of politics.

“Have you explored the Mountain Range yet?”

“I’ve been too busy farming for gold coins and haven’t had the time. I was planning on going there today however.”

Once the Guard Towers were properly manned, it would be difficult for enemy troops to invade because due to the Teleport scrolls, it was very easy for the occupying side to quickly reinforce.

Trying to invade the enemy’s territory was simply too unreasonable. It was only a strategy that had been viable in the early stages, when the borders hadn’t been properly secured yet. It might also resurface a little bit later on once the casualties began to pile up and the manpower across the border would be stretched thin.

Isaac was aware of that, so he hadn’t been in any hurry to explore the mountains in search of enemy players.

“How long are you planning on going out?”

“It’ll depend on the situation. Why don’t you join us, Chun Woohyuk. If you do, I can even exempt your team from the daily quota.”

He was no doubt trying to lead him into a trap and gang up on him with his loyal subordinates.

Even if they would then be marked as traitors, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal since it only meant that they would need to lay low for about a day, without returning to the Fortress.

“Sure, but my team members are a bit tired, so I don’t think they will be able to join us. We’ve run into a lot of trouble these past few days.”

“Just you alone is fine then, let’s meet up at the Fortress’ entrance later.”

“Okay, I’ll get something to eat and head right there.”

He didn’t need the help of his team to take care of Isaac. 

The two of the parted ways, as Woohyuk thought about their upcoming battle.

* * * 

Initiating an attack on players from your own Faction would give you a red marker. One couldn’t enter the Fortress under those conditions since you’d be treated as a criminal and locked up in the underground prison.

So if Isaac was the first to strike, he would be able to return for a whole day. The same was true for any Teleport Scrolls.

Appearing near any of the towers while marked as criminal was likewise suicide since there were plenty of guards on duty.

From Isaac’s point of view, the best time to strike was as they were preparing to return from their trip to the mountains.

Of course the only reason he took such a risk in the first place was all due to the influence of his sword, Ranghilt.

‘He has no choice in the matter.’

However it would also be best for him to tie up this loose end before the end of this stage’s Canyon Battle. If he were to allow such a dangerous variable to make its way to the Eeth continent, it very well might endanger his future prospects.

Woohyuk calmly examined his surroundings as their team explored the rugged mountainous terrain.

He couldn't detect any killing intent as of yet, so he guessed that he was at least planning to wait until they reached the peak before showing his true colors. 

However there was a big flaw in their plan

That’s right….


They hadn’t factored in the existence of the Griffons.

“What the hell is that?”

A man decked in plate armor asked nervously as he pointed out the Griffon in the distance.

It was so large that its shadow completely enveloped their team climbing the mountain.


 Isaac stepped in front of them as he unsheathed Ranghilt, staring at the Griffon intently, as if he were being controlled by someone.

“That will likely become a headache for us later on, so it’s best to take care of it right now.”

A magical blue aura was emitted from Ranghilt, as Woohyuk watched with rapt attention.

‘He’s going to use the sword’s power.’

Since it was one of the Sea God’s treasures, it must have considerable power. Of course how much of that power could be manifested, relied entirely on its user.


A burst of frost shot out from the sword, as Isaac swung Ranghilt towards the incoming Griffin.


Griffon’s body suffered from a deep cut, as blood spurted everywhere.

It flapped its wings angrily, as it rushed towards Issac.


It struck out with its sharp beak, attempting to peck Isaac head to death. Just then, the magical blue frost once again enveloped the sword.


Ranghilt managed to pierce into the Griffin’s body, as the frost aura began to freeze it from the inside. Soon after, the Griffin was turned into an ice statue that crashed its way down the mountain.

As the dust from the battle hung in the air, Woohyuk’s senses were heightened.

‘It’s even more dangerous than I had expected.’

He felt that he would struggle to defend the Griffins attack based solely on the barrier provided by his Ghost Queen Star Serpent.

It was because his Intelligence Stat was not yet high enough, so he didn’t have enough Mana to absorb such a blow.

Not to mention that they were quite high up on the mountain. Rolling down head first as a frozen statue wasn’t something he had any plans on experiencing.

‘I need to change the setting.’

And he happened to know just the place that was nearby.

After waiting for the dust to settle, he spoke to Isaac.

“I think there is a nest of these guys near the peak.”

“I was thinking the same thing, this mountain range is much more dangerous than I thought.”

Given the level of danger, it was very unlikely for an enemy force to be hidden within these mountains. There were nothing but rocks and hills as far as the eye could see.

Even if one went out of their way to do some extreme rock climbing, they’d just end up as food for the Griffons.

As Isaac was busy thinking as to how they should proceed, Woohyuk spoke up once more.

“They might have already noticed us since we’ve created quite the commotion.”

“Do you have any suggestions?”

“Last time I came here I happened upon a cave. How about hiding there for a while until things settle down a bit?”

The mountain they climbed was quite steep, so it would take them too long to climb all the way back down. Isaac’s party seemed to agree with Woohyuk’s suggestion, since they didn’t like the idea of facing any Griffons during the climb down.

“That’s a good idea, please lead the way.”

“Then follow me.”

Woohyuk nodded as he began to walk down the path.

He could feel their evil stare fixed onto his back.

‘Looks like they are planning to take action soon.’

A remote and dark cave would be a great spot to betray an ally.

Monitoring Isaac’s party with his strong perception, he continued walking forward.

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