Book 2 Chapter 49 - Seaport Landium (2)

Game of Divine Thrones

In a bathroom filled with steam, a beautiful young lady lay in a bath of warm water, an expression of worry on her face.

She was Erica Donovan, the second most influential person in the port city of Landium, after Sebastian Kallis that is.

‘What should I do….’

Her relationships  with some of her major customers had been deteriorating due to the latest attacks on her caravans.

To make matters worse the items that had been stolen had all been luxury goods.

This translated into a large financial loss, not to mention that it was difficult to procure replacements within a short time frame.

‘I really have to make my decision regarding Sebastian.’

Currently all the preparations had been made, and they were just waiting for the green light.

They had hired additional elite mercenaries, as well as porters to spy on the coming and goings of Kallis’ faction.

Waiting to fight when she had the superior numbers would be ideal, but currently they weren’t mismatched either.

Erica looks down at her body, stopping at her large breasts  as she thought of all the humiliation she had been forced to endure.

A mature beauty that any man would fall for, but it didn’t do her any good when trying to lead. She was only disregarded time and time again due to her sex.

‘I need to seize this chance.’

If she managed to overcome this feud between Kallis and her, no one could look down on her any longer.

Erica stepped out of the tub, wrapping her supple body in a pink towel.

As she was busy drying herself off.

“Erica, a man is here to see you.”

She heard her maid’s voice from behind the door.

“What does he look like?”

“He was armed as a mercenary. He came along with Ryan, one of our faction’s mercenaries.

“... Let him in, I’ll see him in a bit.”

Any mercenary willing to work for her cause was welcome.

After quickly drying her hair, Erica put on a red dress and headed to the waiting room. Upon opening the door, she caught sight of the red haired young man sitting casually on the chair.

“What did you come see me for?”

“I would like to sign an employment contract.”

Cutting straight to the chase. This kind of attitude demonstrated a certain confidence in his skills. Erica’s green eyes scanned him from top to bottom.

“First I’d like to hear a bit more about your experience. How long have you been a mercenary for?”

“5 years.”

Hearing Woohyuk’s arrogant tone, the mercenaries guarding Erica frowned. 

Erica however didn’t mind. Her current situation didn’t allow her to be picky.

“I’m not sure if you already know this, but mercenaries are typically divided into different ranks, between 1 and 3. What level do you want to challenge?”


The room became silent.

Erica became interested as she answered.

“Each level corresponds to a certain difficulty, are you sure that you want to choose Special?”


There was only a single Special ranked mercenary within their entire merchant faction. At least that was according to Ryan.

 AsWoohyuk remained calm and met her gaze, a gray haired man that was standing behind Erica walked forward.

He had a sharp gaze, different from the average mercenary.

“If so, then you shall face me.”

“Are you Darius, the Gray Wolf?”

“Right, I’m a bit well known in this area.”

Darius’ brusque response signaled his dissatisfaction with Woohyuk.

He seemed ready to draw his sword as soon as Erica gave the order.

“This place isn’t suitable for a duel, let’s go to the public training area. It is nice weather today as well.

“I understand.”

After receiving Woohyuk’s acknowledgement, Erica took the lead and led her mercenaries.

Despite not knowing when the battle against Kaliss’ faction would take place, she was willing to make a public appearance, which was pretty bold of her.

‘She looks like a confident woman.’

Although she lost in the civil war in the past, she didn’t come off as a weak person. 

Maybe she suffered from an internal betrayal.

“Don’t take this too far since this is simply to judge your skill level.”

After arriving at the training area, Erica set the rules for the duel. They should avoid any unnecessary provoking or injuring of their opponent as much as possible.

Basically a mock duel.

‘Is this supposed to sword dance?’

Although it was annoying, he would have to be a bit serious in order to prove his skill.

Woohyuk stared at Darius with an expressionless face. His opponent was looking back at him, his hand placed on the hilt of his sword exuding a terrifying fighting spirit.

‘Should I put in a bit more effort and wipe the floor with him?’

If he didn’t make the difference in their strength clear, he might challenge him in the future. 

As his thoughts reached such a point, Woohyuk released the Demon Energy that resided deep within his body.

It was a power similar to that used by martial artists from Murim.

It functioned along the same principles, so it was possible to use it to defend yourself or even incorporate it in your swordsmanship if your ability was high enough.

Darius’ eyes widened upon seeing dark energy burst out from Woohyuk’s body.

“You couldn't have… did you sign a contact with a Demon?”

“No, nothing like that.”

Although he didn’t have an official rank among Demon hierarchy, Asura was the former Demon God.

A class of its own when compared to ordinary Demons

Just like Solomon’s 72 Demon Kings, he could easily subdue those weaker than him with his presence alone.

As Woohyuk took a step forward, Darius broke out into a cold sweat.


The pressure alone made him instinctively shrink back. 

It was completely beyond any aggression he had ever faced, it didn’t feel like he was facing a living being.


After a long struggle, he finally managed to draw his sword. He was able to do so because the difference in their stats wasn’t too big. Due to the fact that Woohyuk was equipped with several Growth type items, his stats growth was a bit constrained.


As their swords clashed, a dull sound rang out. 

Darius had put his all in order to block it, but there seemed to be an invisible force that was pressuring his entire body, making it difficult to even move properly.

As a result…


He wasn’t able to avoid Woohyuk’s incoming fist.

As Darius was sent flying to the ground, the mercenaries that had been spectating couldn’t help but gossip among themselves, a look of disbelief on their faces.

“My God, Darius…”

“What happened?”

Within the port city of Landium, Darius was a fearsome character.

He was the #1 ranked mercenary and would trample any who tried to face him. He had received the nickname Grey Wolf for just such a reason.

However in this duel had been so one sided, as he had been easily beaten by a handsome youth. Trembling like a coward that had been conscripted to join the battlefield against his will.

“Ah, I think I managed to win somehow.”

Woohyuk said, as he placed his foot on Darius’ head.

Seeing his performance, Erica couldn’t help but clap her hands in excitement.

“That was really amazing. You were able to knock down my strongest mercenary without breaking a sweat.”

“Did I pass your test?”

“Of course, Oh and could you let Darius off, there are a lot of people watching.”


At Erica’s request, Woohyuk retrieved his Demonic Energy.


Darius backed off instantly, as he struggled to catch his breath.

“I’d like to have a chat with you if you have time.”

“Then follow me back to the mansion.”

Erica reached out her hand, asking to be escorted. Her look made it clear that she wanted to rope in Woohyuk to her side.

‘As expected.’

He had assumed that she would be interested in something connected to Demons.

A true merchant could go to any lengths to make profit, but most would draw the line at selling their souls.

‘When it comes to negotiations, I’m pretty confident.’

She wouldn’t easily part with her valuables, so before even beginning any talks, it was necessary to have the upper hand.

Woohyuk chuckled to himself as he watched Erica walk elegantly.

* * *

“Are there any other conditions?”


Hearing Woohyuk’s question, Erica couldn’t help but have an awkward expression.

‘Just what the hell did he want?’

There was certainly something that he was aiming for, but he didn’t reveal his cards so easily. It was all for the purpose of making the other party impatient. 

Erica put on her best fake smile, as she thought to herself that he wasn’t at all an easy opponent.

“I must say that you are quite the unique person. I sincerely don’t know what it is you are interested in, could you be a bit more specific.”

She had heard that Demons would typically require a soul when entering a contract. Woohyuk however not expressed any interest in items connected to souls, and had refused any luxury items or extravagant rewards she had offered.

It was her first time meeting such a man.

That only meant that she had to be more cautious. He wouldn’t have come all the way here unless he was looking to make a deal.

“The only thing in the world, which you can claim to be priceless. The last thing you would want to give me.”

“That’s a bit difficult… give me a moment to think about it.”

He was quite the guy to be playing a guessing game at a time like this.

Erica pondered over what Woohyuk had said, before revealing a surprised expression.

‘Could he know about that?’

Her father’s heirloom which she kept secretly stored in a secure warehouse. Erica had kept its existence a secret because that was what her father had written in his will.

If that is what he wants to ask for….

‘What should I do?”

He was too strong for her to make an enemy out of. No matter what, she had to draw him to her side, but her father’s will made her feel guilty about using it.

As Erica sat there worrying, Woohyuk spoke.

“You don't seem to have what I want.”


“Perhaps I should visit Sebastian instead, I hear he has many rare artifacts.”

He threatened to join the opposing faction, under Kaliss.

As Woohyuk stood up and made his way towards the door, Erica quickly caught up and grabbed him by the wrist.

“Wait! I have something you might like!”

The fate of her entire merchant faction was on the line, she couldn’t afford to be nostalgic about such an antique.

Seeing her look of desperation, Woohyuk smiled inside.

‘Got you.’

Now all that was left was to identify this treasure.

* * *

[Seven Color Rainbow Ring - Crafting Recipe]

Type:    Personal Item

Effect:    A Scroll which allows you to create a Seven Color Rainbow Ring. The required materials are: (1. Elder Lizardman’s Jewel, 2. Medusa’s Bronze Mirror, 3. Hydra’s Dark Breath, 4. Cerberus' Flame Heart, 5. Arachne’s Curse, 6. Lich King’s Dark Crystal, 7. Argos’ Ice Heart.)

‘Now I’m sure.’

Just in case of encountering a counterfeit, he used his Archeologist’s Golden Magnifying Glass, which could be used to evaluate an item’s authenticity.

It was the special reward he had received for being the first Gold Crown Leader.

Seeing that Woohyuk was satisfied, Erica, who was still standing in front of the vault, asked.

“Then do you agree on our contract?”


It wasn’t like Erica would be able to stop him from leaving, but he was still worried about Edward Teach.

The kind of person who would use his fleet to plunder up and down the coast, there was no reason to let such a person live.

“If it’s okay with you, you can move into my mansion….”

“I have my own accommodations for tonight.”

He had decided to support Erica, so he had to figure out everything there was to learn about his enemies as soon as possible.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Woohyuk took his leave.

‘The sun is about to set.’

It was a good time to act, under the cover of night, or at least he figured that is how a pirate might think.

As Woohyuk went about investigating in a desolate alley, a street urchin dressed in rags came up to him and shouted excitedly.

“I found some suspicious people!”


“In the Craftsmen section!”

“Take me there.”

Woohyuk followed behind the boy, arriving at the west side where the Craftsmen were located.

Upon arriving at their destination, Woohyuk saw a group of thugs with nasty expressions..

‘They are probably guards.’

Their hiding place must be nearby.

After tossing the boy a silver coin, Woohyuk took the time to learn the pattern of the guards shifts as well as their patrols.

‘Is it there?’

A three story building. It looked like a crafter’s warehouse that had been abandoned for some time now.

Woohyuk carefully snuck inside, equipped with his Banshee’s Veil.

“Did you bring the item?”

“There have been some delays due to storms at sea.”

A discussion about smuggling items. Just like he’d guessed, they were likely a group of pirates.

Woohyuk kicked down the door and proceeded to quickly knock them out cold.

Puk! Puk!


“ me”

 They were helpless since they couldn’t even see him.

It wasn’t until after he had dealt with all the guards that arrived upon hearing the noises, that he removed his Banshee's Veil and questioned those that were still conscious.

“Are you guys under Blackbeard?”

“No no, we are part of Sea Snake’s Fury.”

As the pirate denied it, Woohyuk checked the guy’s tattoo.

It was indeed the symbol of Barbarossa’s Pirates, a cutlass with two snakes intertwined


This battle was now more complicated than he had originally expected.

As he thought back to events that had occurred in the past, Woohyuk took out his Jake’s Pocket Watch.

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