Book 3 Chapter 56 - Corcas Mountains Punitive Expedition (3) KuroHaruto's Thoughts

Game of Divine Thrones


Arachne’s body trembled upon hearing the screams of the trapped souls. 


Her spiderwebs had no resistance whatsoever faced with these black flames, quickly burning up.

As she felt herself being dragged towards Verserios the was stuck on the ceiling, Arachne gnashed her teeth.

‘I need to activate the magic array.’

If things continued this way she was sure to be swallowed up by that mysterious weapon.

Arachne hurriedly spun her web, reforming the magic array once more. A black beam shot out once she was done.

“I did it!”

She wasn’t sure about other things, but at least she could claim to be confident regarding her curse magic.

Even if she were facing a Demon, they would suffer when facing greatly if they received a direct hit from this spell.

As Arachne felt proud of her work, her web was ripped apart by a sudden gust of wind.


The suction power of the vortex had suddenly increased dramatically.

Arachne looked down at Woohyuk in amazement.

“He’s fine despite taking the Petrification spell head on….”

He was no ordinary Demon, but if he had been one of the 72 Demon Kings, it would have been impossible for her not to recognize him.

‘I never thought he would be so strong.’

She felt like she had hidden away for too long and her battle sense had been dulled.

Arachne spun her legs, frantically spinning her web despite the look of hopelessness on her face.



Verserios ran her through from behind, clearly piercing her stomach. It had the ability to move according to its owner’s command.


Arachne puked out a mouthful of dark red blood, as she moaned in pain. It felt like her body was on fire.

Her head slumped down, as the last of her Demonic Energy was absorbed.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

After pulling Verserios out of her, he looked at Arachne’s unconscious body.

It was fine to let her die, but it wasn't like it was his only option.

“What should I do?”

As Woohyuk asked the question, Aris and Irene stepped out of his shadow.

“Hmm… it would be wasteful to kill her.”

If he was able to command Arachne, who was the Spider Queen, it could be beneficial for him in many ways.

Still, it was unclear whether she would be loyal and obey him. It would be better to carve out her heart and feed it to Irene. With her Replication skill, she could absorb her victim’s abilities, even if it was only a weaker version of it.

“We should let her live.”

Irene was in agreement with Aris.

Even if it took a bit of effort, she felt that it would be worth it to properly train her.

“Then I’ll put you in charge.”

Woohyuk looked to Aris.

Since she was also a Demon, she could make use of her superior hierarchical status to command her, and Arachne would be forced to obey.


As Aris carried Arachne out, Woohyuk placed his palm on the engraved rune on the wall.


A small hidden room was revealed, with a red altar in the middle which held some items.

[Arachne’s Curse]

Category:    Personal Item            

Effect:        Ingredient for crafting or Alchemy. Simply by holding it you can prevent spiders from approaching.

[Cradle of Grief ]

Category:    Jewelry

Grade:        C

Durability;    12,500

Effect:        When activated, any enemies within a 15 meter radius are sent into a state of confusion, after which they suffer from a 35% decrease in Spirit for 10 minutes.

‘This was Isaac’s artifact.’

Like many adventurers, Isaac had also started off as a mercenary. It wasn’t entirely surprising that he had participated in the Rhine kingdom's punitive expedition.

Woohyuk thought back to the past as he placed the items in his Sage’s Pouch.

‘Back then there had been a rebellion.’

Following the failed punitive expedition in the Corcas Mountains, the Rhine kingdom royalty had been weakened.

Many nobles that were dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, formed an alliance and revolted.

Player clans were also split among both sides, as they engaged each other in fierce battles.

Isaac had been a part of the rebel camp. His power was too weak to assume the throne, but he had gained significant merit and was appointed as the commander of the Teutonic Knights.

The many leaders that followed him received high positions as well.

‘Things will be a bit different this time.’

For one Isaac was dead, but there were still the other leaders that were alive.

If he left them to their own devices, the entire Rhine kingdom would still be plunged into chaos.

He didn’t want the kingdom’s power to be consumed by any infighting. After all, he was planning on taking over the country in the near future.

As he planned his next steps in his mind, Woohyuk walked out of the hidden room.

* * * 

The main reason he chose the Rhine Kingdom as his starting location, was mostly due to the Seven Colored Rainbow Ring. It was here that the Crafting Scroll as well as all the crafting materials could be found.

Still, as for its long term prospects, the Rhine kingdom was also an attractive location.

‘The 72 Demon Kings will soon make their move.’

The Generals of the Demon army, that had once faced off against the Gods. It would be advantageous for one to have already established their base before those colossal being moved in earnest.

Having elite vassals under him was likewise important in order for his plans to succeed.

‘First order of things is to wrap up this punitive expedition.’

Either way the monsters here in the Corcas Mountains would have to be dealt with sooner or later.

Even if it might be a bit difficult to clear the place right now, it was something that had to be done.

Upon returning to the camp set up by the Northeast Guard unit, Woohyuk and his party prepared to break camp.

It was now time to move on to the next stage of the operation.

Most of the soldiers under him had managed to overcome the trial in the Arachne’s Temple without too many difficulties.

“We haven’t received any news from the scouts we’ve sent to contact Commander Gaius.”

Tenon announced at a meeting of commanders that was held within a large tent. They were currently in a strategy meeting, with a layout of the mountain range on a table before them.

“If the Kingdom's army is in trouble, we can’t stand by and do nothing. It is our mission to aid them so that this punitive expedition goes smoothly.”

“It’s quite worrisome, the expedition has just begun and yet….”

Daryl, the leader of the 3rd mercenary squad said with a worried expression. He had almost gotten his men killed by a horde of Orcs, so he was quite a bit more cautious that previously. 

Rick spoke up seeing that there was no objection among the other commanders.

“Shouldn’t we continue to explore the cave network? We can try to help out the Kingdom's army, but we might also land ourselves in trouble instead.”

They now better understood why the previous punitive expeditions had failed. If they were able to properly scout and map out the network of tunnels, it would be considered as a huge contribution.

“That might be a good idea. Compared to the 5th Legion, our numbers are inferior.”

Aiden nodded as he was in agreement with Rick.

“If we are able to prepare properly and try once more, we can reduce the number of casualties compared to the previous times. Even if they have some measure of intelligence, in the end they are only monsters.”

“That makes sense, but it might be a bit too much to completely ignore the Kingdom’s army.”

In the event of the 5th Legion’s defeat, the Northeast Guards would have to take responsibility.

If others were to spin the story in a way that suggested that they ignored the army’s plight in order to run around and obtain merit, they could find themselves in trouble.

“Anyways it was the Commander’s decision that was wrong….”

“Still, it isn’t like it's a good thing for the kingdom to lose more soldiers.”

If this punitive expedition were to fail, the monsters from the Corcas Mountains would once again descend and invade the plains.

Aiden eventually chose to go to the army’s rescue, because he couldn’t bear to see his homeland devastated. Even if it meant enduring the complaints of Rick and the other mercenaries.

After the officers’ meeting came to a close, the Northeast Guards and the mercenary squads began their march towards the top.

By the time the sun hung above their heads, a group of soldiers were seen running down the mountain up ahead.

“Are they from the kingdom's army?”

Aiden brought the army to a halt and watched carefully. 

There was a group of two or three hundred Orcs chasing them down.

“Archers to the front.”

Hearing Aiden’s command, a unit of Guards carrying longbows walked forward and drew.


Countless arrows were sent out, turning the Orcs into pincushions. 

The ratio of archers in the Guard was quite a bit higher than the Kingdom's army.  

Their composition was more advantageous for fighting in this mountainous terrain.

“What happened to the main force?”

Aiden interrogated the 5th Legion’s soldiers after the Orcs had fled.

They looked so haggard that they must have come from a huge battle.

“We were caught in an ambush by monsters and suffered great casualties.”

“Many of us were split off into different groups, easily picked off. We saw Commander Gaius retreating back to a fortified position with the remainder of the army, but were too far to join him.

In essence, the Orcs had laid a trap for them, and now the entire Legion risked being wiped out.

These were the lucky few that had managed to break out of the encirclement and flee for their lives.

‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this.’

All he could do now was to focus on reducing the amount of casualties. Aiden had the men double time it, as they rushed to Gaius’ fortified position to come to his aid.

* * *

Their fortified position was a gruesome sight to behold.

Soldiers with limbs cut off lay on stretchers, as voices calling for help could be heard all around.

They could only blame fate for putting them under an incompetent commander. All this wouldn’t have happened if Gaius hadn’t been so eager to put an end to this punitive expedition so soon.

As the few able bodied men attempted to replace the wooden barricades, Woohyuk looked on in disgust.

‘He’s truly incompetent.’

Although his first impression of him hadn’t been good, he didn’t expect it would be to this extent.

Because they had lived through such a long period of peace, these high positions were occupied by cunning opportunistic politicians, rather than experienced generals.

It was further evidence of the Rhine kingdom’s internal corruption.

‘I’ll have to reorganize the internal department later.’

There was a saying that still water decays.

If he didn’t resolve any internal issues, the country would be a mess while he was away.

In order to properly rule a country, it was necessary to have a good and fair system of government that resulted in competent ministers.

Naturally, Gaius would be reassigned when he took power. Such a foolish and irresponsible commander, even leading 100 men would be beyond him. 

‘Well, he may still prove useful for now.’

By making use of his current rank, he was able to avoid procedures.

As Woohyuk approached the large tent, soldiers moved out to block his advance.

“Where are you going?”

“I am the 2nd Lieutenant, in command of the 1st Mercenary squad, here to pay my respects to the Legion’s General.”

“...Please wait a moment.”

He wasn’t even part of the Guards, so they gave him strange looks.

A short while later, permission to enter was granted and Woohyuk walked inside the tent.

Gaius was sitting down in front of his desk, looking restless.

“You must have had a hard time.”

“Did you say your name was Chun Woohyuk? I heard a lot about you from Aiden.”

The mercenary that had discovered the network of underground tunnels and helped defeat an army of Orcs.

Because he wasn’t any regular mercenary, Gaius had granted him an audience.

“Do we have any countermeasures in place for the monster army encroaching on the camp?”

“Countermeasures? We will simply fight to the last man. It is impossible for the 5th Legion to be defeated.”

For Gaius, the fortified position was his last stand. If he chose to retreat and live instead, his career in the army would be over, and he’d lose any influence.

He would rather die than choose such an option.

Woohyuk nodded back as it had been the answer he’d expected.

“You are so stubborn.”

“....You should be more careful with your choice of words. I’m the Commander in Chief of this punitive expedition, while you are nothing more than a lowly mercenary.”

As Gaius got angry at Woohyuk, other soldiers within the tent pointed their spears at him. 

Woohyuk however didn’t blink as he retorted.

“A man who pushes his men to the death, because of his own pride, does not deserve to command.”

“Have you lost your mind after achieving some merit? Currently you don’t even have Aiden here to take care of you. It wouldn’t be a big deal even if I were to kill you right now. ”

As Gaius signaled them with his eyes, soldiers tried to arrest Woohyuk.

Just then a black mist appeared and spread out within the tent. It was Woohyuk using his Cradle of Grief


Gaius was in a state of confusion, as he held his head in pain, staggering as he leaned over his desk to avoid falling down.

In such a weak state that he would collapse to the ground with the slightest touch. Being ignorant of curse magic, he couldn’t understand what was happening to him.

“I’ll have to make you my Vassal, even if your mere thought of it disgusts me. ”

“ you…”

Gaius was unable to continue, because Woohyuk had placed his Demonic Energy within him, turning him into his puppet.


Even if they were apart, his Asura ability was able manipulate his body and make him move according to his will.

The type of control was slightly different and more direct than a Necromancer’s undead.

It had many advantages, but it was also only possible to possess a small number of individuals at once, because his mastery of the Demonic Energy wasn’t sufficient to properly control more.

‘From now on I’ll lead.’

Now that he could control this figure head as he pleased, It would be easier to bring this punitive expedition to a close.

Seeing Gaius sitting at his desk with a blank expression, Woohuk turned his gaze upon the map of the mountain range.

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