Book 3 Chapter 58 - Ionian Plains (1)

Game of Divine Thrones

In the dead of night, a small village was ravaged by a fire. The sound of horses’ hooves thumping against the ground as they galloped through, as well as the screams of the peasants filled the air.

A ruthless slaughter.

The Hwarang clan passed through, leaving countless corpses behind them.

“There’s nothing interesting here.”

“Yeah, just a rural village right?”

Gwak Seyoung returned empty handed, while Han Jangmi wiped the blood off her dagger with a smile.

It had been quite some time that they had arrived at the Eeth continent now, but they had yet to achieve any big success.

“I’ll make sure to bring together all our members that have gotten lost.”

“They have to find their way here themselves, you are the leader after all.”

It was impossible to find all of her clan’s 10,000 members. After all, many of them had started in different areas, such as uninhabited islands scattered around.

As the clan’s leader, it was her priority to first establish a base, so that others knew where to gather.

At least by using the Call to Arms skill, she was still able to summon 30 members to her side every 6 hours.

“I’m a bit worried that Count Ludwig won’t hold up his end of the deal.”

“He won’t be able to turn his back on us, he needs us for his own plans.”

A conspiracy to overthrow the Rhine Kingdom’s royal family.

With the recent death of the late king Frey, and the crowning of the young prince John, the nobles were beginning to show their fangs.

And Count Ludwig was the most ambitious among the lot of them. Recently, he had been increasing his own private forces, taking advantage of the kingdom’s instability to nurture his own army.

“If you can be granted some territory, we wouldn’t need to be travelling all the time. It’s hard to know how long this war will last.”

Gwak Seyoung was sick and tired of this mercenary life. The kind of job which you always need to worry about money, and just getting by day to day.

By becoming famous you could at least get a better salary, but that required putting your life at risk. It just wasn’t the kind of profession which had good long term prospects.

“According to their plan, they want to put an end to it before winter comes. Their plan does sound rather decent.”

“Is it because of the food supply? It might not even matter whether or not we succeed.”

The Hwarang Clan was tasked with taking over the Ionian plains in the upcoming battle. The goal was to control this year’s harvest, and prevent it from going to the capital city of Heidelberg, as well as its surrounding areas.

Until that point, they should avoid any confrontation with the kingdom’s army as much as possible, or else other nobles might catch wind of their plan. 

“There is no guarantee that Count Ludwig will win the war, and a prolonged battle is not to our advantage.”

“It’s hard to hide our clan though because our numbers keep growing. Should we have applied to the punitive expedition in the Corcas Mountains?”

“... What would be the point of fighting alongside the kingdom’s army, it would only expose our abilities.”

“Still, if they see our group of 3,000 moving about, wouldn’t it raise a few eyebrows?”

In addition to the original members that had already gathered , they also recruited new members here in the Rhine kingdom in order to fill the vacant spots of those that had perished.

Unlike previously, if the Clan’s leader were to die, the subordinate could keep the Unity ring for a duration of one month, giving them a chance to join another clan during that period.

Naturally they could no longer get together and internally elect a new leader to that position.

“Have you been in touch with the Akatsuki Clan? They’ve been looting rather aggressively in the Issilon province these days.”

“No, they regard us as rivals, but don’t seem to want to go on the offensive because they are wary of Count Ludwig. Still, we will need to keep an eye on them.”

“Those arrogant Nippos, can’t wait to get rid of them in the future.  We  can take them on since we are allied with the Exodus Clan.”

The Exodus Clan was based in Floren, so they were rather close to the Akatsuki Clan. Because of the geographical proximity, they often found themselves in conflict.

Of course if the Hwarang Clan chose to fight against the Akatsuki Clan, they would help out.

“If you want to fight it out with them, you’ll first need to be well prepared, right? According to my latest intel they are also allied to another clan.”

“What’s their name? It should be a small sized one if I don’t know about them.”

“I'm trying to collect intel from our members, it seems like half-animal, half-human.”

As their entire human race had been moved to this world, the Eeth continent was filled with players moving about.

The human race however was just a small portion of them. There were many races that they had seen for the first time. As the clan’s vice-leader, Kwag Se-young tried to avoid any confrontation with them.

As the two were talking among themselves, a farmer ran up to them, dragging his little daughter by the hand.

“Please help us! Our village was attacked by bandits!”

He cried out in desperation. Unfortunately he had sought salvation with the wrong people.

As Han Jangmi gave him a look, Gwak Seyoung swung his one handed sword, cutting off the man’s head.


The little girl shrieked in agony, as she saw the farmer being killed.

Gwak Seyoung stared at her for a moment before forcefully silencing her.

“Oop oop ”

“Shut up unless you want to die. I’m not known for my patience.”

After undergoing the baptism of the world tutorial in the Primordial Forest and Canyon Battle, Gwak Seyoung had become quite the merciless being.

He had long left behind his days as a college student. In order to survive, he had killed all those who stood in his path, no longer able to feel any remorse.

“We sell her as a slave?”

“Yeah, young girls like her can fetch a good price.”

Buying  enough supplies to sustain and equip their numbers was quite expensive.

Han Jangmi nodded as she seized the terrified girl.

Be careful not to get caught by Count Huntington, we are rather close to his manor.”

“Don’t worry, I will move around quiet as church mice.”

Soon, black market slavers would arrive from Media, the free port city in the Erutonia province.

Gwak Seyoung smiled to himself as he watched his Clan members gather one by one.

* * *

“What is it?”

“I came to see Count Huntington.”

“What is your name please?”

Rather than answering, Woohyuk simply handed over Aiden’s recommendation letter. As the guard disappeared inside, Lee Jaesung who was standing behind him, spoke up.

“Their security is pretty tight.”

“I heard he is a very cautious man.”

The kind of person that would knock on a bridge before crossing, even if it were made of stone.


It wasn’t that he was a miser, just that he selected the people around him very carefully.

Count Huntington was also paying close attention to the many players wandering about his estate.

We should be careful in order to not appear to be too suspicious. 

“Please follow me, I’ll bring you to see the Count.”

It didn’t take long for the guard to return and lead them inside. As he entered inside the manor, he saw the maids hard at work, preparing to receive the guests.

Woohyuk carefully examined the interior.

‘He seems very interested in art.’

The room was filled with exquisite painting and sculptures to the point that it was quite impressive. He was without a  doubt a patron to several artists. 

Despite his vast experience, Woohyuk could safely claim to be rather ignorant when it came to art, since he had spent the last 40 years entirely on the battlefield.

The guard paused before the door and spoke up while the party was busy admiring the art.

“Please go in, the Count is waiting.”

The living room was very luxuriously decorated.

As Woohyuk stepped in, he heard a deep voice.

“So you’ve achieved great merit in the Corcas Mountains?”

It was Count Huntington, who sat on his chair reading a book in a very refined manner.

“I was just a bit lucky.”

“Humble, I like that.”

Aiden was not the type to lightly recommend someone. If he had managed to grab his attention, he couldn’t be an ordinary person.

Count Huntington promptly snapped his book shut, as he took a look at Woohyuk’s party.

‘Their members are all of different ages.’

Such a lineup was quite unusual in a mercenary group. Almost as if they were a ragtag collection of war refugees.

“First, I’d like to hear your purpose in coming here.”

“I’m looking for a job.”

An employment contract to ensure a stable life, that was all Woohyuk asked for.

“Talented mercenaries such as yourself are always welcome. There are a lot of disturbances cropping up these days.”

“Can you be more specific?”

“Actually it’s been rather quiet on my estate, but looting and banditry across the Rhine kingdom. Even a Lord was killed.”

The thing that all they bandits had in common however was that they all wore this unique type of watch on their wrists. Count Huntington thought as he found that same Adventurer’s watch on Woohyuk.

“Can you explain how you obtained that? I feel a bit uncomfortable due to the many bad rumors circulating.”

“It’s a long story. We were defeated in battle, sold into slavery and then dropped off in uninhabited islands in the middle of a remote Sea.”

Woohyuk briefly summed up the past events.

Hearing his story, Count Huntington’s expression turned serious.

“Survival game… but  terrible crimes are being committed.”

“There are many whom after being subjected to such severe conditions, have lost part of their sanity.”

“Who could be behind all this? It should be impossible for slavers alone to achieve this.”

Count Huntington suspected that the Empire’s nobles were behind all this. It was because watching gladiators fight to the death in the coliseum was a big part of their culture.

“I have no idea. They are very careful to the point that they’ve left no evidence.”

“I see, but then you can’t remove the watch until you take care of the slave master?”

“RIght, but it isn’t a big deal since it acts as nothing more than a device that records our personal information.”

Woohyuk had recounted this story hundreds of times in the past, but none from this world would have believed him if he said the truth and claimed to come from another world.

“I still have my doubts, but I’ll believe in you since you were recommended by Aiden. Tell me more.”

After his curiosity was at least somewhat sated, Count Huntington began negotiating in earnest. He asked that they defend his lands from any attacks, and in return he’d provide Woohyuk and his party with food and lodging.

Of course there would also be a separate remuneration. Every time they resolved a situation, they would be awarded based on their contribution.

“Follow me, I will guide you to your lodgings.”

As their contract was ironed out, the guard was called to the door to escort them.

The Count however called for Woohyuk, asking him to stay behind.

“Mr. Mercenary, I have a personal request to ask of you.”


Seeing him look around carefully, he figured it would be a sensitive issue.

Woohyuk turned around, waiting for the Count to continue.

“By seeing how I decorate my manor, you no doubt know how much I adore the arts. To that end there are a few talented arts which I personally sponsor.”

Unfortunately one of them had recently disappeared, the famous painter, Mikaelovich.

Taking into account that the canvas he had been working on remained here in the manor, there was a strong possibility that he had encountered some personal issues.

He had wanted to mobilize some of his soldiers, but they were already stretched thin with the recent attacks, so he wanted to ask Woohyuk for his help.

“Do you have any clues?”

“Well, although Mikaelovich doesn’t have a wife nor kids. There is this path in the woods which he often liked to walk.

Count Huntington provided him with everything he knew about Mikaelovich. His physical traits, manner of speaking, habits, personality….

The description was so precise, that he could quite easily form an image in his mind.

“Okay, I’ll do my best to find him.”

“He must be brought back alive, and his arms and legs can’t be injured either.”

If he had been kidnapped, no doubt the part involved would soon contact the Count for a ransom. Count Huntington however was worried that he couldn’t ensure Mikaelovich’s safety even if he were to pay.

He felt it would be a better idea to rely on a resourceful mercenary such as Woohyuk. 

As he finished his discussion with the Count, Woohyuk returned to their lodgings and chose who would accompany him.

‘We can’t stand out too much.’

Since they were trying to covertly find a person that had gone missing, they couldn’t travel as a large group and attract too much attention.

After considering it for some time, he finally decided.

“Jung Sanghoon, Song Anna, you two follow me.”

“Then should we defend his lands?”

“Right, just make sure to report any incidents to me immediately.”

Even if Woohyuk wasn’t around, there wasn’t any issue when it came to commanding. There were currently 3 types of Officer positions within a clan, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, which allowed one to control 1,000, 100, and 10 members respectively.

Since there were only 10 people left behind, as a Gold medal officer Lee Jaesung would have no issue commanding them.

“Boss, have you picked a Clan name yet?”

Lee Jaesung asked Woohyuk as he was about to leave.

In order for the Clan to gain some recognition, a name was very important, but it had been put off this whole time.

“Let’s talk about this later.”

He didn’t want to attract any attention to themselves this early.

Upon arriving on the Eeth continent they were given 3 months before having to name the Clan, so they still had plenty of time.

As he recalled the mistakes he had made in the past, Woohyuk walked out.

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