Book 3 Chapter 68 - Rhine Kingdom's Underground Dungeon (2)

Game of Divine Thrones

The Rhine Royal Palace dungeon had a simplistic interior structure, and was built for Queen Iona’s descendants.

Still, just in case, some monsters had been included to serve as guards. They were native species to the Corcas mountains that had been plucked and spread about the dungeon.

Although they didn’t attack Joanna, they showed extreme hostility towards Woohyuk.

They were still bound by the orders which the Black Dragon Drakia had left them


He swung Grandia to cleave an Elder Troll in two, as both halves plopped down to the ground.

This was the four hundred and sixtieth one, as Woohyuk continued to advance.

“Will you be fine without any health potions?”

“It’s not a problem.”

Woohyuk’s abilities were on a different level compared to other adventurers. Just based on his Stats alone, he’d be ranked in the top 10. That was an incredible feat when taking into account the number of Growth items which he had on him.

He could without a doubt take on dozens of these common mob monsters at once.

‘I should hurry.’

While he was gone, he had left Arnold to oversee state matters. He didn’t have much of a choice, but was worried since he clearly lacked proper judgement when it came to politics.

Not to mention that the rebellion hadn’t been entirely stamped out yet. Things might become difficult if this was to drag on for too long.

“To be honest, I still can’t believe that I have the Clavis family’s blood flowing through my veins. What happened to them in the past?”

Her Borges family line had a long and rich history. They had ruled the Lydia kingdom from generation to generation ever since the Great God and Demon war.

If the prestigious Clavis family had married into them however, it would have made sense to make it public.

By doing so they could stake a claim to the Rhine kingdom’s throne and control the entire Ionel Peninsula. The fact that it was never publicized, perhaps meant that the Clavis family members had never even informed them.

Still, because this all would have occurred such a long time ago, it was quite difficult to uncover the truth behind it all.

“Maybe there will be some clues to be found in here.”

If there indeed was a Hidden Treasure to be found within the Rhine Royal dungeon, it was highly likely that only Joanna would be eligible to obtain it.

That thing shed some light on the secret of the Clavis family.  

Woohyuk’s eyes gleamed as he continued to slaughter the monsters before him.

‘Joanna is the key.’

In the past, it was said that Joanna had been killed by Count Ludwig’s daughter, Anais. She had felt that she was standing in her way of becoming Queen.

In his opinion, it had been a big mistake. 

In addition to this dungeon, there might still be other undiscovered Historical Sites which might be connected to the Clavis family line.

“What will you do after this exploration, Lord Regent. Will you let the world know that I am from the Clavis family?”

“No I will keep your secret.”

Jonna was certainly a woman that was worth keeping by his side, despite the noble’s resistance.

Even after he would be sitting on the throne, he would still keep her next to him, in the palace. Perhaps he would even give her the role of Regent. He wouldn’t have much time to stick around and actually govern, so he needed a trusted and competent person to take care of that in his stead.

Joanna, who had helped King Frey the Honorable rule for so long, would be the right choice.

‘I should try to get closer to her.’

Taking her as his Queen wasn’t his ideal scenario, but aside from that he would support her in any way.

Later, when he moved on to the Holy Aperian Empire, he wouldn’t have time to worry about a small kingdom like Rhine.

At that point, Joanna could aptly fill the role of Regent.

As Woohyuk thought how he could draw her to his side, a bronze door appeared before them.

Unlike in the Arachne Temple, there was just the one this time.

“Can I also go in?”

“Of course.”

He didn’t think that there would be a Boss monster waiting this time. Perhaps it would be a different trial entirely. Of course, considering the type of dungeon it was, it was necessary to be accompanied by Queen Iona’s descendant.


As Woohyuk opened the bronze door, a chapel with large columns came into view.

It was dark and the entire atmosphere gave off a spooky vibe.

‘ Is it a holy place?’

There was no rule saying that holy places were only to worship Gods and Demons.

It could also be dedicated to a hero or saint which left their mark in history.

As Joanna walked forward, Woohyuk warily examined the chapel.

‘There’s someone here.’

He could faintly feel their presence, a spirit of the dead.

It didn’t look like it wanted to reveal itself just yet, as if it wanted to observe them a while longer.

“I don’t think there’s anyone here.”

“Why don’t you go have a look at that?”

Woohyuk pointed at an old book which rested on a worn out altar.

Joanna nodded, as she walked up and turned to the first page.

-Iona, Queen of the fallen kingdom, led her army across Elnox bay causing five tribal chiefs to surrender before her superior might. 

It was the story about the Ionel kingdom, sounding no too different from the legends.

How Queen Iona had conquered the entire Ionel peninsula, and made a pact with the Dragons that lived in the surrounding mountain range.

As Joanna finished reading the old book, a man’s profound voice was heard.

“What purpose have you in coming here, heir to such a noble lineage?”

He asked the question as if he already knew who she was.

Joanna took her time to think, before responding.

“I want to know how my family line continued after the Blackburn massacre. Did they escape to another kingdom?”

“All those that had been gathered in Blackburn were killed, but it is as you said. Those that were fortunate enough to have been away, survived.

They then changed their family name and went into hiding, in order to avoid any pursuers.

Drakia had left the Royal dungeon under the palace for that very purpose. In case one day someone from the Clavis family line could return and regain their glory.

“But there are no surviving records of the Clavis line. How does it not know that I simply changed my own family name?”

“There is indeed a way to prove that your bloodline is authentic, but first you have to be qualified.”

In order to prove herself as Queen Iona’s true successor, she would have to pass several trials.

As Joanna acquiesced, the spirit of an old man appeared above the altar.

“My name is Ericsson, and I served under Queen Iona as an advisor. I came to Blackburn in case of such an eventuality.”

Ericsson kept it a secret from Iona, as he aided Drakia in the construction of Blackburn. After which, his spirit was bound to the Historical Site.

If you thought about it, it was indeed a great act of loyalty.

“I’m ready.”

“Then I’ll go ahead and see if you qualify.”

As Ericsson finished speaking, the pages in the old book began to flutter rapidly, stopping on a painting of a famous battle scene.

It was Queen Iona wielding a longsword, as she fought off foreign soldiers attempting to invade their borders.

“It's the Queen's Retribution.”

“You know your history. In Doria Castle, she fought off 100,000 enemies, with a force of only 50,000. Do you know what the secret to her success was?”

“She must have made use of the narrow terrain, using her defenders advantage.”

Joanna had sat in on several strategy meetings alongside King Frey the Honorable, allowing her to have some knowledge into the arts of war.

Hearing her explanation, Ericsson smiled warmly.

“Excellent answer. It appears that you take after Queen Iona.”

“In what way?”

“Wisdom and a sharp gaze. Women like you are a rare sight.”

Ericsson then gazed at Woohyuk who stood behind, curious about their relationship.

“Don’t mind me, I just tagged along.”

“Hmm… anyways, I will continue with the questions.”

Ericsson brought out a few more paintings relating to Ionel’s history, and each time Joanna had the right answer. She demonstrated her ability without any hesitation.

“The name Hayswick comes from the Battle for the Ionian Plains. ‘He is weak’ is what Queen Iona had said regarding the opposing king. Giving a sound defeat to the enemy that wasn’t even able to cross the Nalf bay


It later became a memento to Queen Iona’s triumph.

This was something which even the Clavis family might not know. Seeing Joanna pass all the tests with flying colors, Ericsson let out a cheerful laugh.

“If Queen Iona were to see you, I’m sure she’d be very proud. You are fully qualified, so you can receive the promised rewards now.”

A bronze door appeared in the stone wall behind the altar.

Joanna was given a golden key by Ericsson, and went ahead into the hidden treasure room. She came back with some items, which Woohyuk examined with his Golden Magnifying Glass.

[Medusa’s Temple Key]

Category:    Personal Item

Effect:        By injecting Mana into it, the location of the Medusa’s Temple will appear in your head. Once in the correct spot, you can use it to enter the temple.

[Blissful Flute]

Category:    Musical instrument

Grade:        A

Durability:    30,000

Effect:        Casts a Fear status effect on monsters within a 1 km radius. Power is proportional to the user’s spirit. Restricted use to Iona or her successors.

‘She acquired a very useful item.’

Simply by blowing into the Blissful Flute, they would no longer have to worry about any monster invasion from the Corcas Mountains.

Still, it was an artifact which only Joana could use. Woohyuk however would be satisfied with only obtaining the Key to Medusa’s Temple.

“Joanna Clavis, I hope that one day you can bring the Ionel kingdom to its former glory. With that, I….”

Ericasson’s spirit began to fade away. Now that the Historical Site had been cleared, the magic array that bound him here was no more.

As the entire dungeon began to shake and blocks of stone fell from the ceiling, Woohyuk brought Joana away and returned above to the Rhine Royal Palace.

“That was an unexpected outcome.”

Joanna said after she caught her breath.

[Blissful Flute]

A legendary artifact which Queen Iona had received by winning a bet with a Gold Dragon which lived in the Irene Mountains.

Woohyuk felt that it must have been the Hidden Treasure since he had never heard about it 40 years ago.

“Looks like I’ll need to refer to you as Queen now.”

“A Queen of what? The Ionel kingdom was destroyed long ago.”

In its place the Rhine kingdom was established by King Philip instead. From her ancestor’s point of view, this was an enemy kingdom. Still, it wasn’t easy for her to abandon the attachment she had for the land.

Joanna still needed Woohyuk. If he governed well, she would stay by his side to advise him. She would have time to worry about the rise of the Clavis' family after the kingdom’s situation had improved.

“Can you hand me Medusa’s Temple Key? I need it for personal reasons.”

“Sure, here you are.”

Joanna happily handed it over. It was anyway connected to a Historical Site which she had no intention of visiting, so it was useless to her.

‘I wonder where it’s located.’

Even 40 years ago the Medusa Temple’s location was unknown, because the group that had succeeded in clearing it had lost their lies in a Clan war.

It was the same for the other materials for the Seven Colored Rainbow Ring, in which he had only some clues, and not their actual whereabouts.

In the future he would have to take his time exploring the continent, gathering more information.

As Woohyuk inserted his mana into the key, an image appeared in his mind.

Eeth continent map.

Although there weren’t any borders, names or cities, only a red X was there to mark the location of Medusa’s Temple.

‘Isuna kingdom?’

Fortunately it was in a country that had friendly relations with the Rhine kingdom. If he set sail from the free city of Media in the province of Erutonia, he could arrive there rather quickly.

Of course, before embarking on such a journey he would first have to quell this rebellion and settle all domestic affairs.

Woohyuk spoke up.

“Why don’t you continue to hold onto the Banshee’s Veil. Although it is supposed to be safe here inside the palace, one can never be too careful.”

“It’s fine, I’ve already decided to no longer cower from danger.”

She wouldn’t be able to achieve anything if all she ever did in the face of danger was hide.

As he saw the resolution in Joanna’s eyes, Woohyuk let out a bitter laugh.


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