Book 3 Chapter 71 - Suppressing the Rebellion (3)

Game of Divine Thrones

Urrrr Quang! Quang!

As a tempest appeared out of nowhere, the soldiers on both sides turned to look at the dark clouds gathering in the sky.

“What happened to the weather?”

“Is it going to rain?”


The monsters recognized what was going on, but the soldiers remained confused.

Melphis cackled wickedly as he saw their confusion.

“Hahaha! They’re all running around like frightened mice, strike them down!”

At his command, Purple lightning bolts shot out from the clouds above, while a black mist began to form near the ground, blurring the soldier's vision.

‘So you’re trying to control the environment.’

His intention was to create an environment that matched that of the Demon world, so as to amplify the demons’ strength.

Woohyuk didn’t hesitate to summon his own undead forces, upon seeing that the Demon King Volak was now involved.

He had about 1,500 undead. Give the size of the two sides, it wasn’t much, but at least it was better than nothing.

Not to mention that the power of his undead commanders couldn’t be ignored. Especially Isaac with his ability to raise the dead as Death Knights, as well as James’ Oath Breaker. Both skills could have a great bearing on the outcome of the battle.



Melphis frowned upon seeing the undead forces appear.

“So you’ve been hiding this trump card the entire time. Still, it isn’t even worth mentioning. Now that I have awakened with Demon King Volak’s power, I can easily take care of these small fries.”

Melphis’ skin turned red, as his body grew to be two or three times larger. With a simple flick of his finger, the heads of nearby undead lizardmen instantly exploded.

He had drawn on the Demon King’s power.

‘Such overkill.’

An awakened Demon would benefit from a huge surge in fighting prowess, but their body would sustain severe injuries as a result of such overdraft.

Regardless of the fact that he was a Superior Demon, even he wouldn’t be able to sustain such a form for long.

Upon seeing Melphis who was overflowing with Demonic Energy, Woohyuk pulled out Verserios.

‘This isn’t the time to worry about other people.’

He also could use Asura’s power for too long, but if Melphis relied on such a power, Woohyuk would have to as well.

For now, it looked like his best bet was to try to drag things out and drain his stamina.

‘I should use that.’

He could use the spirit trapped within Verserios, to waste some of his time. He had accumulated quite a few spirits, so it should be enough to hold him back for a while.

As Woohyuk lifted Verserios up in the air.


Black spirits burst out and swarmed towards Melphis.

“What, so it’s spirits this time?”

Melphis was startled because these spirits appeared to be remarkably strong.

Trapped inside the Asura world this entire time, unable to reincarnate, they had been endlessly engaging in battle and their fighting prowess continued to grow.

‘So annoying...’

He was embroiled in single combat against a Demon King, when suddenly these pests joined in. Killing them one by one would take forever.

He had to end the battle before his Awakened state was up.

“Don’t you dare interrupt! You aren’t my fit to be my opponents!”

With a single roar from Melphis, those spirits that were near him lost substance and vanished.

“Now it is a one on one duel, bring it on Asura!”


His sharp claws tore through the air as they reached for Woohyuk’s neck. They carried enormous power that could cause enemies to explode on contact. Still, rather than dodging, Woohyuk chose to defend with Verserios.


The entire space surrounding them shook as sparks flew out.

‘Ouch, that really hurt.’

Melphis frowned as he looked down at his claws. Meanwhile, Woohyuk pushed out even more of his Demonic Energy as he maintained his composure.

His surge in energy resulted in a shockwave which sent Melphis flying back.


Melphis groaned as he assumed a defensive posture. Unconsciously shrinking back from Woohyuk’s display of fighting spirit. 

“You guys take care of those Demon Spawn.”

Woohyuk instructed Aris and Irene as he let them loose on the battlefield. He had been holding them back so far, as he wanted to see how things developed first.

Now that he was confident in being able to tie up Melphis, there shouldn’t be any surprise variables on their end.



The two women went to take care of the lesser demons, wielding their dark scythes.

Melphis, seeing what had transpired, ground his teeth and rushed towards Woohyuk. 

“You don’t have time to relax! I am the one who wields Volak’s power! Do not take me for some easy opponent.”

From within Melphis’ body, purple Demonic Energy began to soar. He was drawing the maximum amount of power that his body could support. To counter him, Woohyuk raised Verserios once more.

As the gap between the two of them narrowed once again.


A black vortex appeared around Woohyuk, drawing in anything near it. At the same time Verserios retroaction 

Seeing such a ridiculous phenomenon, Melphis felt fear for the first time.

‘Is this what the true Demon King level is?’

He thought that with the energy he received from Volak he would have a decent shot of winning, even if his opponent had been of a higher rank.

It had all been an illusion of his.

The man standing before him was on a completely different level. He emitted a pressure which he had never felt before. As he felt like he was a moth being drawn into a flame, Melphis attempted a last ditch effort.


Drawing out into more of the purplish Demonic Energy, his claws grew longer and sharper, aiming for Woohyuk’s head.

Still, it wasn’t enough to threaten Woohyuk. Upon releasing the first seal on his sword, Verserios was bather in a black flame, swallowing anything it came in contact with.


As the arm he had struck out was vaporized, Melphis screamed out in pain.


Still, the black vortex was unrelenting, as he was unable to retreat. As Melphis continued to cry out, the dark clouds up above continued to unleash lightning bolts upon Woohyuk’s head.

Qwa Qwa! Qwang! Qwang!

Very powerful lighting striking. 

As Melphis finally collapsed to the ground, Woohyuk took the chance to catch his breath.


Using the spirits at first and then relying on Verserios for so long, had truly pushed his body to the limits.

An awakened Superior Demon was still a tricky opponent for the current Woohyuk.

‘It’s not over yet.’

Although Melphis had lost consciousness, there was still the Demon King Volak behind him. It didn’t take long for his will to descend on Melphis’ body.

The real battle was about to begin.

As Woohyuk took the chance to rest up, Melphis slowly got back up to his feet.

Unlike previously, he had a far darker look and his Demonic Energy had turned a shade darker.

“You’re quite the troublemaker, Asura.”

“Is this Demon King Volak?”

“Yes. He didn’t seem capable of taking you on, so I decided to step in.”

As Volak finished speaking, Melphis’ arm was regrown in but an instant.

Woohyuk on his end raised Verserios as he carefully examined his opponent.

‘He used to be ranked 62nd.’

A Demon King which was proficient in Lightning Magic and wielded a lightning lance

But he is using another’s body so his Stats were lower and he didn’t have his lance with him.

They should be about evenly matched right now.

‘Still, I should be careful.’

As soon as a Demon King decided to intervene directly, an all out confrontation was no longer avoidable. Not to mention that he was still exhausted from having to face Melphis.

If he wasn’t careful, he could get seriously injured this time around.


“If you have no intention of attacking, I guess I’ll have to take the lead.”

Since Woohyuk showed no signs of going on the offensive, Volak raised an outstretched finger. 


Soon after purple lightning bolts shot out one after another, all aiming for Woohyuk’s heart.

Ting Ting!

As the battle had officially begun, Woohyuk deflected the incoming bolts with Verserios, and closed the distance towards Volak.

Of course, knowing his intentions, Volak wouldn’t allow him to approach so easily.

Quang! Qua Quang!

Purple lighting descended from the dark clouds above, falling upon Woohyuk’s head.

As dangerous as it looked, Woohyuk ignored it, allowing his Ghost Queen Star Serpent to absorb all the incoming bolts, leaving him unscathed.

He soon after arrived before the Demon King and launched an invisible shockwave with him at the center.

[Calm Sea’s Silence]

An artifact that was capable of silencing all of the enemies abilities within a 15 meter radius for 3 full minutes.


Demon King Volak vaulted backwards, into the air, dodging Verserios as he attempted to buy some time.

Expecting this from him, Woohyuk activated his black vortex once more.


Unable to retreat any further as he was being drawn in, Volak exerted all his strength just to remain fixed in midair as he stared toward Woohyuk.

“In the end I still need to use that. It is not easy using another's body.”


By descending with his full will within the vessel, he could temporarily use his full range of abilities. The trade off however was the Melphis’ body wouldn’t be able to handle the stress and surely die. Still, it was a sacrifice the Volak was willing to make.

His true body was not yet ready to appear upon the Eeth continent.

Upon seeing Volak open up a portal to the Abyss and begin the Incarnation ceremony, a frown crossed Woohyuk’s face.

‘So it's come down to this.’

Facing Demon King Volak’s full strength wasn’t something that he could achieve with his current Stats. His only option here was to release the second seal placed upon Verserios.

If he wasn’t able to properly control his Demonic Energy upon unleashing the second seal, he might instead lose himself to the darkness, but he had no other choice.

‘I have to give it a try. ’

It was not Woohyuk’s first time here, at the crossroads between life and death. For him, this was simply another one of the challenges that he would have to give his all to overcome.

He felt no fear, nor hesitation in the face of death.

“As you master, I command you.”

As Woohyuk finished speaking, Verserios seemed to move with a will of its own, as it became even darker.

Seeing his opponent’s weapon transform, Demon King Volak quickly summoned lightning lance ‘Nekima’

“You’re finished, I also have my own weapon now!”

Now that the Incarnation ceremony had been completed, Volak was several times stronger than he had been previously.

As the sky above roared, a huge purple lightning bolt descended upon Woohyuk’s head.

Quang! Qua Quang!

A strike that would cause one’s hair to rise simply by witnessing it. However, after the dust settled, Woohyuk still stood strong. 

The second seal placed upon Verserios had already been released.

“Execute the enemy before us.”

Woohyuk commanded as a pair of dark wings sprouted from his back. He then slashed forward with Verserios, unleashing a dark energy strike that flew towards Volak.


Volak groaned as he barely managed to stabilize.

The strike had been so powerful that he had trouble defending against it even in his current state, where he could exhibit his full abilities as a Demon King.

As he groaned, Woohyuk grasped Verserios with both hands and exclaimed.

“Let’s play.”

As Woohyuk was drawing on his Demonic Energy, far beyond the threshold at which he could safely control it, finishing the fight as soon as possible was his best option. 

As Woohyuk flapped his dark, scaly wings, Volak focused all of his remaining energy into Nekima

‘I still have a trump card left!’

A secret skill that all Demon Kings possessed.

For Volak, it was a sudden lighting bolt descending from the sky 'Lightning Fury’. It would strike

the head of Nekima, his lightning lance, as it gathered this power and became engrossed in dancing purple lightning.

“Have a good look at this killing blow of mine!”

So far no opponent of his had remained unscathed upon being hit by ‘Lightning Fury’.

As Volak unleashed his full power, Woohyuk nodded.

‘As expected.’

He had already faced him in the past, and so he was well aware of his own secret skill.

A type of piercing attack.

It was very powerful because all of his Demonic Energy was concentrated on the edge of his lance 

But if it didn’t manage to hit, it was all meaningless. Woohyuk, who had tapped into the Demon God’s powers, was a step ahead of Volak in every respect.


Having avoided the thunderbolt from Nekima, he stabbed Verserios into his flank.

Volak coughed out mouthfuls of black blood, as his purple Demonic Energy began to fade.


“Get stronger and return to face me, I’ll be waiting for you anytime you’d like.”

After waving him goodbye, he struck the finishing blow. Volak’s head was sent flying through the air with a clean stroke of his sword.

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