Book 4 Chapter 80 - Greatsword Tinia (3)

Game of Divine Thrones

“Oh, you’re back Silvia. How was your magic lesson with Aileen?”

“It was good. She praised me since my proficiency increased a lot today… Wait, that’s not the problem right now!!”

Silvia made a serious face and threw a sharp glare at Woohyuk and Tinia.

Her sister was wearing an erotic maid outfit, and a man with fiery hair was making a grave face in front of her.

She could not understand what was happening no matter how much she racked her brain.

“He’s just a work partner. I invited him over for dinner.”

“...This is the first time you’ve brought a stranger home, sister.”

“Something important happened at work. Could you prepare dinner instead of me for tonight?”

Tinia smiled and shooed Silvia away, who made a reluctant and frustrated face as she left.

Woohyuk then finally opened his mouth.

“Why did you hide my identity from her?”

“I don’t want to worry her needlessly. Anyways, answer my question already.”

“I’m travelling alone because I don’t want to draw the attention of other clans.”

Woohyuk told Tinia a few believable reasons.

One of them was for diplomatic reasons.

The Ragnarok Clan was influential in the Rhine Kingdom, therefore it was preferable for them not to get in conflict with clans of the Izuna Kingdom.

Because the two countries have had friendly relations for ages, diplomatic problems would incur backlash from the noble families of both countries.

“So you’re going undercover as a mercenary from our group? I see, you’re using the fact that your face isn’t famous around here to your advantage.”

“You’ve got nothing to lose if you accept me.”


Tinia placed her chin on her hand and silently thought to herself. They had already signed the employment contract. There didn’t seem to be a problem since the problematic point she kept in her mind was resolved.

And he wasn’t someone she could deal with herself in the first place.

“Is there anything else you want to know?”

“Not for now, if I don’t include the dark aura you used during our fight.”

Even a veteran warrior like Tinia who had experienced countless battlefields had never seen such an aura.

As she stared at Woohyuk pressing for answers, he shrugged.

“It’s a special case. It’s not something anyone can imitate.”

“So is it a high-class sword art…? Oh well. That’s more than enough explanation.”

Everyone had a secret or two they wanted to hide from people.

Tinia stood from her seat and grabbed Woohyuk’s arm, burying it in her chest.

“The conversation was longer than expected. Let’s go eat dinner now.”


A soft yet springy sensation.

It was quite the extreme skinship, but Woohyuk didn’t refuse it once again, because tearing her off would be exhausting, and she would stick to him again afterwards anyways.

‘It’s actually a good undercover identity.’

If he posed as Tinia’s lover, the Grey Wolf Mercenaries wouldn’t easily pick a fight with him.

The two of them headed to the living room and noticed Silvia waiting for them at the dinner table.

“Let me introduce you. She is Silvia, my little sister. She’ll become a great enchanter in the future.”


Woohyuk and Silvia’s eyes made contact.

A subtle inspection. A short while afterwards, Silvia broke the silence and spoke up first.

“How are you related to my sister?”

“She is simply my contracted employer.”

“Do the contract clauses include my sister needing to wear a maid outfit for you?”

Silvia exuded hostility from her gaze. She thought her sister was being blackmailed after getting her weakness discovered.

“Not at all. It was Tinia’s sole decision to wear it.”

“...Sister, do you like this guy?”

“Yeah. He’s a lot stronger than he appears to be.”

Tinia laughed and leaned her head on Woohyuk’s shoulder.

As she watched those two, Silvia wore a dumbfounded expression, but finally dropped her head in resignation.

“Didn’t you say you’d develop your mercenary group using your attractiveness? How could you get yourself a lover…”

“Woohyuk has the right to become my lover. He won against me in a 1 on 1 battle.”

“...Against you?”

Silvia scanned Woohyuk’s appearance, apparently confused.

“Don’t you remember the declaration I made previously? That I wouldn’t become the woman of a man weaker than me?”

“...Didn’t you say that just to get rid of the men aiming for you?”

“Back then, that was indeed my true intention, since I didn’t have a crush on anyone. But I can’t live my whole life as a bachelorette, can I?”

Tinia winked as she cheekily shook her index finger side to side.

Soon afterwards, sitting next to each other, the two of them began feasting on dinner.

“Hmm… You’ve gotten better at cooking. Maybe it’s also time for my baby Silvia to get married?”

“...I won’t get married. All men are beasts.”

“Even amongst beasts, there are some worth taking notice of. Aren’t I right, Woohyuk?”


Woohyuk wore a perplexed look as he cut his venison steak. Tinia noticed his expression, and pointed at her lips.

“Give me a taste of that. It looks delicious.”

“Isn’t the same piece of meat sitting on your plate right now?”

“It’s common decency to listen to a maiden’s request when she pleads to you.”


With a sigh, Woohyuk brought a piece of meat to her mouth and she bit down on it.

As she chewed on it, Tinia made a gleeful face.

“Mmm~! So delicious. I shouldn’t eat something so tasty by myself. Here, one for you too, darling. Say ah~”

“...Your sister is watching. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Nope. Other couples act like this outside as well, so why should it matter?”

Tinia stabbed a piece of steak with her fork and brought it to his lips, with her glaring eyes telling him she would get mad should he refuse to comply with her demand.

Woohyuk unwillingly parted his lips.

Once the piece of meat entered his mouth, Tinia mockingly asked.

“How does it taste? Did it get softer after getting mixed with my body fluids?”


“Geez, seriously…”

Silvia blushed in embarrassment and covered her face with her hands.

Woohyuk was obviously feeling troubled as well.

Tinia observed their reactions and giggled to herself.

“Was I being too proactive? Anyways, let’s finish eating dinner first.”

It was unclear if her actions were serious or just a farce.

Woohyuk clicked his tongue as he cut his venison.

‘Whichever it is, she’s definitely trying to tame me.’

The problem was that it was slightly going overboard.

He didn’t know if he could pass this night safely.

As he felt Tinia gently caress his thigh beneath the dinner table, Woohyuk decided to set up some countermeasures.


Past midnight.

Woohyuk lay wide awake on his bed.

‘It’s about time now.’

He was certain Tinia would pull a stunt sometime tonight. As he patiently waited, the door creaked open, and a black silhouette emerged.

‘...She’s here.’

Woohyuk verified the silhouette’s identity by sitting up and creased his eyebrows.


The woman stood in front of him without a single piece of clothing on her.

“Your actions seem quite excessive this time.”

“Oh well, who cares. We’re just going to enjoy a single night together.”

Tinia approached him as if nothing was wrong.

Her steps were steady and agile even within the darkness.

As the distance between the two shrank,

“Nothing I can do about it, then.”

Woohyuk grabbed Tinia’s wrist and pushed her down onto the bed.

“Ack…! Be gentle. Despite my attitude, it’s still my first time.”

“Why do you keep tempting me like this? I’m sure you’ve got no more questions to ask me anymore.”

“Didn’t I tell you already? I’ve taken a liking to you.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

The surrounding area suddenly brightened up as Woohyuk turned on the lamp on the desk.

The instant Tinia’s bare body entered his vision, Woohyuk stared at the breathtaking body up and down, scanning it.

‘It doesn’t look like she’s been experimented upon.’

As she was a musclebrained mercenary, there were some scars, but that was the extent of it.

When he retracted his gaze, Tinia gently hugged him around his waist.

“What should I do to make you believe me? Is it not enough for me to give you my body?”

“I don’t need that kind of payment. So if you have any troubles, just say it all.”


Tinia raised her head and her tender eyes landed in Woohyuk’s vision.

He gently patted her head.

“I’ll take responsibility for your and Silvia’s safety for as long as I work as a Blue Hawk Mercenary.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard words like that. I was correct to choose you.”

“Choose me for what?”

“As a guardian. Because there’s nobody to look after Silvia after I die.”

Tinia knew better than anyone how dangerous the Witch’s Forest was.

Therefore, she was preparing for the worst case scenario, where she wouldn’t return from the forest.

“Is there nobody else you can trust?”

“That’s not the case. But everyone is busy advancing in their own lives… And it’s unsure if they’d be able to wield Tabris.”

Tabris was the name of the greatsword Tinia carries.

An artifact that one could receive by making a contract with its previous master.

If the successor breaks the contract rules or loses his powers, Tabris would then reject him as its master and look for a new master itself.

Tinia’s explanation drew in Woohyuk’s attention and interest.

‘I never knew it had such a function.’

He was starting to understand why Tinia was trying to seduce him.

The best place to make a personal request to someone was in the bed after having slept with them.

'She was probably planning on passing Tabris onto me during her last moments through the contract.'

Once the information was sorted out in his head, Woohyuk spoke.

“You’re not going to take Silvia with you to the Witch’s Forest?”

“Of course not. That place is far too dangerous.”

There was an astounding number of mercenaries who had been annihilated after recklessly setting foot in the Witch’s Forest.

However, the reason why the expeditions continued was because Count Orlando of the Arend region had put a high reward on the line.

The Blue Hawk Mercenaries were also aiming for that hefty reward, and decided to participate in this expedition.

Nevertheless, Silvia was an existence that was more important than money to Tinia.

Even if she begged for it, Tinia wouldn’t allow her to participate in the expedition.

“I understand. She is the only family you have left.”

“I just wish Silvia lives a happy life, not an exhausting one filled with battles like mine.”

She had already prepared funds for Silvia to use.

It was not enough to sustain her for life, but would be enough to last until she became self-reliant.

But Tinia needed someone to protect Silvia if the worst case scenario occurred.

When she asked him to protect her little sister, Woohyuk nodded.

“Don’t worry. I always keep my promises.”

“Thank goodness. I’m so glad I met a man like you, albeit a little lately…”

Tinia drew a soft smile as relief calmed her heart.

She believed that Woohyuk was someone she could rely on.

“Let’s keep the details for after the sun rises. You should go back to your room now.”

“...Could you listen to one more request?”

“What is it?”

“Kiss me. As gently as a lover would.”

Tinia raised her body to face him, her eyes locked onto his.

Flames of passion and affection swirled deep within her eyes like a maiden in love.

Woohyuk pondered for a while, and covered her lips with his.


Tinia let out a soft moan and glued her body onto his.

Then, as their tongues started roughly intertwining...


The door opened and Silvia entered, dressed in her nightgown.

“Sister, I have something to tell you.”

She had been listening to their entire conversation, though Woohyuk had obviously known this from the beginning thanks to his reactive senses.


Tinia was stupefied and retracted away from Woohyuk.

A situation she had never expected was taking place, and an awkward silence reigned within the room. Finally, Silvia started talking.

“The Witch’s Forest. I’m going too. I don’t want to send you to your death all by yourself.”

“Absolutely not. You’re still…”

“I’ve steeled myself. So I believe that there’s nothing that poses a problem now.”

If her sister never returned from the forest, Silvia would live the rest of her life with guilt weighing down in her heart.

As Silvia wore a determined look, Tinia greatly disapproved.

“Why must you let your useless stubbornness take over your reasoning…”

“Does it even matter? I’ll just have to protect Silvia.”


“I’ll lend this to Silvia for a short while.”

Woohyuk took out the Banshee’s Cloak and covered Silvia with it.

As her appearance disappeared, Tinia’s eyes turned wide.

“An, an invisibility artifact?!”

“If she stays hidden, she won’t get targeted by ordinary monsters at the very least.”

Other than the Banshee’s Cloak, Woohyuk had many artifacts that could help protect Silvia. As he received their awestruck reactions, Woohyuk started removing his accessories one by one.

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