Book 4 Chapter 87 - Monster Tamer Choi Kayoon (1)

Game of Divine Thrones

It was dark inside valkyrie Brynhild’s grave

However, the creepy and humid air from before had vanished, and was replaced by a mysterious sensation.

The cause was most probably Brynhild’s legacy.

Woohyuk stepped forward towards the sarcophagus and observed Brynhild. She was lying down as if in a deep sleep, but she was truly just a corpse.

‘She looks like she could wake up at any moment.’

Oddly enough, her body was bursting with vitality despite the fact that she had been dead for hundreds of years.

Tinia and Silvia’s eyes were wide open.

“Thi-this person is your wife, Rael?”

“I can’t believe that my sister and I are the descendants of such an honorable person.”

Brynhild incarnated perfection itself.

Shiny platinum blond hair.

Neatly arranged eyes.

A sharp nose as if it had been sculpted.

Cherry-red lips.

Standing in the same room with her was like a surreal phenomenon.

“Brynhild was a woman with great pride. She once told me she wouldn’t marry a man weaker than herself.”

Sieg spoke as he recalled the past, and began stroking Brynhild’s hair, eyes filled with lament and grief.

“Looking at her state, it might be possible to revive her as long as we can program and arrange her consciousness properly.”

“...Is it truly possible? If you are not lying, I would do anything to wake her up.”

“For now, it’s impossible. Not everyone can save someone’s mind so easily.”

Woohyuk had yet to reach the heights of Nakron in necromancy.

However, after he learned all of Nakron’s Grimoire and raised his proficiency, it would definitely be possible.

At Woohyuk’s hopeful vision, Sieg’s expression greatly brightened.

“Then we should move the sarcophagus to the Rhine Kingdom. These ruins will soon collapse.”

“Yes, we should. I’ll leave Brynhild’s protection in your care.”

Woohyuk still had some matters to deal with in the Izuna Kingdom.

Tinia and Silvia also had to move to the Rhine Kingdom, so they didn’t have the leeway to watch and protect the sarcophagus all day long.

Sieg excitedly nodded at Woohyuk’s explanation.

“I will protect Brynhild no matter what happens.”

“Then I will be taking this ring.”

Woohyuk bent down and removed the Andvaranaut on Brynhild’s left ring finger.

The ring with the Curse of Andvari of the Nibelungen Tribe.

He was reluctant to hold it in his hands, but he still had to check its status window.


Type: Accessory

Rank: S

Durability: 50000

Effects: When equipped, the user can learn the location where the gold is buried. But beware, as the user will receive the Curse of the Nibelungen Tribe.

‘An S-grade ring.’

S-grade accessories were uncommon on the Eeth Continent.

It was safe to say that they contained the power of the gods.

However, he wasn’t going to equip it for that reason. But it was still a good item to keep.

“That’s an excellent sword.”

Woohyuk pointed at the longsword stuck in the altar.

“It’s the holy sword Gram. It’s the weapon I used a long time ago.”

When Brynhild died, Sieg buried his main weapon, the cherished Gram, along with his lover.

Ever since, he used his secondary weapon, Tabris.

However, as he had passed Tabris onto Tinia, he now needed Gram again.

“You will need a high-grade sword if you wish to kill demons from now on.”

Woohyuk walked towards the altar and grabbed the sword handle with his two hands. With a single pull, the blade slid out.

At the same time, a system message popped up before his eyes.

[Holy Sword Gram]

Type: Weapon

Rank: A

Durability: 35000

Effects: Strength+35. 25% additional damage against evil beings. The blade’s sharpness is proportionate to the wielder’s spirit. At the cost of the wielder’s vitality, can use a wide-range attack skill called Divine Blade.

‘Divine Blade.’

Just by reading its name, it sounded like a light-attribute attack.

Either way, overall it was a very useful weapon.

When Woohyuk handed the Holy Sword Gram to Sieg, the ceiling started to rumble and pieces of rock began to fall.

The ruins were collapsing as the boss monster had been defeated.

“Let’s head back home now.”

They had finished all their business in the Witch’s Forest.

His next destination was the royal library in the Izuna Kingdom’s capital city, Neferti.

Woohyuk and his teammates began to move the sarcophagus as he pictured the nameless ancient tome in his mind.


Woohyuk took a short break once he returned to Dornen, the acropolis of the Arent region.

His mind and body had both reached their limits after the difficult battle against the witch Kriemhild.

As he stayed at Tinia’s place, he listened to the reports of his allies in different zones.

[Hong Yuri, how is the plan going?]

[Good. A demon did appear in our area and was a disturbance to us, but we’ve come to a compromise.]

Hong Yuri was in the Lydia Kingdom. She had gained a title and had become a countess.

She was located right above the Dane Kingdom, so it was hard for them to meet up physically for a while.

[Leifina, how is the kingdom's internal situation?]

[Joanna is properly overseeing the governmental affairs. Nobody is opposing nor antagonizing her. The nobles from the rebellion are misbehaving from time to time, but that’s the extent of it.]

Nothing much was happening in the Rhine Kingdom either.

Even if something bad occurred, Joanna would properly deal with it on her own as the regent.

After listening to all the reports, Woohyuk prepared to depart for the capital Neferti.

“Take your time. We’ll be waiting for you.”

“Brother-in-law, take care of yourself.”

Tinia and Silvia waved their hands as they watched him leave.

Both had disappointed expressions on their faces.

As he hopped onto the carriage, Woohyuk turned towards Tinia’s house.

Sieg was bowing down and showing his respect to Woohyuk as his subject.

‘I’m leaving on another journey alone.’

Although he was rushing around the continent according to his plans, he had yet to reach the halfway point to achieve his goal.

But that also meant that the future’s potential was still infinite.

‘Will I manage to find the Ark of Knowledge this time?’

The value of the ancient books and documents it contained couldn’t be predicted.

He could also find a document related to the Divine Thrones.

As Woohyuk dived deep into the world of his imagination, the carriage driver swung his whip.


The carriage began to navigate through the streets of Dornen.

As he observed the city’s scenery, Woohyuk speculated again.

‘If I obtain the nameless tome, I should also try to get the Three Ancient Chronicles.’

The Edda Chronicles that narrate myths and heroic legends.

The Sangreal Chronicles that record the divine lineages and their protectors.

The Nag Hammadi Chronicles that contain the secret knowledge of gods.

Their contents were different from each other, but their similarities were that some of their texts were lost and that they were related to certain Epic Quests.

Woohyuk had obtained the Return Scroll by restoring the Nag Hammadi Chronicles and completing an epic quest.

Now that he had found out the truth about the Nibelungenlied’s true conclusion, he could attempt to restore the Edda Chronicles.

‘I don’t think I’ll be able to obtain the Return Scroll again.’

The Three Goddesses of Urdabrunn should be aware of his regression, as they are also free from the limitations of spacetime.

They were goddesses that always followed the laws of the Creator.

The gods that hadn’t been imprisoned were all advocates of the current system.

They would never allow a single human to be able to regress infinitely.

This time, he would receive a reward other than the Return Scroll.

‘That’s why I need to be careful this time.’

There would be no third chance.

He couldn’t act like in an RPG game, where he could return to the previous save point if things went wrong.

He had to boldly abandon that which he had to abandon, and act thoroughly according to his priorities, just like his decision back in Medusa’s Temple. He had given up on the two other gates and chose the high-difficulty gate only.

‘I’m curious about the epic quest related to the Edda Chronicles.’

The Nibelungenlied was only part of the chronicles.

There were many stories of myths and legends about heroes, and they were all potentially part of the chronicles.

Woohyuk’s clan’s name, Ragnarok, was also potentially within the Edda Chronicles.

Although most of the gods were still imprisoned, Ragnarok could still be realized.

Clack. Clack.

Woohyuk’s thought process was disturbed by the sound of the wheels.

He took out a map of the Izuna Kingdom and checked the journey he was planning on doing.

‘It’ll take about a week for me to reach Neferti.’

Dornen was further south compared to Port Dephoa.

It would take a while for him to reach the capital.

Since he had nothing else to do, he decided to strategize his plans.

‘I need an entry pass to have access to the royal library.’

Many nobles were illiterate, so there was no way they would let a mere commoner inside.

However, to have access to the royal library, he needed to have a noble title, or to receive the help of a noble.

For the former, he had to be recognized for his military services, invest a lot of money, etc. It would take far too long and too much resources to accomplish.

‘I hope Tinia recommended me someone appropriate.’

Count Oswald.

He was a central figure in the political world. Woohyuk wished that Count Oswald wouldn’t give him annoying tasks to accomplish to receive his help.

He didn’t want to get involved in the political warfare of a foreign country.

Woohyuk only wanted to have access to the royal library.

‘Well, just by having access to it won’t achieve my goal.’

He had to find the secret compartment the archeologist coincidentally came across.

Unfortunately, the royal library had an invisibility detection magic sigil so he couldn’t tail someone else to enter it.

As long as he hid his presence, it wouldn’t be impossible, but he had to be extremely careful.

Woohyuk was seriously contemplating his choices, when…


The carriage stopped and the horse’s cry resounded.

Immediately, the cries of monsters rang out as they ran towards the carriage.


“Krwa rwa rwa rwa!”

Woohyuk could sense the driver panicking and sighed.

‘Why won’t nobody let me rest?’

The Golden Rose Society may have been using their monster breeding substance in the Izuna Kingdom as well.

By creating chaos in the Eeth Continent, they would profit greatly by selling war supplies.

The Golden Rose Society was composed of masters of all fields of work, and their network was vast and diverse. They could achieve anything they set their minds on.

As he thought of the complex enemy he was facing, he kicked the carriage door open and ran to the monsters.



A sequence of heavy cutting sounds.

Death reached out to all the monsters, without discriminating between species.

‘Since it’s come to this, let’s create more undeads.’

His army of undeads had been greatly damaged in the witch’s forest. Sieg who had awakened as a berserker had laid waste to his soldiers of absolute fealty.

He now needed to restock his troops.

Woohyuk gradually accelerated his kill rate. But then,


He heard a suspicious sound behind the bushes.

By extending his senses, he realized that the footsteps and the silhouette belonged to a human.

‘Is it the culprit behind this incident?’

If it was someone in a similar situation as Bruno from the Cohen Merchant Group, then Woohyuk would consider himself lucky today.

He summoned his undeads and ordered them to protect the carriage. Meanwhile, he ran to catch the individual hiding behind the bushes.


A black haired woman screamed and fell to the ground.

After observing her appearance, Woohyuk was puzzled.

“Choi Kayoon?”

The woman who went by the name Monster Lord in his previous life.

She did not choose a clan and stayed independent until the very end. Unfortunately, that led to her getting caught up in the Clan Wars where she lost her life.

In his memories, she wasn’t someone with evil tendencies.

She was just too busy trying to survive that she couldn’t help other people.

“You, you know me?!”

“What are you doing here?”


“You better answer honestly. I’m not exactly a patient person.”

Woohyuk deliberately threatened Choi Kayoon.

He couldn’t afford to lose time dealing with her.

Choi Kayoon could see his heartlessness in his gaze and shuddered.

“I, I was observing the monsters.”


“Their movements and habits have changed as of lately…”

According to ChoI Kayoon, the monsters of the Izuna Kingdom had started migrating.”

Their destination was unknown, but they were marching towards the capital city Neferti.

As a monster tamer, she was curious about the objective of these monsters.

‘Are they gathering an army?’

Occasionally, elite monsters would ally with each other and their tribes to fight against a greater enemy.

“You’re travelling with me from now on.”


Choi Kayoon’s eyes were trembling and a look of despair grew on her face.

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