Chapter 723 Your Words Are Correct

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 723 Your Words Are Correct

While Chen Xiaolian was fighting against the four men, the other four from the other MPV slowly moved toward the car.

Two of them brought out firearms while the other two continued on barehanded.

“They are still coming.” Qiao Qiao retrieved a laser handgun from her own storage space and tossed it over to Qiao Yifeng. “Even though you have lost your abilities, surely, you haven’t forgotten how to use a gun.”

“Mm.” Qiao Yifeng accepted the handgun and nodded.

“I will count to three. Open the door and run to the back. If anyone comes after you, use the gun to protect yourself.” Seeing the four men coming closer, she said, “Three.”

“Run? How will my daughter run? She…” Qiao Yifeng was shocked.

Yu Jiajia had only just woken up and was only wearing a thin layer of pajamas and the hotel’s slippers. There was simply no way for her to run across the barren mountainous terrain.

“That is your problem. Two,” said Qiao Qiao coldly.

“You…” Qiao Yifeng’s brows rose up.


Ignoring Qiao Yifeng, Qiao Qiao kicked the car door, sending it flying. Next, keeping her body close to the ground, she charged toward the closest enemy.

The enemy suddenly revealed a sneer. He quickly tossed aside the rifle in his hand and pulled out the daggers hidden within his sleeves.

Under the shining rays of sunlight, the surface of each dagger gleamed with a greenish glow. It was obvious that there was poison on its surface.

“Fool! I am a melee-type!”

The man shouted loudly as his two daggers stabbed toward Qiao Qiao like a viper, one following the other.

Yet, a heavier look of disdain had appeared on Qiao Qiao’s face.

Just as the dagger was about to stab into Qiao Qiao’s body, she suddenly transformed into a clump of black mist, which enveloped the man.

A shrill and wretched cry rang out as two daggers fell to the ground. The man rolled on the ground as his clothes and skin began peeling out, turning into cyan flames before dissipating into the black mist.

In but a flash, the black mist had devoured the man whole.

“Shit!” The other enemy who was armed with a rifle howled out frantically. Raising his rifle, he pulled the trigger and opened fire at the black mist. However, after making contact with the black mist, the bullets were only able to travel another few centimetres forward before disintegrating into atoms.

After it was done devouring the first man, the black mist swiftly moved toward the one who was shooting at it.

The second enemy kept shooting until he ran out of bullets. Even so, his actions failed to slow the black mist down at all. His face immediately turned pale and he turned around to run away. Unfortunately for him, the black mist was faster and it enveloped his whole body in an instant.

The expressions on the other two enemies flickered slightly and they exchanged glances. One of them pulled out a laser handgun from his chest and began shooting at the black mist. The other fellow took a few steps back and used both his hands to form a spherical-looking seal as he chanted. Next, a fireball blasted toward Qiao Qiao.

The fireball was accompanied by several laser beams and they all struck the black mist. Qiao Qiao abruptly uttered out a pained cry and her mist form trembled for a bit before quickly transforming back into her human form. She tumbled down on the ground, her face contorted in pain.

The second man, who was enveloped by her mist form earlier, had already fallen onto the ground. Although he was still alive, his body was a tangled mess of bloody flesh. White bones were exposed in various spots and all he could do was to groan and shiver on the ground.

“She is afraid of energy-type and elemental-type attacks!” the man with the laser handgun shouted out in excitement as he raised his gun to aim at Qiao Qiao once more. He pulled the trigger.

The other man revealed a pleased look and he chanted out once more.

This time though, every single one of the laser beams failed to hit Qiao Qiao.

A huge, black-coloured spider had suddenly appeared right in front of Qiao Qiao and it brandished its sickle-like limbs.

Its dark black carapace gleamed brightly. Every time a laser beam struck its carapace, a cyan burst of flames would erupt, leaving a scorch mark on the carapace. However, they were incapable of piercing through the carapace.

“Black Widow spider!”

The man gritted his teeth. He continued to shoot with his right hand while his left hand pulled out a few round-shaped grenades from his storage equipment. Pulling out the safety pins, he hurled the grenades forward. 

Unexpectedly, the Black Widow spider did not charge forward. Instead, it turned around to aim its back at the man.

The grenades were in the middle of arcing through the air when a burst of spiderweb shot out from the Black Widow’s spinneret, enveloping the grenades before falling onto the ground between the two sides.

In the following fiery explosion, the man quickly turned tail and ran.

Stop joking around! This time… … we’ve run into a steel wall!

Although he was uncertain what skill the girl possessed to allow her to transform into the black mist, at least she was vulnerable to energy-type attacks.

There were still a lot of power within his handgun’s energy cell. Moreover, judging by the girl’s reaction after getting hit by the laser beams, a few more hits would finish her off.

However… … he had not expected this Awakened girl to possess an [A] class Black Widow.

With his departure, only one enemy remained.

However, the exchange just now had given him enough time to unleash a medium-sized spell.

Countless motes of flames had appeared all around him. They were practically enveloping his entire figure.

With this, even if the girl transformed into the black mist again, she could not harm him.


His hands swung about ceaselessly and the motes of flames transformed into fireballs before shooting toward Qiao Qiao.

Qiao Qiao dashed into a roll to hide herself behind the Black Widow. The fireballs struck the Black Widow’s body, causing a series of fiery explosions to erupt and eliciting a sharp cry from the Black Widow.

After enduring a few fireballs, the Black Widow’s tough carapace became cracked here and there, revealing its inner structure. Copious amount of sticky and pungent slime flowed out from the wounds.

Qiao Qiao was seemingly suppressed to the point of being unable to fight back. As for the Black Widow, it served as Qiao Qiao’s defence and did not move forward. Seeing that, the Awakened grew excited and he increased the rate at which he unleashed the fireballs.

However, as he was swinging his hand to launch another fireball, he suddenly saw Qiao Qiao jut half her body out from behind the Black Widow.

In her hands was a large rifle with an exaggerated design.

“Gauss sniper rifle…”

The Awakened shouted out in shock and he hastily launched a fireball toward Qiao Qiao. However, the fireball was only halfway there when something abruptly shattered it apart in mid-air.

Immediately after that, the Awakened’s body was split into two and his upper body part was thrown tens of metres backward before slamming heavily on the ground.

“You know your stuff.” Qiao Qiao gave a cold harrumph. She did not put down the rifle. Instead, she maintained an aiming posture and pulled the trigger once more.

The Awakened who had run away earlier had only just covered a distance of 100 metres when he heard the ruckus transpiring behind him. Turning his head backward, he hastily cried out wretchedly.


However, his final plea could only be heard for a moment before another bullet transformed his upper body part into a display of fireworks made from blood and flesh.

Chen Xiaolian’s sword stabbed into the tiger’s chest. Pulling the sword out, he watched as the tiger slowly shrank back into human shape. The wound on the man’s chest quickly healed up as well.

“Damn it!”

The Myriad Beast King had transformed into beasts six times in a row. Every time he was seriously wounded, he would transform back into human form while the number of tattoos on his body would fall by one.

At present, his body was utterly clean, not a single tattoo in sight.

“Your skill is very interesting.” Chen Xiaolian crouched down, putting one foot on the Myriad Beast King’s chest as he cast a condescending look down on him. “However, it is still too weak. Besides… … there are not enough tattoos.”

“You… who are you?! You are not from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild!” As Chen Xiaolian’s foot was pressing on his chest, the Myriad Beast King found it hard to breathe and he struggled to extricate himself.

“You don’t need to care about that.” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “Do you have anymore beasts you can transform into? If you don’t, just prepare to die.”

The golem summoner and the rifle-wielding Awakened ones had already fallen to the Four-eyed War Cats’ paws. At present, the three Four-eyed War Cats were gathering around Chen Xiaolian, circling around them while growling.

The force behind Chen Xiaolian’s foot gradually grew and the Myriad Beast King’s chest began to emit cracking sounds. Bloody froth had also begun to emerge from his mouth.

Next, however, Chen Xiaolian stumbled.

The Myriad Beast King had disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian’s foot slammed down on the ground. After a moment of shock, he noticed a mouse scurrying away. It was even forming ‘Z’ shapes on the ground as it did.

“You even have a mouse? Just where did you put that tattoo?” Chen Xiaolian could not stop himself from breaking into a smile. He quickly pulled out a handgun and aimed at the mouse before opening fire. However, after emptying the whole magazine, none of his shots managed to hit the mouse.

The size of that mouse was simply too small. Additionally, it was constantly jumping and darting around. As Chen Xiaolian did not possess a particularly extraordinary level of marksmanship, shooting the mouse was quite a difficult task.

“Whatever! I’ll leave him to you guys.” Chen Xiaolian shrugged and turned his head around.

Hearing the absence of gunfire behind him, the Myriad Beast King, who was in the midst of running away, breathed a sigh of relief.

He was already regretting it.

While he did get the news of Zero City’s destruction and that only a small number of Zero City’s men had survived, he initially had no desire to target them.

He knew where the limits were for his guild.

However, if he could find out the location of the remnant survivors of Zero City, he could sell that information to some larger guilds. He could even sell that information to… Players. He could earn a handsome sum from that transaction. That was Myriad Beast King’s plan.

Unexpectedly, after Qiao Yifeng’s bodyguards – who only possessed a mediocre level of power – were killed, these two experts suddenly popped up.

The Myriad Beast King could feel the blood dripping out from his heart.

The name of his skill was Boiling Beast Blood. It could seal the soul power of animals into the tattoo on his body, allowing him to transform into beasts during battle.

No matter how badly damaged he become when in beast form, as long as it was not an instant kill type of attack, he would only lose the tattoo after reverting to his human form. He could quickly regain his full strength.

Every one of the animal tattoos on his body took several months to complete and needle. In the past, regardless of which type of instance dungeon he had participated in, he would never use up more than three tattoos. Today, however, all of them had been cleaned up by that boy.

Were it not for the life-saving mouse tattoo hidden on his crotch, the Myriad Beast King feared that today would be his last.

However… … as long as he could escape, he would surely be able to stage a comeback.

That thought had only just crossed the Myriad Beast King’s mind when he felt something heavy pressing down on his back. It was a fleshy paw.

Struggling to twist his head around, the Myriad Beast King saw the face of a cat. The cat’s face, which was not that big compared to his present size, opened up its mouth and gobbled him up.

“Son of a bitch! I forgot that this rubbish War Pet have a smaller form!”

That was the last thought the Myriad Beast King had before his death.

Qiao Yifeng held onto Yu Jiajia as he ran forward.

Although he had been in the military before, the present him was a middle-aged man over the age of 50. Despite Yu Jiajia’s slender body, she was tall enough to weight around 100 jins (1 jin = 0.605 kg). After running for a while, Qiao Yifeng began to pant.

And yet, even though his lungs felt as though they were on fire, he kept giving it his all to move both his legs.

“Dad… … put me down. I can run on my own!” Yu Jiajia, who was clinging onto Qiao Yifeng’s sleeve, said with an anxious tone.

“How do you plan on running with those on you?” Qiao Yifeng panted. “Who knows if they have any other ambushes prepared! We need to hurry up and leave this place! We cannot simply pin all our hopes on Chen Xiaolian!”

“Your words are correct.”

A voice spoke up, one that revealed nothing about the speaker’s gender and age. Next, a wall of fire instantly rose up in front of Qiao Yifeng.

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