Chapter 731 Little Girl

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 731 Little Girl

The instant Aunt Flame charged forward, her right hand swung out to shoot several small metal marbles at the main building.

Each of the metal marbles was only the size of a thumb. Yet, despite their size, when they made contact with the walls of the main building, they exploded with a force that surpassed even hand grenades. The explosion created a large hole on the reinforced concrete wall; a hole large enough for five men to go through. Additionally, it also left the corridors of the first, second and third floors of the building exposed.

Before the smoke from the explosion could completely disperse, Aunt Flame had already arrived before the main building. With a leap, she jumped up to the third floor’s corridor.

Although Fatty was incapable of completely removing the defensive system there before being forced to disconnect, he did send over the layout of the resort to the portable computer on Aunt Flame’s person.

The other party’s main control room was in the left wing of the third floor. According to the distance revealed by the layout, rushing forward through the right side would take her there in less than 30 seconds.

Fatty had informed her that the other party was in the midst of restoring the security system. If so, someone must surely be within the main control room.

My first target will be the unlucky sod who is restoring the system!

The corners of Aunt Flame’s lips curled into a smile as three metal marbles appeared within her right palm once more.


As she was about to step upon the third floor, light flashed out before her eyes. She felt as though she had slammed into an iron wall and she fell back down as a result.

A silvery light had suddenly burst out, becoming like a wall; a wall standing before Aunt Flame’s path.

Before landing on the ground, Aunt Flame had already twisted her body to re-adjust her posture mid-air. The metal marbles in her hand shot out toward the silver wall before her.

Explosions rang out one after another. However, after the flames from the explosion had dispersed, the silver wall remained standing, not a crack in sight.

Aunt Flame’s face immediately sank.

This guild… … has an expert!

Also, this is no ordinary expert.

Those thoughts had only just appeared within Aunt Flame’s mind when an indifferent female voice suddenly spoke up from behind her. “Little girl, what are you doing here?”

Aunt Flame’s head jerked backwards to behold a tall female figure with long hair. Unbeknownst to Aunt Flame, this female figure had somehow made her way to stand at a spot that was less than two metres behind Aunt Flame. The female figure had both her hands clasped behind her back as she calmly regarded Aunt Flame.

“Little girl?” Aunt Flame clenched her teeth as she sent a punch toward the female figure.

Seeing Aunt Flame’s fist shooting toward her, the woman did not move at all. Instead, with a look of disdain on her face, she lowered her gaze to watch as the incoming fist approached her chest.

So arrogant? If so, prepare to die!

Aunt Flame was smiling inwardly, pleased at what was happening.

No matter how strong this woman before her may be, the moment her fist made contact with her, she would die.

However, just as Aunt Flame’s fist was about to make contact with the woman’s chest, she suddenly made her move.

Her posture had remained unchanged. That was true from her waist down to her legs, even her hands remained clasped behind her back. Even so, the woman had shifted her position backwards by half a metre. Furthermore, the speed at which she did so was similar to the speed of Aunt Flame’s incoming fist.

There was less than half a centimetre left between the fist and the woman’s chest. And yet, despite exerting her all, Aunt Flame was unable to land a hit.

When Aunt Flame’s fist finally came to a halt, the woman stopped moving as well. Their movements appeared seamlessly coordinated. It almost seemed as though there was a balloon tied to Aunt Flame’s fist.

“I will ask you one more time, little girl. What are you doing here?” The woman frowned. There was a slightly impatient look on her face. “I don’t particularly like killing people. Furthermore, as a guest, killing someone when I am within the host’s place is quite the impolite thing to do. So, please answer me quickly.”

As the woman was speaking, Aunt Flame’s fist continued to swing forward non-stop. However, no matter how fast her attacks were, she was never able to land a hit, not even on the woman’s clothes.

“Little girl? Bitch please! I am your granny!” Aunt Flame gritted her teeth. She abruptly stopped throwing punches forward and instead jumped backwards. Next, she thrust both her hands upon the ground, her fingers stabbing deep into the soil.

Next… she furiously flipped the soil upwards.

She could already sense that this opponent was very strong. Appearance wise, however, the woman was clearly not as old as her. And yet, the way the woman kept acting like an elderly figure enraged Aunt Flame.

Not to mention, she was Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s Thunderflame. She was someone who only knew how to move forward, never to retreat. Was there ever a time when she had retreated against an enemy?

“Yang Sands? You are so young. How can you be so depraved?” The woman shook her head slightly as a displeased look appeared on her face.

However, before she could finish speaking, the soil that Aunt Flame had tossed up abruptly transformed into flames.

Not all of the resort’s ground were paved with cement. The ground between the main building and the bamboo forest was made up of sand and mud. As there were no rain recently, the soil there had become powder-like. After Aunt Flame tossed the sands up, the countless grains of sand burst into flames.

Every one of the grains burst, creating miniature explosions. While each individual grain’s explosion did not appear particularly strong, the combined might of all the explosions was incredibly shocking. A flaming dragon seemingly appeared before Aunt Flame to swallow the woman. 

Even though her attack had landed, Aunt Flame did not stop. Instead, she hastily leapt backwards, both her palms producing several metal marbles, which she hurled towards the raging flames.

By the time she was done hurling all the metal marbles in her hands, Aunt Flame had already retreated to the bamboo forest. Both her palms took on the shape of blades as they slashed backwards, cutting two bamboos down.

Grabbing a bamboo pole with each hand, she then waved them forward, causing numerous bamboo leaves to shoot out from the bamboo poles like flying knives.

Immediately after that, every one of the bamboo leaves exploded.

After all the leaves had flown off the bamboo poles, Aunt Flame hurled them forward like javelins in quick succession. The two bamboo poles seemingly transformed into missiles, exploding with a higher level of intensity after striking the ground.

Flames surged upon the spot of land in front of Aunt Flame as countless explosive booms erupted one after another, their shockwaves punching all the way up to the sky. It was as though there was a strike from a heavy artillery unit upon that one single spot.

Using so much energy within a short span of time caused Aunt Flame’s face to turn pale. She panted a few times before cutting down two more bamboo poles. Then, she looked forward, her eyes gleaming like that of a tiger.

She had been observing the woman in white carefully. After getting enveloped by Aunt Flame’s sands, the woman in white had remained within that same area, never escaping from the explosions.

Aunt Flame was confident in her own skills. Facing such a barrage of explosions, there was no way the other party could escape unscathed.

However… … the woman’s strength was quite terrifying. Could there be other guilds beside those from Zero City with such a level of power?

Still, someone with this level of ability must surely be the Guild Leader. Aunt Flame was certain that there could not be more than one such Awakened amongst those not from Zero City.

It was true that she had gone too far with her attacks, thereby exposing her location. However, as long as she could finish off this opponent, Qiao Yifeng will…

The flames raging before her finally dispersed. However, when the smoke finally abated, the scene greeting Aunt Flame’s eyes was that of an upright figure.

The woman in white was still standing on the same spot.

She did not flee from the radius of the explosions. However, that was because she did not even move!

All she did was to clasp both her hands behind her back as she stood upright. As for her white clothes, they remained spotless, seemingly having just been cleaned.

Around her was a crater with a depth of several metres and a radius spanning tens of metres around her. Only that small piece of land beneath her feet remained unscathed, flat, seemingly unblemished by the baptism of fire and fury that had enveloped the area earlier.

“Selective Fire, that is quite the Exclusive Skill. It is capable of transforming everything you touch into powerful explosives.” The woman in white nodded her head and a trace of admiration could be seen on her face. “However, as powerful as the skill may be, the power consumption for using it is quite big. This is my first time seeing someone who can use this skill so many times.”

Aunt Flame gritted her teeth. She raised her hands to hurl the bamboo poles again only to abruptly find that her hands were being bound by an unknown power. She could no longer move.

Next, the woman in white extended one foot and took a step forward.

The ground beneath her extended foot was none other than the huge crater created by Aunt Flame’s bombardment. However, when that foot came down, the woman in white appeared right before Aunt Flame.

Aunt Flame was astounded by the spectacle and she stared at the unfamiliar woman with disbelief. 

Could she be… [S] class?!

But… how is that possible?

With the exception of the resident guilds from Zero City, the other Awakened guilds could not possibly possess [S] class powerhouses. Forget [S] class, even an [A+] class powerhouse was a rare existence amongst them.

And yet, this woman was someone she had never met before.

When did this [S] class Awakened appear amongst the guilds outside Zero City?


Could she be the Exclusive Account of a high-ranking Player?

Aunt Flame was in a bewildered state when she suddenly saw the woman in white smile. “Forget it. Since the homeowner has come, I should hand you over to them.”

After she said that, Aunt Flame noticed a figure jumping down from the third floor’s corridor to land on the ground.

The instant she saw the figure’s face, she exclaimed, “Chen Xiaolian?!”


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