Chapter 737 Demonic Bai Qi?

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 737 Demonic Bai Qi?

Despite being far away from the South District’s commercial street, Angel Wu could see that the place had descended into chaos.

A number of the Awakened ones there with flight-based skills or equipment had already taken to the sky as they fled the place. The remainder were either furiously attempting to flee or counter attack.

There at the centre of the commercial street, Bai Qi’s white figure slowly moved forward. From time to time, he would swing his sword forward.

After that, several Awakened ones would shriek out wretchedly before falling down.

Bai Qi was not moving at a fast pace. Rather, one could say he was walking rather slowly. It was as though he was simply taking a stroll in a park.

And yet, for some unknown reason, every swing of his sword would end up killing several Awakened ones.

The moment Angel Wu’s eyes fell upon Bai Qi, Bai Qi too, turned his head up to look into the distant sky.

There was a distance of several kilometres between them and each party appeared as a dot to the other. And yet, their gazes had intersected.

In that very instant, Angel Wu felt as though countless invisible needles were stabbing into his body and his heart thumped uncontrollably.

More than 10 Angel Corps members quickly flew up into the sky to support Angel Wu.

Even Clipper and Kia, who were so thoroughly terrified earlier, had flown up into the sky. They positioned themselves behind Angel Wu.

“Sir Angel Wu, please give us the orders for combat.” Clipper gritted his teeth and swelled up his chest.

“All of you, stand down. This fellow…” Angel Wu turned to look at Clipper before shaking his head. “He is not someone you fellows can handle.”

With just a glance, Angel Wu had identified the other party’s level of strength.

The opponent could kill off Omega Angel with just one slash. If so, sending his other subordinates in was the equivalent of sending them to their deaths.

“But you are alone…” Kia’s voice was shaky. “What if a mishap occurs…”

“Who said I am alone?” Angel Wu answered calmly.

Four more figures flew into the sky above him.

Ronan was clad in golden-coloured armour, a bolt of lightning in his grip.

Juncker was wielding a spear. It appeared to be cast from neither iron nor steel, a black spear that gave off no reflection. 

Ironstream’s whole body had transformed into metal and he shone resplendently.

Bluesea was wearing an exoskeleton suit and he relied on the suit’s thrusters to float in the sky.

“Sir Bluesea, a battle of this level is not something that you should participate in.” Juncker turned to look at Bluesea. With a derisive smile, he said, “Even Omega Angel was killed with one slash. Won’t you just be committing suicide by going forward?”

“Very well. I will stay here and keep an eye on the situation for you.” Bluesea nodded his head, ignoring Juncker’s contempt.

“Be careful. This fellow… … is very strong,” said Angel Wu with a grim tone.

“We can only know how strong he is after we fight him! Or should the four of us, [S] class leaders of this place, stand by and watch as he continues his slaughter?”

Ronan shouted out in arrogance and was the first to charge down. The lightning bolt in his right hand became like a javelin and it shot out at incredible speed.

Wherever the lightning bolt went, space itself would seemingly tear.

On Bai Qi’s side, he had only just swung his sword to kill off several Awakened ones who were tens of steps before him. Each of the Awakened ones’ bodies were hacked into two from that one swing. However, Bai Qi kept swinging his sword to receive Ronan’s lightning bolt attack.

A soft clashing sound rang out as the lightning bolt became like a tangible object, and was batted away. As a result, the bolt of lightning flew back through the same trajectory at a far greater speed.

Ronan’s body darted upwards to dodge the lightning bolt, two new lightning bolts appearing in his hands.

By then, there were less than 50 metres between him and Bai Qi.

Bellowing loudly, Ronan then sent the two lightning bolts down upon Bai Qi.

At the same time, the other three had also unleashed their attacks.

The colour of Ironstream’s body changed to a dark red colour, then a deep red colour before becoming blazing red. His entire being had become like molten iron, fresh from the furnace.

He extended his right hand, which suddenly grew longer to stab towards Bai Qi.

Angel Wu roared as his Gravity Field skill descended upon Bai Qi.

Maximum load, increase the gravity by 1,000 times.

At the same time, a war blade popped out from his mech to hack towards Bai Qi.

Juncker was the only one who remained up in the sky. He had not charged into the battle.

Instead, he thrust his spear downwards.

A spear appeared simultaneously above Bai Qi’s head.

The spearhead was as thick as an average human and it emanated a dazzling golden light. It was as though Mt Tai was pressing down upon Bai Qi’s head.

The four leaders of the resident guilds and Angel Corps had attacked at the same time, besieging this one enemy. They had unleashed their strongest attacks without even asking his name.

They had never imagined that something so ridiculous would happen. 

Facing the four concerted attacks by the four [S] class powerhouses, the expression on Bai Qi’s face remain unchanged.

He continued brandishing his sword.

Just one move.

Wielding the sword with one hand, he raised it up.

Two lightning bolts struck Bai Qi’s chest, pushing him back by several metres.


Ronan spat out a mouthful of blood and was thrown backwards. A shocking wound had appeared on his chest, his armour broken. It would appear that the attack had nearly hacked open his abdomen.

Ironstream’s right hand latched onto Bai Qi’s body before instantly piercing through his chest. Next, a charred smell wafted up.


Ironstream’s right arm was cut and the blazing red colour of his body instantly turned dim.

Angel Wu’s war blade had cut into Bai Qi’s body. However, it only managed to penetrate Bai Qi’s body slightly before stopping completely.


The war blade broke while a sudden burst of power tore the mech apart. Angel Wu fell heavily upon the ground.

Right as the spear was about to strike Bai Qi’s head, he raised his left hand to stop it.

A bone wrenching sound rang out as Bai Qi’s left arm was distorted in an odd angle. Even so, it had managed to slow down the momentum of the falling spear.


The spear above Bai Qi instantly transformed into an intangible, golden-coloured beam of light before shattering apart. At the same time, the spear in Juncker’s hand shattered apart.

Juncker fell down the ground like a swatted fly. His figure landed right before Bai Qi’s feet.

Bai Qi released a heaving cough. Then, looking down on the injuries his body had suffered, a minor flicker of emotion finally appeared on his face.

Dissatisfaction towards himself.

“I really have… … grown weak.”

Bai Qi mumbled to himself before raising his sword aloft once more. The wounds on his body were seemingly incapable of stopping him at all.

“You… … what exactly are you?!”

Ronan propped himself up with his elbows and shouted at Bai Qi.

The sword gently swung down.

Ronan gave a wretched cry as his head was severed off.

“Are you a Player, or an Awakened?! Answer me!”

Ironstream too, raised his head while clenching his teeth.

The sword gently swung down again.

Ironstream, with a body which resembled flowing iron, was cleaved into two. The glow of light coming off his body disappeared before transforming into two pieces of cold and unmoving blocks of iron.

Juncker had fallen unconscious and his figure lay on the ground, unmoving at all.

The sword gently swung down again.

Juncker’s body was cleaved into two.

“Answer me! Are you Zero City’s original owner? Are you planning on taking back the city? The system is now unresponsive, is that your-”

Angel Wu raised his head. Gnashing his teeth, he cast a look of despair at Bai Qi.

The sword gently swung down again.

Angel Wu’s head rolled off his shoulders.

Bai Qi had not answered their questions at all.

Next, he reached out with his left hand. Four metal spheres floated up from the ground to land upon his palm before disappearing.

After that, Bai Qi turned around and continued moving forward.

There was no sense of hurriedness in his pace and he appeared like one who was taking an idle stroll. It was as though the earlier battle and the wounds he received never existed.

However, every time he took a step forward, his figure would reappear near some Awakened ones.

With a swing of his sword, people died.


A raging and sorrowful roar rang out from behind Bluesea. It was from the Angel Corps members. All of them activated their thrusters and charged Bai Qi.

Beams, projectiles, missiles, blades; all of those fired out even as they were halfway through the air.

Bai Qi, however, simply performed a simple swing of his sword.

They all fell.

Witnessing all that, Bluesea felt as though his whole body had fallen into a pit of ice. Only despair could be seen within his eyes.

How could he be so strong?!

There was simply no way for them to confront an opponent of this level.

Earlier, Angel Wu and the others had joined forces, unleashing their full power against this opponent to successfully leave a number of wounds on him. And yet, it would appear as though the wounds had not weakened him at all.

Or perhaps… … even though he had been weakened, he was still strong enough to easily kill off any enemies he faced.

This was no battle. This was a massacre.

Bai Qi had known that Bluesea was up in the sky since the very beginning. And yet, he had not attacked Bluesea at all.

Bluesea understood that it was not because Bai Qi’s attacks could not reach him. Neither was it because Bai Qi was unaware that Bluesea was a leading figure in Zero City.

It was simple. For Bai Qi, all those factors would not make a difference.

The moment their gazes met, Bluesea understood Bai Qi’s intentions.

This mysterious man in white who had suddenly appeared within Zero City had not spoken a word. He would not negotiate with anyone. He would simply kill off anyone who appeared before him at his own pace.

He didn’t care who he killed, how strong they were, or whether certain targets should be prioritized.

As long as he killed them all, the order was of no importance.

At any rate, Zero City was locked down and no one could escape.

“Guan Shan, is the system still not responding?” Bluesea lowered his head and whispered into his communication device.

“No,” Guan Shan was quick to reply. “Sir Bluesea, has the intruder been dealt with?”

“Summon all our guild members.” Bluesea fell silent for a moment before continuing with a soft voice, “Men from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, even if we are to die, we must die as warriors.”

“What?” Guan Shan uttered out in shock as Bluesea turned off the communication device.

He knew that Guan Shan would execute the order.

After turning off the communication device, Bluesea flew down to the ground in preparation to face the incoming Bai Qi.

Once, Zero City had been an unbreakable sanctuary. For Awakened ones, obtaining the qualification for permanent residence within Zero City meant better security and prospects for development.

At present, however, what had once been a sanctuary had become a cage, a slaughterhouse.

A slaughterhouse with no way out.

If the end was death all the same, he could only wait for the other members from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild to gather up. Then… … they will fight to their deaths.

Before the members from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild arrived, Bluesea had watched as the other Awakened ones, having failed to flee, began counter attacking.

With the leaders of the resident guilds dead, there was no one left to organize the counter attack. However, with the vast amount of equipment from Zero City, their counter attack was quite spectacular to behold.

Solitary Awakened ones in battle gear, long-ranged attackers stationed atop buildings, surprise ambushers in groups of twos and threes.

The main powerhouses from the resident guilds drove a vast number of large war machines forward to bombard Bai Qi.

Bai Qi’s figure was engulfed in a sea of flames.

However, the sea of flames was incapable of obstructing him in the slightest.

He simply continued to move forward and swung his sword.

Awakened ones were cleaved apart. Mechs were cleaved apart. Tanks were cleaved apart…

After killing those men, the metal spheres – visible only to Bai Qi – rolled down the ground before flying towards Bai Qi’s palm.

Suddenly, a figure appeared before Bluesea.

“Damn it! Bai Qi, have you gone mad?!”

Bluesea watched as the figure uttered out a heart-wrenching cry before pulling out a sword. Then, the figure charged towards Bai Qi.

“Chen Xiaolian?”

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