Chapter 739 Enter

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 739 Enter

After leaving the commercial street, Bai Qi moved towards the central square.

Every place he went would be littered with blood and corpses.

After Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s all-out suicidal charge, several of the resident guilds had also attempted to counter attack a few times. They tried to kill off Bai Qi. However, after a series of losses, none of the remaining Awakened ones continued the counter attack attempts.

There were still a considerable number of people within the city. However, compared to the outside world, Zero City was relatively small. It was just a matter of time before Bai Qi killed off everyone within the city.

Suddenly, however, Bai Qi noticed the lampstands around him lighting up.

After the power supply system was shut down, the emergency street lamps were the only source of illumination left in the city. No light came from the virtual sky above the city. 

At that moment, however, everything returned to normal.

“The system has been restored! The passageways are all open!”

An excited voice rang out from faraway. It was a hoarse voice, filled with joy at having successfully escaped from a calamity.

Next, light began gathering upon the Awakened ones near the central square and they disappeared.

Seeing that, countless other figures dashed out from various corners, running towards the central square.

One by one, those who arrived at the central square began disappearing from the city.

Bai Qi swung his sword without respite and Awakened ones continued to fall. Even so, most of them were able to reach the central square to successfully enter the exit passageway.

“Administrator, give me a report of the current situation.” Bai Qi’s brows were slightly furrowed, but his hand continued swinging his sword.

“Just now, another authority holder, Chen Xiaolian, had commanded me to activate the power supply system to open the exit passageways,” Zero City was quick to reply.

“Why didn’t you inform me about it?”

“The both of you are authority holders. Unless I receive an inquiry, I will be following the designated protocol. I am not required to report the commands given by the other authority holders.” 

“In that case, close up the exit passageways again.” Bai Qi was quick to give the command.

“Unable to comply. When Chen Xiaolian gave the command to open the passageways, he had made it an irrevocable command. An authority higher than Chen Xiaolian’s authority will be required in order to change the state of the passageways.”

“A higher authority? Who could possess such an authority?” Bai Qi asked icily.

“The Development Team.”

Bai Qi was silent for a moment. Observing the Awakened ones surging towards the central square, he then leapt up into the sky before flying back through the same route.

“You are here.” It wasn’t just too long ago when Chen Xiaolian was feeling enraged. However, seeing Bai Qi appear before him, he ended up revealing a smile. “But it is useless. By now, I believe that most of the survivors have left Zero City, right?”

“Why must you interfere?” Bai Qi extended out his hand to grab Chen Xiaolian by his hair. Pulling him up, he said, “I am killing people. What does that have to do with you?”

“I am opening the exits. What does that have to do with you?” Although Chen Xiaolian was unable to move his body, his face revealed a sneer.

“Do you know what the consequences are of you opening the main gate?” Bai Qi cast a cold stare at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian chuckled and cast a provoking glare at Bai Qi. “If you don’t like it, kill me!”

Killing intent flashed out from within Bai Qi’s eyes before dissipating away.

“I can still see your existence through my personal system. That means, you are still my War Soul. I believe there should be no mistake in this speculation of mine. Additionally, Zero City had already told me earlier that you and I are sharing the same authority.” Chen Xiaolian smiled at Bai Qi. “Although I do not know what will happen if you kill me, I believe it won’t be good for you.”

Bai Qi grew silent for a moment. Suddenly, he released his grip and Chen Xiaolian, like a loosened pouch, fell back down to the ground.

“You cannot change the outcome.” Bai Qi turned around and ignored Chen Xiaolian. He began moving towards the central square once again. “When I return to the outside world, I will slowly find them, one by one. It is just a minor delay. Those destined to be reaped, will be reaped. Besides…”

Bai Qi suddenly turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. Next, he slowly spoke up, “Administrator, tell me the number of people who are still inside this city.”

“In total, there are 573 people. They had been staying inside their respective resource pocket worlds earlier. At present, 67 amongst them have exited the resource worlds. Do you want me to report their whereabouts to you?”

“List all of their whereabouts. Those people are likely still unaware of what is happening here. Before they flee, I will reap them all.” Even though Bai Qi was conversing with Zero City, his gaze did not leave Chen Xiaolian at all. “When I have killed them all, I will return to the outside world and slowly find the others.”

“Bai Qi! Have you really gone mad?” Chen Xiaolian was finally incapable of holding himself back anymore and he shouted, “What are you trying to do? Why do you want those metal spheres?!”

Bai Qi ignored Chen Xiaolian. Turning around, he began moving towards the end of the street once again.

“Come back here! Bai Qi! Kill me! You son of a bitch! Come kill me!”

Chen Xiaolian screamed furiously. However, Bai Qi did not stop.

“He is doing all this… … to fill up the Yellow Springs.”

An unfamiliar voice suddenly spoke up from behind Chen Xiaolian.

Hearing the voice, Bai Qi abruptly halted his steps. He turned around to stare at the space behind Chen Xiaolian.

“Duwei… … you are still alive?”

“Being alive, I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.” The voice coming from Chen Xiaolian’s back sounded slothful. “Why did you make such a mess of this place? This is too much of an eyesore now.”

“What do you care if these people live or die?” Bai Qi had been unwilling to utter even a sentence when facing Chen Xiaolian. However, facing this fellow known as Duwei, he began talking more than usual.

This man… … he is someone who knows Bai Qi from long ago!

Unfortunately, Duwei was presently behind Chen Xiaolian. As Chen Xiaolian was incapable of moving, he could not turn around to get a look at Duwei’s appearance.

“Naturally, I don’t care much about them. This is already an abandoned building, after all. Who cares about the weeds growing inside it?” Duwei replied with a smile. “It is just… I did not expect you to return here again and obtain authority over it.”

“As I recall, you fellows said that there will always be a spot for me amongst the Pantheon seats of Thirty-three Heavens. I am merely taking that which was promised to me.” Bai Qi maintained an indifferent expression on his face. “Or do you intend on reneging on your words?”

“Personally, I don’t mind. Like I said, this is an abandoned building.” Duwei sighed. “However, this mess you two made, opening up the main gate… now an uninvited guest will find that thing we left in the building, what now?”

“The Oddity?” Bai Qi’s face froze. “It is still here?”

“Naturally. Without the Oddity, this building simply cannot continue to exist.” Duwei took a few steps forward as he shrugged his shoulders.

Only then was Chen Xiaolian able to set his sights on Duwei’s back.

A lean figure, sporting a mess of red-coloured hair. 

Bai Qi inspected his surroundings for a moment before replying in a cold voice. “Since you fellows no longer want this building, why bother with the Oddity?”

“In order to split the items, the item itself must be something that can be split.” Duwei smiled. “All of us wants the Oddity. However, as individuals, none of us possessed the ability to take it for ourselves. In the end, we had to accept that none of us can take it and leave it here. It is very logical, don’t you think? However…”


“At present, there is a certain someone who really wants it.” Duwei spread open his hands. “You two have created a serious mess by opening the main gate. That fellow… … will soon sniff out this place and come running after it.”



“Him?” Bai Qi sneered in disdain. “Is there a need for you to be concerned about him? He was never a match for you.”

“Times change. Much has happened since your death. Things that you are unaware of.” Duwei sighed. “You don’t have much time left. We should get to the point. You should not have returned now. So, I will have to send you back.”

“Don’t have much time left?” Bai Qi sneered. “Are you threatening me?”

“No. I am simply… informing you of a fact.”

Duwei revealed a smile. Suddenly, his hand shot backwards to grip Chen Xiaolian’s arm.

Next, before Bai Qi’s very eyes, the two of them disappeared.

Bai Qi observed the empty space before him. There was no look of anger on his face at all. He raised his head and said, “Administrator, where did they go?”

“Longevity Palace.”

“Send me in.”

“Your authority is high enough to enter the Longevity Palace. However, I cannot send you in directly. The other authority holders had left behind six stages. You must pass three of the six stages, given at random, in order to reach the Longevity Palace.”


Bai Qi nodded his head. Next, he too, disappeared from sight.

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