Chapter 746 Twenty-five Minutes

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 746 Twenty-five Minutes

Shen did not move away from his position. He had simply slammed his palm down before him.

However, that palm moved through space to appear before Chen Xiaolian’s chest.

Not only did its position changed, even the direction was different.

Shocked, Chen Xiaolian quickly performed the recently learned Bow Moon Dance. His body twisted backwards while sending the razor edge of the bow towards Shen’s incoming palm.

And yet, despite having twisted his body through five angles, Chen Xiaolian was still incapable of escaping Shen’s palm. It slammed heavily into his chest.

At the same time, Shen let out a muffled grunt.

Zhao Yun’s spear, Bai Qi’s sword, Mr San’s umbrella, Cheng Cheng’s Dimensional Rip Blades and Gabriel’s ball of light all shot towards Shen at the same time.

The attack from the five of them negated half of the force behind Shen’s attack. When the palm finally struck, the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour on Chen Xiaolian’s person further dispelled one third of the force behind the attack. 

Even so, the palm was still strong enough to send Chen Xiaolian flying. Like an artillery blast, Chen Xiaolian’s figure shot into the distant void.

As he was in the midst of flying through the sky, Chen Xiaolian suddenly disappeared only to reappear once more. When he reappeared, however, his flight trajectory had reversed.

In that brief instant, Shen had modified the laws of Chen Xiaolian’s surroundings to change the direction of his flight trajectory so that Chen Xiaolian would fly towards him.

His next palm strike was ready.

“Sorry, I had not planned on killing you.”

Despite falling under siege from the five ancient titans, Shen was still able to find time to speak.

The earlier palm strike had left Chen Xiaolian’s mind upside down. He had only just recollected himself when he realized he was shooting towards Shen.

Damn it! Am I a football to you?!

When the fight began, Chen Xiaolian was already fully aware of one fact. Compared to these ancient titans, he was far too weak.

If it were not for the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour on his body, Shen’s first attack would have killed him.

Even though he now possessed the Flash Bow of Ketu-Rahu, the two arrows he fired in succession towards Shen seemed utterly ineffective. Shen had casually received his both attacks.

In a battle of this level, he was incapable of contributing anything at all.

However, humans can get angry.

I am very weak.

But, why the Hell do you keep on attacking me?!

Chen Xiaolian gnashed his teeth. Who knows where it had come from, but power rose up from his body. He pulled the bowstring once more even as his body flew through the sky. 

Air currents condensed into an arrow before further condensing into a small speck upon the bowstring. Then, it shot towards Shen.

With a sudden flash, Shen’s body transformed out five doppelgangers of himself, each of them moving to face the attacks coming from Zhao Yun and the others. As for Shen, he jabbed a finger out at the speck that Chen Xiaolian had fired at him.

This time, the speck was deflected back and it shot towards Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian swore. His body still flying through the sky, he could only watch helplessly as the speck shot towards him.

However, he then noticed Duwei, who was stepping towards Shen. Duwei had raised up his left hand.

A wooden box abruptly appeared within the palm of his hand. Next, the box was pushed towards Chen Xiaolian with lightning-like speed.

The speed at which the box was flying towards him exceeded the speck’s. In but a flash, it had struck Chen Xiaolian in the chest.

After getting struck by the box, Chen Xiaolian, who had been flying forward, immediately sank downwards. He lost all forward momentum to instead fall down.

The scene before his eyes suddenly changed.

Shen, Zhao Yun, Bai Qi, Mr San, Duwei…

Even the stretch of grassy land had disappeared.

Before him was a railing, the interior of a majestic yet ruined palace.

Longevity Palace?

Chen Xiaolian recalled from his deleted memories that this was the place where he had struck the Oddity with his sword to trigger the refresh process.

I-was kicked out from Room Zero? 

“Chen Xiaolian? How did you appear here?”

A rough voice spoke up from behind Chen Xiaolian. Quickly jerking his head back, Chen Xiaolian saw two faces he never expected to see.

Nicole and Tian Lie.

Behind them stood a pale man. He was so pale, it appeared as though there was no blood within his face.

“I…” Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile.

Explaining everything would take too long.

“Who are you?! How did those two items come into your possession?!” When the pale man noticed Chen Xiaolian, his face revealed shock.

“Someone called Duwei gave them to me.” Chen Xiaolian shrugged. “What, do you have something to say about that?”

This pale man did not appear to be some weakling. At present, however, Chen Xiaolian wielded the Flash Bow of Ketu-Rahu and wore the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour. Except for those ancient titans, there were no one else in this world who could threaten him.

“Master… … he gave them to you?” responded the man with a snort. A ferocious light glinted off his eyes and he took a step forward.

“No need to get agitated, Chris. I really did give him those two.”

Duwei suddenly appeared beside Chen Xiaolian before calmly uttering out those words.

Seeing Duwei appear, Chris grew excited. “Master! You… … are you all right? That Shen…”

“Chris, stop talking,” Duwei responded coolly. Hearing that, Chris lowered his head and shut his mouth before taking a few steps back.

“You… defeated Shen?” Chen Xiaolian had only just uttered those words when he realized he was wrong.

This Duwei standing before him was not emanating any energy fluctuations. Like their first meeting, this Duwei was obviously just a projection. 

The battle within Room Zero was likely still raging.

“We don’t have much time, Chen Xiaolian. Now, follow my instructions.” After saying that, Duwei pointed at the box lying beside Chen Xiaolian’s feet and said, “Pick it up.”

“Why does it feel like… … every time we meet, you’ll end up telling me we don’t have much time?” There was a wry smile on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he picked up the box. He opened it.

Golden light shone out to reveal a pair of angel wings.

“Keep it well. How much power you can comprehend from it in the future will depend on yourself,” said Duwei as he walked towards the railings. “The Oddity as well, take it with you.”

“Huh?” Chen Xiaolian was aghast. “Me? Take Oddity? Away?”

“Like I said earlier, even if all of us joined hands, we will be incapable of defeating Shen,” said Duwei coolly. “However, with the combined might of all six of us, holding him up within Room Zero is still feasible, albeit barely.”

“Hold him… … how long?” Chen Xiaolian’s face was on the verge of spilling tears.

“Half an hour, that is the absolute limit. His understanding of the governing laws is above mine. Although we have temporarily detained him, he will certainly be able to escape. Thus, I want you to take the Oddity away.”

“Bitch please! Even if I do manage to take the Oddity out, where can I take it to?!” Chen Xiaolian gripped his fists tightly. “He is someone that not even all of you combined can defeat! Are you expecting me to protect the Oddity against him?!”

“That is why I said we don’t have much time.” Duwei shook his head. “What you need to do within this half hour is to insert your mind into the wings and comprehend this world’s governing laws. Only then will you be able to take the Oddity away.

“Since the Oddity is the foundation for Zero City, losing it means Zero City will cease to exist.

“After the Oddity is removed from it, all of Zero City will collapse.”

“You mean to say… … you guys want to sacrifice yourselves to take him down?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“We are not that dedicated,” answered Duwei with a smile. “The collapse does not signify extermination. It simply means space will fold upon itself. Escaping from that will be troublesome, even for the present Shen.”

Only then did Chen Xiaolian realize why Duwei had kicked him out of Zero City and why Shen had constantly attempted to kill him, even going as far as to ignore the attacks from the others in the process.

“I will say this again, Chen Xiaolian.” Duwei looked straight at Chen Xiaolian. “The number of wings Shen obtained exceeds mine. His power has exceeded my expectations. Even after Zero City’s space collapses upon him, it will simply be a matter of time before he figures out how to escape. When he does, he will certainly come looking for you to take back the Oddity. What you need to do, during that period of time, is to find a way to deal with him.”

“Me… … find a way to deal with him?” Chen Xiaolian’s face was warped. “Do you think that is even possible? All of you are monstrosities! And him? He is a monstrosity amongst monstrosities!”

“Shen is truly strong. However, do not forget. You possess the Oddity.” Duwei smiled and continued, “The angel wings contain the source code for two worlds while the Oddity is a fragment of this world’s inceptive template. Never forget, the source of our power is the ‘governing laws’. As long as you can comprehend those laws, you can become as powerful as us. And then…”

“That alone is insufficient, no?” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. “Out with it, then. What do I have to do?”

Duwei gave the distant Tian Lie and the others a glance before leaning in closer towards Chen Xiaolian’s ear.

“Find… … … then… … …”


Hearing what Duwei had to say, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes popped open and he stared in disbelief. “You… … is that true?”

“I don’t have that much time to be joking around with you. After you obtain the information within the angel wings, you will understand what to do.”

After saying that, Duwei slipped his hand into his chest. Pulling something out, he then gave it to Chen Xiaolian.

“I only have one here. I hope your luck is good enough.”

“Fine…” Chen Xiaolian took another deep breath. He never expected himself to be dragged so deeply into the matter between these ancient titans.

However… … there was no longer any opportunity for him to pull out.

If he were to allow Shen to complete this world patching plan of his, as an Irregularity, Chen Xiaolian would be exterminated.

There were also Qiao Qiao, Roddy, Soo Soo…

“You have 25 minutes left.”

After saying that, Duwei disappeared.

“All right! From this moment onwards, none of you say anything!”

Holding the wooden box, Chen Xiaolian sat down and pointed at the three figures there before shouting loudly, “If I fail to comprehend the secret inside this thing within 25 minutes, all of us will die! Understand?!”

Having said that, he ignored their reactions and placed all his focus upon the pair of wings.

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