Chapter 751 Let's Complete This Instance Dungeon

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 751 Let’s Complete This Instance Dungeon

“That kid, Shen. He is not participating in this instance dungeon?”

After having made up his mind to take advantage of the situation by putting on an act, Chen Xiaolian put on a haughty façade. He did not answer the question. Instead, he was the one to ask the questions.

As expected, after hearing the words ‘that kind’, the shock on Riche’s face grew.

“You… … Your Excellency… … are you friends with our Guild Leader?” Several beads of sweat oozed out from Riche’s forehead.

Riche could not be faulted for being naïve. Chen Xiaolian’s debut earlier had been simply too astounding. Additionally, the faint power fluctuations emanating from the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour made Riche believe that it was Chen Xiaolian himself radiating power.

By then, even if Chen Xiaolian were to personally inform Riche that his highest attribute value was [C], Riche would never believe it.

What a joke! This character had descended from the sky to kill off the BOSS Anubis in just one hit. The armour he wore was just like the one depicted in the church murals. This was a character brimming with power. Who would believe that such a character was a nobody?

Terraflame was quietly taking a few steps back.

The three of them were traitors of Thorned Flower Guild. If this terrifying youngster before them was truly Guild Leader Shen’s friend…

The instance dungeon was still incomplete. However, with such a powerful character to back him up, Riche would probably kill Terraflame as soon as possible. He would also go after the other Starfall Guild members within this instance dungeon.

“Of course we are friends.” There was an ambiguous smile on Chen Xiaolian’s face. “When it comes to making friends, I never care about the person’s strength.” 

Chen Xiaolian spoke, not a single flaw could be detected on his face.

Since he was going to be boasting, he might as well boast all the way.

Hearing those words, the eyes of the six fellows there flashed.

This is… … the typical image of ancient monsters!

Although Chen Xiaolian’s face appeared very young, none of them would believe that he was just a youngster below 20.

After all, there were many methods for an ancient monster to maintain a youthful appearance. It was not a difficult task.

One such example was their very own Guild Leader Shen, who appeared to be a youngster in his twenties.

Additionally, the words this ancient monster said earlier contained a very obvious implication…

“When it comes to making friends, I never care about the person’s strength.” 

At any rate, they are not as strong as me!

In other words… … he was stronger than Guild Leader Shen?

“Guild Leader Shen… … he is not in this instance dungeon.” Riche’s mind raced quickly and he did not bring up the matter of Shen disappearing in Zero City. “After we return, when we meet him, we will surely inform him of how you saved us. When that time comes… … how should we address you?”

“Moonless.” Naturally, there was no way Chen Xiaolian would give them his real name. He used the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour’s name to make up a false name.

“It turns out you are Mr Moonless!” Riche’s eyes lit up and he hastily continued. “Guild Leader Shen had once brought up your name when we were chatting!”

“Is that so?” Chen Xiaolian’s face remained impassive. Inwardly, however, he was on the verge of laughing his belly out. “What did he say about me?”

He had obviously just made up the name on the spot, but this fellow was acting like he knew that name.

Riche raised his head to look at Chen Xiaolian and spoke with a solemn tone, “He said that you are the strongest person he knows. Should we ever meet you in an instance dungeon, we must never cause you any trouble! In fact, if you are in a good mood, you might choose to help us complete the instance dungeon. As long as you are willing to take action, every instance dungeon can be easily completed!”

“Oh? Is that what he said?” Chen Xiaolian cast Riche a side glance. “Then, did he ever mention whether I am a Player or an Awakened?”


Riche was immediately at a loss for words.

Earlier, hearing Chen Xiaolian mention that he was friends with Shen, Riche had instantly assumed that he was a Player as well.

And yet, judging by the words he spoke earlier, could it be…

“You fellows are Awakened ones, aren’t you?” Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Terraflame’s group. “Awakened ones and Players, how did your two groups end up getting together?”

“That… … it is due to the situation here,” a shocked Terraflame quickly answered. “The difficulty level for this instance dungeon is too high. Additionally, there were many conditions which required us to cooperate. Take the BOSS that you killed earlier as an example. Even with our combined might, we were still incapable of killing him. Were it not for your assistance, all of us would have died here.”

“Whatever, at any rate, Shen and I… … it is not as though we have never completed instance dungeons together.” Chen Xiaolian put on a nostalgic façade. “To think you fellows could remind me of the past. It does make me nostalgic.”

Riche’s heart sank.

Judging by his words, this ancient monster before him was likely an Awakened.

Although he was friends with their Guild Leader, as an Awakened, he might not be willing to assist them.

It was as Terraflame had expected, Riche had planned on gaining Chen Xiaolian’s support to kill off everyone from Starfall Guild.

Since there was such a thick thigh for him to hug, there was no need for him to worry about being unable to complete this instance dungeon.

But now, that plan of his was probably not going to work.

“Mr Moonless, you… … you are an Awakened?” Shocked, Terraflame jerked his head up to look at Chen Xiaolian.

“Who am I? Is that important?” Chen Xiaolian revealed a faint smile. “Tell me, then. What is this instance dungeon’s quest objective and how hard is it?”

Chen Xiaolian decided against discussing the matter about his identity. Instead, he changed the topic to the instance dungeon.

Perhaps it was because he had not entered this instance dungeon in a ‘legitimate’ manner. Although he was presently within the instance dungeon, there were no quest prompts in his personal system.

In order to leave, he will need to depend on Riche and the other participants to complete this instance dungeon.

“You… … cannot see the quests?” Riche wondered.

Chen Xiaolian answered nonchalantly, “I was bored, so I entered this instance dungeon. However, I cannot be considered a legitimate participant of this instance dungeon. So, I cannot get the quest prompts appearing in personal systems.”

“Yes, I understand.” Riche nodded his head.

Riche was a veteran amongst the Players and had heard quite a bit of the rumours circulating within this world. Naturally, he was unlike the ordinary Players, who view Awakened ones in contempt, thinking all of them as nothing more than low-level aborigine life forms. Not to mention, this Moonless character was clearly a long-lived ancient monster.

It was not impossible for characters such as this to possess the ability to freely enter and exit instance dungeons.

“The name of this instance dungeon is, King of the Underworld, Osiris. Thanks to you defeating the second phase BOSS Anubis, we have now entered the third phase.”

Riche was quick to beat Terraflame to it as he described the instance dungeon in detail to Chen Xiaolian.

This was a special instance dungeon and the reward for completing it was unbelievably high.

The first phase of the instance dungeon was to sneak into the ancient Egyptian royal palace, defeat the Royal Guards and the Priest Division, and capture the bloodlines of the Pharaoh.

After entering the instance dungeon, Thorned Flower Guild and Starfall Guild realized that the other party was here as well and they made preparations to annihilate each other.

However, they soon found that the difficulty of the first phase was far higher compared to that of normal instance dungeons. The number of enemies fielded by the Royal Guards and Priest Division was high. Likewise, so was their strength. Although both of them were able to complete their quest objectives, they sensed that if they were to continue fighting one another, they would have zero chances of completing the instance dungeon.

After the brief conflict between them, both Terraflame and Riche chose to held their noses and made contact with each other. They then decided on a temporary truce.

There were also other smaller Player and Awakened guilds participating in this instance dungeon. However, seeing the two leaders shaking hands to cooperate with one another, the others chose to follow suit.

After acquiring the Pharaoh’s bloodlines, the next quest objective was to head towards the west of Aswan desert to seek the Divine Temple of Osiris.

However, the Divine Temple was sealed and they could not enter it. In order to unseal it, they will have to defeat the two Gods guarding the Divine Temple – Anubis and Horus.

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was the King of the Underworld, one of the Nine Chief Gods. He would judge whether those who died could receive eternal life. Anubis, the God of the Dead and Horus, the God of Vengeance, were his two sons.

The second phase involved sacrificing the Pharaoh’s bloodline to Anubis’ statue, nourishing the land with blood. Once Anubis was resurrected through the Pharaoh’s blood, they were to kill him to unseal part of the seal on the Divine Temple.

At present, Anubis had been defeated and the second phase was complete. The third phase involved using the same method of sacrificing the Pharaoh’s bloodline to resurrect Horus and kill him. 

“There.” Riche raised his finger to point into the distance while smiling ingratiatingly at Chen Xiaolian. “After unsealing the Horus seal, we can open the seal on the Divine Temple. With you here, that fellow will be killed with a simple wave of your hand”

Chen Xiaolian swore inwardly.

He did possess some knowledge regarding Egyptian mythology. Anubis was Osiris’ illegitimate son. Horus, on the other hand, was Osiris’ son from his first wife. His status as God within Egyptian mythology was somewhat higher than Anubis.

As the both of them were guardians of the Divine Temple, Horus must surely be no weaker compared to Anubis.

There is a need to fight a BOSS with powers similar to Anubis for the third phase?!

Riche and Terraflame looked at Chen Xiaolian anxiously, waiting for the words of consent to emerge from his mouth.

Instead, Chen Xiaolian’s gaze shifted between their two faces before he eventually revealed an ambiguous smile. “Just now, you said that this instance dungeon’s reward is very generous?”

“Ah… yes.” Riche hastily nodded his head.

“What is it?”

“It’s…” Riche hesitated for a moment before continuing, “An immortal body!”

The moment Chen Xiaolian heard those words, he sneered.

Immortal body? What a joke!

If Chen Xiaolian had heard those words right after becoming an Irregularity, he might believe it. After all, he believed the system to be omnipotent back then.

However, after having experienced so much, only an idiot would believe in the existence of an immortal body in this world. 

An immortal body? In this world? How?

Tian Lie’s liquid metal ability possessed a very powerful regenerative property. As long as one cell remained, as long as there were metals in his surroundings, he could recover. And yet, despite possessing such a monstrous skill, he had died in the Tokyo instance dungeon.

Even if one were to reach the likes of Mr San and Zhao Yun in terms of strength, they could not truly reach ‘immortality’.

The first GM was at the level where not even the Development Team could kill him, not even after personally descending upon this world. However, in face of the refresh of the whole world, he too, was killed off. Were it not for the protection afforded by the Oddity, not even his copy, Shen, could remain of him.

Looking at this matter from another perspective…

Even if there was truly a path to ‘immortality’, that path could never be the reward for completing an instance dungeon.

“Your Excellency… … what are you smiling at?” asked Riche gingerly after seeing the reaction on Chen Xiaolian’s face.

“Do you fellows really believe that something like an immortal body exists within this world?” Chen Xiaolian cast a cold gaze at Riche. “You are a Player from the Upper Plane. You should not be so stupid.”

“I…” Riche was at a loss for words.

Players were indeed from the Upper Plane. However, their understanding of this world was not much better compared to Awakened ones.

Especially as he was facing an ancient monster like Mr Moonless. He could not be confident that he was right.

“Forget it. Let’s first ignore whether or not an immortal body exists.” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand. “For now, let’s assume that the reward exists. If so… … for me to take action to complete this instance dungeon, the reward should naturally be mine.”

Riche and Terraflame exchanged glances.

“For me to contribute while you fellows receive the benefits? There is no such thing in the world,” said Chen Xiaolian coolly.

“If Your Excellency… … wants it…” Riche and Terraflame exchanged glances and distressfully lowered their heads. “Naturally, you should have the reward.”

They were unwilling to lose such a generous reward. However, if they have to lose their lives before that, what was the point?

“Forget it.” Chen Xiaolian revealed a reserved smile. “I don’t believe in an immortal body. I am not that interested in the reward. How about this…”

Both Terraflame and Riche’s ears instantly perked up.

“For the next BOSS, I can give you fellows some pointers. As for taking action, you fellows should be the ones to do it. I will not be taking action unless you fellows are in critical danger of losing your lives. However, the moment I take action, you fellows can forget about getting this instance dungeon’s reward.”

Chen Xiaolian swept his gaze past Riche and Terraflame’s faces. “Do you have any objections?”

Riche and Terraflame’s minds raced. They turned to look at each other again and saw shock in each other’s eyes.

The meaning behind this Mr Moonless’s words meant he was giving them insurance.

Regardless of whether or not they could defeat the third phase BOSS, they could first give it a try. Naturally, it would be for the best if they could defeat the BOSS. However, in the event that they fail to defeat the BOSS, Mr Moonless will become their final card.

This was the best-case scenario for them.

“No! None at all! Thank you, Mr Moonless!” The two of them hurriedly nodded their heads, fearful that Mr Moonless would change his mind.

Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile and nodded his head. “Let’s go complete this instance dungeon.”

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