Chapter 105: Not listening to advice

Great Demon King

Chapter 105: Not listening to advice

The six people had been ready to enjoy the fruits of victory when they were immediately startled by Han Shuo’s violent yell. They all immediately reacted and sensibly gave up looting the trophies from the twin headed dragon’s body. Their questioning gazes all swiftly locked onto Han Shuo.

After Han Shuo had repeatedly demonstrated his superb perception and corresponding strength, all of them now treated Han Shuo as the new leader at some unbeknownst time. Even Odysseus didn’t possess any dissatisfaction and seemed to acknowledge that all this was a matter of course.

There could only be one leader within a team. Apart from possessing strength that compelled others to place their trust in him, he would need to maintain a calm mind and sensitive decision making abilities.

“Follow me!” When Han Shuo discovered that he had become the target of their acceptance, he didn’t waste any time with empty blather or humility and opened his mouth to make this statement.

Han Shuo swiftly passed through the area with a turn of his body and shot to the left. None of the six young adventurers called his decision into question and immediately dropped everything they were holding, ignored the exposed tents and the body of the twin headed dragon on the ground, which was still warm, and darted out after Han Shuo.

A patch of enormous, towering trees suddenly appeared within everyone’s vision. The towering trees here had thick foliage, covering the bright moonlight. The branches of these enormous trees were like the tentacles of a strange creature in the dark of the night and were a bit frightening.

When they reached this place, Han Shuo stared at one of the large trees and used the entangled branches to climb up. His body suddenly disappeared halfway up the tree. Of the six, the three swordsmen were quite agile and were only ten seconds behind Han Shuo. The two mages and the archer also climbed onto the branches with the assistance of the others.

The group suddenly discovered that there was an opening halfway up the large tree. This big tree, that looked beyond solid and strong, was actually hollowed out. The seven entered through the opening, with four of them shifting to the bottom. Han Shuo, Odysseus, and Aphrodite in the back stuck half their heads out and looked into the distance.

“What is it?” Everyone finally caught their breaths at this time and Odysseus immediately looked at him in confusion.

“It’s a super level magical creature, the unicorn. This unicorn seems to have been chasing the twin headed dragon from the beginning. No wonder it fled desperately.” Han Shuo frowned as he explained to Odysseus.

The unicorn was as swift as lightning and its body had the marvelous property of being resistant to magic. The horn on its forehead encompassed an even more wondrous power. It was the antidote to a hundred poisons, the cure that could bring others back from the dead, as well as purify dirty places. According to the legends, the unicorns would only come near pure young girls and hated human males. Normally, unicorns wouldn’t do anything inappropriate if they weren’t infuriated.

However, Han Shuo could feel the wrath of this unicorn through his original demons, as if the twin headed dragon had done something to make it lose all reason. The super level magical creature had an extremely durable body and was resistant to magic. Magical and physical attacks wouldn’t have much effect on it, particularly because the strength of Han Shuo’s group wasn’t advanced enough, which makes it extremely difficult for them to harm the unicorn.

It was said that the unicorns had received the blessings of the gods. If anyone ever harmed or killed a unicorn, then this person would be cursed and have repeated bad luck. Therefore, despite a unicorn possessing a body full of treasures, very few people would throw caution to the wind and pursue a unicorn.

Odysseus and Aphrodite both inhaled sharply when they realized the creature that had been pursuing the twin headed dragon was a furious, super level unicorn. They all counted themselves lucky to have escaped in time, otherwise they might’ve suffered painful consequences from the unicorn’s anger.

As Odysseus and Aphrodite were rejoicing, a snow white unicorn with a horn on its head and a pair of beautiful blue eyes trotted out with elegant hoofsteps to the side of the twin headed dragon’s body. Han Shuo and the others, a distance away within the hole in the tree, immediately concealed their presence. Add to that the fact that they were a bit of a distance away, they weren’t afraid that they’d be immediately discovered by the unicorn.

The unicorn had been a bit agitated to begin with, but suddenly stilled upon seeing the dead body of the twin headed dragon when it arrived. It circled the body with light, graceful steps, and even extended a snow white hoof to kick the body. When it discovered that the twin headed dragon really didn’t exhibit any movement, it stood stockstill and craned its pure white neck around, a very human-like confusion was displayed in its blue eyes.

The unicorn hadn’t discovered anything after looking around like this. It then shook its head and shook itself all over, returning back to where it came from. The unicorn wasn’t a carnivore, so the body of the twin headed dragon held no attraction for it. No matter what the twin headed dragon had done to infuriate it, it was now dead and thus the unicorn was satisfied.

One of the original demons closely followed the unicorn until it picked up speed and vanished without a trace. Han Shuo then had the original demon withdraw and said to the others, “The unicorn has left. We can dig out the magical core of the twin headed dragon now.”

The others were full of confidence and acceptance towards Han Shuo’s decisions and leadership abilities by now. Even Gordon, who hadn’t fully trusted Han Shuo in the beginning, now looked at Han Shuo with a gaze full of sincere admiration. Everyone cheered happily after Han Shuo spoke these words and slowly crawled out from the hole within the tree, planning to collect the spoils of war from the twin headed dragon.

A strange sound suddenly arrived in their ears as a manticore bearing a silver haired youth with an inflexible will suddenly appeared next to the twin headed dragon.

There was a paralyzing venom within every manticore’s tail and its claws were ferocious when tearing into flesh. Add to that its agile movements and powerful jumps, it was a level one beast trickier than the twin headed dragon to handle. The manticore was a very headache inducing existence within the Dark Forest. Who would’ve thought that such a magical beast would be tamed by others?

The owner of manticore was a twenty seven or eight year old youth. He was dressed carelessly, wore a space ring on his left hand, and carried a broadsword in his right hand. The lines of his face were resolute and angular. Although he wasn’t a stunning man, he had his own allure.

“Oh. Looks like I’m quite lucky today to meet a twin headed dragon that’d just died.” The youth murmured lowly to himself and urged the manticore to stop in front of the twin headed dragon, it seemed like he intended to reap the spoils of Han Shuo and the others.

At this moment, Han Shuo was a few steps ahead of Odysseus and the others and had jumped down from the hole within the tree. When he saw the youth was matter-of-factly viewing the twin headed dragon as his prey, he was immediately ticked off. Han Shuo chuckled coldly in the distance and said, “Friend, we killed this twin headed dragon with great effort. It’s not the right thing to do, collecting the spoils without asking for the owner’s permission right?”

The youth lifted his head to look at Han Shuo and say contemptuously, “All magical creatures have no owner within the Dark Forest whether they are alive or dead. Since I was the one who had discovered the twin headed dragon, it’s mine.”

The youth ignored Han Shuo after saying this and pulled out a dagger from his calf, tending to his own business and attempting to yank out the poisonous fangs from within the twin headed dragon’s head.

Han Shuo wasn’t someone who possessed a good temper and pulled out his crossbow to lock onto the other when he saw that the latter was completely ignoring his words. Han Shuo smiled coldly, “I’ll shoot and kill you where you are if you dare move!”

“Oh, then I’ll move for you to see!” The youth looked amusedly at Han Shuo and said this remotely. He immediately flicked the dagger and plucked out one of the twin headed dragon’s fangs.

Han Shuo nodded and didn’t say anything else. He planned on immediately shooting out this bolt and kill this stubborn fellow. Just at this moment, Odysseus suddenly called out, “No!”

Odysseus quickly rushed to Han Shuo and explained anxiously, “He should be the legendary Trunks. This is a demon riding a manticore. Anyone who irritates him will face enormous trouble. If he wants the twin headed dragon, then he can have it.”

Han Shuo’s expression changed as he looked in surprise at the youth, finally remembering that this person was the magical creature hunter Trunks within the Dark Forest.

The person’s origin was mysterious. As a swordsman within the Dark Forest, this person’s temper was eccentric and his personality aloof. It was said that not only did he hunt magical creatures, but he also hunted some of the adventurers within the Dark Forest as well. He was very adept at doing battle within the Dark Forest, and apparently even a great swordsmaster had met their death at his hands. He was a universally feared cold-blooded killer within the Dark Forest.

“Your friend’s suggestion is good, you should listen to him!” The youth reached out a hand towards the twin headed dragon’s other poisonous fang and looked at Han Shou from afar, seeming to have concluded that Han Shuo wouldn’t dare make a move.

Except, the whistling sound of a crossbow bolt tearing through the air greeted him. Han Shuo’s expression was cold as he didn’t listen to any of Odysseus’ words at all. The aimed crossbow in his hand directly fired at Trunks.

Trunks was just about to remove the other fang and was quite dumbfounded to see that Han Shuo had actually shot his crossbow. His body was already moving when he revealed his surprised expression, and he’d already taken a step backwards like a ghost.

Pfft. The force behind a crossbow bolt stuck the bolt deeply into the ground where he’d been standing, leaving behind only half a bolt that continued quivering in the ground.

If Trunks hadn’t dodged in time, his body would’ve been pierced through when this bolt landed!

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