Chapter 11: This time, it’s a club

Great Demon King

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Chapter 11: This time, it’s a club

Lisa was fully concentrating on manipulating the zombie warrior at this moment, and was stunned into dumbly standing there when Han Shuo suddenly changed direction and directly charged at her. She shook off her inaction in a panic, and hastily ordered the zombie warrior to follow Han Shuo, while she exhaled lightly and dodged to the side.

Lisa couldn’t make out Han Shuo’s expression as he had lowered his head and arched his back, but an aura, as sharp as keen as a sword’s edge, emanated from him as he charged. This was completely unlike anything that Han Shuo had ever displayed before, and thus the source of Lisa’s consternation.

Because the zombie warrior had been a step behind, its speed could not catch up to Han Shuo and thus could not help Lisa in the short run. It was hard for Lisa to maintain her previous unflappable calm and she ran madly to and fro, terror written on her face.

And so, a strange scene appeared in the training room. The zombie warrior chased after Han Shuo, whilst wielding a wooden club, whereas the latter said not a word and charged towards Lisa with his head lowered, while Lisa ran a wild, avoidance pattern around the room. She even forgot to team up with the zombie warrior and fight Han Shuo together.

“Bryan, are you crazy? How dare you chase me?” Lisa yelled as she ran, alarm evident in her voice.

As the one doing the chasing, Han Shuo’s mind was foggy and not too clear at the moment. Only the voice of “a demon practitioner does as he wishes…” reverberated on and off in his mind.

Han Shuo knew that he had to avoid a confrontation with Lisa at all costs. Otherwise, not only would the academy punish him, but even Lisa’s family would be out for blood. No matter who it was, either one would be enough to make him suffer greatly, as he was only an errand boy.

However, reason was reason, and logic was logic. Even though he knew he shouldn’t, it was as if Han Shuo had taken the wrong medicine. He pursued Lisa relentlessly, the complete embodiment of “a demon practitioner does as he wishes”.

All at once, Lisa gave a quiet “Ah!” as she slipped while running and fell heavily. Han Shuo had already been close behind Lisa, and took advantage of this opportunity to close the distance in one giant step.

“Ah! Bryan, what are you doing? I’ll definitely kill you if you dare bully me!” Lisa saw that Han Shuo was already standing next to her before she was able to pull herself up. She frantically blurted out a threat when she saw that he was raising his left foot readied himself to kick her.

Han Shuo wore a very odd expression on his face at this time. He frowned fiercely, as if struggling with indecision. Reason wanted to prevent him from kicking Lisa, but after that sentence of “I’ll kill you”, a hint of cruelty appeared on his face. The hovering foot descended and made straight for Lisa’s pert, round butt.

Bam sounded at as the foot connected solidly with its target. Han Shuo felt like his left leg was kicking a smooth, rubber ball due to a feeling of soft buoyancy.


Lisa gave an uncontrolled scream, like a pig being slaughtered, as she cursed vehemently.

At the same time, the magical yuan, that had been enclosing Claude’s pale-green fighting aura in Han Shuo’s chest, suddenly churned madly like a whirlpool. He could clearly feel that Claude’s fighting aura was being dissolved bit by bit into the whirlpool by the magical yuan’s high speed.

The pale-green fighting aura that had lingered in Han Shuo’s body for the greater part of the day had vanished without a trace in the span of a moment. The magical yuan in Han Shuo’s body felt noticeably stronger. He felt that the pale-green aura had been completely digested by the magical yuan.

And at that moment, the magical yuan in Han Shuo’s chest started circulating aimlessly throughout his body again, but he could feel the energy, that he had just expended, come back. Even his mental state was in the best shape, as if he had just taken some highly potent elixir.

It was then that Han Shuo fully understood the meaning of “a demon practitioner does as he wishes”. It appeared that the magical yuan would spin faster if he followed his internal desires, and could even absorb and transmute fighting aura to become nutrition for the magical yuan.

“A demon practitioner does as he wishes, and benefits himself at the expense of others. So even training should be done this way!” Han Shuo’s facial expressions flickered oddly as he thought to himself.

“Wah… that hurts so much! Damn you Bryan, I’m going to kill you. You hurt me!” Lisa clutched the butt, that was still under Han Shuo’s foot, as she loudly gave voice to threats. There were already hints of tears forming in her eyes. It would seem that Han Shuo had delivered quite a strong kick just now.

His thoughts interrupted, Han Shuo gave a silent cry of dismay inside when he looked at Lisa. He was well acquainted with Lisa’s temper. She was well known for getting revenge. She would not easily let him go after what he’d just done to her.

Particularly as Lisa had actually cried. It would seem that her butt had suffered more than a small injury. All would be over for Han Shuo if the school found out about this.

The club wielding zombie had arrived in front of Han Shuo at that moment, and brought its club crashing down on his head, according to Lisa’s orders.

Han Shuo’s heart gave a great leap as he turned around to see the club descending, but at the same time, he suddenly felt that the club was falling rather slowly. He picked up his feet, and somehow easily avoided the attack.

Han Shuo gave a light “eh?” as he was slightly astonished, and once again dodged easily when he saw the club descending a second time. It was then that he realized that it wasn’t the zombie warrior that had gotten slower, it was that his speed and reflexes that had improved.

“Hehe, still didn’t get me!” He gave a weird cackle as he laid his worries to rest. He continued to evade all of the zombie warrior’s attacks. As he moved, he could feel his body become more and more agile, and even had the spare time to verbally ridicule Lisa.

Lisa had wanted to use the zombie warrior to get revenge for her, but who knew that the damned Bryan would suddenly become as limber as a monkey. He avoided the zombie warrior’s club attacks with a hop here, and a jump there, and even catcalled shamelessly, as if mocking her incompetence.

“Damned Bryan, you’re not going to get off this easily!” Lisa grew a bit distracted thanks to the pain coming from her butt. Upon seeing that the zombie warrior not able to get a bead on Han Shuo, she made a shrill threat, and dismissed the zombie warrior back to another dimension.

She tried to get up from the floor at the same time, but her butt was in too much pain after Han Shuo’s kick, and she cried out “aiyo!” as her legs gave way and she collapsed into a sitting position on the floor again.

Han Shuo was under no more pressure now that the zombie warrior had disappeared, but rather smiled foolishly and made his way to Lisa’s side. He dumbly extended a malnourished hand and said, “Let me take you to the infirmary.”

“None of your business, you damned idiot.” Tear tracks still streaked her face as she replied viciously to Han Shuo. She could still feel the pain radiating from her butt.

Han Shuo seemed to be flabbergasted after hearing her words, and a mischievous, evil glint slowly blossomed in his eyes. He extended his left hand and made as if to touch Lisa’s smooth, pert butt and said dumbly, “Then, let me rub it for you!”

Although Lisa had a vile temper, she was still a beauty. Although her chest wasn’t fully rounded out, her butt was uncommonly perky. His heart lurched immediately when he touched her butt, it felt exceedingly tender, yet firm, and was a delightful handful.

“Ah, go to hell Bryan! Don’t come near me!” Tears still sparkling on Lisa’s face, she immediately lost her head and screamed loudly when she felt her butt being touched by Han Shuo. She found strength from somewhere and pilipala beat Han Shuo with both arms and legs.

One of her feet in particular connected solidly with Han Shuo’s ankle. He lost his balance and came crashing down on Lisa, with his left hand still on her butt.

A delicate fragrance from Lisa wafted into his nose, and his heart lurched again. Lisa’s body felt soft beneath him, and his left hand was still cushioned by her butt. He could clearly feel how soft it was.

It was as if a thunderbolt had struck Lisa in that moment, and she froze there dumbly, staring back at Han Shuo.

But it lasted only a moment, and she didn’t continue to scream, but rather lifted both hands and started chanting with a cold face, “Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone arrows, and destroy according to my will…”

Han Shuo was horrified and agitated as he knew that that was the beginning of the necromancy spell bone arrow chant. He would be completely unable to dodge if the bone arrows shot at him from such close quarters. Perhaps even some parts of his body would be impaled by the bone arrows. That would not be fun, to say the least. And given that Lisa’s expression was icily cold, it was obvious that she wasn’t kidding. She really did want to kill Han Shuo.

A thought flashed like lightning through his mind as he decided to not wait for Lisa to finish the chant. He abruptly shot out his arms, pinned down Lisa’s slender arms and held her tightly. He followed that up with moving his face closed to her, and frantically smashing his open mouth against her cherry red lips.

“Destroy the… mmph mmph…” Lisa’s incantation was thus halted and wasn’t completed.

The two mouths met and a smooth, wet feeling flowed into Han Shuo’s heart. His entire mind felt out of it, as if he had ascended to the clouds in a split second. His entire being was drifting away, and he had no idea what was going on.

Even before he had landed in Bryan’s body, Han Shuo had never kissed a girl before. The feeling of kissing a girl had only existed in his theoretical musings before. Now that it had happened, his immediate reaction was to be dazed with astoundment. He only thought, this feeling — was much more wondrous than he had imagined.

Lisa’s face blushed hotly red as her breath came out unevenly. Her eyes were a haze of confusion and she was just as dazed as Han Shuo. She had no realization that she was being violated by Han Shuo at that very moment.

Lisa forcefully pushed Han Shuo away after a while and suddenly pointed at him, her little face flaming red, “Stupid Bryan, why do you always carry a bunch of weird things in your pants. Last time it was rocks, this time it’s a club.”

Han Shuo, “….”

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