Chapter 120: Forcing himself on a female archmage

Great Demon King

Chapter 120: Forcing himself on a female archmage

Emily’s body was alluring and curvaceous, presenting a deadly attraction as her mature body was revealed as it was tightly leashed within the net. Emily’s eyes were full of obvious panic now, and this only further heightened the temptations of her body.

Han Shuo had only planned on terrorizing Emily, but as he drew near to her, a surge of an uncontrollable desire grew from his heart, uncontrollable like an avalanche. The speed in which his magical yuan was churning was many times faster than usual, and the heavily panting Han Shuo suddenly felt his mind go dull and heavy and his consciousness slowly become hazy.

“No, please spare me, I’ll lift the curse for you!” Emily was truly panicked and watched Han Shuo prowl over like a wild beast. She could no longer suppress the fear within her heart and started screaming frantically.

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It was a pity that the only thing that answered her was Han Shuo’s low roar as Han Shuo had rushed to in front of her within the next second. He roughly grabbed a piece of fabric and shoved it in her mouth, stopping her murmurings. Her hands and feet tied by the ropes, Emily could only emit panicked moans with her mouth stoppered.

Following the sounds of crying, the net that had entangled her body was thrown off. The sounds of her beautiful ornate clothing being cruelly torn apart followed soon after. With his rippling muscles and scarlet red eyes, the well-proportioned Han Shuo resembled an evil wolf (rather than a human). With both hands, he tore Emily’s undergarments apart, piece by piece, to reveal the white, but heavy breasts on her chest.

After being injured, Han Shuo’s mind had been hard to control while in the molded spirit realm. Under such an intense strain, his spirit finally snapped, causing him to throw himself onto her.

With her hands and feet tied up by long pieces of rope, Emily had been thrown onto a nearby tree by Han Shuo. Unrestrained, one of Han Shuo’s hand began to knead Emily’s breasts, despite the entirety of it being so hard to grasp in his palm. Under his palm, Emily’s left breast constantly changed shape; the tension caused a rather splendid ripple across her flesh.

The other hand gave a violent tear at the rest of Emily’s clothing. When her erect globes were exposed to the air around them, Emily knew that her underwear was all but ripped apart. With a frantic shake of her head and whimper, her pretty body continued to struggle against Han Shuo’s in an attempt to get up.

Unfortunately, a mage was a mage in the end. Even a archmage as accomplished as her was no exception. Her physical strength was too far apart from Han Shuo to even compare, and so her struggle seemed to be almost without power. In the end, only her bosom had managed to ram against Han Shuo due to the fact that her strong but slender thighs were intertwined with Han Shuo’s legs.

Her powerless struggle had inadvertently managed to encourage Han Shuo to be even more ruthless. The ornate silk fabric she had been wearing was torn into several strips, revealing her fair skin beneath. Her heavy but ample breasts were now, for the most part, exposed to Han Shuo following the faint sounds of clothes being shredded apart. Similarly, Han Shuo had torn off his own clothes.

Sticking close to Emily, Han Shuo’s knees forcibly spread Emily’s thighs apart. Shortly afterwards, his sinister thing rabidly thrust into her.

A muffled cry, mixed with an intense amount of pain, could be heard coming from Emily’s mouth once more. In seconds, Emily’s eyes began to overflow with tears before they traveled down her cheek and down onto her neck in a translucent stream.

Han Shuo had already sunken into madness and didn’t have the slightest intention of treating the fairer sex gently. After experiencing repeated reforging from his magical yuan, he had energy and abilities that exceeded imagination. As Emily sobbed and moaned, Han Shuo gave full vent to the boundless pent up energy within his body, letting out energy that had built up for many years.

After a long, long time, his mind slowly cleared up. It was as if Han Shuo had weathered a great battle as an indescribable feeling of comfort suffused his mind. Emily, who’d been tightly held by him and pushed against the big tree, had many red palm marks on her body. It was obviously that she’d be held against her will. Although two streaks of tears remained on her beautiful face, her face was an alluring brilliant red as she slept heavily with the look of someone content.

Han Shuo slowly recalled what had happened and remained within that warm, slippery, and soft hole. Han Shuo maintained this position and thought for a moment, withdrawing himself from Emily’s private area and silently taking out a loose robe from within the space ring to cover Emily’s naked body.


Walking towards the pond, Han Shuo suddenly felt alert and full of vigor. The heavy injuries he’d sustained a few days ago seemed to have all taken a turn for the better. When he walked into the pond to wash himself, Han Shuo suddenly discovered that there were traces of red between his legs.

He was immediately shocked as his gaze swiftly landed on the unconscious Emily. Her body mature and tantalizing, Emily had seemed like a beautiful woman and her actions had been rather wanton. Han Shuo had originally thought that she was greatly experienced, but hadn’t thought at all that this would be her first time. This was simply too baffling.

No wonder Emily would have such panic in her eyes when she first saw him display that lascivious expression. No wonder Emily had sobbed with pain in the beginning, later moaning involuntarily, and finally unconsciously continuously moving with him in the end.

If Emily’s body had long been defiled, Han Shuo wouldn’t have had too much of a burden. A mature woman wouldn’t be too overly concerned with this matter, but now that Emily’s body condition was obviously testifying that Han Shuo was her first man, this made the tenor of this matter a bit different.

As Han Shuo washed himself, he wracked his brains to decide how to handle this. His brain was a churning mess in that moment, and he couldn’t find an appropriate way to handle this matter. Han Shuo washed himself unconsciously like this within the pond, coming to himself with an abrupt start when a low moan sounded.

A broken piece of rag was still shoved into Emily’s mouth and her hands were still tied. Standing across from Han Shuo, she seemed to have just woken up and was looking at Han Shuo with a frightening gaze. All sorts of hatred, anger, and hesitation were swimming within her clear eyes as she coldly stared unblinkingly at Han Shuo, who stood within the water.

Scratching his head awkwardly, Han Shuo also felt his scalp tingle with numbness. He hesitated, then hesitated some more and thought a bit more, finally walking out of the pond and taking out a new set of clothing from the space ring to wear. He smiled with embarrassment as he walked towards Emily, “I didn’t mean that, that was an accident!”

Emily still looked at Han Shuo with that frightened gaze. He suddenly remembered that her lips were still sealed only after he walked up to her, and thus she likely wasn’t able to talk. Taking a deep breath in, he first summoned the little skeleton and then took the rag out from Emily’s mouth.

Exactly as he’d expected, a string of furious curses exploded out from Emily’s mouth, like bombs, when the rag was taken out of her mouth.

Her voice choked up, Emily switched various sorts of evil curses, hectoring Han Shuo’s shamelessness and that he was less than an animal. She finally stopped when she herself was tired after half an hour, and then sobbed lowly, saying a few words that Han Shuo couldn’t hear clearly.

Seeing that Emily’s out of control emotions were finally calming down, Han Shuo finally awkwardly opened his mouth as he scratched his head. “Everyone’s a grown adult here. It was my first time as well. You aren’t any worse off. Let’s just let it go like this!”

“Release me, release me! You damned kid, I’ll have your life for this!” Emily had finally gotten herself under control, but her struggles began anew when she heard Han Shuo’s words, as if she wanted to lay down her life.

His scalp numb, Han Shuo took a step back and spread out his hands with a rueful grin. He asked Emily, “How was I supposed to know that that was your first time? Now that the matter’s happened, what do you say we should do?”

“You little brat that’s less than an animal, you shamelessly raped me! What do you say should be done?” Fires of anger spurted out from Emily’s eyes as she said furiously.

“Although you were in a bit of pain originally, I saw that you also looked quite comfortable afterwards. It was my first time as well, you weren’t that taken advantage of. How about I let you go, and then we go our separate ways? It can be as if we don’t know each other. Han Shuo furrowed his brow and thought carefully, proposing this to Emily.

“Shut up!” Emily yelled out, making Han Shuo jump with fright. Emily then quieted down and first displayed a weak expression of resignation, then stared directly at Han Shuo, saying lowly, “If you don’t have an explanation for me, I’ll kill myself immediately. You’ll be hard pressed to escape death as well when the curse takes effect upon my death.”

Scratching his head out of habit, Han Shuo walked ruefully towards Emily. He took out the Demonslayer Edge and removed the restraints from Emily’s hands and legs. He opened his mouth and said softly, “Why don’t you wash your body first, we can talk after!”

After saying these words, Han Shuo raised his level of alertness and was privately on guard against Emily suddenly attacking him in a rage. However, when the restraints on Emily’s body had been released, she didn’t make any moves out of the ordinary. She only continuously patrolled her eyes over Han Shuo’s body, as if wanting to see him clearly.

After staring at him for a while, Emily nodded her head blankly and wrapped the robe around her body tightly, walking towards the pond. She tripped halfway through and almost fell to the ground. Her face reddened as she cursed lowly, slowing down her pace afterwards.

When she walked into the pond, she took off robe and flung it far away from her, revealing the charms of a mature woman and started washing up without any reservations.

Taking in his fill of Emily’s mature body, having had his first taste of the pleasures between man and woman, Han Shuo’s heart started itching again, but he spoke with all seriousness, “Hey, I’m still here. You’ve taken off the robe and started washing up just like this, that isn’t the best option, is it?”

Suddenly turning around, Emily fully displayed her taut abdomen and a patch of black between her legs to Han Shuo. She glared ferociously at Han Shuo, saying, “You’ve seen all there is to see and touched all there is to touch! How dare you act serious in front of me, you’re truly not just typically shameless! Humph. If I were to move too far away, who knows if you would take advantage of the opportunity to run away. I’m going to keep you close at hand.”

Han Shuo had really been about to run away when given the chance. When he heard her say so, he smiled awkwardly with some embarrassment, “I’m not the type to avoid responsibility. Heh heh, go ahead and wash up, I’ll keep a look out for you.”

After a while, a freshly washed up Emily with a new set of luxurious magic robes once again reappeared in Han Shuo’s vision. Radiating with beauty, she walked to Han Shuo and first looked askance at the little skeleton wielding a bone dagger, then stared at Han Shuo and asked, “After contemplating for so long, have you decided what explanation to give me?”

Having looked his fill for a while, Han Shuo pulled Emily into his embrace with one hand and suddenly kissed down on Emily’s red, luscious lips. His hands started unceremoniously roving all over Emily’s well rounded body. An intoxicating, wondrous sense started to spread out from Han Shuo’s heart as their mouths and tongues entangled and he entwined himself with her body.

Emily started struggling fiercely at first, but even with the restraints on her hands and feet having been released, she still had no way to break free from Han Shuo’s embrace. As Han Shuo drew her into a long kiss, her body also started becoming pliable as her struggles became weaker and weaker, finally voluntarily moving within Han Shuo’s mouth like a little snake.

After a while, when both their breathing was starting to become difficult, they finally panted heavily and broke apart. Han Shuo then drew close to Emily’s bright red ears, nipping her bright red ear tips, and said softly, “Well then, you’re my woman then!”

Emily’s body first stiffened, and then encircled Han Shuo’s body like a snake after he’d spoken and also bit his ear tip, “Humph, shameless brat, at least you know what’s the right thing to do!”

Laughing wildly in pride, Han Shuo swept up Emily by the waist and started a ravaging campaign on her amidst her protestations. He only stopped when Emily was about to faint.

Over the next three days, Han Shuo and Emily appeared on the path leading to the cemetery of death. The two had been at odds with each other, but suddenly became inseparable after three days of intimacy.

During this process, Han Shuo’s strong body had caused Emily to sway and waver whenever she walked. Emily had gone from her initial lust to subsequent panic, and finally begged Han Shuo to let her off the hook before she could finally recovered.

Having tasted sweetness, Han Shuo finally knew that the taste of the pleasures between man and woman were beyond words. The conquests of the past two days made Han Shuo feel that he’d lived in vain before, and had thoroughly let himself go in depravity.

The closer they drew to the cemetery of death, Han Shuo finally thought of something as he looked at the brilliant and mesmerizing Emily next to him. The two of them hadn’t volunteered information about their own identities, and neither had they asked each other. Therefore, Han Shuo still didn’t know Emily’s identity, even until now.

At this moment, the only thing that Han Shuo felt was a bit inappropriate was that he wasn’t sure how to face Fanny in the future. He had true feelings for Fanny, and was only with Emily due to ridiculous circumstances. He wasn’t sure how to handle the future, and could only take each step as they came.

But as they neared the cemetery of death, Han Shuo involuntarily started worrying. The cemetery of death was Han Shuo’s greatest secret, and the fastest way to the Empire was through the transportation matrix within the cemetery of death, but Emily had already expressed that she was going to cling onto him no matter what. He knew nothing of Emily’s status right now and didn’t dare take the risk of telling her this secret. Therefore, he was in a bit of a hard spot.

“Don’t worry, I was lying to you about the curse I’d cast on you. You don’t need to be worried at all. Such a strong curse would need something from your body as a medium, it wouldn’t be as simple as a kiss if I really wanted to cast it. I would have to pay a heavy price as well.” Emily saw that Han Shuo had a long face and thought that he was worrying about this. She smiled involuntarily and spoke up in comfort.

Han Shuo started, and although he wasn’t fretting over this, he still felt a bit relieved to hear her say that the curse was fake. He then recalled the strange feeling that had entered his body when Emily had kissed him. He furrowed his brow and looked at Emily in confusion, asking, “But I clearly felt a strange energy enter my body then. What was that?”

“Heh heh, that was a low level disease magic that I’d released, purposefully to create an illusion for you.” Emily looked at Han Shuo with pride as she explained with a smile.

Pausing, Emily seemed to suddenly remember something and stared oddly at Han Shuo. “Speaking of this disease magic, I rather forgot that you should’ve long since been sick by now. You’re just a small necromancer. Why is it that there’s nothing wrong with you at all, and you’re full of boundless energy when you commit that bad act? What’s going on?”

An ordinary magic of disease would, of course, not have any effect on his perverted body. The magic yuan’s repeated reforging had crafted an enormously strong body for Han Shuo. Add to that Emily had always thought Han Shuo was just a necromancer, it was no wonder that she would find it odd. However, Han Shuo didn’t explain and only chuckled evilly, not saying a word.

“Mysterious evil little brat!” Emily paid no attention and also rolled her eyes at Han Shuo.

Suddenly, Han Shuo’s brows knit together as an original demon patrolling nearby suddenly detected the appearance of people who shouldn’t be here -- the wind archmage Duke and the senior swordsman Erick!

Last time in the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, because Han Shuo had made a report to the Dark Mantle, the old witch Camilla disappeared without a trace. Duke and Erick had also hastily returned to the Kasi Empire. Who would’ve thought that these two would appear again after only twenty or so days.

“Someone’s seen the cemetery of death nearby, but that person died suddenly of unexplained circumstances.” Erick waved the longsword in his hand and hacked away at the strong growth of shrubbery and grass around him, speaking as he opened a path.

“Mm. It looks like the cemetery of death is nearby. The Dark Mantle of the Lancelot Empire is very frightening indeed. I wonder how Camilla’s identity was exposed -- she was actually killed that night. It was a good thing that we read the situation correctly, otherwise we would’ve been hard pressed to escape death as well if we’d stayed.” The old mage Duke frowned and revealed some information in his low murmurings. It looked like Camilla had been done away with by the Dark Mantle organization.

“Hey hey hey!” A shout that became louder and louder suddenly rang out from Emily’s mouth. When Han Shuo abruptly came to himself, Emily was tenderly stroking his face. She asked merrily, “My cute little devil, just what evil thoughts are you thinking of that you’re so entranced?”

“Eh, there’s sounds to the south, let’s go take a look!” Duke had been walking along unhurriedly and unrushed when he suddenly made a shushing motion towards Erick, saying this softly afterwards. He immediately floated up using a floatation spell and swiftly neared where Han Shuo and Emily were.

“Someone’s coming, we need to hurry and hide!” Han Shuo had been about to respond when he detected Duke’s movement and hastily called out to Emily. He used another original demon to continue observation and grabbed Emily by the waist, dashing towards a big tree on the left.

When he arrived, Han Shuo said lowly, “Use a floatation spell to go up the tree, we should stay together.”

Han Shuo climbed adroitly up the tree when his words had finished, landing into a thick patch of branches and leaves in the blink of an eye, waving down towards Emily who was floating in the middle of the tree.

“How come I haven’t heard anything? Are you overreacting?” Emily said softly with some suspicion, but still meekly squirmed into the thick of the leaves and even leaned comfortably on Han Shuo’s body, squirming her snake-like body around.

“”Shh!” Han Shuo made a shushing motion and then took a deep breath in, immediately calming down his heartbeat and breathing.

She’d originally thought he was overreacting and was about to speak again to make fun of Han Shuo, Emily’s brow suddenly furrowed as she too felt the same disturbance. She chanted out an incantation in a low voice as a cloud of grey air appeared and obscured the two’s location.

As an archmage, Emily also naturally had sensitive hearing, but because a wind archmage majored in wind magic, their ears would be a bit more sensitive than ordinary archmages, otherwise Duke would’ve been hard pressed to hear Emily’s cry.

“It’s Duke from the Kasi Empire!” Killing intent suddenly flared in Emily’s eyes when Duke appeared.

Han Shuo was surprised when these words were spoken and looked quite in surprise with Emily, didn’t think for a moment that Emily would also know Duke.

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