Chapter 125: I’m damn good aren’t I?

Great Demon King

Chapter 125: I’m damn good aren’t I?

When he left the Dark Mantle, Han Shuo left some instructions with Chester, telling him to wait here for news.

When he walked out of the Dark Mantle headquarters, Han Shuo didn’t linger and returned to the Academy. When he was about to arrive, he disembarked from his carriage and went to the graveyard in the mountains behind the Academy, entering the tomb that went to the cemetery of death.

He didn’t return to the cemetery of death, but rather rubbed his space ring and took out the Fruit of Dagmar that was shaped like a human brain. Han Shuo had sealed the three fruits in special containers. When he took it out, he took a good look and discovered that this Fruit of Dagmar didn’t have a remarkable appearance, and it looked rather ugly.

Taking a deep breath in, Han Shuo sat down cross legged, hesitated, and swallowed the Fruit of Dagmar that was a bit larger than the size of a fist. It tasted a bit bitter and was tough to chew. It tasted really bad compared to normal, ordinary fruit.

When Han Shuo had completely swallowed the Fruit of Dagmar, he immediately circulated his magical yuan and slowly started concentrating it towards the back of his brain.

Nothing abnormal happened as first, but Han Shuo slowly felt something was different after some time had passed. Swirls of strange energy emanated from his stomach and bubbled up from his lower abdomen, spinning as they moved to the brain.

The strange energy within these swirls was accompanied by a pain that pierced into his bone marrow. Even Han Shuo, with his resolute tenacity and willpower, felt it was a bit tough to endure. When these bubbles of strange energy made it to Han Shuo’s brain, his mind shuddered greatly, as if a hundred bombs were exploding at the same time. The sounds of explosions rocketed through his brain.

Bone piercing pain accompanied the violent explosions in his head. When his brain had been opened up by the magical yuan, the perceptiveness of his five senses greatly increased. Han Shuo could feel that the folds on the left and right sides of his brain was suffused with the power within this swirls.

It was a bit similar to when Han Shuo had expanded his meridians. Because of the effects of the Fruit of Dagmar, Han Shuo’s brain was being developed bit by bit. This process was mysterious and strange. Even Han Shuo didn’t know what had happened as he succumbed under the painful process.

If it’d been anyone else going through such strong stimulation of their brain. They would basically immediately turn into an idiot or a madman. This was because the brain was the most complex thing in the world. Any abnormalities within it could immediately trigger changes that upended the heavens and earth.

This kind of bone achingly deep pain that seeped into a person’s heart would be enough to immediately make a normal person lose their mind and never recover from it. Even Han Shuo, someone with extreme mental strength and the protection of the magical yuan, suffered greatly throughout this process, under the effects of the Fruit of Dagmar. Any other bystander would’ve only faced death in front of them.

His entire body trembling, Han Shuo was raining sweat as he sat there cross legged. He hadn’t screamed himself hoarse in a long time, but these screams once again erupted uncontrollably from his mouth. Finally in the end, the place that Han Shuo was sitting on was soaked with sweat, and his hoarse screams slowly became weaker and his lips trembled like the rest of his body.

He remained in this position for a long time as Han Shuo lay there stiffly within the drenched soil, sinking into a coma in that instant.

After who knew how long, Han Shuo slowly woke up. When he came to himself, he felt that his head hurt so much that it was about to split open, and that his body ached all over. He raised his head and shifted his body. When he looked upwards, Han Shuo’s heart was immediately filled with delight.

Within the gloom of the tomb, Han Shuo could clearly see even the smallest of the patterns within the stone slabs a few meters over his head. Although Han Shuo’s original vision had been quite clear, the feeling was even more marvelous now, and he barely believed his own eyes in that moment.

When he’d carefully observed the four corners and discovered that he could see anything within the dusk of the tomb as long as he concentrated, Han Shuo’s astonishment grew even greater. It was as if his eyes had transformed into a magnifying glass. If he slowly concentrated on something a few meters away, the distance would seem to slowly decrease. The originally small dot would be slowly enhanced, with him finally catching an eyeful of unparalleled clarity in the end.

This kind of feeling was quite marvelous and Han Shuo knew that this was absolutely due to the effects of the Fruit of Dagmar. If it wasn’t for the fact that one couldn’t eat the fruit repeatedly, Han Shuo really wanted to swallow the other two whole as well. In a frenzy of joy, Han Shuo sat down and meditated for a bit. He found that the concentration and circulation speed of his mental strength had indeed greatly increased.

In this regard, when Han Shuo meditated, he would obtain mental strength at an increased rate. When he used magic to fight against others, the recovery rate of his mental strength from meditation after it’d been exhausted would be vastly greater than the ordinary person’s. This meant that whether in terms of training or battle, Han Shuo would be able to operate at a much faster tempo than ordinary mages.

In his great joy, Han Shuo didn’t linger in this place. Now that he felt his mental strength had increased, Han Shuo decided to advance to the next step of necromancy magic. Han Shuo had only been able to fully grasp and skillfully employ several novice necromancy magics until now.

With the increase of his mental strength, Han Shuo was confident that he could achieve another breakthrough. It looked like it wouldn’t be a difficult thing to graduate from the necromancy major as an adept mage in a short period of time.

Han Shuo had studied some of the intermediate necromancy magics for a while in the days when he was injured. There were still a few theories that he wasn’t fully clear on. Now that he’d returned to the Academy, it looked like it was time to find Fanny for some answers.

When he crawled out of the tomb, the sky was brightening over a silvery world. There’d actually been a huge snowfall, and the snow covered everything. It was a snow white world as far the eyes could see.

As the harsh, chilly wind blew, Han Shuo’s already sweaty and wet body felt a bit cold. Han Shuo took off his damp clothes in this cold, snowy place and faced this silvery world with a naked body.

The range of his vision had greatly increased as he looked out across the world. If it was said that Han Shuo’s eyes had the function of a magnifying glass within the tomb, then his eyes seemed to have the function of a pair of binoculars as he walked out of the tomb and looked out. His vision expanded endlessly, taking in even the sights in the distance.

His eyes alighted on several nearby trees. They all appeared incredibly clear, and it was so amazing that Han Shuo almost wanted to whistle loudly in appreciation.

Although Han Shuo’s current body wasn't afraid of changing seasons, in order not to appear too out of the ordinary, he still took out some new, thicker clothes from within his space ring and wrapped up his naked body, proceeding towards the necromancy major.

All the landmarks had their own flavor to them beneath the cover of the thick snow. His various memories with Fanny kept resurfacing in his mind as Han Shuo walked over, but every time he thought of his current relationship with Emily, Han Shuo felt a bit shy about facing Fanny.

When he arrived at the dark major, earth shattering yells immediately traveled into Han Shuo’s ears. They were filled with excitement and fervor, as if some grand party was being held.

Han Shuo was astonished as he didn’t know what was going on. There were a lot of buildings in the way on his way to the dark major, so he couldn’t use his amazing vision to see anything. The distance of several hundred meters would be covered quickly, so he felt no need to release the original demons. Therefore, he picked up the pace and walked over quickly.

There were many students and teachers occupying the enormous square. There were dark and necromancy major students within, as well as the students and teachers from other majors. There were even a few knights and swordsmen mixed in, and it was all very exciting.

The enormous square appeared a bit crowded after taking in a hundred people. Many students on the outside were trying to push their way inside with all their strength. There were also a few dirty and depraved fellows staring at some female students and putting the weight of their bodies on the female students, eliciting a round of light screams and yells.

When he arrived here, Han Shuo had planned on releasing the original demons for surveillance, but felt strong magical pulses in the area. It looked like a magical boundary had been set up inside. If he accidentally had the original demons crash into the magical boundary and gave rise to attention from other people, that would be a bit unfavorable.

Therefore, he hesitated only a little bit and didn’t release the original demons. He used his strong body to shove his way inside.

Several thunder mages glared at Han Shuo angrily beneath his shoving and pushing, and Han Shuo paid them no heed and ignored them, ramming them aside. Their fragile and thin bodies were a far cry from Han Shuo’s, and they were shoved aside as Han Shuo’s actions blazed a path for him.

His extraordinary senses were of use now. Han Shuo spied Lisa up ahead and immediately shoved aside those next to him, squirming his way towards Lisa. He was subjected to frowns and low curses along the way.

When he came near to Lisa, Han Shuo saw an exceedingly shifty swordsman look hungrily at Lisa’s now well rounded chest. He was attempting to get closer to Lisa and take advantage of her. Now that Han Shuo was inside, he finally discovered that the magical boundary that had been set up was for the magical battle that was taking place inside. No wonder it had drawn a lot of attention.

Lisa was giving the fascinating battle inside her full attention, and would cry out excitedly every now and then. Amy and Athena, at her side, were just as excited, and weren’t paying any attention to the looks of those around her.

The swordsman had finally made it next to Lisa. He was taking in his fill of Lisa’s chest and licking his lips as he approached, wanting to take advantage of her in the crush.

Bam! Han Shuo suddenly appeared midway and body slammed the approaching swordsman, pushing him into a group of male thunder mages. He was subject to a round of abuse and curses.

Han Shuo, smiling merrily, flashed a proud grin at the swordsman who’d finally regained his footing. He then leisurely stood next to Lisa and purposefully pushed his way forward a bit, placing himself at Lisa’s back.

The swordsman had been about to get what he wanted when Han Shuo had thrown him for this loop. He displayed an angry and depressed expression, flipping Han Shuo off from the distance and mouthing the words, “You cut in line!”

Shrugging, Han Shuo had a proud look on his face and also slowly mouthed the words back, “So what?”

Rolling his eyes, the swordsman was a bit resigned. His shifty eyes spun in a circle as he planned on finding another target. At this moment, Lisa’s elbow suddenly shot back swiftly and suddenly attacked Han Shuo’s chest, catching him unawares.

However, this level of attack had absolutely no effect when it landed on Han Shuo. The swordsman on the other side however, immediately revealed an expression that delighted in the misfortune of others, and he looked at Han Shuo with an eager expression, hoping to see him get in trouble.

“Huh! Another blind idiot coming over to take advantage, how irritating!” Lisa’s impatient low growl sounded out, and she then twisted her head to angrily look over, but when she saw that it was Han Shuo, she immediately revealed a surprised and happy expression and hastily asked, “Eh, you’ve come back? Um… I didn’t know it was you, did I hurt you just now?”

Seeing the fellow across from him wanting to delight in his misfortunes, Han Shuo immediately pretended to rub his chest and and displayed a pained expression. Lisa was greatly shocked and frantically reached out with her small hand, rubbing Han Shuo’s chest, because this place was already crowded, Lisa’s movement basically made her flush against Han Shuo’s chest.

The swordsman, who’d been ready to watch Han Shuo go down, was flabbergasted when he saw the situation develop. Han Shuo had a proud smile on his face and he mouthed to the swordsman, “Aren’t I awesome?”

The swordsman didn’t say anything else and stuck up his thumb at Han Shuo, indicating that, damn you’re good. I’m in awe. He then turned his head and set his sights on another girl, pushing through once again. It looked like he was trying to see if he had the same luck as Han Shuo.

By now, Han Shuo could fully see the fight within the square. He kept one eye on the battle between the dark major students and the light major students, and searched for traces of Fanny within the crowd.

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