Chapter 140: Advancing to true demon

Great Demon King

Chapter 140: Advancing to true demon

After arriving at the cemetery of death, Han Shuo immediately placed all the materials needed to refine the earth elite zombie in the place of extreme earth.

He was in no hurry to immediately take action as he first refreshed the refining method for the earth elite zombie in his mind. He only started after he thoroughly considered the various steps in the procedures and places that he’d need to keep an eye out for.

He first found the place in which the earth qi was thickest in the place of extreme earth. Han Shuo took out the Demonslayer Edge and dug a hole, turning it into the place where he’d be putting the zombies. All sorts of materials landed exactly where they should be placed according to the setup of the formation. He coalesced all of his mental strength in his mind and went over everything clearly and cleanly. Han Shuo acted without hesitation and completed all preparations with extremely high efficiency.

When a ball of oozing, black dirt was embedded in a natural dip in the place of extreme earth, a small, weak wind seemed to start blowing in this location of extreme earth. However, upon taking a close look, one would discover that it wasn’t a weak breeze blowing, but that some grey colored matter was slowly converging in the center of the pit from all sorts of directions in the place of extreme earth.

The concentration of the essence of earth qi was a indicator that the formation was complete. Han Shuo broke out in a grin when he saw this situation take place, and then immediately used necromancy magic to summon zombie warriors.

Three zombie warriors suddenly appeared in front of Han Shuo. Theoretically speaking, any zombie warrior would have the chance to become an immensely powerful earth elite zombie with the particular preparation in the place of extreme earth. However, if the conditions of the main ingredient, the zombie warriors, was better all around, it would naturally have a greater chance of becoming an earth elite zombie.

Taking in a deep breath, Han Shuo once again summoned three zombie warriors. When six zombie warriors appeared, Han Shuo gave them the order to attack each other. He wasn’t sure which zombie warrior was better, thus the order for them to attack each other was the simplest and most effective method.

His brow furrowed in concentration, Han Shuo watched the struggle between the six zombie warriors with with glittering eyes. He immediately ordered them to stop after a few minutes because his eyes had lit upon one of the zombie warriors with the bulkiest build. His battle strength seemed to be a bit stronger. If he allowed them to continue fighting, this zombie would undoubtedly be in tattered pieces afterwards. This would obviously impact the refinement of the earth zombie afterwards.

All was in readiness now as Han Shuo once again ran over everything that he needed to pay particular attention to in his mind. He cast his eye over everything in the place of extreme earth with his astounding powers of observation. He gave the order to the zombie warrior after he was certain that he hadn’t missed any details. The zombie warrior slowly shuffled into the pit in the place of extreme earth.

When the zombie entered the pit, its body was covered by the coalesced essence of earth qi. That grey essence of earth qi slowly seeped into every drop of the zombie warrior’s bone marrow according to a profound way of circulation. The zombie warrior was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning as his body shivered slightly. A while after all the earth qi essence had been absorbed, the zombie warrior appeared to enjoy things quite a bit.

Smiling slightly, Han Shuo suddenly waved his hand and all sorts of strange, colored dirt suddenly landed within the pit, covering it in the span of an instant. The pit was also filled in by the strange dirt, but the essence of earth qi continued its slow collection and percolated through the dirt and continued drilling into the zombie warrior’s body.

Having done all that he needed to do, what Han Shuo needed to do now was wait. He knew that the zombie warrior would only turn into a earth elite zombie after all the earth essence qi in this place of extreme earth had been fully absorbed by the zombie warrior. He wasn’t sure how long the entire process would take either, but now that everything was proceeding according to plan, Han Shuo felt that he had no reason to remain.

Walking out of the cemetery of death, Han Shuo continuously trained and practiced his magical yuan and magic along the way as he headed further south in the Dark Forest. It was indeed a bit inconvenient without the surveillance of the original demons along the way. It was a good thing that Han Shuo’s senses were extraordinary. He didn’t run into any particular danger along the way.

In the dead of the night, the snow covered, chilly Dark Forest seemed to be shrouded with a silver veil. Beneath the rays of the quiet moon, the entire Dark Forest was surrounded in a still and peaceful atmosphere.

Han Shuo sat cross legged on top of a single, towering tree with thick branches. His entire body trembled as thick, viscous clouds of demonic power wreathed around Han Shuo’s body. The bright moonlight couldn’t pierce through this layer of darkness at all.

When the last of the Divine Brain Fruit had been consumed by Han Shuo, and he’d suffered through the painful effects of the fruit, he was finally breaking through the molded spirit stage. As essence blood slowly gathered in his mind and abdomen, a baby demon slowly started forming, interspersed with magical power and Han Shuo’s thoughts.

Clouds of demonic power traveled out from Han Shuo’s pores. The baby demon was a symbol of the true demon stage, indicating that Han Shuo had broken through the molded spirit stage. This stage was a line of demarcation in demonic magic. Only when the baby demon was truly formed would a practitioner really counted as having become a demon. Therefore, this was the most dangerous and risky moment.

He kept this position as the magical yuan within Han Shuo’s body furiously flowed into the baby demon. The baby demon had originally only been the size of a thumb as it continued to absorb Han Shuo’s magical yuan and blood essence. It slowly grew bigger and even sparkled with a faint halo.

He experienced this for seven straight days as the baby demon grew to the size of a fist. As Han Shuo’s magical yuan ran dry and he grew a bit dizzy, his body trembled as he suddenly fell from the large tree in a moment of weakness.

Crying out with pain, just as Han Shuo was panicking, he suddenly sensed that the baby demon that had been continually absorbing blood essence and magical yuan seemed to suddenly form a mysterious connection with him. The magical yuan, that had been continuously taken in by the baby demon, suddenly surged back into his limbs and bones with the force of an exploding volcano. The magical yuan seemed to have fundamentally changed due to its association with the baby demon, and Han Shuo himself seemed to feel that he’d been reborn.

A thought striking him, he activated the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire” and a red and purple flame roared to life after magical yuan was infused. It felt like he was holding two lamps in his hands, appearing all the more wondrous and magical.

Waving his left and right hand around, the red and purple balls of flame suddenly flew out, landing on two different small trees. One of them was charred to cinders and gave off thick smoke, while the other instantly froze and multiple branches fell down with sharp cracks.

Now in the true demon realm, Han Shuo could adeptly control the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire”. He could form the purple and red spellfire in the palms of his hands and cast them from his hands as an attack. This was the wondrous effect after his magical yuan had transformed.

The Demonslayer Edge flew out from thin air, howling in a way that would possess souls and steal spirits. The surrounding trees and hills all broke apart or exploded as the Demonslayer Edge pierced through them. When the Demonslayer Edge had circled the premises in its flight and returned to his hand, the surroundings were devastated, as if a great battle had taken place.

Now, he could finally refine the yin demons that were a level even higher than the original demons. With the effect from the baby demon, Han Shuo would be able to truly fly through the air after he practiced the “Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens” as listed in the magical tome. Traveling thousands of li in a day would be a piece of cake.

When he had previously faced off against Clark, Han Shuo had been extremely passive throughout the entire encounter. However, now that he’d reached the true demon stage, Han Shuo was confident that he could fight with Clark on equal footing were he to encounter Clark again. He wouldn’t just duck and weave like he had last time.

As Han Shuo practiced the “Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens” and made his way further into the southern part of the Dark Forest, he finally appeared outside the forest troll residence after two days.

Casting a glance in the distance, Han Shuo saw traces of battle outside the forest trolls’ village. Some large trees had been toppled as fired arrows and some broken weapons indicated that the forest trolls must have experienced a battle.

It went without thinking that the battle between the forest trolls and elves had already started. Han Shuo surveilled the surroundings but didn’t find traces of the elves. He didn’t know whether or not the two sides had finished their battle.

Summoning the little skeleton, Han Shuo made his way slowly towards the village where the forest trolls lived. Several forest trolls walked out in full battle gear when they reached the outskirts. When the forest trolls saw Han Shuo and the little skeleton, they all cheered in unison and cried out, “Datara!”, welcoming Han Shuo and the little skeleton into the village with great fanfare.

When he walked over, Han Shuo saw that the forest trolls around them were all holding weapons, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Even the forest troll women and elders in the distance were holding weapons as they prepared food.

When he paid attention, he noticed that the numbers of forest trolls within the village were more than the amount that had been present when he left last time. He made a rough estimation and determined that there were at least eight hundred adult forest trolls that could wage war. That was three hundred more than the amount that had been present when Han Shuo had come last time.

However, it was obvious that the forest troll didn’t have enough weapons and equipment to use. Some of the forest trolls in the back were holding only crude clubs or even rocks, with some metallic weapons spotted with rust dotting the crowd. Some were even starting to munch on tree bark and weeds. It looks like they were also short on rations.

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