Chapter 152: I only need one chance to kill you!

Great Demon King

Chapter 152: I only need one chance to kill you!

Necromancers were few to begin with, as it was apparent from the numbers of archmages specializing in necromancy magic. This was why the necromancy magic elicited so much attention when it actually appeared.

Han Shuo had only escaped from that area when he activated the Art. He hesitated when this development occurred and decided to move across the roofs of the nearby houses, going back to where he’d started.

The dark creatures that the necromancer had summoned from the other dimension greatly impacted the soldiers who were attempting to chase after Lucky. The enormous hate warriors and gargoyles flying in formation were particularly destructive.

The enormous and incredibly powerful hate warriors were able to pound a soldier into meat paste with a swing of its iron club, whereas the agile gargoyles were equally lethal when they came swooping down with their iron claws.

“Damn it, I’ll kill him myself!” Clark roared out angrily and whipped his battlesteed into action. A spear appeared in his hand as he charged towards the necromancer.

Thanks to the coordination of the galloping battlesteed and the sweeping spear, none of the skeletal and zombie warriors were obstacles in his path. Knights made use of the charging force of their battlesteeds to enhance their own battle strength. Thus, when Clark and the battlesteed charged as one, the scattered dark creatures couldn’t stop him at all.

Because of the appearance of an archmage level necromancer at this time, the soldiers on the side were busily fending off the summoned creatures and couldn’t assist Clark. Senior knight Calvert stayed where he was and was busily directed his troops. When these highly trained soldiers finally calmed down to coolly battle the summoned creatures, rows and rows of skeletal and zombie warriors began to fall down.

Although the mental strength of the archmage necromancer was colossal, the numbers of his summoned creatures couldn’t compete with the number of soldiers here. The ghouls and skeletal warriors in particular were of limited use in this type of battle situation, and were often destroyed by a single stab from a Gryphon Legion soldier.

However, the enormous hate warriors and gargoyles howling through the darkness were still quite fierce, and had killed quite a few soldiers in the blink of an eye. It was a pity that there were only five hate warriors, and six or seven gargoyles. More than ten Gryphon Legion soldiers also surrounded each hate warrior.

Another low chant emitted from the necromancer’s mouth as two fallen hate warriors suddenly exploded violently. The two “Corpse Explosion” spells immediately caused scores of Gryphon Legion soldiers to die with agonized howls.

When the necromancer opened his mouth to chant the next spell, Clark, on the back of a battlesteed, had already charged in front of him. The spear in his hand suddenly flared with a milky-white aura, and Clark flew into the air using the momentum from the battlesteed. He shot towards the necromancer, floating in midair, like lightning.

An enormous white skeleton abruptly materialized in mid air, forming a shield of white bone with mind boggling speed. The white bone shield was three meters tall and two meters wide, completely blocking the way in front of the necromancer. The clean, eerily sparkling white bones didn’t leave any gaps between them as they came together. Some sharp bone shards were even in front of the shield as reverse spikes. The shape looked very odd.

Clark’s concentrated blow smashed against the white bone shield. Even such a highly advanced shield like this one started splintering from Clark’s violent thrust, with bone shards flying randomly where it had been struck by Clark’s spear.

The necromancer grunted quietly and floated away in retreat like a ghost. It looked like he had also realized that Clark would be a tough opponent to face and planned on putting some distance between them. Clark’s body moved forward with the momentum from his charge as he landed on a roof, putting his spear away and swapping it out for a sword. He moved quickly over the roofs and purused the necromancer fixedly.

Another dark mist was released as the retreating necromancer’s body flashed through the dark mist, vanishing without a trace. Three bone spears came hurtling through the empty air, aiming straight for Clark. Clark also finally pinned down the necromancer’s location after the three bone spears appeared.

At the same time, Han Shuo’s sharp eyes caught slight movement from a piece of protruding rock on one of the roofs that Clark was moving towards. This made Han Shuo’s heart jump and his body abruptly half-crouching to conceal himself on another roof.

The Demonslayer Edge had soundlessly approached Clark according to Han Shuo’s wishes.

Snorting coldly, Clark didn’t halt his momentum as he suddenly changed direction halfway, the longsword in his hand suddenly flicked upwards and slashed through the bone spear that he hadn’t avoided. At this time, Clark’s body finally approached the protruding boulder as a strand of cold light suddenly shot out of of the rock-like structure and Lucky appeared, wrapped in a gray robe.

Clark hadn’t expected an ambush after just batting away the necromancer’s bone spear. His fighting aura was halfway through pulling together when he raised his sword to block the hit. A metallic clang rang through the night as Clark’s body was flung downwards from the roof.

As Clark descended, a severe whistling sounded out as a thin strand of purple flame appeared in mid air, ramming into the Clark’s back and sinking into his waist, vanishing within Clark’s body.

A ghastly scream emitted from Clark’s mouth. As his body slammed into the ground, his entire body became consumed in purple flames. Han Shuo’s eerie figure flew in front of Clark, he looked coldly at Clark suffering as the purple flames consumed him. He sent out a mental summons and the Demonslayer Edge exploded out of Clark’s chest and vanished into Han Shuo’s palm without a drop of blood.

“It’s, it’s you?” The spirit of extreme extreme cold was invading Clark’s organs, and his body had been heavily damaged by the Demonslayer Edge. When he saw Han Shuo reveal himself and tug off his mask, Clark spat out these words with difficulty as his teeth chattered with disbelief.

“That’s right, it’s me. You tried and failed to kill me twice, but I only needed one chance to kill you.” Han Shuo said coolly and waved his right hand around fiercely, slowly circulating the “Glacial Mystical Spellfire”. A flower of red flame entered Clark’s body. His internal organs had been frozen solid and Clark had been about to die when he was thawed out by the flame and turned into a bloody puddle. The speed of change was unbelievably fast.

Three bone spears appeared out of nowhere again and targeted Han Shuo. Their whistling noises startled Han Shuo as he leapt upwards, slashing down with his Demonslayer Edge and destroyed one of the bone spears. Han Shuo shouted out to Lucky in the distance, “Damn it, why is he attacking me as well?”

“I don’t know him.” Lucky responded and evaded like lightning, because the necromancer had attacked Lucky as well.

So it wasn’t one of their people. Han Shuo was surprised and hastily escaped outside. When the necromancer saw Han Shuo escape, he actually came after Han Shuo and pursued him doggedly. The appearance of this necromancer was a bit odd. He wasn’t on Lawrence’s side and this greatly confused Han Shuo, making him uncertain as to which side he belonged to.

Now that Clark was dead, Han Shuo saw that Lucky had made himself invisible again and was sneaking towards Calvert. It looked like he was planning on taking care of Calvert as well. As for his colleague, Han Shuo didn’t know anything about him at all, just that he had his sights set on Han Shuo. Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he knew that he didn’t want to become further entangled by him as he fled for his life at his top speed.

When Han Shuo was a few hundred meters away from the Calvert house, his amazing vision picked up Lawrence’s carriage in the distance. Overjoyed, he made quickly in that direction as the necromancer following Han Shuo summoned a few gargoyles to tail him. It was only when Han Shuo appeared next to the carriage that the necromancer abruptly retreated with his gargoyles.

“Bryan, what’s going on? There was no signal from you guys, but everything’s a chaotic mess over there.” Lawrence immediately poked his head out of the carriage when he saw Han Shuo and anxiously asked for a status update.

“Don’t mention it. Things have been really odd tonight. Lucky and I don’t know what happened as our movement was mysteriously revealed to Clark and we were almost captured. An archmage level necromancer suddenly appeared and attacked Clark and them, and then attacked us as well. I have no idea what’s going on.” Han Shuo complained.

“Then what of Uncle Lucky, and is Clark dead?” Lawrence asked again.

“Mister Lucky is making his way towards Calvert and seemed to want to take him out as well. Mm, Clark is done for, you don’t need to worry about him.” Han Shuo responded.

Lawrence couldn’t hide the glee in his expression as he laughed with satisfaction, “Dead, he’s dead! Valen City will be in chaos now!”

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