Chapter 159: Leaving with the beauty

Great Demon King

Chapter 159: Leaving with the beauty

Ever since learning of Lawrence’s identity, Han Shuo had been pondering how to interact with him. From the current situation, Lawrence was obviously planning on involving himself in the struggle of the princes. It was because of the mysteriousness that shrouded his identity that made his situation not that optimistic.

If Lawrence really could inherit the throne, Han Shuo wouldn’t mind growing closer with him and would even be willing to go to bat for him, but if Lawrence didn’t have this kind of strength in him, it would place Han Shuo in a disadvantageous position if he were to brashly associate himself with Lawrence.

Therefore, even though he was well aware of Lawrence’s identity, Han Shuo pretended that he didn’t know and arrived at Lawrence’s residence with his usual expression.

The assassin, Lucky, was the one who showed Han Shuo in. After their experience assassinating Clark, the old assassin had completely accepted Han Shuo and his expression was no longer that remote. When he brought Han Shuo in, Lucky said, “He’s not here right now, but will return at any moment. You can wait here if you’re not in a hurry.”

Nodding, Han Shuo looked at Lucky with a faint smile, “No worries, I’ll wait for a while. Oh, right. You went off after Calvert afterwards, but did you get him?”

“Of course, not only him, but I killed his son as well.” The old assassin displayed a trace of pride in his eyes. It looked like he was quite proud of his skills.

Han Shou chit chatted randomly when he suddenly remembered about Lisa and asked, “Oh right, Lisa isn’t present at the moment. I’d like to check in on her.”

“Miss Lisa is elsewhere. Please come with me, I’ll take you to her.” Lucky responded and took Han Shuo through a garden, arriving at a building in the quiet rear of the property. He then spoke quietly to Han Shuo, “Miss Lisa’s emotions have calmed down because Calvert and his son have been killed, but you’d best not bring up her family.”

Han Shuo nodded in understanding and didn’t say much.

He approached the building and knocked lightly.

“Is it cousin Lawrence?” Lisa asked through the door as her voice still seemed a bit melancholic.

“It’s me!” Han Shuo responded.

“Oh, Bryan, you’ve come to see me.” Han Shuo could hear long awaited happiness in Lisa’s voice as her footsteps rapidly drew near. Lisa opened the door and appeared in cotton pajamas in front of Han Shuo.

Although Lisa’s features hadn’t changed since her life changing event and her naive and cute demeanor remained just as youthful as ever, a constant sorrow clouded her clear eyes. Her demeanor was such that it evoked protective feelings, a marked difference from her previous obstinate, headstrong ways.

However, this weak Lisa looked quite pleasing to Han Shuo’s eyes. He closed the door after walking in and huffed out lightly, pretending to be cold, “The weather outside is quite cold!”

“Thank you for killing that old dog Calvert!” Lisa tugged on Han Shuo’s sleeve, leading him inside with her as she thanked him.

A brazier was burning inside as it spread warmth throughout the house. Lisa added a few sticks of dry firewood to the brazier and then took her seat on a soft, leather chair.

“It was one of your cousin’s men who killed Calvert, so you should thank him instead. I only made a mess of some things.” Han Shuo found a seat and poured a cup of hot water for himself.

“If it wasn’t for your distraction, my cousin’s man wouldn’t have succeeded that easily.” Lisa had indeed changed a bit from before. She was silent for a bit after speaking, then looked a bit fearfully at Han Shuo. “You spent so many gold coins to buy me from the trading house. According to the rules of slavery, I belong to you.”

Starting in fright, Han Shuo immediately said seriously, “Lisa, you should know that I bought you purely to save you and had no other thoughts whatsoever. In addition, it wasn’t that many gold coins. We’re friends after all, don’t misunderstand!”

Lisa shook her head desolately, appearing a bit frantic as she looked at Han Shuo, “Do you not want me because you disdain me now?”

“No, not at all. We’re friends and this is what I should do. You have your own personal freedom. I don’t want you to feel guilty about those thousand gold coins.” Han Shuo hastened to say.

Lisa was silent once again after speaking. “Because of Bob Ascher, my family clan is completely annihilated. My status as a slave is also confirmed. You bougt me in front of so many people in the trading house, this is also an irrefutable truth.”

“Then I can return your freedom to you and lift the status of a slave from you.” Han Shuo thought and said to Lisa.

Han Shuo heard footsteps sound outside of the door, and Lawrence walked in with a slight smile after a short while. He asked when he saw Han Shuo and Lisa in conversation, “What are you two chatting about?”

“I’m saying that I’m going to dissolve Lisa’s status as a slave.” Han Shuo responded as he looked at Lawrence.

“Give me your crystal card, I’ll transfer a thousand gold coins to you. Then you’ll have sold Lisa to me through legal proceedings. Leave the rest to me.” Lawrence seemed to have given the matter some thought already and responded immediately when Han Shuo spoke up.

“No need, Lisa is my friend, I can give her to you now. I can’t take the thousand gold coins.” A thousand gold coins was nothing in Han Shuo’s eyes, and he really had held the mentality of saving Lisa at the time.

Lawrence didn’t insist on refusing after Han Shuo, but nodded at Han Shuo with a smile. Lawrence said forthrightly, “Alright, I’ll take care of her status. However, this is Valen City and Bob Ascher’s territory. I’ll get Lisa back to the Empire in the next two days. Bob Ascher will be powerless even if he wants to do anything.”

As the third prince, Lawrence’s relationship with the king was very close. There naturally wouldn’t be any difficulty for him to handle such matters. Valen City was in an uproar at the moment, and there was indeed some danger to Lisa’s life if she stayed here. It would be a good thing to get her as far away as possible.

“Lisa, I have some things to discuss with Bryan separately. We’ll be leaving first!” Lawrence cast a glance at Han Shuo and walked outside. Han Shuo then rose to his feet and followed.

The two of them walked to an artificial mountain by the side of the front yard and Lawrence looked deeply at Han Shuo, asking, “Bryan, why have you come with Mistress Emily to Valen City this time?”

This had to do with secrets of the Dark Mantle, and so Han Shuo naturally couldn’t say much. He shook his head in apology, “I’m sorry, I promised Mistress Emily that word of this wouldn’t travel.”

Sighing lowly, Lawrence said genuinely, “You have a clean birth and although you once had a status of a slave, it’s of no matter. However, Emily is different, and her current status is old Hahn’s daughter-in-law. Walking too close with her will affect you in the future.”

“I think I understand your meaning, but I know what I’m doing. You don’t need to worry about me. Right, if you’ve come to Valen City to save Lisa and kill Clark, then you’re finished here. Are you leaving soon?” Lawrence meant well, but Han Shuo and Emily’s relationship had been cemented already. Han Shuo had his own thoughts and plans and naturally wouldn’t change anything because of Lawrence’s words of advice.

“Apart from this, I also promised someone to take out Bob Ascher. Perhaps you can assist me?” Lawrence suddenly spoke as he looked at Han Shuo.

“Haha, you must be joking. You’re inviting me to fight against the chief of the Gryphon Legion. This is too laughable. I know how much I weigh and I’ll have no effect whatsoever against someone at the level of old Bob.” Han Shuo’s eyes gleamed, but he still played dumb.

Lawrence stared at Han Shuo and was about to say something when Lucky’s low call suddenly traveled in, “We’ve been compromised! I think we need to retreat immediately, Bob Ascher’s men are on their way.”

Lawrence was startled and his face changed slightly. “Bryan, please take Lisa around the path in the yard to the back. We need to make some preparations.”

Time was of the essence and so Han Shuo didn’t say much else. He immediately nodded decisively and suddenly moved, breaking through the door into Lisa’s room like lightning.

He didn’t wait for Lisa to say anything as he took down a leather coat from the wall and wrapped her in it. He wrapped Lisa in it and leapt out the window, rushing for the path in the back yard.

Rapid hoofbeats sounded in the distance and approached quickly. Han Shuo knew that the Gryphon Legion must have sent a lot of men this time. He didn’t know if Lawrence and the others could make it out. Bob Ascher’s Gryphon Legion blotted out the sky in Valen City. Even a prince would only face death if he went head to head with Bob Ascher.

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