Chapter 164: The female alchemist

Great Demon King

Chapter 164: The female alchemist

They changed rooms and switched into one of the rooms on the other side of the artificial mountain in the yard. From this room, they could look directly into Belinda’s room through the window.

Candice seemed to be discussing something with Belinda upon returning as she stayed within the room and didn’t come out. The other mercenaries were arranged in the rooms on either side of Belinda’s.

The three people who had followed Belinda were given rooms neighboring Han Shuo and Emily’s room. Thanks to a magical mirror, they could directly observe the three’s movements.

The trio looked like nondescript, ordinary featured men. They actually looked quite similar and could have been three brothers. One of them leaned against the window and kept an eye on Belinda after moving into the room, whereas the other two fell into a deep sleep on the bed, likely because they were too fatigued.

It was still daylight, so the two groups of people made no moves, maintaining a calm, peaceful situation. Han Shuo observed them for a while and noticed that both sides were doing nothing out of the ordinary. He returned to Emily’s side and thought for a moment, “Keep an eye on the situation for me. I’m going to make a trip to the cemetery of death to check on things.”

“Hmm? Why do you suddenly want to go back to the cemetery of death?” Emily was a bit surprised by Han Shuo’s decision and stared at him with a questioning gaze.

Smiling mysteriously, Han Shuo said, “I recently took in a follower and want to see if his injuries have healed yet.”

Han Shuo had already moved further into the room and ripped up the wooden panels of the closet, setting up the transportation matrix inside. Emily was long since used to Han Shuo’s mysteriousness by now and didn’t ask much when she saw that he was about to leave. She said, “Alright, I’ll stay here and observe them. I’ll go over and pull you back if anything happens, so you’d best not stray too far from the cemetery of death.”

“Mm, don’t worry, I’ll stay within the cemetery. You can come find me anytime if there’s anything out of the ordinary.” Han Shuo responded and stood within the matrix, closing the doors to activate it.

“Gilbert, where the hell are you?” Han Shuo immediately yelled loudly when he reappeared in the cemetery of death.

The little lewd dragon appeared in front of Han Shuo with a pop and fell to his knees immediately, saying pitifully, “Noble master, you’ve finally remembered your faithful servant. There’s nothing interesting in this boring place and I can’t go out either! I’m bored to death!”

“I told you to keep a good eye on that place, you didn’t slack off, did you?” Han Shuo had once told Gilbert to pay attention to the piece of land that was refining the earth elite zombie, just in case something untoward happened there.

“Of course I didn’t slack off, but there’s really nothing worth keeping an eye on there. Nothing’s happened since you left. Oh, honored master, when will you take me out to go look for beautiful women?” Gilbert complained to Han Shuo.

Compared to his charred look last time, Gilbert was now dressed in a gleaming black robe and had his hair perfectly combed. Apart from his skin being the color of coal, the young Gilbert looked rather handsome.

“How are you injuries?” It remained to be seen whether or not he’d take Gilbert out with him, based on his injuries. Although this little lewd dragon was a shot mess, his strength as a dragon was extraordinary, so he would make a good helper regardless.

Gilbert puffed his chest out after hearing this question and said very cockily, “Not a problem. As one of the strongest predators on this planet, this kind of injury was not a problem for me at all.”

“Stop bullshitting me, how are your injuries?” Han Shuo glared as he spoke harshly.

As his master, Han Shuo could more or less sense a bit of Gilbert’s condition through the ties of the contract. Although he was much better than before, Han Shuo could still feel that he hadn’t fully recovered, and so couldn’t help but take a severe tone when he heard Gilbert speak this way.

Gilbert shrank into himself and said with a bit of trepidation, “I’m not fully recovered yet, but I’m pretty much all healed, I won’t drag you down.”

Nodding, Han Shuo said, “Alright, I’ll consider taking you with me. Maybe in the next two days. Rest well. If you become a burden when I need you in the future, I won’t let you off the hook that easily!” Han Shuo walked towards the spot where the earth elite zombie was being refined. The center of the area where the earth zombie was being refined had sunk in, and the concentrated earth essence was still slowly flowing in.

He took a look around and focused his concentration, establishing a connection with the zombie in the ground. Han Shuo instantly sensed a roaring sense of life when he did so. This sense of life was brimming with the rich qi of earth. Han Shuo immediately understood that the refinement of the zombie was already on the right path.

This was because when ordinary zombies were summoned, only a dead silence could be felt when a mental connection was established. Only incredibly strong dark creatures such as the knights would send forth a bit of the feeling of life when connected to the caster. There was a vibrant sense of life and the rich feeling of earth qi exuded from this zombie warrior. This meant that it had truly grown after absorbing the essence of the place of extreme earth.

“Alright, you stay here and rest up. I’ll let you out in a few days.” Han Shuo was at peace when he saw that nothing was out of the ordinary within the cemetery, and that the dark dragon and earth elite zombie were all regaining their full strength. He walked towards the structure within the cemetery.

Gilbert was quite excited upon receiving Han Shuo’s promise and he kept bouncing around Han Shuo, complimenting his mighty prowess. Gilbert’s fawning smile made Han Shuo burst out laughing.

Han Shuo planned on leaving through the transportation matrix, but suddenly remembered that he hadn’t gone into the basement for a very long time. Now that his mental strength had increased, Han Shuo planned on seeing if he could make it another level farther.

He had Gilbert stay where he was and walked down into the secret chamber by himself. He easily broke through the boundary at the first level and walked in matter-of-factly.

When he arrived at where he’d been stuck before, Han Shuo focused his concentration and charged forward, hoping to land on the next level of the cemetery of death.

Bam! Han Shuo was immediately bounced back when he hit the boundary and his mind ached with pain.

He fell to a sitting position and staggered to his feet, immediately understanding that his current mental strength wasn’t enough to make it to the next level. A thought struck him as he held the Eye of Darkness in one hand and took out the white bone staff from his space ring with the other.

The cemetery of death was once hallowed ground for necromancers, and the green Eye of Darkness was the key to opening the cemetery of death. The white bone staff could enhance necromancy magics and although its function was different from the Eye, they were both items of necromancy. Han Shuo held the two in his hand and weighed them up, trying to see if there were any commonalities between the two.

Han Shuo couldn’t help but focus his attention on the two items in his hand. The Eye of Darkness suddenly lit up and shot out green light, resulting in a surge of strength entering the white bone staff. A trace of black light suddenly shot out of the white bone staff and instantly sank into the Eye of Darkness.

Shocked, Han Shuo originally paid no attention to the Eye of Darkness and set his concentration on the white bone staff. He originally hadn’t sensed anything out of the ordinary from the white bone staff, but suddenly discovered that there was a small magical formation within it.

“Ah, it’s a boundary formation that acts as a magical brand, no wonder Belinda could sense the white bone staff.” Han Shuo suddenly realized what had happened when his concentration made a round through the staff.

There was a type of boundary that acted as a magical brand in Clarendon’s memories and could be placed on weapons and clothes. It usually existed in the formation of a magical formation. The owner of the magical brand would be able to sense the existence of his brand within a certain existence.

So it turned out that such a magical brand existed within the white bone staff. There were traces of magic left within the staff that had not only blocked Han Shuo’s mental exploration and alerted Belinda of its existence.

Perhaps it was the Eye of Darkness absorbing the residual magic within the white bone staff, causing the magical brand formation to collapse from lack of energy, but this allowed Han Shuo to take a peek at the situation inside.

Han Shuo’s concentration sank thoroughly inside and discovered a small line of text within the formation -- Work 17 from Alchemist Belinda of the Calamity Church. “The Calamity Church alright.” Han Shuo said lowly and didn’t plan on remaining within the cemetery of death. He reemerged on the ground and went back to the hotel, planning on coming up with a good strategy to take care of Belinda.

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