Chapter 168: Ripping off the veil

Great Demon King

Chapter 168: Ripping off the veil

As Han Shuo and Emily brought Belinda to the Dark Mantle stronghold, they noticed that the flying bugs that had been circling the hotel were trailing them from a short distance.

The Demonslayer Edge suddenly flashed as its sharp point sank into one of the flying bugs and brought it to Han Shuo’s palm. He took a closer look and discovered that this bug was the same material as the golem that Belinda had released. They were all made of metal armor, with just one of them being extremely big and the other being very small.

Magical yuan circulating in his palm, Han Shuo pinched his thumb and forefinger together tightly and a sharp crack rang out as he pulverized the bug. Han Shuo’s eyes narrowed into slits as he noticed an exceedingly small magical formation within the stomach of the crushed bug, with traces of magical elements flickering within it.

“This Calamity Church is indeed formidable to set up a formation within such a small flying golem!” Han Shuo couldn’t help but sigh with amazement as he put the flying golem away.

Emily nodded,in full agreement with Han Shuo’s words, and spoke with a tinge of fear in her voice, “The Calamity Church is the most evil of all churches, with all sorts of evil magics and secret arts. Take the golem in the shape of the three eyed demon god for example. If the force and strength it displayed could be mass produced, then the knights of our Empire will have no way to contend against the attacks of these golems.”

She was definitely part of Dark Mantle; Emily’s first thought was for the country’s security and not how much personal gain these golems could bring her.

“I’m going to dispose of those flying bug golems to prevent them from following us to Dark Mantle. It won’t do for someone to discover our traces.” Han Shuo brought out the Demonslayer Edge and willed it to charge into the crowd of flying bugs, destroying all of them in short order.

When all the flying bugs had been destroyed, Han Shuo and Emily didn’t linger as they made use of the night to sneak back to the Dark Mantle stronghold.

Han Shuo placed Belinda on a chair in the secret room he’d stayed in two days ago and had Emily take out ropes to secure Belinda to the chair.

Completely unconscious, Belinda had no feeling that she was being tied to the chair. After Emily tied her down, she looked at Belinda’s veiled face curiously and said, “Why is this girl veiled? Is there something that she can’t show the world?”

Shrugging, Han Shuo smiled, “There are only three possibilities for a face veil. She’s either too beautiful and afraid that her features will bring danger to herself, she has a need to wear it out of certain cultural considerations, or that she doesn’t want people to see the flaws of her face.”

“I’m quite curious myself which of these possibilities she falls under. But since she’s our prisoner now, I think you can just directly take off her face veil.”

Emily glared at him involuntarily when Han Shuo waxed eloquent, and an odd tone colored her voice, “Hmm. I didn’t know that you knew so much about facial veils!”

Han Shuo smiled awkwardly and hastened to explain, “This has nothing to do with me. I only know about all this because I’ve gotten Clarendon’s memories.”

Snorting softly, Emily didn’t say anything else as she reached out a hand to slowly pull off the light veil on her face.

The features of the senseless Belinda were slowly uncovered. Thin, arched brows appeared below a smooth, gleaming forehead. A pair of tightly shut, long lashes then came into view as Belinda’s charming nose was slowly revealed. Her skin was white and translucent, she was a wondrous beauty no wonder how one looked at her.

However, when her veil was fully pulled off, Han Shuo and Emily suddenly saw a black birthmark come into view on Belinda’s left cheek. This birthmark made her originally beautiful face appear a bit frightening.

“You guessed right, she has a natural defect. If it wasn’t for this black birthmark, she’d definitely be an unabashed beauty. What a pity!” Emily looked carefully at Belinda’s exposed face and spoke with some regret.

An oval shaped face, pert nose, juicy red lips, sapphire blue eyes, and translucent pale skin all combined with a lovely figure to form the body that a beauty should have. It was a pity that the birthmark on the left side of her face was simply too eye catching. It caught the attention of anyone looking at her and formed a severe contrast, thoroughly casting her looks in the shade.

“Alright, I’ll wake her now.” Han Shuo’s expression was the same as usual as he didn’t particularly care about this girl’s appearance. He walked to the back of the chair and placed a hand on the back of her neck, lightly pinched the meridians on the back of her neck and then patted her right cheek gently. “It’s time to wake up.”

Belinda’s skin was smooth and soft. Han Shuo felt that the sensations were very comfortable when he placed his hand on her skin to wake her. It was like touching an expensive piece of satin.

Belinda’s long lashes fluttered as her clear eyes opened. She first scanned her surroundings in confusion, then alighted on Emily and Han Shuo with surprise.

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The confusion in her eyes immediately faded away as Belinda rapidly recognized where she was. Her clear eyes sparkled with ice as her voice turned soft, but threatening, “Who are you to dare capture me? My Calamity Church won’t let you get away with this. You’ll regret what you did today!”

“No need for you to worry about that. What business do you have in Valen City? Apart from assassinating Clark, what other evil plots are you up to?” Emily looked coldly at Belinda and started her interrogation.

“Do you think I’d tell you? You’re wasting your effort.” Belinda looked disdainfully at Emily.

Belinda suddenly noticed the veil in Emily’s hand and thought of something. Her previously tender voice became shrill for the first time. Panicked, she glared at Emily and said loudly, “You’ll pay the price for taking off my veil!”

After watching for a while, Han Shuo walked impatiently in front of Belinda, his voice chilling, “Tell us what you came here for, or I’ll give you another birthmark on your right cheek.”

Belinda’s facial expression changed when she heard these words and she gave a high pitched giggle, “You’ll be sorry for this!”

Her previously red flushed face abruptly drained of all color as her body stiffened instantly. Her breathing slowing to a shallow pace and her eyes shutting once more, she seemed to have fallen into a coma as all her bodily functions went into hibernation.

Han Shuo was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events. He looked at Emily ruefully, “She seems to have taken some medicine and fainted again. This is a bit tricky, what do you think we should do?”

Emily came over and released a dark magic into Belinda’s body. She then closed her eyes and thought for a bit, but could only lower her head to sigh, “The Calamity Church is certainly difficult to deal with. There’s no point in interrogating or torturing her if we can’t wake her up.”

“So what do you say?” Han Shuo spread out his hands and backed away in resignation.

Thinking for a moment, Emily replied, “I’ll report what’s happened here and see what the senior executives say. In addition, notify the forest trolls that the siege weapons they’ve sold to the merchants seem to have been secretly transported to Valen City. I need to go gather some intelligence to see if I can obtain tangible evidence.”

“Then what should I do?” Han Shuo asked.

“Heh heh, there’s nothing for you to do at the moment. Do whatever you’d like. I’ll come notify you immediately if anything happens.” Emily looked at Han Shuo with a smile.

Nodding, Han Shuo responded, “That sounds good. I’ll stay in the secret chamber and start practicing high level necromancy magic. I’ll also see if I can find a way to wake Belinda and get something out of her.”

“Whatever you’d like, but behave! Don’t you take Belinda to bed whilst I’m not here!” Emily was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something and suddenly turned back to glare ferociously.

“Eh, I’m not the type to take advantage of others. Don’t worry!” Han Shuo smiled ruefully.

“Humph, and you say you’re not. That’s exactly how you got me!” Emily glared fiercely and then seemed to remember something. “However, Belinda’s black birthmark probably has affected your feelings towards her. I don’t think I have anything to worry about.”

Emily was obviously proud of herself after saying these words and left happily.

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