Chapter 170: Violation during sleep

Great Demon King

Chapter 170: Violation during sleep

When Emily saw that Han Shuo and Belinda were actually having a conversation when she returned to the secret room, she was flabbergasted and looked suspiciously between Han Shuo and Belinda. She pulled Han Shuo aside and asked with a disbelieving voice, “You didn’t really sleep with her, did you?”

Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he quickly shook his head. “Of course not. Miss Belinda’s goal is also to kill the chief of the Gryphon Legion and can fully forgive all our past transgressions. She’s willing to cooperate with us against Bob Ascher. I felt that there was a benefit in cooperation between our two sides, so I agreed to her proposal.”

“You agreed just like that and even released her from her bonds?” Emily was startled and stared fixedly at Han Shuo as she interrogated him.

Throwing a significant look at Emily, Han Shuo smiled openly and said to Belinda, “We have  a special relationship. Although we are cooperating with each other, there are still secrets between us. If you don’t mind, I’d like to blindfold you before we let you go.”

“Of course, I understand.” Belinda accepted readily and forthrightly.

Han Shuo blindfolded her again and had also placed the veil back over her face. He led her out of the Dark Mantle stronghold beneath Emily’s taken aback gaze and only let her off a carriage when they were a far ways away. He said, “You can come find us at the agreed place after you make contact with your people. We can talk about the details of our cooperation then.”

“Okay, it was very nice to meet you.” Belinda responded softly and left after alighting from the carriage.

Emily hastened to ask after her figure had vanished, “Just what is going on? Why did you let her go just like that?”

Han Shuo quickly summarized what had happened. “There wouldn’t be much of an effect if we tried to force the truth out of her, but we can get a lot more information out of her if we let her go like this. I can take her life immediately if she tries to do anything disadvantageous towards us, so there’s no need to worry about anything. “

“She’ll reach out to the Calamity Church after she leaves and we’ll obtain more information from her if we work together. We can also team up against Bob Ascher together. Isn’t this killing multiple birds with one stone?”

“Do you know that you’re engaging in very dangerous acts? The Calamity Church isn’t an ordinary faction. If we aren’t careful, not only will we lose everything we’ve worked for up until now, we’ll lose even our lives as well! You’re playing with fire!” Emily still found it hard to accept his actions even after listening to his explanations and sighed with emotion.

“Alright alright, I know my limits in this matter. Taking risks is necessary sometimes. Only with great risk comes great reward. We can handle it.” Han Shuo paused here and asked Emily, “Right, you went out just now... did you get any useful information?”

“The Phoebe that you accompanied to the finance minister’s banquet last time just arrived in Valen City. You’ll never guess what she’s here for.” Emily frowned when she saw Han Shuo ask about business.

Starting, Han Shuo asked, taken aback, “What’s she doing in Valen City?”

“Because the McGrady Guild failed their mission halfway through last time, Bob Ascher no longer trusted them, but approached Phoebe instead. As the owner, she was tempted by the high price that Bob Ascher offered to transport the siege weapons and used the channels of her guild to bypass some cities and bring them to Valen City. I didn’t think that she’d actually do it, and now that she’s arrived in Valen City with them. If nothing goes wrong, she’ll hand them over to the Gryphon Legion tomorrow.” Emily smiled ruefully as she explained.

Han Shuo’s mind spun rapidly after he heard these words and suddenly ask, “Will this matter bring Phoebe down as well?”

“It’s difficult to say. If she helped Bob Ascher even after knowing what this equipment was, then I’d be hard pressed to cover up this matter, but if she had no idea and was kept in the dark, we may have some wiggle room then.” Emily thought for a moment and responded.

“Where is Phoebe staying now? I’m going to find her immediately.” Han Shuo’s forehead creased as he looked at Emily.

Pouting, Emily glared at Han Shuo and said huffily, “And you say you have nothing to do with her! Look at you, all worried when you hear that she’s in danger!”

“I have a lot of materials that depend on her procuring them for me. Nothing can happen to her, please tell me her address?” Holding Emily in his arms, he kissed her strongly and begged with a cheeky grin.

Emily snorted lightly and pinched Han Shuo harshly before finally giving him Phoebe’s address. She reminded him as he left, “There are Gryphon Legion members guarding the premises around her hotel. You must be careful!”

“Thank you for your concern, I’ll take care of myself, just for you.” Han Shuo chuckled and shot out from the carriage like a cheetah, moving swiftly to where Phoebe was staying.

The hotel that Phoebe was staying at was on a street close to the entrance of the city. When Han Shuo reached it, he discovered that there were indeed a lot of soldiers stationed around it. It was obvious that they cared greatly about what Phoebe was transporting.

Making use of the cover of night, Han Shuo activated the Art to fly into the air and slowly descend onto the roof of one of the nearby buildings.

One had to say that the Dark Mantle did indeed possess incredible intelligence networks. Emily had known which hotel Phoebe had checked into as soon as she entered the city. She even knew which room Phoebe was in.

The last room on the west side was the quietest and most expensive room in the hotel. There were three Gryphon Legion soldiers guarding it as well. Han Shuo observed the surroundings from the roof and made use of someone dozing off to crack open a window and sneak in soundlessly.

The room was quite spacious as it had a separate living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Phoebe was fast asleep, so she was naturally in the bedroom. Han Shuo held his breath and quietly tiptoed to the bedroom, not making any sound.

A soft, big bed was located beneath purple bed curtains. A brazier, by the side of the bed, burned softly, warming the entire room. A body on her side was on the soft bed, wrapped in satin sheets and a head full of long hair spilled over the pillow. A pale, translucent shoulder was exposed to the air and she moaned deeply as if dreaming.

Waking soundlessly to Phoebe, Han Shuo’s body twisted as he lifted a corner of the purple curtains, planning to wake her up. He suddenly heard a deep moan and a shy protest come from Phoebe’s lips, “Oh… no, you villain. Bryan, you villain!”

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Han Shuo started, thinking that she had discovered him. He couldn’t help but raise himself a bit higher to look at Phoebe, but noticed that her eyes were tightly shut and her cheeks flushed red. Low moans sounded from her mouth as her arms seemed to move over her body and rub herself beneath the sheets.

She was having a wet dream! And he seemed to be the male lead!

Han Shuo was flabbergasted as he looked at Phoebe in shock. Phoebe’s face and nape were a patch of red as her luscious, red lips parted slightly. A hand kept traveling between her chest and lower body beneath the sheets as she emitted low moans, calling out his name every now and then.

Han Shuo felt his mouth and tongue dry out when such a shocking, incredible scene was presented in front of him. His lower body immediately stood at attention. He’d planned on waking Phoebe, but forgot everything at this moment. His body slowly lowered itself into Phoebe’s bed and he even lifted a corner of the sheets to slip in.

He spooned Phoebe from behind as his stiffly alert lower body inserted itself into the rounded arc of Phoebe’s bottom. He could even feel the slippery wetness of her body down there through the thin fabric.

No man was able to resist such strong stimulus. Han Shuo panted lowly once and slowly crept his hands up to Phoebe’s pert and full breasts from behind, rubbing them through the silk pajamas. His mouth moved to Phoebe’s neck and his passion filled mouth and lips licked at Phoebe’s flushed neck.

“Oh… you pervert!” Phoebe obviously felt the same level of strong impetus in her sleep as she couldn’t help but moan as well. One of her hands unconsciously covered the hand that was ravaging her breasts as her other hand guided Han Shuo’s other hand along her breasts.

Phoebe’s bottom also seemed to feel Han Shuo’s intrusion as well as she clenched her slender legs together, seeming to want to feel Han Shuo’s invasion even more clearly. This kind of soul wrenching stimulus made Han Shuo start to pant and lick Phoebe even more fiercely.

Just as this feeling became more and more acute, Phoebe’s neck suddenly turned as she opened her sleepy eyes to look at Han Shuo, the expression of enjoyment plastered all over his face.


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