Chapter 178: I’m happy to be captured by him, what can you do about it?

Great Demon King

Chapter 178: I’m happy to be captured by him, what can you do about it?

“Big bad guy, will my grandpa be alright?” The little elf Angelica looked at Han Shuo with great worry when the Caspian left.

Caspian obviously possessed no allies in Valen City, otherwise he wouldn’t have given Angelica over to the care of a relative stranger. If his enemies were in Valen City and decided not to follow the rules and fight him, then the danger to him would be greater. However, in order to relieve Angelica’s worries, Han Shuo could only smile and say, “Relax, your grandpa’s strength is great, so there definitely won’t be any dangers.”

Angelina, who’d originally been carefree and without worry, suddenly became worry stricken because of her grandpa’s matters. The eyebrows on her charming face were knit together as she suddenly became taciturn.

Tomorrow night, Han Shuo would have to face the Gryphon Legion with the others, but for Belinda from the Calamity Church and Lawrence, today was a special day, so they had to use the resources at hand to prepare in advance.

After staying here for a short while, Han Shuo decided that just waiting in Angelica’s room wasn’t the thing to do, so after thinking for a bit, he turned to the sulky little elf and said: “Let’s go find big sister Candice and play.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere! I want to wait here for my grandpa!” Unexpectedly, Angelica, who always wanted to play, did not acknowledge Han Shuo and even firmly refused his suggestion.

Momentarily stunned, Han Shuo stared blankly before opening his mouth, “You waiting here is not a good option either. I think your grandpa will be fine, so why don’t you talk to big sister Candice? Maybe you will feel less worried?”

“I know that you want to find sister Candice yourself, you big evil person, so if you want to go then go by yourself! I’m not going!” Angelica resentfully glared at Han Shuo, snorted, and then proceeded to ignore him.

Han Shuo did not know whether to laugh or cry at her words, but he’d already given Caspian his promise, and Valen City was indeed not safe at this time, so he couldn’t possibly leave her alone. Otherwise, if Caspian’s enemy took this opportunity to seize Angelica and used her to threaten Caspian?

Looking at Angelica’s stubborn expression, Han Shuo muttered to himself before fiercely glaring at her and said: “Who cares if you are willing to or not? I already promised your grandpa, so I won’t let you leave my side.”

After speaking these words, he didn’t wait for Angelica’s reply before his body flashed like lightning, arriving next to Angelica. His left hand extended and hooked Angelica’s body before lifting her up into the air with hands that were like steel claws.

“Let go! You big scoundrel, you big pervert. Hurry up and let me go!” When Angelica reacted, she found that she was unable to move her body even a little bit. Her two little feet kicked in the air while her mouth spewed out curses.

Han Shuo paid no attention towards Angelica’s shouting. Han Shuo didn’t care at all as he kept his hand hooked around her body while he pushed open the door and made his way towards Candice’s room.

Once he was outside the door, Han Shuo discovered that Angelica was still screaming. In order to prevent her from attracting too much attention, he reached out with his right hand and covered her small mouth. Angelica’s loud screaming was suddenly diminished to low grunting, and she looked as if she was being coerced by Han Shuo.

“Put her down!” Just when Han Shuo was close to Candice’s room, several members of the Battlefire mercenary band suddenly stepped out from two doors down as they stared at Han Shuo. One of whom had a fierce body shook a head full of hair like it was like iron needles, and shouted with a sword strapped to his back.

“Eh, isn’t he the man who was talking to the vice chief outside the city?” One of the journeyman mages said in shock as he recognized Han Shuo with a glance.

“I don’t care what his relationship to the vice chief is. This kind of public coercion of a little girl infuriates me. I cannot possibly stand by and watch with wide eyes as he takes this poor little elf away.” The fierce-looking senior swordsman spoke with extreme righteousness. His bronze eyes stared at Han Shuo while he slowly reached behind him to draw his longsword to point it at Han Shuo.

Not knowing what was going on, a pair of eyes concentrated on Han Shuo’s body, and Candice asked with astonishment, “What happened Bryan? Why are you grabbing ahold of little Angelica?”

“It’s nothing, something happened to her grandpa, so he asked me to protect her. I am keeping her by my side so I can ensure her safety.” Han Shuo shrugged his shoulder and replied easily.

“Davis, this is just a misunderstanding, there is no need to be so nervous!” Candice gently smiled and said towards the fierce senior swordsman.

“His words are useless. Only that beautiful little elf’s words can prove his innocence.” For some reason, Davis was still quite obstinate upon hearing Candice’s words, as he stared straight at the little elf Angelica, who had her mouth covered by Han Shuo’s hand.

With those words, Han Shuo immediately loosened his hand from Angelica’s mouth and said, “Okay, stop playing around now and tell him that I am only protecting you.”

When Han Shuo loosened his hand, Angelica loudly cursed and continued once again to make a ruckus before staring angrily at Han Shuo and saying fiercely: “You big evil person, you’re kidnapping me! You’re kidnapping me!”

As soon as Angelica’s words left her mouth, Davis, standing off to the side, immediately flew into a rage. He was pointed his longsword at Han Shuo, and proclaimed righteously, “Let her go immediately, otherwise you will definitely regret it!”

“Enough, Davis can you really not see that the little girl is just messing around? If you really have nothing to do, then it would be better for you to return back to your room and recover your strength, and not to poke your nose into other people’s business!” Candice said with an imposing aura, her eyes bright and expression cold as she glowered at Davis.

Maybe he was used to Candice’s berating, as Davis was timid at first, but regained some courage after he looked at Angelica. He straightened up, puffed out his chest and said, “Master Candice, if your suggestion is wrong then I will not listen to you.”

By now, it was Han Shuo’s turn to be amused as he could tell from Davis’ gaze when he looked at Angelica that there was a different kind of fire within them. Han Shuo’s heart moved as he already had a grasp of the situation.

With a weird chuckle, Han Shuo remarked, “So this is the case hmm? It seem like this valiant mercenary wants to appear to be a hero in front of a little beauty, or maybe there’s yet another reason for him to be acting like this.”

With these words, Candice and Phoebe, along with the other mercenaries off on the side, all of them turned to look oddly at Davis. Even the little elf Angelica measured up Davis with an astonished look. At this time, Davis’s face turned red as he awkwardly tried to explain, “No, no. It’s not like that!”

Han Shuo loosened his grip on Angelica and put her down, as he spread out his hands and said, “Alright, I won’t hold onto you any longer since this hero wants to save the beauty so badly. Angelica, you are now saved and the hero can take you away. I won’t care about you.”

After speaking, Han Shuo calmly walked towards Candice and Phoebe, not sparing a single glance at Angelica, as if he’d completely forgotten about the promise he made to her grandpa.

“You, you, you are safe now!” Davis said as he walked towards Angelica. The righteous aura he’d boasted before was gone as he stammered.

“What does this have to do with you, you stupid dumb dumb! I’m happy to be held by him, big deal!” When Angelica saw that Han Shuo didn’t even acknowledge her, her heart suddenly shook. When she saw the approaching Davis lick his lips, she became even angrier and replied angrily.

Davis’ expression suddenly became peculiar, as if someone had just stepped on him with a dirty shoe. His face was unspeakably embarrassed and bitter.

“Big bad guy, you promised my grandfather that you would take care of me, so you’re not allowed to leave!” The little elf Angelica hollered at Davis before picking up her small flower skirt and quickly charging toward Han Shuo. She reproached loudly while running, fearful that Han Shuo would ignore her while she didn’t even deign to give Davis a glance.

Davis stood to the side with a bitter face as Candice glared at him, saying without any good feelings: “Scram back to your room. Stop making a fool out of yourself. If you want to be a hero who swoops in to save the beauty, then first look carefully whether or not the beauty is willing to let the fiend kidnap her. You deserved to make a fool out of yourself by acting so ignorantly!”

With Candice’s words, the heart-broken and inconsolable Davis let out a long sigh and gloomily returned to his room. This kind of situation was indeed complicated to his brain and he didn’t quite understand it even until now. How come Angelica, who’d had on a face full of mistreatment and injustice, start to implore Han Shuo when he’d let go of her hand and turned to leave?

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