Chapter 191: The cry of help from the little skeleton

Great Demon King

Chapter 191: The cry of help from the little skeleton

A warm sensation drew closer as Emily and Phoebe felt it at the same time. Emily felt it on her thighs, and Phoebe felt it on her pert butt. When Han Shuo’s hand landed on Emily’s thigh, her body stiffened as she thought that Han Shuo was trying to do something funny at this time. She moved her thigh away in a bit of an admonishment.

In regards to this, Han Shuo’s hand suddenly moved backward thanks to her movements and landed on Phoebe’s pert, well rounded butt.

“Umph!” A soft cry emitted from Phoebe’s mouth. Han Shuo could see her cheeks blushing furiously red in the darkness.

As a mage, Emily had extremely thick clothing on, but as a swordmaster, Phoebe was much more resistant to the cold, so her clothes weren’t that thick. In addition, a swordmaster needed to be able to jump over rocks and be agile in battle. She was wearing a normal outfit on the lower part of her body, and so Han Shuo could clearly feel the fullness of her buttocks when his hand landed on them.

Phoebe’s face was a flaming red in the darkness as her heart thumped rapidly. How dare this daring pervert treat me like this in such a place! How wicked!

Her heart racing, Phoebe craned her neck in Han Shuo’s direction to give him a firm glare. Han Shuo was quite enjoying himself and couldn’t help but turn his head to look at her as well. When their eyes met, he made a funny face at her.

There was no light within the cave, but because the three were very close to each other, Phoebe could still see Han Shuo’s face. She couldn’t do anything else but continue to curse at his daringness inwardly.

Han Shuo had been planning on sending warmth to Emily, but had ended up touching Phoebe instead due to Emily’s shyness. Because he’d already been intimate with Phoebe in Valen City, and the two of them had basically confirmed their relationship, Han Shuo wasn’t going to be any sort of gentleman now. He decided to go with the flow and placed his hand firmly on Phoebe’s butt, greedily kneading it.

It felt damn good doing so as the soft roundness of her butt still gave him a marvelous sensation through the clothing. Phoebe however, had never been so treated. Her body temperature continued to rise and her originally calm breathing began to become a bit heavier.

Emily and Phoebe’s vision were both affected in such a dark place, but Han Shuo could clearly see everything around him. Not only was Phoebe’s face blushing red and her eyes misty, she was breathing hot air out from her cheery red lips. Han Shuo saw it very clearly, and saw how alluring her expression was right now. He got a lot more into in and became even more bold with his movements.

His hand suddenly felt that the thin layer of clothing was an unbearable obstruction. He tugged her shirt upwards and then placed his hand on her smooth and warm waist. As Phoebe’s breathing grew heavier, he moved his hand down towards her well rounded butt.

In this regard, Phoebe’s neck and face were red as she found it more difficult than ever to control her panting. She couldn’t help but moan softly.

Just as Han Shuo was thoroughly enjoying himself and wanted to continue, he suddenly heard Emily cough softly and a sharp pain travel from his waist, as if she’d pinched him.

If it’d been anyone else, Han Shuo likely would’ve felt a bit awkward, but Emily and Han Shuo had long since slept together countless times, so he had no reservations around her at all. He turned his head to look at her and moved his right leg, shifting his knee behind Emily’s butt and bumping her with his knee.

Emily was completely irritated by his actions, thinking that he was simply too bold. Not only was he violating Phoebe right in front of her, but he was doing the same thing to her as well. Her slender hands had been resting on his waist after her pinch, but now she made up her mind and slowly moved it downwards. She gave it a firm pinch when she’d reached her destination.

“Ow!!!” A weird cry suddenly burst from Han Shuo’s mouth. His proud lower body had been given a firm pinch and he couldn’t help but yell out in pain. He’d been planning on violating both girls, but abruptly retracted his hands and feet.

“What’s wrong? What happened to you?” Phoebe had been losing her composure in her aroused state when she immediately snapped back to herself after hearing Han Shuo’s cries, turning around to ask Han Shuo with some panic.

“There was a squirrel inside that probably bit him. It’s probably flown out of the hole by now!” Emily’s odd voice sounded noncommittally in the darkness. Han Shuo could hear the glee in her voice.

Little hussy, you dared pinch me even there! See how I take care of you next time! Han Shuo grit his teeth and started plotting on how he would punish Emily.

“Is that right, Bryan?” Emily asked happily and on purpose when she saw that Han Shuo wasn't agreeing with her.

“Eh… yes. A wicked squirrel bit me. I’m going to make it suffer if I catch it!” Han Shuo’s mouth was bitter from his inability to speak the truth. Not only did he have to swallow what had happened, but he had play along with Emily as well.

“We invaded its territory, it’s only right that it treats us thus. Don’t think of killing people and setting things on fire everyday!” Phoebe’s voice only regained its customary coolness now.

“Miss Phoebe, your body temperature is a bit high and you were panting a bit loudly just now. Did you catch a chill from traveling in the cold wind these the past two days?” Emily was quite happy to see Han Shuo’s discomforted state. It was as if her repressed emotions had been vented all at once, and she gave no thought to the threat in his voice.

However, she didn’t feel satisfied doing this only to Han Shuo. An evil thought struck Emily as she pretended to ask Phoebe.

“Eh… I guess so!” Phoebe’s cheeks reddened again with Emily’s question as she responded with some awkwardness.

“Bryan, look at how you’ve made Miss Phoebe catch a cold. Why aren’t you holding her tighter to warm her up? However, don’t take advantage of her! Heh heh!” Emily chuckled.

Both Han Shuo and Phoebe were a bit awkward after hearing these words. There was an obvious intent in them, and Phoebe could naturally deduce that their embarrassing moments had been discovered by Emily just now. She couldn’t help but glare ferociously at Han Shuo.

With the way things were, Han Shuo naturally understood that it wasn’t very possible to take advantage of Phoebe or Emily again. To someone as perverted as Han Shuo, he wouldn’t feel a thing even if he stood naked on a winter night like this. In order to prevent Emily from speaking further, Han Shuo said, “I need to go relieve myself, you ladies rest here!”

He didn’t wait for them to speak before struggling out of the hole. When he was a few steps away, he sat down cross legged in a snowdrift and began to circulate his magical yuan.

When Han Shuo felt himself enter an ideal state with circulating his magical yuan, a sudden strong impulse suddenly tugged on his soul. It was a bizarre summons that was reflected in his heart, like a voice carrying a message from the depths of his soul and immediately wanted to return to his side.

Han Shuo was greatly startled and didn’t know what was going on. However, when he cleared his mind of stray thoughts and focused his concentration, he suddenly discovered a marvelous connection that had been unaffected by distance. Or perhaps it had always existed, but he’d only discovered it now.

It was a summons from the little skeleton in the other dimension!

When Han Shuo felt this cry carry with it a plea for help, he immediately used the most basic of skeleton summoning spells and followed this weak but unbreakable connection to summon the little skeleton.

The little skeleton creaked as he stood in front of Han Shuo, still waving his bone dagger around like he’d weathered a great battle. The bones of his body were cracked and the seven boys spurs on his back seemed a bit dull, perhaps because they had been cutting through things for a long time.

Judging from the little skeleton’s body condition and current motions, Han Shuo could be certain that the little skeleton had fought with creatures in the other dimension, and he knew clearly that it had been the little skeleton crying out for help earlier.

This all seemed rather fantastical!

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