Chapter 217: A bloody explosion

Great Demon King

Chapter 217: A bloody explosion

“Knights of Light, kill them immediately! This person and dark creature cannot be permitted to stay in this world!” Ferguson’s expression was grim as he called out lowly.

The group of knights who’d just surrounded Han Shuo and were about to take him alive were rather surprised by this sudden change of heart. However, they only paused for a second, still intending on executing Ferguson’s orders.

Up on the cliff, Edwin didn’t waste time hesitating, and shot down towards Han Shuo with Belinda. He planned on saving Han Shuo, whatever the cost, and get to the bottom of why that dark creature was unafraid of light magic.

At the same time, Han Shuo suddenly opened his eyes and swept a cold glance around his surroundings, revealing a bizarre smile.

He chanted out a simple necromancy magic, and the little skeleton who’d stayed by his side all this time, vanished without a trace as a beam of black light broke through the skies.

“Farewell, everyone!” Han Shuo smiled after the little skeleton had disappeared.

The blood red light that had been circling around Han Shuo suddenly shot to the heavens after his words, and an enormous explosion rang out.

Increasingly loud explosions, with Han Shuo’s location as the epicenter, began to shake the ground and skies. The entire valley trembled, and the knights closest to the center were blasted to shreds, blood and flesh flying out like shrapnel.

Edwin and Belinda had been descending rapidly when they saw the sudden explosion from below, accompanied by the ear numbing explosions. Waves of evil, blood red light blasted towards their location in the sky, shocking the two of them.

Edwin slammed on the brakes, skidding as he used the levitation spell to grab Belinda. They floundered around in the sky in order to evade the light, and then cast urgent looks to the enormous change down below. Stunned stupefaction filled their face as they looked down incredulously.

When the dust had settled, an enormous hole six meters deep and ten meters wide had appeared where Han Shuo had been sitting down cross legged. A thick sense of blood slowly floated out, along with dark red clouds of air. The only things left were a pockmarked surface and the mangled bodies of some knights by the hole.

Han Shuo had vanished without a trace, and no matter how grimly those remaining searched, they couldn’t discover a single trace of him.

Taking a deep breath in, Ferguson restrained his anger and said, “Stop searching. Although I don’t know how he did it, that person’s left already!”

‘Then what should we do now?” Thunder mage Asa asked respectfully when facing Ferguson.

“I need to know everything about this person as soon as possible. As detailed as possible!” A trace of rare anxiety colored Ferguson’s tone as he looked back at Asa.

“Understood! We’ll do this immediately! Asa responded.

Female archer Maxine roughly understood why Ferguson had lost his composure thus at this time. That someone who could turn the situation around like this had appeared on the Continent meant that this might bring nightmarish effects to the Church of Light.

Therefore, as an important person in the Church of Light, Ferguson would be sure to use all resources available to kill this possibility before it even formed.

“Nice going kid, he’s got some moves alright to be able to escape so miraculously!” It was a good thing that Edwin had stopped his descent. Otherwise, he might’ve been embroiled within it as well. He was delighted to see Han Shuo’s miraculous escape and couldn’t help but compliment him.

“Master Edwin, this person is enemies with our Calamity Church. Clarendon died at his hands, and he even killed Johnny!” Belinda couldn’t help but speak up when she saw Edwin’s attitude undergo a 180 degree change.

“What do these grudges matter as long as he’s willing to work with us! All humans have weaknesses, and we can give him whatever he needs. Not to mention that Ferguson’s discovered his peculiarities today, the Church of Light will try to kill him at all costs. Ferguson himself will be helping us in making this person work with us!” Edwin laughed heartily and took Belinda higher up in the skies, slowly leaving the mountain.

There was a lake with a thick layer of ice roughly ten li away from the Rainbow Sickle mountain valley. On this frosty winter day, the lake had been frozen into ice cubes, and the smooth mirror surface glistened beneath the moonlight.

However, a bolt of red light streaked through the sky and descended from the heavens like a falling star crashing down to the earth, slamming violently onto the sturdy ice.

The lake exploded outwards as a huge crater appeared on the mirror smooth lake surface. The waters of the lake began to spurt through the cracks of the ice as the ice began to crumble under the impact.

A slender figure shot out of the crater in the next breath. Han Shuo was sopping wet as he landed on a piece of ice that hadn’t cracked. He immediately sat down and began to adjust his breathing.

Han Shuo opened his eyes after roughly fifteen minutes and huffed out lightly. Dark red, muddy air floated out of his pores like string, and vanished with the gusts of the chilly winter wind.

Han Shuo stood up from his cross-legged position and changed into a dry shirt. He once again took to the air and gathered his bearings, before flying swiftly towards the Valley of Sunshine.

After fully grasping all of Chu Yang Lan’s memories and having reached the bloodlust realm, Han Shuo could now deftly utilize some secret arts.

The “Blood Explosion Shield” was an art that helped one escape. It was usually triggered with blood essence to form a series of explosions, enabling the cultivator to move their body and escape the place of danger in the ensuing sound and chaos.

However, most cultivators wouldn’t use this method that would consume a lot of blood essence if they didn’t have to. That was because once this was cast, the cultivator would exhaust a great deal of energy due to consuming blood essence and would find themselves in a disadvantageous situation.

However, this hadn’t been the case with his casting this time. Having reached the bloodlust realm, Han Shuo’s body had naturally produced a violent killing aura after engaging in the massacre in the mountain valley. The aura had naturally attracted the fear and resentment from the mercenaries he’d killed and concentrated it in his body.

The stronger this power became, the harder it became to control. This impending lack of control was what had caused Han Shuo to immediately prioritize his mind’s recovery, even in the middle of the battlefield. After suddenly awaking in the middle of recovery, he’d immediately understood that he was surrounded by a group of experts.

At the moment, the violent aura around him was still disorderly and hard to control. He suddenly recalled the “Blood Explosion Shield” in this moment of danger and a thought struck him. He turned this aura into energy and used the energy he’d absorbed as a foundation to cast this art.

In this way, not only had he created a commotion that had shaken the heavens and earth, brutally killing some knights who hadn’t had time to react, Han Shuo had also left unhurriedly from the encirclement of the various knights. At the same time, he’d been able to release a power out of his control, and he hadn’t harmed himself at all.

When he had again returned to the Valley of Sunshine, Han Shuo felt that his body had once again been miraculously tempered in the slaughter of the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries. Perhaps it was because he’d cast the “Blood Explosion Shield” and consumed the random, disorderly power, but there was a tiny bit of pure power left at the very end that had miraculously been absorbed by the magical yuan.

“It looks like adventuring is needed in order to pick up the pace of improvement!” Han Shuo couldn’t help but murmur to himself when he felt the changes in his body thanks to the fight against the knights earlier.

The metallic sound of battle caused Han Shuo to pay close attention to his surroundings. Coming to a halt in midair, he began to carefully investigate the situation around him.

Having fully developed his brain due to magical cultivation, Han Shuo was quite familiar with the layout of the nearby terrain as he’d committed the entire map to memory. When he listened carefully, he quickly realized where the sounds were coming from, and where he currently was as well.

The clashes were coming from the House of Menlo. This matter might even have something to do with Trunks and the others.

“I should go take a look at the strength of my unknown troops.” Han Shuo murmured to himself and changed his flight path, making for the House of Menlo’s territory.

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