Chapter 219: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him!

Great Demon King

Chapter 219: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him!

Han Shuo and Trunks returned to the Valley of Sunshine.

Gilbert, Emily and Phoebe had already returned to the store that contained the place of extreme water. They were currently anxiously waiting for Han Shuo, afraid that some mishap may have befallen him.

“Are you alright? I didn’t think that old guy, Ferguson, would also be part of the Rainbow Sickles mercenary band. Luckily, his main target wasn’t us or we might not have returned so easily with Gilbert,” Emily exclaimed upon seeing Han Shuo’s safe return, a trace of fear lingering in her heart.

“Mm, contrary to what you think, Ferguson minded the events of tonight very much. There is no way the Rainbow Sickles mercenary band will quietly endure the losses they suffered tonight. We must be more careful!” Han Shuo understood that the Rainbow Sickles mercenary band were not weak; the reason the chaos in the valley had happened then was because none of their high-level experts had been present. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to stir up such a massive disturbance.

“What happened afterwards?” Phoebe and the two others had left early so they were unaware of what had transpired later. She couldn’t help but inquire after seeing Han Shuo come back safe and sound.

“Nothing of significance. After you left, I also escaped under the cover of the chaos,” Han Shuo replied.

Continuous pleas tugged at Han Shuo’s mind and heart, emanating from the distant Dark Forest. Since there was nothing else to address, Han Shuo could no longer resist his curiosity so he said shortly, “There shouldn’t be any problems during daytime. Everyone has worked hard throughout the night. While the skies haven’t completely brightened, take a short break!”

The moment these words left his mouth, Han Shuo hastily returned to his room. He recited a spell and the small skeleton that had been faithfully guarding him appeared before him, bone dagger in hand.

Han Shuo gave a command and brought out the magic sticks that led towards the cemetery of death. He set up the formation and hastily set a foot inside, activating the formation with his mental strength.

A brilliant flash of white light blinded him as the scenery around him shifted radically in the blink of an eye. Han Shuo stepped out into the hall of the cemetery of death, his eyes greeted by mounds of dirt protruding from the ground. Under the murky darkness of the sky, the dense earth element kept congregating in this bastion of extreme earth.

Like the tumultuous ocean currents, the ground trembled softly as though it were made of waves. One by one, the mounds of dirt bulged and dissipated as the firm dirt turned as soft as sand. There was a deep hole in the center as the dirt seethed, as though an enormous mudfish was twisting and tossing.

The cemetery of death was protected by a special boundary. Without the Eye of Darkness that Han Shuo grasped in his hand, there was no way for any person to enter or exit this place. The moment the earth elite zombie was born, it followed its instincts to search for Han Shuo.

As it turned out, Han Shuo’s current location, the Valley of Sunshine, was not too far from the Dark Forest. Hence, the moment the earth elite zombie sensed Han Shuo’s presence, it immediately strove to get closer, but was unfortunately blocked by the barrier. Irritated at not being able to leave, the zombie had been churning the ground as though it wanted to use its special abilities to exit the cemetery through the ground.

However, it was obvious that the cemetery of death was indeed a marvelous place with wondrous powers. Despite being a favored son of the earth and having the ability to travel through the earth as it desired, the earth elite zombie could not overcome the restriction. This sufficiently proved that the status of the cemetery of death as a sacred ground for necromancers was definitely not a name given in vain

“Come out!” Han Shuo immediately called out after he stepped into the cemetery.

Immediately after he spoke, a slightly yellow shadow abruptly emerged from the ground in the center and stood stiffly at attention in front of Han Shuo.

It was still an ordinary zombie warrior, but its appearance had undergone quite a change after being refined by the secret arts of demonic cultivation. The original dark green of its face had faded to a yellow pallor, and its entire body was covered by armor slicked with yellow oil. A faint light flickered its way through it, and a thick sense of earth spirit emanated from the armor.

The yellowish armor had slowly formed after the earth elite zombie had absorbed the earth qi of the land and mixed the qi with several uncommon materials that Han Shuo had provided. The earth elite zombie had refined the mixture along with his body, and so the amor covered all of its skin. The durability of the body was vastly greater than before, and he could use the earth qi to form all sorts of attacks. He could also fly through the earth to conceal his movements or suddenly attack enemies.

The earth elite zombie stood at 180cm with an ordinary, unremarkable face. Its face was split into a wide open grin at this time, revealing an odd smile that was a bit simple. It was looking delightedly at Han Shuo. Like the little skeleton, although the earth elite zombie had a soul, it wasn’t able to directly communicate with Han Shuo. He could only make use of the mysterious connection between the two to communicate. The earth elite zombie grinned widely at Han Shuo and waved his enormous hands around, calming the furrows in the earth and restoring calm to the area.

“Alright, I know your abilities, stop showing off!” It was like a mischievous kid, eager to show off its abilities. Han Shuo understood that the earth elite zombie had just formed and that its intelligence was quite low. He’d need to keep infusing it with knowledge so that it would understand more.

The earth elite zombie moved its lips after Han Shuo had spoken and jumped into the center of his hiding place with a flip of his body. The ground shook slightly as the earth elite zombie reappeared, clutching three vaguely shifting shadows.

“Oh, the three yin demons have formed as well!” Han Shuo was surprised and immediately activated the magical yuan in his delight. He sent a beam of black light towards the vague shadows and shouted, “Yin demons, take your places according to my order!”

When the black light hit the three indistinct shadows, strands of black aura appeared around them, making their forms clearer and more distinct.

They had long tails, sharp fangs, and was as large as vicious, wild monkeys. All three had two sharp horns and a pair of bat-like meaty wings. Their faces had evil, deep green eyes that sparkled with a frightening ruthless light. This was the true form of the yin demons.

When their forms grew clear, they flew out from the earth elite zombie’s hands and through the air like lightning. Their forms shimmered between tangible and ghostly, changing their shapes at will in the air and emitting soul wrenching howls as they moved.

The three yin demons circled around Han Shuo once and entered his body through the back of his neck with a thought, vanishing without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Han Shuo then smiled and gave his body a shake. Four Han Shuo’s appeared in thin air. Apart from his own body, the three were formed by the yin demons. They were truly marvelously incredible.

The earth elite zombie hadn’t the slightest clue of what had transpired and was obviously confused. He stood there unmoving, looking dumbly at Han Shuo.

After a while, the earth elite zombie grinned bashfully and moved his stocky figure, instantly standing next to the leftmost Han Shuo. It reached out a left index finger to point at Han Shuo, meaning “I found you!”

There was a marvelous connection between the two, so Han SHuo didn’t find it odd that the earth elite zombie could identify him. As he watched the earth elite zombie look at him with an honest smile, Han Shuo’s thoughts moved again as the three yin demons transformed back into three beams of black light and returned to Han Shuo’s body.

Han Shuo continued to practice quickly transforming the three yin demons into replicas of himself. He repeated this a dozen times until he had a solid grasp on this technique.

The earth elite zombie needed quite a bit of time to identify Han Shuo, but when Han Shuo kept practicing, the earth elite zombie used the connection between the two to identify the real Han Shuo with lightening speed as soon as replicas appeared.

The earth elite zombie thought that Han Shuo was playing a fun game with him and ceaselessly identified the real Han Shuo, not feeling tired or bored at all. It kept grinning with a silly, honest grin and didn’t possess the cold ruthlessness that a zombie should have at all. This made Han Shuo some worry about whether or not the zombie could develop quickly.

Han Shuo wasn’t Chu Cang Lan, so he couldn’t bring this zombie warrior around with him wherever he went and attend all sorts of events. Therefore, Han Shuo thought for a moment and decided to send the earth elite zombie to the dimension that he’d come from.

He wasn’t worried about the earth elite zombie’s strength. After refinement from his secret arts, the earth elite zombie was certain to become a very useful helper to him. However, it’d just been born from the earth right now and seemed a bit naive and simple. It would need to grow quickly.

The little skeleton seemed to have grown into a strong, omnipotent presence in the other dimension; even Han Shuo wasn’t sure of how strong the little skeleton was now. Eventually, one would run into some enemies that one would have to hide from, so it might actually be a very good idea to send the earth elite zombie back home.

“I’m going to introduce a friend to you. He has my presence on him, you’ll definitely like him.” Han Shuo thought for a moment and smiled at the earth elite zombie.

Han Shuo then used his connection with the little skeleton to chant an incantation, summoning the little skeleton. Once he arrived, the little skeleton and the earth elite zombie stared silently at each other.

The purple eye in the little skeleton was glimmering with vitality, and he seemed quite interested in the earth elite zombie. He walked up to it and reached out a stark white hand bone to pat the honest zombie’s shoulder, and used the other hand to pound his own chest, making a hand gesture to Han Shuo.

He seemed to mean that, I’ll take care of him, don’t you worry!

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