Chapter 235: Sea of Fire

Great Demon King

Chapter 235: Sea of Fire


Another terrifying roar rang out from beneath the ground, the valley trembling vehemently throughout. Large boulders on the cliff tumbled down, while the gigantic boulders that formed the waterfall creaked madly, as if they were about to crumble at any moment.

An extremely powerful aura subtly seeped out of the cracked ground. The roar’s powerful sound wave caused the wilted trees to suddenly crash to the ground and the earth to rupture very quickly, forming a huge ravine.

Han Shuo no longer sent his three yin demons in separate directions for surveillance. Instead, he immediately called them back to his side to verify the disturbances in his surroundings. Han Shuo also couldn’t help but vault away from the rocks and take to the air because the scorching heat had already transformed the boulders into bright red heated irons.

The scorching demon generals that’d stalked out of the magma attacked the cyclops without any hesitation. In concert with the terrifying sound blast, the demon generals sent streams of magma from the river shooting towards the cyclops’ enormous body.

Three four-meter tall demon generals strode out from the ground’s depths and blocked the cyclops’ path of retreat as their flaming bodies charged towards the cyclops.

The cyclops’s enormous body was twice as tall as the demon generals’. Its azure muscles sturdy as granite, the huge shovel it was holding with both hands became its weapon to block the attacks. Every single swing embodied monumental strength and caused gusts of hot air to spin wildly within the valley.

Loud crackling explosions continuously echoed  near the cyclops’ body as every swing of the shovel deflected a stream of magma, causing a spray of sparks to fly everywhere. Rocks hidden within the magma exploded on contact, shrapnel flying off in all directions.

When some wilted small vegetation off to the side was brushed by the burning rocks, they immediately went up in flames. Instantly, a raging fire started to rapidly spread, enveloping the entire valley in a burning ocean.

A flaming rock the size of a skull was batted to the side with contemptuous ease. Yet the furious force with which it flew towards Han Shuo forced him to flee in a sorry fashion.

With a loud crack, the flaming rock smashed into the hard rock where Han Shuo had previously been standing. A splendid shower of sparks decorated the air as the searing hot flame burned a hole clear through the boulder, causing the people around to gasp at its miraculousness.

Firespark Stone, the ultimate material for refining weapons! Han Shuo gazed intently at that fiery piece of rock, and immediately knew from those flames what this miraculous rock was. This was the material that cultivators required most of all to refine their weapons – the Firespark Stone.

Han Shuo reached out with his left hand, and a wisp of purple spellfire rose up like a sliver of a soul. It carried a sinister aura and slowly enfolded the Firespark Stone.

The moment the scorching heat made contact with the cold aura, dense white smoke immediately billowed out alongside a squeaking sound. When Han Shuo felt the Mystical Glacial Spellfire take effect, he immediately activated his magical yuan. When his magical yuan covered the purple flame of the Firespark Stone, it flickered up even more beautifully.

Wisps of white mist began to rise from the Firespark Stone. Under the impact of the sinister aura, the fire burning on the Firespark Stone was slowly extinguished as it slowly calmed to a normal appearance, finally becoming a normal fire-red colored boulder, red light sparkling from within like a ruby.

Seeing the flames on the Firespark Stone extinguish, Han Shuo immediately revealed a joyous expression and placed this rock, that was the size of a skull, into his space ring. It would be of great use in the future when he refined weapons.

Whether they were magical cultivators or demonic cultivators, cultivators couldn’t avoid needing some special flames for refining weapons. Some particular materials would only be melted with special flames. The Firespark Stone was very special. If it wasn’t exposed to flames, it acted the same as any other rock, not even the least bit warm.

But once the Firespark Stone was touched by the tiniest spark, it would immediately start burning intensely. Only once the energy contained within the Firespark Stone was completely consumed would it become the most ordinary of rocks. During this process, the enormous fire energy of the Firespark Stone was able to melt any material, which made it convenient for cultivators to refine their weapons.

Han Shuo felt extremely happy after laying his hands on a piece of Firespark Stone, and started searching around with a bright gaze in order to find more stones from the sparks in the sky.

At that moment, a fiery streak of a dragon tore through the sky and landed close to the beautiful girl riding a pegasus. There was an even larger piece of Firespark Stone burning where the dragon had landed, shrouding the entire area around it in a sea of flame.

The four experts who’d been hiding in the valley had already raised their vigilance to the limit. Due to the chaos in the valley, traces of some of them had been revealed. They’d all discovered each other, but none of them took action.

For someone to appear in this valley and not be afraid in the face of such a terrifying scene, they either had mental issues, or were powerhouses who had no need to be afraid. All of the experts knew that they couldn’t make a careless move without fully understanding the situation. That’s why, even after knowing that there were others in hiding, they didn’t dare easily blow their cover.

As the larger piece of Firespark Stone burned intensely, it heated up the surroundings, causing the pegasus girl to sweat profusely, releasing a sweet fragrance. Due to the sweat, the curves of her tall breasts became even more alluring.

There was no way to extinguish the Firespark Stone without special means once it started burning. As Han Shuo looked at the Firespark Stone endlessly consume its energy, he hesitated and finally flew out, moving towards that area.

“Who is it?” The pegasus beauty called out softly. She’d clearly noticed Han Shuo’s actions, since her long eyelashes fluttered quickly as she watched the approaching Han Shuo cautiously.

“I bear no ill will, I just want to pick something up!” Han Shuo called out softly and slowly revealed himself. He was afraid that if he acted too quickly, it would cause this girl to suddenly attack.

Han Shuo was also cautiously on guard during this entire process. He had already called out the Demonslayer Edge, and a yin demon watched her every move and expression. If this girl made the slightest expression of hostility, Han Shuo would mercilessly make the first move.

Through the yin demon’s surveillance, Han Shuo noticed that the arched eyebrows of the girl was furrowing slightly. Two rows of sweat rolled down her fair cheeks, along her neck, and made it into her the depths of her clothing. The girl anxiously urged the pegasus to fly into the sky as she carefully looked at Han Shuo, perplexed. He was approaching her via flight, but wasn’t making any unusual moves.

The piece of Firespark Stone was to the left of the beautiful girl. Since Han Shuo was afraid that she would misunderstand, he deliberately avoided her body, and circled around to land at the center of the intense flames—where the Firespark Stone was located.

“I mean no harm!” Han Shuo raised his head and looked deeply into the eyes of this beautiful girl as he slowly descended from midair. He clapped his palms together and activated the magical yuan, causing a sphere of purple flame to explode into being between his palms. A wave of freezing aura instantly radiated from Han Shuo’s palms.

Someone that could fly was certainly a top expert. This was common knowledge in the entire Profound Continent. When Han Shuo flew over steadily with a relaxed expression, the  girl immediately thought that he was an expert on the same level. Since she saw that Han Shuo hadn’t made any actions that displayed ill intentions towards her, she didn’t dare carelessly offend Han Shuo either. She only examined him with a pair of beautiful and curious eyes.

When Han Shuo deployed the Mystical Glacial Spellfire, giving form to the freezing purple spellfire, the temperature with Han Shuo at the center also decreased. Using the same method as before, Han Shuo brought over the purple magical spellfire with both of his hands and gradually approached the Firespark Stone.

Intense rumbling smoke suddenly rose up. As the scorching heat aura and the freezing cold aura met, the collision caused once again caused a dense white mist to billow. The Firespark Stone that had been burning intensely started to gradually extinguish amidst squeaks.

The majestic pegasus underneath the beautiful girl was very unused to the inhospitably high temperatures currently in the valley, and had been extremely agitated. It was only due to the girl’s continuous control that it did not immediately leave the valley.

However, once Han Shuo’s purple spellfire appeared, the temperature around Han Shuo rapidly dropped. It was as if he was a piece of land that the blistering summer was evading. For the majestic pegasus underneath the girl, this was an extremely strong temptation.

The pegasus decided to draw near Han Shuo despite not having received any such orders from its rider. It flew around Han Shuo greedily, as if wanting to stay where the temperature was just right.

Han Shuo, who was focusing on obtaining the Firespark Stone, saw the pegasus’ approach and the girl’s actions clearly through the surveillance of the yin demons. The beautiful girl was attempting to stop the pegasus from approaching, but was clearly failing.

Han Shuo raised his head and looked at the beautiful girl, revealing a smile of good intentions, signaling that he understood she hadn’t approached intentionally, and that she bore no ill will either.

“Thank you!” When the girl smiled, it was as if flowers had bloomed. Her voice was soft and sincere.

“You’re welcome!” Han Shuo lowered his head and continued to use his magical yuan to extinguish this piece of Firespark Stone at the quickest pace possible. He didn’t glance at the beautiful girl anymore.

With the three yin demons, Han Shuo could still keep an eye on the situation of the entire valley even though he was working hard. The scorching demon guards that’d blocked off the cyclops’ way was savagely battling, trying to make the cyclops permanently stay in the valley.

However, the cyclops was twice as large as the scorching demon generals, and possessed an extremely hard body. It was furiously flailing about with the giant shovel in its hand. In a shocking turn of events, he had already hacked two blazing demon generals into several large pieces of rocks that ended up fusing together in the river.

At that instant, a bit of scorching magma splashed onto the cyclops’ azure body, causing a large scalded area. The cyclops wailed in pain, its single eye occasionally glancing at the depths of the magma river, as if scared that a certain powerful being would suddenly break out of the ground.

The fire grand magus was covered in a crimson magic shield. The old woman within had a really excited expression on. Her eyes sparkled as she directed all her attention to the depths of the magma, as if she was waiting for something as well.

The buff golden dragon hulk was completely soaked with sweat in the hot valley. He was slowly moving towards the outside of the valley, as if biding his time to make a move on the cyclops.

The silver fur of the giant silver ape was standing up like needles. When some sparks landed on its silver fur, they actually didn’t leave any burn marks. His tough claws continuously clenched and unclenched as its blood red eyes stayed laser focused on the depths of the magma river, not daring to approach.


Another ear shattering roar rang out, and the valley truly started to crumble. The land was ripped apart. The being underneath the ground seemed to be truly furious, as if it was blaming the scorching demon generals for their incompetence. More and more fissures tore open as more magma exploded outwards, spurting in all directions like a fountain.

In what seemed to be an instant, the beautiful scenery in the valley no longer existed. A gigantic ten-odd meters tall thing stood up from the largest crack on the ground, rising along with the boiling magma.

The head of this enormous thing was sharp, its lower body rotund, and it was as flaming red as the scorching demon generals. It seemed to be a huge moving volcano as a powerful aura spread out from its body, seemingly burning the very sky. Swathes of clouds, seemingly set ablaze, covered the sky above the valley, causing the valley to utterly transform into a kingdom of pure conflagration.

As the sky crumbled and the ground shattered, the boulders of the valley imploded, careening downwards. When the gigantic being walked out from the depths of the earth, its enormous body swayed backwards and caused more magma to explode. A volcano had truly erupted!

“It’s actually... actually the Lord of the Flames! No wonder scorching demon generals would appear!” The beautiful girl exclaimed, immediately spurred the pegasus underneath it, yelling. “Leave, now!”

The pegasus, though infatuated with the temperature around Han Shuo, was clearly very happy to hear the girl’s orders. It flew up beautifully and planned to leave this place of trouble.

However, the terrifying Lord of the Flames was furiously burning everything. The burning clouds in the sky were not illusions, they had actually enveloped the valley. When the girl and pegasus flew up, the flaming clouds lit up with intense flames, turning the sky into a sea of fire as well. No one could even think about escaping through the air.

Furious killing intent spread out from the body of the Lord of the Flames. All of the experts realized that this fire manipulator was of a mind to savagely slaughter the intruders that had dared to break into its kingdom!

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