Chapter 257: Robbing the robbers

Great Demon King

Chapter 257: Robbing the robbers

Several rough, bulky bandits abruptly sprang out from behind Janet. They grinned and shot towards Han Shuo.

These fellows all seemed to have cultivated fighting aura. Each bandit was about two meters tall, and emitted a pressure as fierce as a bear. Their momentum alone was enough to shock people.

“Eh, sorry, I still have something to do, so I won’t be staying.” Of course Han Shuo wasn't scared. When he saw these big guys closing in, he quickly shot up and slipped out of the encirclement of the surrounding men like an eel.

His speed suddenly accelerated like that of a leopard. Han Shuo leapt onto a huge tree with just a tap of his foot, then leapt backwards more than ten meters. It seemed like he’d soon be able to escape the encirclement of bandits.

“Damn it! Capture him alive for me! There must be something up with this brat!” Janet was furious. She suddenly and fiercely charged towards Han Shuo, and was actually able to move smoothly within the shrubbery, her eyes fixed on Han Shuo.

Several bandits had already fired a series of arrows and spears at Han Shuo as per Janet’s orders. However, they’d all heard her say “alive”, so they didn't dare to aim these attacks at him, but instead, shot at the path that he was aiming for.

Han Shuo grinned. His body flashed left and right, up and down in an odd fashion. He only stuck to the middle of the forest and changed directions with an extremely quick speed. Not only did he avoid all of the attacks, he even leisurely explained, “Hey, miss bandit, you shouldn't chase me like this, I'm really no spy.”

“You say you're not a spy, but why are you running as if you are a spy?” Janet was still in hot pursuit as she furiously roared, “Brothers, who cares if he's a spy or not? Get him!”

This bandit group wasn't weak. The big guys who were chasing Han Shuo under Janet's orders all had the strength of senior swordsmen. There were also several shabbily dressed mages, whose power were also similar. Han Shuo would be in big trouble if they all worked together to stop him.

However, Han Shuo's current strength was unfathomable. The three yin demons he had released could cover the entire area, as well as monitor the surrounding situation. Several obstacles were discovered ahead of time by the three yin demons, and so the distance between Han Shuo and the bandits gradually widened. His high speed, coupled with the extensive observation of the three yin demons, rendered the encirclement of Janet's gang simply useless.

This group of bandit seemed to have a good reputation. In addition, Han Shuo also had some plans for them, but not in the same way he'd ruthlessly treated the Butcher’s gang. He didn't immediately leave after escaping their encirclement, but instead dragged them around to observe their quality and combat effectiveness through the yin demons.

Out of the more than a hundred bandits, a majority of them had trained fighting aura, while a dozen or so were mages. In the process of pursuing Han Shuo, their formations were constantly stable without any particular disorder. Without Janet having to issue many commands, they had all spread out in tacit understanding. If one side heard any movement from Han Shuo, they'd immediately alert the others. After which they would all rush in, with swordsmen, archers, and mages arranged in an orderly fashion in the encirclement.

“They have some strength indeed. No wonder they could become one of the most powerful forces in the Valley of Sunshine. Compared to the Butcher’s bandit group, this one is much more smoothly organized. However, the Butcher’s bandits are more cruel and bloodthirsty.” Han Shuo muttered to himself. He was hiding in the thick lush foliage of a huge tree while clearly observing their movements through the three yin demons.

“Where is he? You guys lost him?!” Janet was chasing aggressively when she realized that they had lost all traces of Han Shuo. She furiously shouted at the bandits around her.

Be it her speech or actions, Janet didn’t have the gentle and tender demeanor of a girl at all. Perhaps because she grew up in a bandit lair, her manner had been completely affected by the bandits. Her temper was ferocious and her behavior crude. Although she looked gentle and pretty, the feeling that she gave people was that of a great, prideful man.

“Young miss, this person is faster than a leopard and more cunning than a fox. Is he really a mage?” An old mage with one crippled leg said with a wry smile as he used his levitation skills to float to Janet's side.

“Old Billy, if he were a swordsman or a knight, would he fly to this place from afar? Damn it, are you so old that even your head is old too?” Janet was still raging, her almond eyes rolling at the crippled old man as she huffed and cursed angrily.

Old Billy wasn't angry being scolded at by her like that. He only hung his head with a wry smile, “Maybe I’m really old now, or the times have changed. How could a mage run faster than a leopard? I dare say that he was running, and not using levitation skills. Heavens, is he special like you?!”

“Search this area! This guy must be a spy, or he could be from the House of Menlo.” Paying no heed to old Billy, Janet shouted to some bandits nearby.

“Not here, young miss!”

“Can't find him, he's gone!”

“He may have escaped!”

All kinds of helpless messages echoed from around Janet. Obviously the bandits had no way of discovering Han Shuo's existence.

It was already nighttime. Only Janet and Billy were standing under the tree where Han Shuo was hiding. As for the other seven or eight bear-like bandits, they were in the middle of an area with tall weeds that reached the waist, around ten meters away from Janet.

Han Shuo, who was hiding in the foliage above, suddenly raised his voice to let out a long laugh then flew straight down. He reached her in the blink of an eye, aiming a crushing blow that contained magical yuan and surging evil aura at her head.

“Damn it!” Janet cursed as she pushed away old Billy, who was about to chant a spell. She curled her hand into a fist that emitted a dark green fighting aura, aiming to intercept Han Shuo's punch.

Seeing the dark green fighting aura, Han Shuo immediately understood that she should only have the strength of a senior swordsman. He quickly reduced the magical yuan in his punch from eighty to thirty percent.

Bang! The dark green fighting aura and Han Shuo's punch fiercely collided, then their fists hit each other. A force that could move mountains and topple the seas suddenly shot out from Janet's small fist. This force flipped the flying down Han Shuo up again in the same trajectory that he fell.

“How could this be?!” His right hand became numb. Han Shuo couldn't help but exclaim, his face horrified.

The green fighting aura was the signature of a senior swordsmen. From Han Shuo's experience, Janet could, at most, withstand about thirty percent of the power from his magical yuan. However, even though Janet's fighting aura scattered when their punches collided, her small fist still emitted a terrifying force.

If it wasn't for Han Shuo's unusually tough body, her punch could have crippled his right hand. To his understanding, the green fighting aura of a senior swordsman absolutely couldn't cause such a great force.

This female bandit was a little strange!

“Keke!” Janet revealed a satisfying laugh at Han Shuo's horrified face. Then her space ring flashed and a studded club, bigger than her body appeared. She easily held the studded club in her left hand and giggled as she leapt up towards Han Shuo, bouncing off the high trees around her. Han Shuo had yet to fall down when the studded club viciously aimed at his waist and smashed downwards.

Han Shuo snorted coldly. He had just showed some goodwill and didn't expect to eat a loss in return. Seeing Janet pound her studded club right at his lower body, he became somewhat angry. His body that was hit dizzy by the strong force earlier suddenly halted mid-air, as he aimed a similar punch right at Janet’s studded club.

Rumble. A huge sound rang out, followed by Janet's surprised yelp. She was using the tree trunks to leap up, but now, both her body and studded club were fiercely smashed back down. As her butt slammed on the ground, Janet looked at the proud Han Shuo standing mid-air, aghast.

“Motherfecker son of a b*tch! Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger!” Janet couldn't help but let out a vulgar curse. Her breathing was heavy for a while before she took hold of the studded club, wanting to fight again.

Han Shuo was shocked. He didn't expect Janet to be able to stand up so quickly again. Not letting him make a move again, the big mercenaries around them rushed up together. The old crippled mage Billy had also finished chanting his spell. Chilling winds whistled as they churned into piercing sharp wind blades, whizzing forwards.

He was actually a wind archmage! Han Shuo was stunned for a moment. Now that he knew of Janet's power, he didn't continue to stay here.

He flew to hide himself in the foliage of the tree behind them, then made a few leaps and dropped down into a carriage that belonged to the bandits. As soon as he landed, he used the Demonslayer Edge to slice open the carriage’s top. While everyone wasn't paying attention, he grabbed a blithely unaware young woman, suppressed her strength, and flew out.

“You rogue, let me go! Hurry and let me go, or Janet definitely won't let you off!” This young woman was utterly beautiful, with arching crescent eyebrows and a pair of clear and bright eyes. Her voice was soft even though she was yelling angrily.

“Janet, I’m taking this girl away. If you want to rescue her, come to the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.” Han Shuo seized the young woman without any care for her shouting. He laughed loudly and left in grand fashion.

“Scoundrel! Let go of my wife, or else I’ll never be finished with you!” Janet was raging as she roared to the heavens, then she constantly and vulgarly cursed. She hadn't a bit of the manner that a gentle girl should have had.

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