Chapter 259: Assembly

Great Demon King

Chapter 259: Assembly

Trunks’ expression was exceedingly unnatural as he dashed in front of the girl like lightning. He reached out a hand to touch the necklace of crystal shards on her neck. He said with a choked up voice, “Annie, it’s definitely you!”

The original Rainbow Sickle mercenary band members all clustered around Trunks and looked on with confused stares. Grant, who’d been tossed into the air by Han Shuo, couldn’t help but say, “Chief, Miss Annie doesn’t look like that!”

“It’s definitely Annie. I gifted her that crystal necklace, and the black mole behind her left ear are all proof that she’s Annie!” Trunks’ voice was thick was tears as he held onto the girl and sobbed with joy.

The mercenaries, who’d been doubtful before, all cheered when they heard that Trunks could confirm her identity. They used their mallets to bash each other’s chest, seemingly wanting to use pain to express how excited and happy they were.

“Annie, Annie, what’s wrong? Why can’t you speak?” Trunks asked frantically when he realized the girl in his grasp wasn’t moving, and was as quiet as a puppet.

“Allow me!” Han Shuo dashed in front of Trunks and placed his right hand on Annie’s back. A beam of black light entered her body and cleaned away the restraints placed on her.

The girl, whose head was lolling to the side, suddenly had color suffuse her cheeks again. She seemed to feel Trunks’ shaking as her long eyelashes fluttered, suddenly snapping open to reveal bright eyes as she looked at Trunks, perplexed.

Which lasted precisely a second before a shrill scream tore itself out of the girl’s mouth. She struggled fiercely and started to throw punches and kicks at Trunks. She resisted ferociously and cursed loudly, “Damn it, who are you? If Janet knew, she’d kill you for sure. Let go of me, let go of me!”

However, the girl didn’t seem to have practiced martial techniques. Her punches and kicks didn’t cause Trunks much damage when they landed on him. Trunks let go of the girl in bafflement, “Annie, do you not remember me?”

“Who’s Annie? I’m Betty. You must have the wrong person. You’re crazy!” The girl dodged Trunks and looked huffily at Han Shuo. “You evil robber, what do you want with me here?”

Han Shuo didn’t respond as he looked at Annie with deeply furrowed brows. Linley looked at the deeply emotional and dejected Trunks, “Trunks you’re not recognizing the wrong person, are you?”

Shaking his head firmly, Trunks said, “I gave her that crystal necklace, and the black mole on her ear is still there. This is definitely Annie, but I don’t know why her looks have changed and why she doesn’t remember me.”

“Then there’s nothing wrong about it. These marks mean that it must be her. Memories are sometimes forgotten after enormous stimulus, and some magical potions can be used to change one’s appearance.” Han Shuo said calmly.

“That’s right. That must be the case. Where did you find her?” Trunks immediately lit up when he heard Han Shuo respond.

“You jerks, what do you want to do with me? Hurry up and let me go or Janet will never let you off the hook!” The originally gentle girl became a bit frantic because of her dangerous circumstances, and she kicked up quite a fuss.

“I grabbed her from Janet’s hands. It looks like we’ll only understand what’s going on after we find Janet. I have things to discuss with her anyways.”

“Annie, where did you get this crystal necklace?” Trunks asked in a shaky voice as he walked towards the girl and pointed at the necklace on her neck.

“How would I know? It’s mine. You must have the wrong person. Please, let me go. I can have Janet let you guys go too.” The young girl seemed to feel Trunks’ affection for her and begged pitiably.

“Do you remember your childhood, things from your youth?” Trunks eyes glimmered with light as he looked closely at the girl, asking anxiously.

Shaking her head like a rattle-drum, the girl bawled, “I don’t remember, I don’t remember anything and I don’t want to. Let me go!”

By now, even the original Rainbow Sickle mercenary band members could see that she had indeed lost her memory, and was sure that this had to be Annie, who’d been missing for three years.

“I’m going to find Janet and get to the bottom of this. Uncle Grant, take two small teams and make the trip with me.” Trunks had a resolute expression on his face and gave an order to Grant, then spoke softly to Annie, “Annie, stay here for now. They’ll take care of you like before.”

“I’m not Annie, let me go!” Annie wanted to cry when she saw that Trunks was about to leave.

“Come, let’s do it all tonight.” Roughly wiping his eyes, Trunks couldn’t bear to look at the sobbing Annie and cast a glance at Han Shuo, walking down with large strides.

There were 20 people in each small team, as well as Odysseus’ crew, Han Shuo and Gilbert walking along the flat ground. They climbed up the previously shaped stone stairs and climbed up out of the cliff.

“Why did you leave in such a hurry last time?” Odysseus asked Han Shuo with a smile as Gordon and Aphrodite also chattered away.

“It couldn’t be helped. I had a ton of stuff to do last time, plus that Ferguson was hot on my tail, so I had to leave in a hurry.” Han Shuo smiled apologetically at Odysseus. He looked to the right and left and saw that no one was paying any attention to him. Odysseus couldn’t help but ask a question in a low tone at this point.

Nodding, Han Shuo said softly, “Yes.”

Gordon was delighted and chuckled, “You’re amazing to have created such a large mercenary band. We were only willing to join after Trunks said that the boss in the shadows was you.”

Clapping Gordon’s shoulder, Han Shuo smiled faintly and nodded, not saying much. The friendship of life and death that Han Shuo had formed with them in the Dark Forest was indeed becoming to be of use.

“A merchant happened to discover a silver mine in the mountain valley. It’s said that there’s even  mithril inside. All of the powers in the Valley of Sunshine have fought several times for possession over this silver mine. I’ve received news that Laureton of the Cairo mercenary band will be going over tonight as well. The Cairo mercenary band has occupied all the high ground in the valley, and it’ll be difficult for the other powers to fight against him.”

“Laureton has left the valley this time for mithril. The other power won’t let him off the hook either, so there’s certainly going to be a vicious battle tonight at the silver mine. I’ve come back to take some men and watch the show, and see if there are any benefits to be had.” Trunks explained as he arrived aboveground from the misty flat grounds.

Startled, Han Shuo said, “Silver mines are rare enough to begin with. Mithril is the ultimate material used in forging weapons and armor. No wonder everyone’s gone crazy over it. If such a mine were discovered, its value is truly unsurpassable. Therefore, all of the factions in the valley will want a share of the profits. The merchant who discovered it was killed in the first moment, but sadly the news had already travelled.” Trunks nodded in agreement.

“Come, let’s go take a look as well. If there are no accidents, Janet will appear there as well.” Han Shuo thought for a bit and suggested to Trunks.

“Mm, my thoughts precisely!” Trunks responded.

The group of thirty something people left the cliff silently, heading for their destination under Trunks’ instructions.

The mercenaries that Trunks had brought along were mostly the experienced, extraordinary members of the Soul Destroyers. They kept checking their equipment along the way and looked around alertly, carefully avoiding the other groups of people along the way.

As the sky darkened, before the crescent moon rose into the night sky, Trunks stopped in front of a boulder and pointed at a valley in the distance that was filled with ivy vegetation. “There it is, I think all the powers in the valley have arrived. The smaller forces like us who want to take advantage of the situation will also be dotted around the surroundings. It’s going to be a bit impossible to hide without anyone discovering us.”

“The others remain here. You, me, and Gilbert will go inside first. Just follow me and be careful. No one will discover us then.” Han Shuo turned his head and calmly gave Trunks his orders.

Trunks had witnessed Han Shuo’s miracles before. He immediately turned back to the others and said, “Uncle Grant, you guys remain here and hide yourselves for now. We’ll scout ahead. I’ll use signals to notify you if anything happens.”

As experienced mercenaries, they wouldn’t have any objections about their chief’s orders once they started their operation. Grant nodded, saying in a low tone, “Understood.”

“Follow me!” Han Shuo called out softly and lowered his body to the level of the shrubbery. He took a step out and sent the three yin demons out around him, keeping an eye on all movement around him.

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