Chapter 261: Night of madness

Great Demon King

Chapter 261: Night of madness

Ordinary earth mages could use the power of the earth to form all sorts of attacks. The earth element’s forbidden magic “Falling Meteor” and “Rage of the Earth” even had the terrifying power to raze a city. Yet, despite the earth mages being able to use the earth element to conduct all sorts of attacks, they were still unable to utilize their earth’s power as naturally as the earth elite zombie.

As the favored child of the earth, once the earth elite zombie stepped onto the ground, he could control the earth elemental energy to create a myriad magical and wondrous things. It wasn’t hard for him to use the power of the earth to form underground tunnels.

When a tunnel appeared out of nowhere, Trunks knew that it must lead towards the mine.

The four powers of the Valley of Sunshine were currently locked in an intense battle in order to claim control of the silver mine. Yet, the appearance of such a tunnel allowed Trunks and the others to directly enter the innermost location without the slightest hindrances.

“Understood!” Trunks chuckled, before letting out an eagle-like shriek. Due to the clamor from the heaven shaking fighting within the valley, Trunk’s shriek didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

Through the yin demon’s surveillance, Han Shuo could see Grant and the others snap to attention after hearing Trunk’s shriek, before immediately moving vigilantly towards the inside of the valley.


The berserk Laureton howled towards the sky and hurled the battleaxe forward, causing a piercing, radiant light to enclose seven people from the Rainbow Sickle Mercenary Band. All of the people that were wrapped up by his light had their body torn savagely to pieces, blood spraying all over Laureton.

“Be careful of Laureton! If I’m seeing correctly, what he’s holding should be the divine weapon of the Berserkers – Berserker’s Battle Axe. Laureton is already a powerhouse who can become berserk twice over. Legends says that a berserker with the berserker’s Battle Axe can use its power to enter the berserk mode once again.”

“A berserker who can become berserk three times is definitely stronger than a great swordmaster. I think he’s going to be the hardest to handle in this entire valley. Even Ferguson might not be his opponent, so you definitely have to be careful of him,” Trunks couldn’t help but remind Han Shuo the moment Trunks saw the enraged, muscle-bulging Laureton releasing his terrifying aura.

Han Shuo actually became rather interested in trying after hearing Trunks’ words and said softly, “A berserker who can become berserk three times. Hehe, that’s rather interesting!”

“There’s also those Katar orcs. Be careful not to get surrounded by them. Otherwise, when their totems hit the earth, they will converge to create a terrifying shockwave. Once you are swept away by the impact, it will be very difficult to survive.” As an old hand in the valley, Trunks was quite clear about the different factions and couldn’t help but remind Han Shuo after seeing that the battle in the valley had officially started.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it in mind. Be careful when you go inside. I’ll have the earth elite zombie follow you guys so that if your movements are exposed, you can exit the tunnel immediately. With the earth elite zombie underground, your safety should be guaranteed,” Han Shuo gazed at the group of people excitedly as bloodlust gradually rose from the depths of his heart. After saying that to Trunks, he immediately walked towards the insides of the valley in a ghostlike manner.

Seeing that Han Shuo had left, the little skeleton walked over to the earth elite zombie’s side and patted his shoulders, then followed Han Shuo as usual.

In Gilbert’s eyes, this wasn’t anything special, since this wasn’t the first time he saw the two beings communicating. However, Trunks, faced with this obvious jarring of common sense, exclaimed once again when he saw the little skeleton’s strange actions.

“Chief, what is it?” Grant couldn’t help but ask after rushing over when he saw Trunk’s weird expression. Trunks remained dumbly looking at the little skeleton’s departing back.

“No-Nothing, all of you follow me.” Trunks smiled wryly and shook his head, then he waved towards Grant before walking down into the tunnel.

The earth elite zombie was very intelligent. The moment he saw Trunks jump down, he went further into the darkness and led the way in front.

“What-What is going on? Why is there a tunnel?” Grant couldn’t help but exclaim with a face full of shock when he came down and saw an endless tunnel.

“Don’t ask so much, just hurry!” Gilbert yelled, then immediately followed Trunks into the tunnel.

All of the mercenaries who’d come down were extremely confused, but once they got over their surprise, they all filed into the tunnel. After everyone had entered, the tunnel closed miraculously without a trace.

Meanwhile, the valley was in chaos. The hundred something elites from the four significant powers of the Valley of Sunshine were embroiled in a huge melee. When Han Shuo neared in interest, he found that the situation had changed in an odd way, completely out of his predictions.

Originally, due to the earth elite zombie’s actions, the other three forces had rushed towards the Rainbow Sickles. Out of all of them the Cairo mercenaries, with Laureton fighting as ferociously as a war god and slaughtered the Rainbow Sickles, had no corresponding expert. Even though the Rainbow Sickle Mercenary Band had the advantage in terms of numbers, if the House of Menlo and the Katar orc tribe had also attacked together, the Rainbow Sickles would have been in dire straits.

However, the situation wasn’t so. The House of Menlo and the Katar orc tribe that had rushed forward with Laureton’s mercenaries all defected once they neared the Rainbow Sickles. With an explosive roar from Adam Menlo and Katar, the experts from the two forces all started attacking the Cairo mercenaries.

“Wahaha, Laureton, Laureton, you never would have imagined this, right?! The real target today is your Cairo mercenary band. You finally left the Valley of Sunshine, so don’t even think about returning, haha…” Florida of the Rainbow Sickles suddenly laughed maniacally. As he floated in the air, his loud voice echoed in every single corner of the valley.

“Times have changed. The Cairo mercenaries have controlled the Valley of Sunshine for too long. No matter what, you have to move a little,” Adam Menlo’s, the master of the House of Menlo, sinister voice also rang out as he flew towards Laureton on his Golden-Winged Roc.

The circumstances had changed shockingly. It seemed like the Rainbow Sickles, Adam Melo, and the orc tribe had all come to an agreement. The intense argument beforehand was only a way of covering the fact that these three forces had already secretly set their target on Laureton’s Cairo mercenary band.

Those accompanying Laureton were the most elite berserkers of the Cairo mercenary band. Out of the fifty-something people, there were twenty berserkers who had the ability to become berserk once, and four of them, including Harris, had the ability to become berserk twice. Add to that the presence of the four archmages and three swordmasters they’d recruited over the years, it meant that the majority of the strongest people from the Cairo mercenaries were all there.

Yet, when faced with the sudden defection of the House of Menlo and the orc tribe, six berserkers on the outer ring were immediately slaughtered by the experts from the two forces in the blink of an eye.

On Florida’s side, his grandfather Ferguson, had already descended from the skies and was watching the changes in the valley with a cold gaze. He didn’t join in the attack on Laureton.


Laureton howled as the Berserker’s War Axe in his hand attacked without pattern. Meanwhile, a powerful aura spread as the Berserker’s Battle Axe caused curtains of light to appear, and all those who were swept by the light were smashed into smithereens.

“Follow me to break out!” Laureton’s yelled echoed through the entire valley. All of the people from the Cairo mercenary band suddenly changed directions and rushed towards the House of Menlo that were charging towards them.

Adam Menlo, waved the golden spear in his hands atop his roc, made the air scream with his spear aura. As the Golden-Winged Roc flapped its wings, tornadoes formed in the air and swept towards the people of the Cairo mercenary band.

A fire mage of the House of Menlo released three snakes of fire that were five meters long. They spread out as if they were alive, one towards Laureton, while the other two slithered to flank the Cairo Mercenary Group in a cone-like formation. The tender green plants that they’d slithered over quickly burned to cinders.

“Adam, you ancient piece of crap! If you want to die that badly, then I’ll send you on your way!” Laureton roared in anger and leapt into the air. The Berserker’s Battle Axe blasted out a curtain of light, causing the five meter long fire snake to rain down from the sky in sparks before it even managed to draw near his body.

Silver light exploded from the Berserker’s Battle Axe like satin sashes. It surged out like a waterfall as it shot directly towards Adam Menlo and his great Golden-Winged Roc.


Adam Menlo’s golden spear connected directly with the berserker’s Battle Axe, making Laureton’s leaping figure tremble and then plummet from the sky into the middle of the House of Menlo’s troops. Adam Menlo grunted, then quickly urged the roc to fly higher, as if he was afraid of the rampaging Laureton.

As Laureton howled in anger, he made his move once again. The fact that he’d landed right in the middle of the House of Menlo also made things more convenient. Before the archmage who’d casted “Dancing Fire Snakes” could react, he was split in half by a single hack of the battle axe, spilling his blood and guts all over the ground.

Laureton’s savage power seemed to have found an outlet after landing in the middle of Adam Menlo’s troops. He instantly caused the brutal death of several people, but the experts of the House of Menlo had managed to react by now, and they all aimed the broadswords, spears, and bows at Laureton. All sorts of attacks swarmed him before Laureton was able to cause more tremendous damage.

Ding clang dong.

The Berserker’s Battle Axe hand danced furiously in Laureton’s grasp as it blocked most of the attacks. However, several arrows still penetrated his defenses, and pierced his shoulders and back. A spear also appeared from a strange angle and carved a thin and long wound underneath his arm, where blood spurt forth madly.

However, the berserk Laureton did not feel pain at all. Furthermore, the defenses of his body were also terrifying. Although all of the arrows and long bows had packed enough power and momentum that they would pierce through a normal person’s body, they only managed to scratch Laureton’s skin. Regardless of arrow or spear, the missiles only entered about a nail’s depth into Laureton’s muscles.

“As long as we kill Laureton, I, Florida, swear to back off from the fight over the silver mine. Don’t let him leave here alive!” Florida rose into the air as the exquisite staff in his hand continuously shimmered, sending out exquisite Radiant Sword Slashes and pulses towards the people from the Cairo Mercenary Band.


The orc chieftain, Katar, howled, and led a group of orcs, empowered by various shamanic spells, in a charge towards the Cairo mercenaries. Although these orcs were the least in number, they seemed to be immune to most of the magic attacks. Aside from causing their skin to turn redder, the water and fire spells cast by the Cairo archmages were of no use.

A savage power impacted the ground, causing one of the archmages to become assaulted by a huge tremor. Even his rank three magical beast, the Deepwater Venom Python, was hit as well. His steed died instantly, while the archmage bled from all orifices. He frantically used a levitation spell to fly into the sky.

Since this fight had included all of the true experts in the four great powers of the Valley of Sunshine, the dense murderous aura due to their hatred and bitterness were all attracted by a power when they died, causing them to gather behind a huge boulder.

Han Shuo, who had been watching excitedly behind the boulder, had bloodshot eyes at the moment as waves of blood-red evil aura wreathed his body. As more and more experts died, the terrifying aura around Han Shuo’s body grew more and more dense.


A crazy long howl sounded out from afar, causing an enormous boulder, the size of a house to suddenly break apart, its pieces flying everywhere.

The evil aura around Han Shuo condensed into a strange wave of blood as his crimson eyes glared savagely ahead. The terrifying aura from his body spread out quickly, and everyone’s gazes snapped to Han Shuo as all of the powerhouses in the valley felt this evil, raging aura.

Han Shuo turned swiftly into a ray of blood light and shot into the Rainbow Sickle Mercenary Band’s ranks like a bloodthirsty demon. A single punch sent three great swordmasters of the Rainbow Sickle Mercenary Band flying, as the blood they spurted condensed into plasma.

“It’s him, it’s him, kill him!” Florida’s hatred for Han Shuo was deeply entrenched into his bones. Even though Han Shuo’s appearance was very different from usual at this moment, he was still able to recognize him with a single glance, causing him to yell out furiously.

However, for an unknown reason, Florida, who should have been the first one to make a move, suddenly felt deep terror in his heart. Although he yelled loudly about killing Han Shuo, he subconsciously moved back.

It was obvious, beyond all doubt, that he was afraid!

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