Chapter 264: Stomping on a grand magus

Great Demon King

Chapter 264: Stomping on a grand magus

“Who on earth is this person?”

“Too formidable! Even head Adam Menlo and his super rank magical creature were taken down. Too horrifying!”

“Just what kind of skill did he use? Why couldn't I identify it at all? He definitely has the power of a sacred swordmaster, otherwise he wouldn't be that powerful!”

The small powers in the Valley of Sunshine were all hiding in the valley’s periphery. They were trembling and cowering as they watched the chaotic battle unfold, and whispered exclamations of both horror and admiration.


In the end, chief Laureton of the Cairo mercenary band remained behind by himself after escaping the encirclement. He howled a battlecry as the battle axe in his hand emitted layers of silver light under the moonlight.

The muscles on Laureton’s bare upper body were now sparkling with silver light. His eyebrows and thick chest hair had changed from black to silver. Cracking sounds rang out from his two meter tall body, his frame seemed to be stretched by some force as he grew another half meter taller.

He now clenched the battle axe with both hands instead of one. There was an enormous presence exuding from the weapon that now madly sparkled with silver light. Laureton was roaring as he ferociously chopped the battle axe down towards the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries who were pursuing him.

Piercing silver light shot straight forward and crackled as it swept the ground. The several Rainbow Sickle mercenaries simply had no way to defend against the invasion as their bodies were sliced neatly through. The speed of the silver light was unsurpassed by anything seen yet in this battle, cutting through several mercenaries without impediment. It then continued to close in on the horrified Florida with incredible momentum. He fled frantically into the air, his forehead now covered in cold sweat.

“A thrice berserk berserker? Oh my gawd! Laureton is crazy!”

“That must be the divine weapon of the berserker tribe, the Berserker Battle Axe. No wonder his power has become one notch stronger. What a terrifying fellow!”

“No shit. How could he hold sway in the Valley of Sunshine if he wasn’t strong enough!?”

The people watching the fight in the dark couldn't help but exclaim as they saw Laureton go berserk once again and reach a legendary status that almost no one could attain.

“Shoot him!”

Arrows, axes, and spears shot straight at Laureton in accordance with Florida’s shout.

In addition, lightning bolts, as thick as an arm, cleaved violently down at him from the sky, dancing like fire snakes. A dense mass of whizzing arrows and erupting earth spikes blasted towards Laureton.

An intense series of attacks descended. A large patch of earth was charred and cracked, and every plant had disintegrated to ashes. Arrows and spears were scattered all over the ground, and slowly dispersing dust filled the air. Laureton remained in the center of it all with his battle axe in hand, proud and tall.

Laureton seemed to fear no pain after becoming thrice berserk. Even though the skin of his singed body was cracked in many places, they were all minor skin injuries. For Laureton to stand firmly after facing such an enormous number of physical and magical attacks from experts, his power was truly, extremely terrifying.

“Aowuuuu…” Laureton howled at the moon. He unexpectedly still had some spare energy left as he charged at the Katar orcs and Rainbow Sickle mercenaries.

“What a powerful man. A thrice berserk berserker is truly, exceptionally powerful. His body was unexpectedly immune to a majority of both physical and magical attacks!” Han Shuo stood in the air, stunned. He involuntarily praised Laureton as he watched his actions.

Laureton once again threw out the battle axe that shone radiantly. The weapon emitted dazzling silver light as it flew in an arc. Several archers in hiding immediately parted ways with their flesh and blood, the gore splattering the vicinity.

The battle axe returned to Laureton's hand after flying a full circle. In fact, it seemed to have a bit of the essence of the Law of Activating Magic. However the battle axe returned to Laureton after only a short flight. It wasn't able to float in the air and follow his wishes like the Demonslayer Edge.

Han Shuo let out a sinister laugh. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was still focused on Laureton, he suddenly released the Demonslayer Edge. A purple light blade shot out and made its way towards the thunder archmage Asa with a howl.

Asa resented Han Shuo the most. It was only because Han Shuo had exploded into four clones earlier that he was unable to easily kill Han Shuo. Asa’s head had snapped to Laureton's howl for only a second before he saw Han Shuo's attack unexpectedly close in. He was immediately frightened out of his wits.

“Last time I only managed to sliced off your right arm, but this time, I’ll cut off your head!” Han Shuo leered ferociously and rushed towards Asa.

At the moment, both the Rainbow Sickles and the Katar orcs were giving their all to deal with the thrice berserk Laureton. The experts from the House of Menlo were carefully protecting Adam Menlo. Only the light grand magus Ferguson was near Asa.

As Asa dodged in fright, Ferguson suddenly turned around and chanted the spell “Radiant Protection”. A translucent layer of light appeared and firmly wrapped around Asa.

Asa heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing his body wrapped in the “Radiant Protection”. As he was about to cast a lightning protection spell, he suddenly cried out in alarm, “Mister Ferguson, be careful!”

As it turned out, the Demonslayer Edge, that was originally aiming for Asa, suddenly changed its direction as it drew closer, whizzing towards Ferguson who'd just cast “Radiant Protection”. At the same time, Han Shuo also turned around and followed closely. He didn't even spare a glance at Asa as his eyes stared coldly at Ferguson.

Ferguson suddenly realized that Han Shuo's attack at Asa had only been a feint. Han Shuo's real goal had been Ferguson from the start.

When he understood this, a strong dread shrouded his heart. He hastily chanted the incantation for “Radiant Protection” to thoroughly cover his body.

Clang! Clank! Sweet metallic sounds of the Demonslayer Edge colliding with Ferguson rang out. Crack after crack appeared in the layers of “Radiant Protection”. From within, Ferguson quickly focused his mental strength to mobilize the light element and desperately repair the cracks.

“Heh heh, old fart, I had already warned you the last time you pursued me. Yet you still stubbornly took action and almost killed me in the river. You didn't think this day would come, did you?! You just cast Radiant Glory, so your mental strength is already exhausted. Now after two Radiant Protection spells, let's see how long you can hold on for!”

Han Shuo closed in like a ghost. He didn’t withdraw the Demonslayer Edge into his body. Instead, his magical yuan furiously circulated and coalesced itself into two attacks. Han Shuo gave an odd chuckle as he unceremoniously mobilized his fists to violently assault the surface of the “Radiant Protection”.

The sound of the violent bombardment was like a loud drum. Cracks in the “Radiant Protection” spread rapidly beneath the relentless brutal attacks. Ferguson almost had an impulse to vomit blood inside the protection. He’d never felt so lacking in light elemental energy as he did now. He was giving it his utmost efforts to exhaust his mental strength.

Extreme dread was branded deep in Ferguson’s heart as Han Shuo continued pummeling his shield. Only now did he realize how unfathomable Han Shuo's heart was. He finally understood why the latter released the Canopy of Necromancy and so many dark creatures in his presence.

He had been Han Shuo’s original target from the start! Everything had been to take revenge for the last time Ferguson and Maxine had chased him down at the small river! This time, Han Shuo expended quite a bit of effort on this plan. He’d first forced Ferguson to cast “Radiant Glory” in order to expend a large amount of his mental strength. He then pretended to attack Asa and made Ferguson exhaust his mental strength in casting “Radiant Protection” before finally closing in for close quarter combat.

Han Shuo had also expended a great deal of mental strength to cast the Canopy of Necromancy and summon the large amount of dark creatures. However, he was also a powerful melee attacker with a strange weapon, in addition to being a mage. Although both sides wasted a similar amount of mental strength, Han Shuo could still launch an offensive with his weapon.

If all of this had been within Han Shuo's calculations, then his unfathomable heart and his deep, sophisticated scheming were all beyond imagination. Now that Ferguson understood, he’d never feared anyone as much as he did now.

“Chase me now why don’t you?! You motherfecking S.O.B.! Who do you think you are to decide my life and death? You old fart, you only know to protect your own. I’ll make it so that you can’t chase me in the future!” Han Shuo cursed loudly as he assaulted the “Radiant Protection”.

Being smashed in both spirit and body, Ferguson finally couldn't help vomiting blood. An immense arrow of blood sprayed out onto the “Radiant Protection, dyeing its pure white color crimson. The cracks became increasingly wider.

“Florida, what the hell are you still chasing for? Your grandfather is going to get beaten to death!” Asa was casting lightning magic nonstop to attack Han Shuo. However, the latter was constantly changing his position to evade while each of his blows still ruthlessly smashed into the “Radiant Protection”. Asa finally couldn't help but yell out upon seeing Ferguson vomit blood.

The thrice berserk state couldn't last for too long. Laureton had already turned to escape. Florida was chasing him in high spirits when he heard Asa curse loudly. He suddenly panicked and involuntarily looked back.

“Old fart, buh bye!” As Florida looked on in deep shock, Han Shuo grinned as he dealt a blow aimed at a crack in the “Radiant Protection”. This spell had long since been overwhelmed by the brutal attacks and finally shattered, collapsing in a burst of purple light.

The blood covered body Ferguson suddenly emerged, then fell listlessly on the ground. He was deader than dead!


Han Shuo flew higher and higher with his round of creepy cackling. He left arrogantly under the wretched gaze that shot out from Florida’s eyes, a gaze that ached to rip him in half.

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