Chapter 267: Divine body

Great Demon King

Chapter 267: Divine body

Han Shuo joined Trunks and the group on the way back. They didn't encounter any unexpected incidents, and returned directly to the Soul Destroyer mercenary band’s base in secret.

The group seemed somewhat worn out after experiencing a grueling night. However, Trunks had already waited for too many years, and obviously didn't want to waste even another second. Those around, who'd been original members of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band were now gazing at Han Shuo with shining eyes.

“You people, you people really captured Janet?” When the sleeping Annie was awoken, she yelled noisily. However, she immediately paled and stuttered when she saw the unconscious Janet.

Patting Janet on the cheek, Han Shuo intended to pour magical yuan into her body to wake her up from the coma, but his brows suddenly lifted as he discovered something surprising.

Exclaiming “oh” in a light voice, Han Shuo placed his big hand on the back of Janet's head. Five strands of magical yuan, as thin as silk, swam into her body, suddenly discovering that her body structure was different in some places compared to an ordinary person. Her meridians were a bit more fragile, but she had a dozen more bones.

“Bastard! How dare you take advantage of Janet?!” Annie furiously cursed upon seeing Han Shuo press his big hand against Janet's back.

“How is it?” Trunks was waiting for Han Shuo to wake Janet up. However, Trunks couldn't help but inquire upon seeing Han Shuo's face turn puzzled while Janet had yet to come to.

“This Janet is very strange, her body structure has many differences compared to an average person’s!” Han Shuo was astonished. He was even more careful after that, letting the magical yuan run a few more rounds. He finally determined that Janet's body was indeed the same as a human being’s, but the composition of bones and meridians was different from normal human’s.

“There's really such a strange thing as this?” Trunks was surprised. He stared fixedly at Janet a few times over then nodded, “It is indeed her. I've known her for several years now. This is definitely Janet. How can her body be different from a normal human’s?”

“There's no mistake about it. Her body is absolutely different from ours. I'm sure this Janet has some oddities!” Han Shuo said with certainty. He then suddenly recalled the last time he fought Janet. Her deep green fighting aura had already scattered, but still had the ability to make his arm tremble, this had sown some doubts in his heart.

After Han Shuo listed out the peculiarities about Janet, Trunks was stunned for a moment and then opened his mouth to say, “I actually know something about this. When Janet had yet to cultivate fighting aura, she actually already possessed powerful strength. I heard it showed when she was still a child.”

“I see, I know what it is now. Janet must have a legendary divine body blessed by the gods. Her body structure has been different from ordinary people’s since birth!” Han Shuo exclaimed, suddenly remembering Fanny's remark about his body before.

Han Shuo could have such a rapid progress was entirely due to the practice of demonic magic, but Fanny had mistakenly believed that he had a divine body. At that time Han Shuo thought the divine body talk was gibberish. Now that he’d sussed out Janet's body structure, he understood there were truly some magical things on this continent.

“Oh my god! This female bandit actually has a divine body. According to the legend, those with a divine bodies will become extremely powerful figures. I didn't think we could actually encounter one here.” Trunks was quite shocked as he too looked at the unconscious Janet.

“Scared already? Quickly let us go, or Janet definitely won't let you go easily!” Annie clenched her tiny hand, shaking her fist at Trunks threateningly.

Shaking his head slightly, Han Shuo mocked with a smile, “So what if she has a divine body? She was still captured by me!”

“Wake up!” Han Shuo lifted the restriction on Janet's body and patted her face, smiling cutely as he spoke.

Janet didn't say a thing as soon as she woke up and instead turned to Han Shuo and cursed nonstop. Han Shuo felt really weird for such a beautiful girl to spit out vulgar curses one after another.

“I’ll leave her to you. She can move her mouth now!” Han Shuo stood up with a wry smile, patted Trunks’ shoulder, and walked out.

When Han Shuo left the mountain cave, Odysseus and the other fellows were quite self aware and followed him out. Only Trunks and some old comrades remained inside to interrogate Janet about Annie’s past.

“Bryan, it's been quite some time since we last met. Let's have a drink tonight!” Odysseus walked out and immediately smiled at Han Shuo as he offered. This place was still covered in thick mist in the evening, but for some reason the mist up in the sky gradually dispersed, allowing the bright and clear moonlight to directly sprinkle down.

Almost all of the other mercenaries were sleeping, as it was late into the night. The Odysseus gang was quite tired after a busy evening, so they all sat down in the practice area.

“Good!” Han Shuo had nothing to do and picked a random seat, sitting down cross legged with Gilbert, Odysseus, and the others. He took out the wine crafted by the dwarves and handed it to Gordon’s group.

Even the water adept mage Aphrodite and the female elven archer Nia didn't refuse Han Shuo's goodwill. After a few sips of good wine, they all looked up at the moon and shared the desires and aspirations in their hearts.

“I want to become a great swordmaster. Sooner or later, I’ll have everybody know the name of Gordon!” Gordon, who'd advanced to senior swordsman, said proudly after a few mouthfuls of wine.

“I too need to practice my magic and become an archmage. As long as I can become an archmage, I can be bestowed with a title in any country and become a superior noble!” The water adept mage Aphrodite softly expressed her desire, a smile hanging on her lips.

“Ah right, Bryan what do you desire?” Odysseus turned to glance at Han Shuo.

“More power, money, privilege, and beautiful women!” Han Shuo lazed around as he lay on the sparring stage, his hands resting behind the back of his head. He looked at the sky and responded clearly.

“Eh, Bryan, you're really straightforward!” said Odysseus.

“Haha, don't people live to strive for these things? Although different people have different desires, frankly speaking, don't they all revolve around these few things?” Han Shuo said with a smile as he glanced humorously at Odysseus.

“Hehe, that's quite true!” Odysseus pondered for a moment and nodded.

After Han Shuo and the group had drunk wine and chatted freely for quite some time, Trunks walked out alone from the mountain cave. He plopped down next to Han Shuo, picked up the wineskin on the ground near Odysseus, and threw back his head for a long gulp.

Trunks poured more than half of the good wine left into his mouth with a gurgling sound, then abruptly threw the empty wineskin into the sky. His eyes were deep red as he said in a low, choked tone, “I must kill Florida, the Butcher Gustav, and also Bradley Pillon from the Kasi Empire!!”

Bradley Pillon was the younger brother, by blood, to the king of the Kasi Empire, Brady Pillon, and a grand duke of the Kasi Empire. His territory encompassed only Cesar City, a location separated from Valen City by only the Kerlan mountain range. He was a grand aristocrat only below one person, but above ten thousand in the Kasi Empire, holding enormous power in his hands.

When Gryphon Legion chief Bob Ascher betrayed the Lancelot Empire, he’d sought refuge under someone else. That someone else had been the lord of Cesar City. It was easy to imagine how much power the younger brother of the Kasi king possessed. It was simply impossible to deal with such an immense figure with Trunks’ current power.

Patting Trunks' shoulders, Han Shuo consoled, “Rest assured, I’ll help you. Nothing is impossible!”

Trunks violently smashed his fist down. The blow didn't contain any fighting aura. It hit a hard rock and caused the back of his hand to crack open and bleed. Trunks roared like a caged beast, “Damnable bastards! I’ll definitely make them pay the price!”

Janet suddenly walked out with a cold face, looking at Trunks with veins throbbing in his forehead as she said, “For Annie, I too shall kill them!”

“Grant, cover her eyes, take her out of here.” Trunks turned to sweep a glance at Janet and abruptly shouted.

The bulky Grant held Annie as he walked out of the mountain cave, his eyes red and swollen. Looking pitifully at the sleeping Annie, he sobbed, “Chief, what should we do with Annie?”

Janet spoke up, “Annie is a person with close relationship to me. Believe me, I will protect her from any harm. If she stays with you guys, sooner or later she’ll remember her past, and I'm afraid she'll…”

“No need to say anymore. Take her away, help me take good care of her!” Trunks abruptly cut off Janet's remaining words and said in a resolute manner.

Janet nodded without another word and willingly let Grant blindfold her. She slowly climbed up under Grant’s guidance and escort.

“Good. I assure you that vengeance shall be taken!” Han Shuo once again patted Trunks' shoulders and cautiously said with a grave expression.

Even though Trunks and Janet hadn’t clearly said anything, Han Shuo could generally guess from their attitudes about what had happened to Annie's body.

Trunks treated Annie like his own sister, so this hatred obviously had to be returned!

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