Chapter 273: Climbing up step by step

Great Demon King

Chapter 273: Climbing up step by step

After leaving the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, Han Shuo went straight to Lawrence's house. Together, they left for the barracks of the northern city guards.

Ossen City was divided into four sections, North, South, East, and West. Each section had a large city gate and an independent army responsible for maintaining law and order in the section.

As they arrived at the city’s northern campgrounds, Lawrence opened his mouth to speak, “Although we’re ten days late, I think there shouldn’t be a problem!”

What greeted their eyes was a grand looking castle, wholly made of solid rock. Several armored guards stood in front of the city gate, looking over the recruitment of ordinary civilians with strong physiques. They were being examined before they could join the rookies.

Lawrence walked over to them along with Han Shuo and said with authority, “He is an adept mage who's just graduated from the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. He’ll join your magic corps from now on.”

An officer was lying lazily in a chair, his mouth munching on some fruits on a plate. As soon as he heard Lawrence's voice, he scrambled to his feet and put on a flattering smile, “Greetings to the young master Lawrence!”

Lawrence nodded and pointed towards Han Shuo saying, “He's my friend. He intends to join the magic corps of the city’s northern guard. We’ll proceed based on the formal procedures.”

“An adept mage?!” The officer was shocked. His expression became much more respectful as he looked at Han Shuo, “May I see your certificate?”

There were three main jobs on the Profound Continent: swordsman, knight, and mage. Swordsmen held the lowest status, knights were a little higher, and the rarest and highest ranked were mages.

To a country, a mage of the same level brought more benefits to the army. For instance, a senior swordsman or senior knight could only kill several soldiers with one attack no matter how powerful they were.

However, if an adept mage released a magic spell of great lethality, they could kill dozens or more than a hundred soldiers in a single instant. The higher the mage’s level, the more powerful their spells were. For example, if a sacred magus released a forbidden spell, he could even destroy a city and kill tens of thousands of soldiers in a second.

Because mages possessed magic spells with a large area of destruction, they were very useful in the military. Their status was obviously higher than swordsmen or knights. Generally, in any country, if a mage reached the level of archmage, they would be bestowed a title of nobility and their own territory.

As for those of the grand magus or sacred magus level, they were talents that every country competed over for possession. The king of that country would agree to any of their conditions, from wealth, positions, or even beautiful women. Everything they wanted would be theirs.

That was why the officer’s attitude had taken a complete turn upon hearing that he was an adept mage who’d graduated from the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Over the years, the Academy had produced many of the most outstanding figures in the Empire. Currently, several notable figures, who were the best in their fields of expertise, had all graduated from this academy.

“Of course you can!” Han Shuo took out his graduation certificate from his space ring and handed it to the officer.

Only now did the officer realize that Han Shuo wore a space ring. He was slightly surprised. An adept mage who could possess a space ring was definitely not ordinary. The officer became even more respectful. He held the certificate and skimmed it before handing it back to Han Shuo with both hands, saying in all honesty, “There's no problem at all. We of the city’s Northern Guard welcome you to join us. You will be a member of the Northern Guard’s magic corps. Please follow me, I’ll help you with the documents.”

“I'm going with you!” Lawrence smiled at Han Shuo and followed the latter into the castle. The officer seemed to know Lawrence, as he didn't stopped him from entering.

The three yin demons had been released earlier to circle the castle. Han Shuo discovered that the castle was divided into several areas. The bottom floor was the living space of the ordinary soldiers. It could accommodate nearly a thousand people alone. The second floor was for ordinary officers, while the third floor for was for senior generals and members of the magic corps. Han Shuo paid some attention and realized that there was also a basement for storing weapons and provisions.

Even though this castle was inside Ossen City, its defenses weren’t weak. The castle walls were ten meters tall with several guards posted in each direction. There were several heavy defensive weaponry and even three magic towers set up.

This was the base camp of the Northern Guard. Many more soldiers were stationed outside. The scattered Northern Guard was divided into three portions. One portion trained in the jungle, another stood defense at the northern gate, and the remaining group was in charge of patrolling the city to prevent inside confrontations.

Before he’d come here, Han Shuo knew that Lawrence was acquainted with the highest commander of the city’s Northern Guard, Count Boris Carlin, so he hadn’t been worried at all.

In the Lancelot Empire, the majority of military power was in the hands of the nobility. Lawrence's uncle, Boris Carlin, for example, was a count of the Empire. The Carlin family in the Empire was regarded as a grand family. Lawrence's father in name and Boris’ older brother, Eevee Carlin, was one rank higher as a Marquis of the Empire.

Eevee Carlin had an intimate relationship with the King due to his connection with Lawrence. With Eevee’s support, plus his own extraordinary military talent, Boris Carlin was able to sit in the position of the Northern Guard’s highest commander.

Obviously Lawrence had arranged for Han Shuo to be here because his uncle was in charge of this organization. The soldiers in the castle all knew of the relationship between Lawrence and Boris, which was why they treated the former so respectfully. Even Han Shuo, following Lawrence, received the same treatment.

“Oh, my lovely Lawrence, you haven't come to see me in such a long time!” The group was heading to the third floor of the castle, when an army man, with a height of one meter eighty centimeters, with a rough, bearded face, called out loudly from a distant staircase.

“Hi dear uncle, aren't I paying you a visit you right now? Hehe, I've brought an outstanding person here. Isn't your nephew good to you?” Lawrence laughed all the way as he pulled Han Shuo over to Boris.

Boris laughed heartily with a resounding voice. He swept a glance over Han Shuo and said, “Is this the Bryan that you've mentioned to me many times? Haha, his body is unexpectedly strong, and he’s an incredible mage to boot. Truly unimaginable!”

Due to his practice of magical cultivation, Han Shuo was now one meter ninety centimeters tall. His back was as straight as a javelin, naturally emitting an extraordinary presence. Although he was wearing ordinary magic robes, the presence emitting from his body simply couldn't be concealed.

“Greetings honored Count Boris. Please take care of me from now on!” Han Shuo had a firm grasp of the situation. He smiled and bowed respectfully.

“Well said, well said!” Boris laughed loudly again and spoke to the guiding officer, “Gilok, you help Bryan complete the procedures.”

“Lawrence, Bryan, come come, come to my room for a bit!” Boris waited for the two to climb up the stairs before enthusiastically grabbing them, leading them straight to the biggest room on the third floor. All the guards respectfully saluted Boris along the way.

Boris’ hand was rough, like an old tree’s bark. Han Shuo immediately understood from the sensation that he used heavy weaponry. Han Shuo had heard Lawrence mention that Boris was an earth rider.

Boris’ room was built with big boulders, bright and spacious. There weren't any luxurious items, only some simple furniture. It seemed Boris wasn't an extravagant person.

“All of you are dismissed. Don’t let anyone in for now!” Boris ordered upon reaching the doorstep. The two senior swordsmen withdrew without a word and stood guard a few paces from the door.

When the three had settled down in the room, Boris went straight to the point, “Bryan, I’ll be frank on account of your relationship with Lawrence. Since you've come here, I’ll help you obtain the title of duke in the fastest way possible. Lawrence told me that you have endless potential and will definitely become a great assistant of his. I believe in his vision.”

“Thank you, Sir Count!” Han Shuo nodded slightly and smiled with gratitude.

“No need to be polite. Hehe, helping you is helping Lawrence, which also helps myself. We’ll have you stay in the magic corps for now with no particular status. However, when you make a military achievement to the Northern Guard, in addition to your identity as a mage, I can help you apply for a noble title. From then on, your rank will gradually increase based on your contribution.” Boris looked at Han Shuo and slowly explained.

“Uncle Boris, for this period when Bryan is in the Northern Guard, the Viscount title will do just fine. The higher titles aren't as easily acquired through the Northern Guard, I have my own plans!” Lawrence had long since made his plans about Han Shuo's position. Considering the achievements and power of the Northern Guard, it might only be enough for Han Shuo to become a viscount here. Even Boris was only a count after all, so it would be difficult to promote Han Shuo once more in the Northern Guard.

“Hehe, you little boy. Good, I just have something here. If you can do well Bryan, your credit will definitely be recognized. I can help you obtain a title even faster then!” Boris rolled his eyes at Lawrence before telling Han Shuo with a smile.

Quickly recalculating several things, Han Shuo was immediately interested, “What matter?”

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