Chapter 276: The lovebirds shared a bath

Great Demon King

Chapter 276: The lovebirds shared a bath

Ossen city palace, to the west in a luxurious residence...

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First prince Charles was currently pressing down on a plump, beautiful woman on a table. He moved strongly from behind, the beautiful woman's white buttocks swaying along in rhythm. She was like a ** enjoying his **.

After a bit, Charles let out a moan. His two legs trembled, his body softening like cotton candy as he collapsed on the beautiful woman's body and groaned, “Treasure, you are really charming!”

“Your Highness First Prince, please be sure to help my younger brother!” The beautiful woman lay still without moving, letting Charles’ hands wander all over her body as she whispered coyly.


“Rest assured, the whole Empire is mine in the future, this small matter is nothing much!” Charles let out a perverted laugh. He took out an aphrodisiac pill, about to swallow it for another round of “battle”.

However, at that moment, a strange sound echoed in the room. Charles’ expression changed. He immediately put the pill away and quickly put on his pants, saying in a hurry, “I have an important matter to attend to, you must leave. Now!”

The beautiful woman hurriedly pulled up the dress pooling around her knees upon hearing this. She left through the side door without another word and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The thin and tall duke Ashburn rushed in directly following the strange sound. He gave Charles a glance and said with displeasure, “I can't believe you still have the heart to be licentious at this moment.”

“Sorry uncle, what happened?” Charles looked very humble in front of Ashburn. He bowed and honestly admitted his wrongdoings.

“Failure. Of the killers sent by Shadow Ghost, one was captured alive, the rest were slaughtered.” Ashburn said in a low tone, his face gloomy.

“How could that be? We investigated clearly earlier, even if those killers couldn't kill him, they shouldn't have ended up like that?” Charles was shocked, he couldn't understand how Lawrence had done it.

Ashburn was in a bad mood. The Shadow Ghost had suffered a heavy loss and one killer had even been captured alive, which made him very worried. He said again in a gloomy manner, “Something unexpected happened. That meddling Bryan seems to played a major role, otherwise the situation wouldn't have been so bad!”

“The boyfriend of the Boozt Merchant Guild master Phoebe? How could it be?! He's but an adept mage, what could he do with that kind of power?” Charles could hardly believe it. He had met Han Shuo last time in the Rose Garden and felt that Han Shuo's power wasn't enough to be feared.

“This person isn't simple. After Aubrey came back from the Boozt Merchant Guild, his body was hot one moment and cold the other, and it turned into a serious illness a few days later. Even Aubrey, with his power, fell victim to this person’s trap. Bryan definitely isn't easy to deal with. It seemed we first have to get rid of this hindrance now that he's appeared again.” Ashburn paced back and forth as he thought for a while before saying coldly.

“All will be as uncle says!” To Charles, this uncle was his important backing. Ashburn held a great deal of power and played a crucial role in Charles’ fight for the throne. Moreover, Charles didn't dare not listen to Ashburn given their familial relationship.

Nodding his head, Ashburn said, “Phoebe's master is the sacred swordmaster Karel Ascot. He came to visit me earlier. The old fellow hasn't expressed if he supports Lawrence or not, so we temporarily shouldn't make an enemy out of him. This old fellow knows very well that I also have some experts, so I can’t allow them to act because of Bryan’s intimate relationship with Phoebe. The Shadow Ghost is now severely damaged and may not be able to mobilize their men again in a short time. Only you can kill Bryan!”

“No problem. A while ago at the Brut Merchant Alliance, the great swordmaster Leah Cain offended the lightning sacred magus Reynold Dila. He took advantage of the chaos in the Brut Merchant Alliance to escape to the Empire and flocked to my banner. He’ll arrive in two days. No one knows about this yet, so he’s the perfect one to send out.”

“That maniac?” Ashburn was started, then nodded as he said with a sinister laugh, “Then I can be at ease!”


Phoebe's room.

The sound of running water echoed from within. Phoebe's clear, cheerful voice sweetly resounded, “Heh, are you comfortable?”

Gentle mist covered the whole room from a spacious bathtub, the water inside decorated with countless petals emitting a fresh fragrance. Han Shuo was wearing shorts as he lay on the edge of the bathtub. Phoebe had a thin veil draped over her body. She sat next to Han Shuo and leaned over to massage him, helping his muscles relax.

Han Shuo squinted his eyes as he lazily lay still. He said, somewhat disappointed, “Comfortable yes, just not in the way I imagined it. I thought you wanted me to join you in the tub and do something else!”

“Humph, I knew you'd have naughty thoughts. Giving you a massage is good enough! I haven't ever given anyone a massage up until now, but you still aren't content!” Phoebe had her hair up in a high bun, with a few strands naughtily falling on her shoulder. The thin veil couldn't cover up her youthful air as her white jade skin revealed a natural rosiness.

Han Shuo had done it with Emily before coming here, but still found it hard to contain himself. It was a pity that he promised to not force Phoebe, so no matter how difficult it was, he could only grit his teeth and bitterly endure for fear that she'd be truly angered.

“Bryan, what was that pill you gave me? How could it be so miraculous? If you can refine a lot of it, our guild will definitely earn a lot of money. I'm afraid no woman can resist the temptation of this medicinal pill even if they have to pay a sky high cost!” Phoebe softly asked Han Shuo like a little wife. However, her mind was still thinking business as she massaged Han Shuo's shoulders.

“Forget it. That pill cost too much in precious resources. Besides, the Rebirth Pill can not only give you eternal youth, it can also help you revitalize yourself. Be it body or spirit, both will be reinforced immensely. I had to spent a lot of time collecting the treasures of heaven and earth in the depths of the Dark Forest to finally refine a few. You think it's easy to make?!” Han Shuo explained with a wry smile. Both Fanny and Phoebe were obsessed with the Rebirth Pill. Han Shuo gave them the Rebirth Pill as he was mostly worried about their power. Unfortunately, they only cared about maintaining their beauty and didn't focus much on raising their strength.

“Is that so? Then there's really no way!” Phoebe exclaimed in disappointment, then softly giggled, “That's also fine. From now on, no one can have such beautiful skin like me, hehe!”

Han Shuo's heart immediately jumped upon hearing her say so. He secretly wondered if Phoebe, Emily, and Fanny would detect anything from each other’s delicate skin when they met each other. If so, then wouldn't he be hoisting himself high on an execution stage of his own making?

Slightly shaking his head, Han Shuo didn't want to think about it anymore. He turned his body to embrace Phoebe tightly. Her soaked, smooth, white skin seemed to merge with the thin veil, causing him to have naughty thoughts.

“Just kissing okay?!” Phoebe said softly with a chuckle and turned her fragrant lips to Han Shuo.

When their lips touched, Han Shuo finally couldn't suppress himself. However, he was in a bind as he remembered his promise to Phoebe earlier.

Suddenly, an idea popped in his head. Han Shuo recalled several secret demonic magic methods from Chu Cang Lan and formed a secret plan. While he intensely kissed Phoebe's cherry lips, his hands caressed some of her sensitive areas. He tried using a few provocation methods to see if they were really that miraculous.


Phoebe moaned out sobbing-like sounds. Her soft body’s temperature kept soaring as her smooth skin flushed red. Her breathing grew more and more urgent. She finally couldn't suppress it any longer and hugged Han Shuo tightly like an octopus.

Phoebe was already this aroused after Han Shuo had surreptitiously used two moves. This truly made him happy inside. He secretly thought that the demonic magic from that old monster Chu Cang Lan was truly useful. He moved his hands up and down then rested them around her small waist while kissing Phoebe.

It wasn't long before Phoebe lost control of herself first. Her eyes glazed as if she'd fallen into an erotic dreamland. She took the initiative to take the thin veil off her body. She panted and glided over to Han Shuo, softly calling, “Bryan… Bryan…”

Secretly rejoicing, Han Shuo put on an evil smile and said, “If we continue like this, I'm afraid I won't be able to hold myself back. Let's stop here today?”

“You scoundrel, I knew I couldn't escape the palm of your hand. Forget it, forget it!” Phoebe softly exclaimed and slowly removed everything on her body, revealing a perfect figure. Highly protruding peaks, flat belly and a pair of long, extremely beautiful legs appeared just like that in front of Han Shuo without cover.

Letting out a light cry, Phoebe took the initiative to move over to Han Shuo and reached out with her jade hands to help fling off his shorts. She used her strength to hug Han Shuo tightly and buried herself into his broad chest, whispering, “After seeing you relieve yourself last time in the Valley of Sunshine, I had already intended to give it to you then. From now on, you don't need to hold back anymore!”

Han Shuo was between laughter and tears, but had no way to explain. He hadn’t thought that a misunderstanding would lead to this. It seemed this was also thanks to Emily's assistance.

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Han Shuo naturally wouldn't be polite when a beauty was right in front of him. He turned and pressed Phoebe down, his broad chest squeezing her high twin peaks. His hands unceremoniously caressed her body and skillfully parted her firmly closed legs. He looked directly at her face and asked, “Why do you like me?”

While he spoke, his pole also lifted and touched Phoebe's wetness. His hands didn't stop caressing her sensitive areas to rouse her lust.

“I don't know, maybe after that assassination. I hated you then, but your image kept appearing in my head. I didn't know when this resentment gradually disappeared, but your image couldn't be dispersed from my mind.” Phoebe answered quickly in the midst of her gasps. It seemed these words had been in her heart for a long time and had never ceased.

The moment Han Shuo stepped into this world and started practicing demonic magic, he had decided to not live life with any restraint. The more he came in contact with this originally cold beauty, the more he understood his feelings for her. He knew he couldn't leave her, even though it wasn't the same obsession that he had for Fanny.

While Phoebe twittered, Han Shuo closed his eyes for a moment in silence, his hands subconsciously casting the demonic magic provocation method. He himself didn't know how effective this secret method was, but Phoebe had tacitly given her approval. While he had yet to act, Phoebe suddenly let out a loud scream.

A moment later, Han Shuo felt his lower body being wrapped in a warm, humid grip.

After a long while, Han Shuo sluggishly sat in the bathtub. Phoebe was sitting on his strong thighs like a kitten, her hands wrapped around his neck. She buried her face in his chest in a weak, lazy, but satisfied manner.


“Did it hurt?” Phoebe's earlier performance could only be described as insane. This was her first time, so Han Shuo couldn't help but ask in concern.

“I, I don't know. I think I went crazy. There was basically no pain. When I snapped out of it I was already like this!” Phoebe was embarrassed, her voice small as a mosquito’s.

Han Shuo was shocked upon hearing these words. He secretly thought that the demonic sexual provocation method was truly overbearing indeed. Even a girl with a resolute mind like Phoebe couldn't help but fall into madness. It it had been an ordinary woman, they might have lost all reason and become a harlot begging for punishment.

“I'm dead tired, let's rest for a while!” Phoebe was truly tired. She’d initiated the earlier lovemaking and had demanded madly from Han Shuo. Moreover it was her first time, so her whole body was sluggish.

“Mm, you rest!” Han Shuo gently picked Phoebe up and placed her on a warm place next to the bathtub. He himself sat cross-legged in the bathtub and circulated the magical yuan.

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