Chapter 283: Coolly composed

Great Demon King

Chapter 283: Coolly composed

Before Han Shuo’s arrival at the Northern Guards, thunder archmage Killua had been the leader of the Northern Guards magic corps. However, due to Han Shuo’s appearance, he could only take Han Shuo’s orders now.

Killua had originally been a bit reluctant, but after Boris spoke a few words to him, he immediately understood that Han Shuo only come to the Northern Guards to gain some military achievements, and that the magic corps of Northern Guards would be just a jumping board for Han Shuo. After that, not only did that remove any complaint he might have had, he would even intentionally curry Han Shuo’s favor in hope of a little bit of help when Han Shuo became successful.

“Be careful, they have twenty something people and they’re all pretty strong!” Han Shuo said quietly when he returned to Emily’s side after giving his orders.

“I understand, what do you think we should do?” Emily nodded in reply, then asked for Han Shuo’s opinion.

“When the hundred knights surround this area, immediately use magic to destroy all obstacles. Capture the experts if you can, otherwise, it’s fine if you kill all of them. As long as we can find the blueprints, we’ve essentially finished this mission!” Han Shuo thought about it and said quietly.

“We’ll do as you say. Those Northern Guards seem to trust you very much. You have to command them well, so that they don’t mess up!” Emily said docilely in front of Han Shuo, she had already become used to having him in charge.

“Then alright, pay attention to Yoland, don’t let him escape!” Han Shuo replied before slowly floating into the air.

Han Shuo quickly passed through the knights and mages like a ghost. Using the three hundred and sixty degree surveillance of the three yin demons, Han Shuo continuously gave orders to the surrounding knights. He had them discard their horses and hide in the surroundings. The contingent of knights slowly surrounded the other party, keeping a hundred and fifty meter buffer.

Han Shuo stood proudly in the sky and calmly commanded the knights and mages of the Northern Guards. He made sure to put suitable men in every location. In the meantime, everyone lowered their voices and quietly approached the dirty and broken down building.

The distance slowly decreased as the encirclement tightened. When the two parties were only fifty meters apart, Han Shuo waved at Killua and the others. Upon seeing his action, they immediately started to chant magic spells quietly, their expressions solemn.

“My lord, we’ve been surrounded. I can hear unusual sounds from the wind!” A wind mage said anxiously to Yoland, who had a dark and muscular body and was riding a tattooed beast.

“How is that possible!” Yoland suddenly sat up from a pile of straw he’d been resting on. He quickly looked out the window, his expression immediately darkening as he shouted softly, “Everyone, assemble. Find a chance to break through the encirclement!”

The twenty something people within the room all stood up silently after hearing that. All of them unsheathed their swords and knives and prepared to charge out.

As the leader, Yoland remained calm in the face of such a terrible situation. His space ring brightened slightly as he took out the blueprints that he’d spent much effort in obtaining. He carefully dug a hole in the wall and said quietly, “The brothers that have come on this operation are all not afraid of death. I will put the blueprints in the widened gap in the wall. If any of you can leave this place alive, you can wait until Ossen City is no longer so heavily under guard before returning to take back the blueprints to the Empire. Do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry my lord. We know what to do!” That wind mage replied seriously. The other people in the room also had on determined expressions, prepared to make the sacrifice.

Suddenly, five rays of lightning struck down from the sky. The zigzagging lightning illuminated the pitch dark sky. At the same time, several walls of flames appeared around the building, causing the surrounding temperature to spike up to dangerous levels. Meanwhile, the ground started to tremble as spires started to project from the ground.

Yoland and the others who were within the house understood that the attack had already begun. All of them leaped out from the door and windows, and started to charge separately from all directions through the attacks of lightning, fire snakes, and rock spikes.

“Kill!” Han Shuo’s cold voice rang out through the entire night.

Killua’s lightning suddenly slammed down. When the houses were struck, every single one of them exploded with a deep rumble. Two men rushed out from those houses. They instantly fell limp onto the ground when they were struck by a bolt of lightning.

The hundred knights of the Northern Guards were all elites of the military, every single one holding the strength of a companion-at-arms or a sergeant. Under Han Shuo’s orders, each one methodically blockaded the roads. Once they noticed someone dashing towards them, they would immediately move to block the target mercilessly.

“Send three knights to the north to stop them. Killua, have the Magic Corps attack the four experts rushing in from the south. Yoland is in the west, he is a sky rider, so those in the west have to be careful…”

Using the vision of the three yin demons, Han Shuo sent his commands forth leisurely. He would accurately mention the other party’s strength and numbers every single time, then send out suitable number of troops to stop the charge of the assassins.

Emily and Chester slowly approached the direction that Yoland was charging towards under Han Shuo’s directions. As a thief, attacking straight on wasn’t Chester’s forte, so he remained among the group of the knights that was setting up the blockade and left it up to Emily, who was ready to attack any time with dark magic.

“Damn it, why is the enemy so clear about our movements!” Yoland had told everyone to separate and attack using the strongest force they could muster. He’d noticed a few weaker areas in the beginning that could have been broken through. Sadly, before they’d even drawn near, those places had suddenly become heavily guarded, causing those trying to break through to suffer enormous losses.

The mages all cast spells in directions that they couldn’t see under Han Shuo’s orders. Yet, the spells would always leave Yoland’s people in dire straits, and heavily wound or even kill those people waiting in the dark.

“I didn’t notice anyone casting Sky’s Eye. I don’t know why the enemy is able to see our movements so clearly!” The wind magician’s voice was frantic as his anxiety broke through.

“Everyone, if you think that you can escape easily after breaking the law in the capital city of the Lancelot Empire, then think again! Hehe, everyone here is clear on your identities. As long as you lay down your weapons, surrender, and identify yourselves, we can allow you to live and wait for the mediators from your country to negotiate,” Han Shuo fired off a string of orders before hollering at them with a smile.

Their actions were completely revealed to Han Shuo through the yin demons’ surveillance. Then, he would organize experts of appropriate skill to stop the would-be escapees. He had successfully killed enough of the assassins, leaving only thirteen. On the other hand, the Northern Guard only had four lightly wounded and one heavily wounded when the other party fought back until the brink of death. Aside from that, there were no other casaulties.

Yet, only fearless attacks were the answer to Han Shuo’s announcement. None of the assassins from the Angel Empire showed the slightest bit of hesitation. After Han Shuo had finished speaking, they viciously tried to break through the encirclement again.

Han Shuo could determine that these people were all death sworn from their reactions and strength. They probably hadn’t had any thoughts of surviving after entering the Lancelot Empire. It was an unrealistic notion to capture these people alive. Thus, after a bit of hesitation, Han Shuo suddenly commanded, “Everyone, don’t hold back any longer, just kill them all!”

“Brothers, rush out with all your might. Even if you can’t, you have to bring several of them down with you!” shouted Yoland after hearing Han Shuo’s merciless orders,

“You have no more chances!” Emily’s cold voice sounded as she glared at Yoland from her black robes, “The technicians in the military factory were all helpless civilians. All of them were killed savagely. You guys truly do deserve to die today!”

“Haha, since they were not people from my empire, so what if they died!” Yoland laughed maniacally as he raised a huge broadsword and rode atop of his tattooed beast. He dashed directly towards Emily. “Woman, are you stopping me by yourself?”

“Foolish!” Han Shuo’s thick murderous aura spread out with lightning speed before Emily could chant a spell. The Demonslayer Edge shone with crimson light as the blood red sword aura cleaved down towards Yoland from the sky with unparalleled ferociousness.

Yoland had been dashing towards Emily and hadn’t thought that Han Shuo would suddenly attack like this, not to mention from above. Although he had the strength of a sky rider, he still found it a bit difficult to face this sort of sudden attack. The broadsword that he was holding horizontally had to quickly rise to meet the Demonslayer Edge attacking down from above his head.


Sparks exploded everywhere and a clear crack appeared in Yoland’s broadsword. He snorted as his shoulder trembled, while the four short legs of the tattooed beast underneath him snapped, unable to withstand the force. The tattooed beast fell onto the floor as its wolf-like head continuously spat out blood.

“Haha, don’t think of obtaining the blueprints even if you kill me. All of the technicians were killed, you won’t be able to create the war chariots without the blueprints!” Yoland looked tragically at the tattooed beast underneath him first before laughing savagely with a grimace. Since he had no way of attacking Han Shuo in the sky, he could only sprint quickly towards Emily.

“Isn’t it just hidden in the gap in the walls? What’s so hard to find about that!” Han Shuo said with contempt. Han Shuo ignored Yoland as the latter’s expression drastically changed and dashed towards the room the targets had originally been hiding in with lightning speed.

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