Chapter 289: A medal of merit

Great Demon King

Chapter 289: A medal of merit

Leah Cain’s fate was sealed the moment over a hundred dark creatures were summoned. After all, a great deal of his fighting aura had already been exhausted after exchanging blows with Han Shuo. Particularly with his final attack, Leah Cain had consumed a frightening amount of fighting aura to produce those ice needles.

Despite his inability to cast necromantic spells of that level, Han Shuo had the mental strength of a grand magus. Such a huge pool of mental force was enough for him to summon a large number of dark creatures. Amongst these creatures were the remarkably powerful little skeleton, earth elite zombie, and wood elite zombie.

The three bizarre dark creatures lurked within the grand army of undead creatures and would randomly release attacks that caught an average person off guard, rendering them unable to defend themselves. Leah Cain had to deal with the Demonslayer Edge’s all-pervasive attacks in addition to facing two evil knights, creatures that were famous for their tyrannical strength. That obviously took most of his attention.

The three bizarre creatures took advantage of this opportunity to press their unique attacks to their hearts’ content. This strategy was naturally effective, as Leah Cain was instantly heavily injured by the little skeleton’s sneak attacks. It was just a matter of time for him to be trampled to death by the evil knights.

The hundred strong army of dark creatures instantly drowned Leah Cain and blocked the vision of the surrounding nobles, as well as that of their entourages’. These people couldn't see what was happening at all. They could only hear the shrill, tragic screams from Leah Cain.

Han Shuo was standing grandly in the sky as Leah Cain's despairing screams started to subside. He unhurriedly chanted an incantation, sending his summoned dark creatures back to the other dimension. Apart from the traces of blood scattered on the grass, there was nothing else. Not even a single bone was left on the lawn to indicate these creatures had been present.

Everyone understood that Leah Cain was finished! He must have been ripped apart and eaten cleanly by those dark creatures! The big, still moist patches of blood on the lawn were proof of this truth.

“Done, done just like that!”

“Leah Cain is dead?! I mean, he should be dead!”

“Uhh, how can this be? He was finished so quickly?!”

The onlookers around all shot horrified glances at Han Shuo standing proudly in mid-air. They then looked back down at the bloodstains on the lawn and understood that the battle was over. Han Shuo had successfully killed the Crazy Great Swordmaster Leah Cain of the Brut Merchant Alliance. He’d won fair and square, and had shown his unique skills from beginning to end throughout the battle.

He’d used the necromancers’ most brilliant, common, and effective tactic of overwhelming numbers in the end to directly subdue the great swordmaster. No matter from what perspective one approached this battle, this match could be regarded as a classic one for the books. Leah Cain's dense rain of ice needles and Han Shuo’s unique skill in splitting into four clones were all deeply engraved in everyone’s memory.

A hubbub of discussion rose and fell. Han Shuo had been standing proudly in the sky when he suddenly let out a resounding shout and disappeared with blinding speed. His elegant, dashing figure gradually turned into a black spot until the crowd could no longer see a trace of him.

It wasn't just the audience inside the Garden House who knew of Han Shuo's grand victory, the civilians on the street outside the Garden House had all deduced this when they saw Han Shuo fly away. Everyone cheered and yelled, the atmosphere as joyous as a holiday.

First Prince Charles’ face was terrifyingly gloomy. He had never expected Leah Cain to lose, no matter how much he speculated about the match. To him, this was simply unreal.

An expression that was even more embarrassed than Charles belonged to merchant Cameron. He stood right behind Charles with a bleak expression over his now ashen complexion, his eyes glazed over as he stared off into space. He simply didn't know what to do now. As the operator behind the scenes, Cameron had to draw out all of his capital for this bet, similar to everyone else. He had already paid an arm and a leg just for Phoebe's Boozt Merchant Guild alone.

Phoebe, however, was the complete opposite of him. Her usually cold face was currently full of uncontrollable excitement, her cherry lips muttering nonstop, “I’m rich, I'm rich!”

“Heh heh, heh heh, Bryan ah Bryan, you really didn't let me down!” Lawrence had never felt happier than he was today as he looked at Charles’ gloomy face. He laughed loudly and left with Phoebe, walking arrogantly past Charles and Cameron.

“Let's go, father-in-law!” Although Emily was certain of the result from the beginning, she still felt an unrivalled sense of glory as Han Shuo's secret woman when she saw his godly strength displayed for all to see. The corner of her lips turned up slightly in a delightful smile as she turned to speak to old mister Hahn.

“Incredible, incredible little guy, heh!” Old mister Hahn showered nonstop praises upon Han Shuo before leaving the Garden House with Emily.

When the nobles exited the Garden House, the details of Han Shuo's grand victory over Leah Cain quickly spread. At this moment, the entirety of Ossen City was abuzz, talking about Han Shuo. Many noble young ladies secretly regarded him as the target of their admiration and adoration. Countless aristocrats wanted to recruit Han Shuo.

Ossen City, the Imperial Palace.

The two who’d left early - Amyes and Candide - were in a chamber with the king of the Lancelot Empire. They were softly narrating the details of the battle.

King Uhtred suddenly spoke loudly with joy after listening for a short while, “Good, very well done! I heard just yesterday that he'd found the blueprint, and today, he’s already killed Leah Cain of the Brut Merchant Alliance. This boy is truly worthy of enormous investment!”

“Not only that, your Majesty. Bryan also possesses a unique art. Not only can he become a top notch expert, his martial art can create an immeasurable impact to our Empire if widely promoted!” Amyes waited until Uhtred happily finished his words before adding cautiously.

As these words fell, Uhtred asked in surprise, “What is this about?”

“It's like this…” Gloomy Candide, one of the three heavyweights, carefully explained to Uhtred as he went over the details of how Han Shuo had defeated Leah Cain. Then he added, “Your Majesty, Bryan has a clean background and is wholeheartedly loyal to the Empire. He's worth it no matter the cost!”

Uhtred hadn’t become king of Lancelot without extraordinary insight. His eyes sparkled when he heard Candide talk about the miracles that Han Shuo had performed. He was silent for a while before issuing an order, “Candide, I intend to bestow him the title of count, award him with a mansion in the city's north end, along with ten thousand gold coins. Promote him directly from Dark Moon to Dark Sun envoy with the right to access all Dark Mantle intelligence. In addition, you will personally lead Bryan and allow him to have his pick of territory. Don't ask him about his martial arts for the time being. We first need to show him our sincerity.”

“Your Majesty is wise, I think Bryan will be very grateful!” Candide said flatteringly.

“Mm, Candide, this Bryan was personally mentored by you, therefore your credit is great. I now bestow you with a Medal of Bravery. Consider this your reward!” Uhtred said to Candide with a smile.

“Many thanks to Your Majesty, your subject is very grateful!” Candide was overjoyed as he knelt down to receive the honor.

The Empire's Medal of Bravery carried a special meaning. Only those with outstanding contributions to the Empire would be awarded this prestigious medal. Having this Medal of Bravery meant that Candide could enjoy the special privileges of the Empire for the rest of his life. Even if the current king passed away, the next inheritor of the throne could never use brute force against Imperial heroes who possessed the Medal of Bravery. Moreover, this medal was hereditary. When Candide died, his direct descendents could still enjoy the special privileges bestowed by its existence.

Although the Medal of Bravery carried no tangible benefits, this little medal was like a card of privilege that gave an identity much superior to an average noble title. Therefore, Candide was overjoyed upon hearing Uhtred bestow upon him a Medal of Bravery. He secretly thought that this Bryan was indeed his lucky star!

“Candide, congratulations!” Amyes elegantly turned to offer Candide his congratulations.

“Many thanks!” Candide smiled in response, his face couldn't conceal his joy.

“Alright, this is the reward that you deserve because you've discovered a person who can become a sacred swordmaster and sacred magus for the Empire. I hope you provide Bryan with more guidance and make even more contributions to the Empire!” Uhtred smiled as he looked at Candide and spoke slowly.

“Rest assure your Majesty, I will help Bryan adapt to the aristocratic lifestyle as soon as possible. This boy is highly intelligent, so he will become a pillar of the Empire sooner or later!” Candide was so pleased after he received the Medal of Bravery that he immediately made these promises.

Nodding his head, Uhtred said smilingly, “Good. You can all leave now. I will warn the Church of Light and won't allow them to act wildly in our Lancelot Empire. Hehe, I believe the title of count is just the beginning for this boy. I hope he won't disappoint me!”

Candide and Amyes glanced at each other. They didn't say anything else and bowed respectfully. They then left through the secret tunnel and returned to the Dark Mantle headquarters within Mt. Ordas behind the Imperial Palace. After arriving, Candide started to prepare for Han Shuo's ennoblement matters.

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