Chapter 292: Three hundred thousand gold coins

Great Demon King

Chapter 292: Three hundred thousand gold coins

“Senior brother Lawrence, there's something I want to speak to Bryan about alone.” Phoebe glanced at Lawrence and said softly.

Lawrence was startled but soon recovered. He smiled meaningfully and said, “Alright. Rest assured Bryan, I’ll arrange some fine military leaders to arrive at Brettel City before you arrive there.”

Nodding, Han Shuo said with a slight smile, “Many thanks, I'm really not very good at military strategy. Your people will surely be a great help to me!”

“Alright then, you guys talk, I’ll go back first. I’ll personally come to Brettel City after a while to pay you a visit.” Lawrence flashed a wink at the two before exiting the room with a smile.

Han Shuo stepped forward and gathered Phoebe into his arms as soon as Lawrence had left, following up with a long, lingering kiss. Han Shuo picked her up and walked straight into the bedroom. He dropped her right on the spacious, soft bed and pressed himself on her.

Clothes flung out, the two naked bodies intertwined. Phoebe let out one sultry whimper after another, trying desperately to match Han Shuo's pounding movements. She kept going until she had exhausted every bit of her strength.

After a stormy session, Phoebe lazily leaned onto Han Shuo's strong chest. Her delicate fingers gently glided across his body as she murmured in satisfaction, “I can't leave with you for now. Cameron’s merchant alliance is facing a crisis of disbandment due to their recent loss from his huge gamble. This has opened up an opportunity.”

There was normally a secret chamber in the mansion of every noble for storing precious goods or engaging in secret endeavours. The mansion the King had bestowed upon Han Shuo was no exception. Candide had told Han Shuo everything about this mansion when he met with Han Shuo in the Dark Mantle headquarters, including the underground secret chamber.

Walking through a tunnel, Han Shuo found a big, empty room. There was nothing inside except for a few empty closets.

Setting up the magic sticks into a closet, Han Shuo arrived at the Cemetery of Death through the transportation matrix. The Cemetery of Death was gloomy all year round. Except for the stark white bones scattered everywhere, there was no vitality nor any changes. Han Shuo heaved a soft sigh of relief upon exiting the Cemetery of Death. He looked to the depths of the Dark Forest and spread out his senses.

“Why hasn’t the fire elite zombie been completed after so long!?” Han Shuo frowned and muttered to himself, unable to comprehend the matter.

The earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie certainly hadn't taken as long to emerge as the fire elite zombie. If it wasn’t for Han Shuo being able to sense its presence, he really would have thought it'd met with some troubles.

“Could it be because of the fire attribute treasure - the fire lotus, or the Lord of the Flames?” Han Shuo pondered for a bit and guessed.

In contrast to the earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie, the place of extreme fire had given birth to a fire attribute treasure - the fire lotus. What would result from it hadn’t been mentioned in Chu Cang Lan’s memory. There had been a terrifying Lord of the Flames inside as well that had taken the fire elite zombie to be its child, which put an even odder spin on things. So many strange happenings together might have impacted the formation of the fire elite zombie. Otherwise, it shouldn't have taken that long to emerge.

“Forget it. Let's start the water elite zombie for now!” Han Shuo decided to stop thinking about it. He understood that since he could still sense the presence of the fire elite zombie, there was no issue. He decided to go to the Valley of Sunshine and place the water elite zombie into the place of extreme water.

After flying through the air for a while, Han Shuo traveled from the Dark Forest to the territory of the Valley of Sunshine. He jumped down the strange cliff to look for the Soul Destroyer base.

Surprisingly, Han Shuo couldn't sense Gilbert’s presence at all. He only saw Grant when he walked in. The latter immediately paid his respects upon seeing Han Shuo and explained, “The chief and Gilbert have accepted a mission, they aren't here for now.”

“What's the current situation?” Han Shuo ordered the three yin demons to circle around. He discovered that there were over two hundred mercenaries still present. As these two hundred people looked completely unfamiliar, he immediately understood that the Soul Destroyer mercenary band had expanded.

“What else could have happened? The great powers have switched from covert to direct fighting. During this chaotic period, Laureton's Cairo mercenary band has been the strongest. The other three powers was forced to join hands in order to take a stand against the Cairo mercenaries. A few strong bandit forces have also participated from time to time. The current Valley of Sunshine has become a chaotic mess.” Grant explained the situation to Han Shuo with a smile.

“Oh right, after what happened last time, did the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and the House of Menlo make trouble for you guys?” Recalling the events in which he’d killed Ferguson and heavily injured Adam Menlo, Han Shuo couldn't help but ask with surprise about what had happened after.

“Heh heh, those two do indeed hate us Soul Destroyers very much. It's a pity they don't know where we are. They can't proceed even if they want revenge!” Grant looked smug as he laughed loudly.

“I see many new faces in our band. There aren't any problems with these people right?” Concern laced his voice as Han Shuo asked.

“Rest assured. We only picked these mercenaries after a strict inspection. Those who can come in here are all trustworthy. Hehe, Laureton has allowed us to recruit people in the Valley of Sunshine thanks to you. That saved us a lot of effort. “ Grant looked gratefully at Han Shuo.

“Good. In that case, I'll be leaving now since Trunks isn’t here.” Han Shuo said goodbye to Grant after obtaining the information he wanted and flew straight to the Valley of Sunshine.

The members of the Cairo mercenary band in the Valley of Sunshine all knew Han Shuo by sight now. As such, they dismissed all procedures necessary for him to enter the valley. Everyone greeted Han Shuo with a smile, their attitude towards him quite amiable.

Han Shuo went straight to his shop as soon as he entered the Valley of Sunshine. He started to operate the formation without another word before jumping into the well. He took out the materials from his space ring one by one and sank down into the depths of the well. The water was cold, penetrating down to the bones. Han Shuo summoned the little skeleton as soon as he reached the bottom.

The little skeleton located an ordinary looking zombie as per Han Shuo's order and disappeared after bringing the latter out. Han Shuo placed this zombie warrior in the center of the place of extreme water. He threw in the strange materials one by one afterwards and directed all of the available water elements in this place to gather around the zombie warrior.

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