Chapter 322: The green dragon’s crystal core

Great Demon King

Chapter 322: The green dragon’s crystal core“ROAR...”The green dragon madly twisted its body, a long mournful cry resounding from its mouth. The golden dragon had desperately wrapped his body around the green dragon. Well known for their bodily strength, the latter was obviously not an opponent for a golden dragon. Not to mention that the golden dragon had already evolved three times. He wasn't afraid of death at all as his ferocity burst out upon being wounded.The golden dragon and green dragon were locked in close quarter combat. The former took advantage of his steely body, hook-like claws, and enormous maw full of stark white teeth to leave grievous wounds on the green dragon that reached the bone. The scales on the green dragon's body were effective against human arrows, but could not withstand the force of the madly clawing and tearing of the golden dragon that was a rank above it. Due to the distance between the two super rank creatures, the green dragon was unable to find an opening to retreat and utilize its powerful magic attacks. Because the two dragons were tearing each other so intensely, Celt couldn't even stand firmly on the green dragon's back, let alone release any attacks.“Despicable human! I've warned you already. You will pay the price!” The golden dragon let out a roar of insanity. With a swing of his shining golden tail, the miserable green dragon was thrown back.The green dragon was already woozy and flew straight downwards onto a distant hill. The huge body looked like a green ribbon, rapidly falling amidst its howling.The giant silver ape remained in his hiding place, its blood red pupils stared fixedly at the descending green dragon. Waiting until the green dragon had almost hit the ground, the fur on its body suddenly stood erect as it made a beeline towards the hill like a bolt of silver lightning.

Rumble…The green dragon's massive body smashed into the hill, flattening the ten meter tall hill and making a rumbling sound that shook the ground.The golden dragon was dripping with blood and created a rain of red liquid. He stretched out a bit in the skies, bringing his iron hook-like claws down upon the caterwauling green dragon below.The injured green dragon spat out several green puffs of dragon's breath with a strange sour stench. The golden dragon hadn't completely dived down and suddenly staggered like a drunkard, changing directions upon coming into contact with the dragon's breath. He now landed on a small hill ten meters away from the green dragon.A silver bolt of lightning abruptly shot out from the shrubbery. The giant silver ape used his sharp, knife-like claws to assault the green dragon in the golden dragon's steed. His two claws proved to be incredibly sharp as nearly half of his arms penetrated the green dragon's body.“Aowuuu… Aowuuu…”This strike was obviously very painful for the green dragon to deal with. Its huge body thrashed violently, destroying all the trees in the surrounding radius of dozens meters. The giant silver ape also rolled together with the green dragon, since his two claws were still within the latter's body.However, the toughness of the giant silver ape’s body was astonishing. He immediately pulled out his claws when he reacted. His entire body transforming into a silver bolt, he aimed right at the green dragon's eyes, trying to blind it before slowly torturing it to death.Whoosh!A silver dragonlance suddenly stabbed forwards, nailing the giant silver ape in the chest with an audible sound. The madly charging ape was hindered by the dragonlance’s blow. He let out a shrill, raging howl, and swung his claws fiercely, slicing the lance into two pieces. Only the tip of the spear was still stuck in his chest.“Damnable beast! Even you want to seek undue advantages!” Celt casually threw away the broken pieces of the lance and slowly pulled out a strange looking sword.A cold presence suddenly started spreading along the blade as soon as the sword was drawn. Ripples of starlight orbited the sword before spreading outwards. Celt pointed the sword point at the silver ape. His silver fighting aura instantly fused with the starlight, shooting straight towards the giant silver ape with raging momentum.Han Shuo was still hiding surreptitiously nearby. Upon seeing Celt raise the sword, Han Shuo’s consciousness immediately sensed an infinite, starry presence that shook his very being. He instantly knew that the sword was absolutely extraordinary. Otherwise, it wouldn't have possessed such an enormous, exotic hidden atmosphere.

The naturally ferocious giant silver ape also felt the same boundless presence, especially when the starlight merged with the silver fighting aura. A mysterious, horrifyingly dangerous feeling of the unknown descended, along with a small galaxy that had been created from the fusion of the two forces.However, the giant silver ape was so close to getting the magical core of the green dragon, as the latter was slowly dying after being heavily injured. The green dragon only needed a single strike to finish it off. Upon seeing the silver fighting aura twinkling with countless starlights drawing near, the giant silver ape blinked his blood red eyes, as if hesitating whether or not he should take the risk.Suddenly, the giant silver ape’s savage eyes shone brightly. The giant silver ape moved as quick as lightning, attempting to dodge the starry silver fighting aura, while killing Celt and excavating the green dragon’s magic beast core in one swift move.“It won’t be that easy to escape!” Celt sneered. He twisted the sword in his hand slightly, suddenly changing the direction of the starry fighting aura in mid-air. It continued to shoot at the giant silver ape’s back at an extremely fast pace.A tragic roar emitted from the giant silver ape’s mouth. The starry fighting aura bore more than a dozen bloody holes into his back, each hole overflowing with blood.“Greedy beast, how does the divine weapon ‘Starry Sky’ taste? You want some more?” Celt stood upright on the back of the green dragon as he laughed heartily at the giant silver ape.Divine weapon “Starry Sky”! Han Shuo was shocked. He'd initially intended to take this opportunity to make his move, but once again had to restrain himself. Han Shuo looked at the “Starry Sky” in the sky rider’s grasp. He understood that Celt being able to injure that tyrannical giant silver ape was all thanks to the strength of the divine weapon.The giant silver ape’s bloodshot eyes stared fixedly at the divine artifact in Celt’s hand. He could feel waves of vast cosmic power pulsing from the weapon.

Fear gradually crept into the giant silver ape. He let out two low growls and slowly retreated. His speed had been extremely fast just now, yet the divine weapon “Starry Sky” had still been able to hit him. The giant silver ape possessed extremely high intelligence. He didn't dare to run with his injured back facing Celt, even if his heart was now filled with the desire to avoid the latter.“Despicable human, I shall tear you to pieces!”At this moment, the golden dragon approached with a roar. He'd transformed into a middle-aged man with a twisted expression as he rushed towards Celt.Evidently, the golden dragon knew that having too large of a body would hold no advantage over Celt and would instead make him an easier target for the latter. Therefore, he switched over to his human form to continue his attacks. As his roar rang out, a golden light shot towards Celt. The giant silver ape, who'd been about to dodge, quickly darted towards the green dragon like a flash of lightning upon seeing the golden dragon furiously engage in battle with Celt.However, he'd yet to reach the green dragon when the latter suddenly let out a tragic scream. The giant silver ape landed in front of the green dragon, only to find that a big hole had been drilled out of the latter's head.A person shrouded in a black magic shield had harvested the green dragon's core, eyes, and horn.“Heh heh, my bad. Everything from the green dragon will belong to me. I advise you to best mind your own business.” Han Shuo laughed heartily as he collected the trophies while wielding the Demonslayer Edge wreathed in a dense blood light.The giant silver ape was about to disregard everything and draw closer, when he suddenly felt the endless murderous intent emitting from the Demonslayer Edge. There seemed to be tens of thousands of innocent souls crying and screaming from it, instantly ready to drown anyone who dared to come close.Since the divine artifact “Starry Sky” had left a dozen bloody holes in the giant silver ape’s back, the latter had developed an instinctive fear for strange weapons. Not to mention that the surge of murderous intent that exuded from the Demonslayer Edge wasn't as natural and peaceful like the “Starry Sky”, but an infinite, brutal atmosphere of death and killing.To the giant silver ape, the threat from this kind of atmosphere was even greater than that of “Starry Sky”.Therefore, the giant silver ape could only watched dumbly as Han Shuo harvested all of the treasures one by one, not daring to take a step forward in his hesitation.“Uraka!”Celt was still entangled with the golden dragon when he heard the shrill, ghastly screams full of grievances. It seemed that he had very deep feelings for the green dragon. The latter's tragic death was a huge blow to him.Distraction was an enormous taboo in a fight. Celt’s distraction gave the golden dragon an opening as the latter flattened Celt’s sturdy armor.  Celt retreated hurriedly as he had been injured, two streaks of blood flowing from the corners of his mouth. He coldly looked at Han Shuo, who stood above the green dragon's head, and let out a low shout, “Whoever you are, I will make your life worse than death!”

As his words sounded out, Celt screamed out with all of his resentment and grief before turning to escape. He knew that he couldn't hold any advantage against three enemies from all sides, even with the “Starry Sky” in his hand. Particularly for Han Shuo, whose appearance was hidden, Celt couldn't predict this new enemy’s strength at all. Therefore, he had to flee despite the unwillingness that filled his heart.

“If the weeds aren't pulled out from their roots, they’ll grow back at spring’s breeze. Since it's like that, don't blame me for being ruthless!” Having finished excavating all of the treasures from the green dragon's body, Han Shuo spontaneously mumbled before turning to the salivating giant silver ape, “The rest is for you!”A beam of black light abruptly shot up into the sky. The beam chased Celt together with the golden dragon, intending to take advantage of Celt’s injuries to finish him off, as to not leave behind endless trouble.

After Han Shuo left, the giant silver ape let out a low growl and instantly jumped on the green dragon’s corpse. He started eating the dragon's meat and brain. Even though these things weren't as nutritious as the core, they would still increase the giant silver ape’s strength by a little bit.Celt fled in Kassel’s direction. He would never have expected that so many experts were lurking deep within the Dark Forest. He and the green dragon should have been unimpeded. In the end, the green dragon was miserably dead, whilst Celt was heavily wounded.To him, the lofty commander of the Redbud Knights, this was simply an unacceptable fact. He'd dominated the Continent for many years and had rarely experienced the taste of failure. He was truly angered right now. Etching the figure enveloped in that black halo into his mind as he escaped, Celt was already planning about how to use the power of the Redbud Knights to catch the person who killed Uraka and slice him into a million pieces.“Despicable human, let's fight to the death!” The golden dragon's loud roar carried along the path. He was determined to kill Celt, but it was a pity that his body was no longer able to bear the injuries that he had taken. Not only were his roars becoming much weaker, but his speed gradually slowed and his mind grew dizzy due to the profound loss of blood.If he hadn't been the strongest member of the golden dragon tribe, he would’ve  collapsed long ago. For him to be able to hold on until now made him truly worthy of the title of strongest amongst the dragon race.“Since you wish to die reptile, then I shall fulfill your wish!” Celt had run a distance. Upon seeing that the golden dragon was becoming increasingly weaker but still chased him, Celt couldn't help but screech to a stop due to his extremely bad mood.“Starry Sky” burst out again with its orbiting brilliant constellations. The starry light spots created a beautiful luster amidst the silver fighting aura. The vast celestial presence once again spread out slowly to encompass the incoming golden dragon.Last time, the golden dragon had assaulted Celt so suddenly that he simply hadn't given the latter any time to use his divine weapon. The golden dragon had taken advantage of Celt’s distraction to strike him. Now that the divine artifact had displayed its full power, the golden dragon suddenly became somber upon seeing the galaxy spread out.However, it was too late to dodge. The golden dragon was flying forward at a speed so fast that it was difficult to stop. He could only utilize all of his power to barely change direction, attempting to clear the area that was shrouded in the starry fighting aura.A sharp, shrill whistle suddenly rang out at this moment. A streak of black light zigzagged like a snake to suddenly appear a dozen meters away in front of Celt.Celt had been looking coldly at the heavily injured golden dragon when he suddenly saw the sharp tip of the black light rapidly closing in on him. Frightened out of his wits, Celt hastily withdrew the starry fighting aura. The fighting aura that'd been shooting at the golden dragon once again made a miraculous 180 degree turn to shoot straight at the black light instead.

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