Chapter 345: Rank five demigod existence

Great Demon King

Chapter 345: Rank five demigod existence

The power of Ancient Lizard King Dagassi was indeed horrifying. By the time Han Shuo and Emily arrived, he was kicking Celt around like a ball.

Celt’s thick armor was far more durable and solid than ordinary armor. However, under Dagassi’s blows, they dented like scrap metal. The sounds of bones cracking echoed from Celt’s body.

The Redbud Knights were extremely loyal to Celt. They fearlessly went up against Dagassi, launching an offensive to buy enough time for Celt to escape.

Unfortunately, the power gap was too large. Dagassi didn't even need to use that much force to disembowel more than a dozen knights with explosions, killing them on the spot. The fighting aura from their swords and spears simply weren’t enough to cause the Ancient Lizard King any harm.

Maybe if Celt had been one rank higher, combining the strength of a divine knight and his artifact “Starry Sky”, he might have been able to pose a threat to Dagassi. However, it appeared he would never have this opportunity. His body had just crumpled to the ground when it was firmly stepped on by Dagassi.

A crunching sound resounded, and one last footprint was now imprinted on his chest. His internal organs splattered open with the impact, blood overflowing from the footprint. Celt’s eyes rolled upwards as he lost all signs of life.

The cosmic light imbuing the “Starry Sky” dulled after Celt’s death. The weapon lay quietly amongst the bushes. It didn’t have any of the characteristics of a divine artifact.

Flying over with Emily, Han Shuo’s eyes were shining as he stared at “Starry Sky”, and he shot forward without a word. However before he could lay hands on it, the artifact lying in the bush suddenly flew into Dagassi's hand.

“What? You want this thing?” Dagassi looked at Han Shuo and asked, shaking the “Starry Sky” in his hand a bit.

Han Shuo nodded, feeling somewhat embarrassed. He gave a dry laugh, “I do want it.”

“I see the weapon in your hand is even more ferocious than this one, aren’t you a little greedy?” The transformed Dagassi wasn't a monster without emotion anymore. On the contrary, he was very human as he spoke to Han Shuo with a teasing tone.

“I don't need that sword, but I have a very good friend. If they can use that sword, their strength will improve by a lot.” Han Shuo relaxed, squinting at the joking Dagassi.

“Hmph, it's for that chit Phoebe, isn't it?” Han Shuo had been anxious to get to “Starry Sky” earlier, so he’d shot ahead and left Emily behind. She used her levitation skills and floated to his side, her delicate face obviously expressing some anger.

Hearing Emily’s words and seeing her jealous appearance, Han Shuo didn't know what to say and just stood there, smiling dryly.

“This sword is indeed not bad, but I killed Celt, so it should belong to me!” The Ancient Lizard King Dagassi looked at Han Shuo with a smile on his face. He only continued when he saw the latter nod his head, “But this sword is of no use to me. If you really want it, I can give it to you. As long as you agree to some of my conditions, I will also give you that human’s space ring as well.”

Hearing that there was still room for negotiation in the Ancient Lizard King’s words. Han Shuo was startled as he asked, “Tell me about the conditions first.”

Dagassi was in no rush to speak. He swished his tail towards Celt, and the latter’s space ring flew into his hand. Dagassi glanced at the ring caught in his hand, and waves of strange energy surged into the ring.

With a snapping sound, the ring’s magical boundary was forcibly destroyed. Dagassi explored Celt’s ring a little, then squinted and laughed cheerfully at Han Shuo, “Lots of good stuff inside, hmm. An estimated value of at least a million gold coins. This fellow was quite the money maker.”

Han Shuo’s heart itched with greed when he heard Dagassi’s words. However, the latter still hadn't stated his conditions, so Han Shuo also wasn't in a hurry to ask. He stared at Dagassi as he waited, knowing the latter would definitely bring up his conditions in a moment.

“All of the magic crystal ores below the gourd mountain, plus this priceless divine artifact and the wealth inside this space ring, they can all belong to you if you promise me a few things.”

After taking a deep breath, Dagassi stated his conditions to Han Shuo.

“Name it!” Han Shuo said simply.

“First, protect the lizardmen in my stead as long as you’re alive. Moreover, if we have the chance to meet again, I hope you will agree to one more condition. I will not say what it is for the time being, but you have to agree to it.” Dagassi looked at Han Shuo and said solemnly.

“With you here, who would dare to touch the lizardmen? As long as you are willing to spend some time in the underground world, this layer can easily be dominated by the lizardmen. Why would you need my help then?” Surprised, Han Shuo couldn’t help but give voice to his doubts.

Shaking his head, the Ancient Lizard King heaved a long sigh and said, “I cannot stay in the underground world. Otherwise, it may directly lead to the genocide of my children. There are some things you can't understand now. Maybe the next time you meet, you’ll understand.”

“Wait for me to talk to my children, then I will leave to take revenge on the one who imprisoned me. Perhaps we will never have the chance to meet again, as I'm likely to face death. However if we do meet a next time, I think your strength would far surpass now. By then, if I haven't yet died, you may be able to help me.”

The power of Ancient Lizard King was even greater than that of the Lord of the Flames. Han Shuo couldn't even imagine the kind of people or creatures that could kill him. Dagassi seemed ready for death, and Han Shuo didn't know how his future self could help him. However for Han Shuo, the immediate benefits at hand significantly outweighed his future worries.

Therefore, he only hesitated a little then nodded readily in agreement, “I will help you take care of the lizardmen as long as I’m alive. However my ability is limited, and I can only try my best. On the other hand, next time we meet, I hope your condition won't be too difficult to achieve.”

“Haha, good, very good!” The Ancient Lizard King laughed loudly. He didn't make Han Shuo swear a solemn vow to the gods. He readily threw “Starry Sky” and Celt’s space ring to Han Shuo, saying, “I believe you. Let's go, I’ll help you get the magic crystal ores and settle matters with my children.”

Han Shuo held the space ring and checked it with his consciousness. He was immediately dazzled by the wealth inside. There were all kinds of translucent, sparkling crystals of different colors and piles of gold, silver and beautiful jade. Celt must have plundered them from the golden dragon or the underground world.

Aside from that, there were weapons and equipment that had the distinct aura of magic elements. They must have been forged by a great alchemist and were items of priceless value. There were also three ownerless crystal cards of a hundred thousand gold coins. Anyone could directly withdraw money from these cards.

Just as Dagassi had said, the total value of Celt’s space ring was at least a million gold coins. If Phoebe sold this large number of crystals, gold, silver and jade, they'd possibly be worth more than a million gold coins.

“Alright, I’ll go with you.” Han Shuo said. However, he hesitated a little upon seeing the dead bodies littered over the ground, “The weapons and armor of the dead Redbud Knights and dark elves are very good. They may even have more gold coins in their pockets. If you don't mind, can I loot them all before we leave?”

A deep laugh bubbled out of Dagassi. He was about to agree when his eyes brightened suddenly, he said, “Those armors aren't suitable for my children because of their body structures, but the weapons can be used. How about the armor and the other items to you, but the weapons to my children. What do you say?”

“No problem.” Han Shuo readily agreed, then laughed and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll collect these things quickly.”

Han Shuo took out the bone staff when he finished speaking, chanting a spell. Rows of white skeletal warriors walked out from thin air, scattering out like snowflakes and collecting the equipment and valuables on Han Shuo's orders.

While Han Shuo took out the bone staff, the Ancient Lizard King Dagassi suddenly shot forward like lightning, screeching to a halt in front of Han Shuo, his eyes fixed on the bone staff. His expression was in absolute contrast to the relaxed one he had on before.

Han Shuo was scared stiff by this drastic change. Seeing the old Ancient Lizard King staring strangely at his bone staff, he hurriedly withdrew it. Taking a step back while feeling somewhat guilty, he asked, “What's the matter?”

After Han Shuo put away the bone staff, all of Dagassi's surprise and attention refocused on him instead. Han Shuo felt a bit uneasy by that shocked look, not knowing what was runnign through Dagassi’s mind.

The old Ancient Lizard King finally broke the tense silence with a loud laugh, “Little fellow, it seems we do have some shared fortune! Do you know the origin of that bone staff?”

Han Shuo was dumbfounded. He looked at the Ancient Lizard King in shock, gingerly asking, “Could it be that you know?”

“Heh heh, looks like you don't know anything about it. That bone staff belonged to my previous master. Do you want to know its secrets?” The Ancient Lizard King asked Han Shuo, looking somewhat excited.

“Your previous master!” Han Shuo was shocked, then exclaimed, “You're from the Calamity Church?”

“Calamity Church? What kind of organization is that? I’ve never heard of it.” The Ancient Lizard King replied with a frown, then sighed, “Since the bone staff is now in your hands, my master is either dead, or not on this plane. I wonder where the master is now, aii!”

When he heard that Dagassi didn't know anything about the Calamity Church, Han Shuo thought for a bit then asked, “Just what realm are you? How long have you lived?”

“I was already following master when I was just a mutated lizard. I'm currently a rank five super rank magic creature. As for how long I have lived, even I myself don't remember clearly. I only know that I have been sealed here for about five thousand years.” Dagassi explained to Han Shuo with a smile. His attitude toward the latter was even more cordial than before.

An old monster indeed! Han Shuo secretly exclaimed. No wonder he didn't know about the Calamity Church. The Calamity Church had less than a thousand years of history, it wouldn't be strange for the Ancient Lizard King to not know of them. It appeared the origin of this bone staff was even more ancient than the Calamity Church knew, and had deeper connections than just the Calamity Church.

“Can you tell me about the abilities of the bone staff as well as its origin?” When it came to the secrets of the bone staff, Han Shuo could only hope to slowly uncover the fog that surrounded it. He very much wanted to learn what secrets it held.

“Heh heh, when you figure out all the mysteries of the bone staff, you will naturally come to understand the matter of five thousand years ago. Whether master died on this plane or has already left it, master has definitely left an explanation of everything inside the bone staff. As long as you completely grasp the staff, it will tell you everything you want to know. Me telling you is useless, and what I know can't be as detailed as what master has left inside the staff. You should figure it out on your own.” Just like that necromancy archmage Wolf, the Ancient Lizard King didn't directly tell Han Shuo the secrets of the bone staff. He only left some clues for Han Shuo to use in digging out the truth on his own.

“You’ve reached the strength of a fifth rank creature. Isn't that the same as a demigod, who else in this world could be more powerful than you?” While inwardly criticizing the Ancient Lizard King for not straight out telling him everything, Han Shuo suddenly remembered the Ancient Lizard King’s words earlier.

“I may seem powerful in the Profound Continent, but I can tell you, this continent is not as simple as you see it to be. Here, there’'s no lack of beings like me. If the powerful existences from five thousand years ago are still around in the Profound Continent, then even more terrifying beings than me definitely exist. You should take precautions.” Dagassi looked deeply at Han Shuo, reminding him carefully.

Han Shuo was once again shocked by these words. The most powerful presences in the various human countries only stood at the sacred rank. Han Shuo had never heard of any existences surpassing the demigods. If he hadn't met Dagassi here, he would never have known that his continent had a rank five super rank magic creature on par with demigods.

As far as Han Shuo knew, Dagassi’s level of power allowed him the freedom to do whatever he wished on the Profound Continent. But, his words didn’t have a trace of arrogance. Far from it, in fact, it actually seemed to hold a hint of trepidation when talking about those existences more powerful than him on the Profound Continent.

If Dagassi was already a rank five super rank magic creature with power equivalent to a demigod, then those that were even more powerful than him, how shockingly terrifying would they be... were they, “Gods”?

This was something Han Shuo simply couldn't imagine at his level. His mind was a mess thanks to Dagassi's words. When the the bunch of skeletal warriors finished collecting the spoils of battle, he cast the issue to the back of his mind and said, “Who cares about those powerful beings? I just need to do my job well. I'm only a small character. Heh heh, I won't get in any conflict with them.”

It's not up to you to decide anymore since you hold the bone staff. Dagassi sighed in his heart, but he didn't speak it out. He looked at Han Shuo with emotion, as if looking as his master. He hadn’t known of his master’s fate for the thousands of years they’d been apart. A strange light sparkled in his eyes.

“Bryan, should I go with you?” Emily had listened for a while and was similarly perplexed. When she saw Cecilia and the others who had escaped Celt slowly approach, she hurriedly maintained a distance from Han Shuo to avoid raising any suspicion.

This time, Han Shuo also saw Cecilia and the others walk over. They were obviously afraid of the Ancient Lizard King Dagassi's existence. Their postures were as unassuming as they could be, fearing the latter’s displeasure.

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