Chapter 354: Metal attribute treasure The Golden Cudgel?

Great Demon King

Chapter 354: Metal attribute treasure – The Golden Cudgel?

The central stone pillar in the place of extreme metal was shining with a faint golden luster. It was also where the metal element was the most dense.

The place of extreme metal was the most difficult one to form out of the five extreme places, because no matter where, humans had a tireless and endless enthusiasm for harvesting ore. Be it flat land or high mountain, as long as that area was rich with ore, people would flock to it like flies to cow dung and exploit all of its minerals.

It'd take hundreds of thousands of years for a place of extreme metal to gradually form. If this formation process was disturbed because of the exploitation of the ore, it'd be difficult for it to restore itself back its natural state. All of the five places of extreme elements were formed thanks to their unique terrain as well as the forces of nature. Even Chu Cang Lan, who'd cultivated his demonic magic to the nine changes realm, had been incapable of using human ability to create the five places of extreme elements or repair them when they were damaged.

All five places of extreme elements had been formed from millions of years of accumulation. IT was simply impossible to use human effort to change this. Just like the place of extreme fire, this place of extreme metal had also existed for eons. The enormous, glittering stone pillar in the center must be the metal attribute treasure nurtured by the place of extreme metal.

There was a legend in Han Shuo's previous world about the Immortal Monkey King. He had originally been a stone monkey who obtained his weapon, the magic needle of the Calm Sea – the Golden Cudgel, from the Dragon Palace beneath the seas. According to the legend, the cudgel was the metal attribute treasure born from an extreme metal place millions of years old.

Because the Monkey King himself was born with the metal attribute, he was able to skillfully utilize the power of the metal attribute treasure. That was how he’d became an everlasting, legendary, immortal existence back on Han Shuo's Earth.

It seemed the shimmering golden stone pillar standing quietly in the center of the cavern was the treasure of this place of extreme metal. As for whether or not its power was as miraculous as the Golden Cudgel, Han Shuo wasn't too aware.

However, Han Shuo understood that only the elite zombie refined from the place of extreme metal would have the ability to master this metal attribute treasure. It was like how it had to be the fire elite zombie who took charge of the fire attribute treasure – the fire lotus. Therefore, Han Shuo didn't easily touch that metal attribute treasure, afraid that he would destroy the natural operations of the place of extreme metal.

Arriving next to the stone pillar, Han Shuo reached out to gently tap it. A crisp metallic ring echoed out, it was indeed the sound of metal. Dense ripples of metal element slowly rolled from the stone pillar onto his fingertips, turning Han Shuo's body a little stiff.

“Sure enough, a metal attribute treasure alright. It seems the metal elite zombie is quite lucky!” Han Shuo softly exclaimed. He took a tour around the place of extreme metal to view a variety of precious, rare ores that shimmered slightly. Han Shuo's heart was filled with delight. However, he didn't move a single ore in the place of extreme metal. Han Shuo didn't want to act rashly before he gathered all of the materials to refine the metal elite zombie. He wanted to avoid changing the natural formation of this place and prevent causing irreversible damage.

“Metal elite zombie ah metal elite zombie, you are the only one left. Now even your weapon is already made.” Han Shuo murmured. He opened his right hand, scattering the eight light dots in the place of extreme metal. He ordered, “Protect this place well. Kill anyone, even the miners, who tries to come here.”

“Understood. We won't let anyone vandalize this place.” The eight souls transmitted their resolution in response.

Han Shuo didn't remain in the place of extreme metal. As his heart burned with the anxiety to immediately gather all of the necessary materials to refine the metal elite zombie, he instantly left the way he'd come in. At the area with the three tunnels, Han Shuo used the Demonslayer Edge to slice off a few huge stone boulders to block the tunnels, leaving only a hole as thick as an arm for the souls enter and exit.

Stepping out of the belly of Mount Silk, Han Shuo saw Delia and the miners still waiting at the entrance. The administrator of the five mines,elder Adleman, was also there.

“Did you handle everything?” Delia's eyes instantly brightened as soon as she saw Han Shuo, asking enthusiastically.

Han Shuo nodded with a radiant smile and said, “That's right. From now on, not only will those stone men stop attacking the miners, they will even hand over some ore to you.”

Pausing for a bit, Han Shuo looked solemnly at Delia and Adleman before saying, “However, you have to remember, no one is allowed through the three tunnels that the stone men reside in. It won't be my responsibility if anyone dies after trespassing.”

Adleman hastily guaranteed the outcome when he heard Han Shuo’s warning, “Rest assured, My Lord, I will definitely discipline the miners well and won't let them enter that area.”

“My Lord, rest assured, I think they won't dare to come in anyway. After all, only my Lord can deal with those stone men. How can some miners possibly be their opponents?” Delia’s brightly shining eyes were still glued to Han Shuo's body as she replied with a chuckle.

Han Shuo also thought that to be the case when he heard Delia’s words. He recalled that the rock solid stone men didn't seem to fear magic. In that narrow space, even senior swordsmen would be courting death if they were to face the stone men. Although the bodies of the mountain people were strong and sturdy, their strength was still a far cry from that of the stone men. They naturally wouldn't be so foolish to go seek their own death.

“Alright. You guys only need to go to that place once a month to collect the ore. The stone men have already agreed to my demands. They are much better at harvesting ores than you guys anyway. They will always help you mine the ore as long as you don't interfere with their lives.” Han Shuo replied.

“Many thanks to my Lord, many thanks to my Lord!” Adleman was truly grateful to Han Shuo, bowing ceremoniously as he spoke..

“Elder, no need to stand on ceremony. This is only something I should do as the city lord of Brettel City.” Han Shuo helped him up and spoke with all sincerity.

With the stone men crisis resolved, Han Shuo didn't remain on Mount Silk. Adleman and his subordinates resided on Mount Silk, so they didn’t return to Brettel City. There were now only Han Shuo and Delia on the way back.

Han Shuo was feeling a mounting sense of urgency, and he desperately wanted to ditch Delia and return straight to Brettel City. However, as he thought about it carefully, he came to the conclusion that doing so would be a bit rude to her. Therefore, Han Shuo slowly walked through the rugged mountain road down to the main road with her.

Han Shuo now felt a tad guilty about his actions. He’d been caught peeping at her in the mine and still hadn't take the initiative to start a conversation. However, Delia's gaze at him had been somewhat strange ever since they'd left the mine. Her sexily dressed, hot body didn't seem to be ill at ease either. Instead, she even tried to deliberately puff out her chest.

Even though Han Shuo was no gentleman, they were currently observing propriety as they made their way down the mountain. He’d already been caught stealing glances, and his mind was occupied by the the matter of finding the materials to refine the metal elite zombie, so his perverted nature wasn't as strong as usual. He didn't sneak a single glance at Delia's chest along the way.

However, such behavior from Han Shuo was mistakenly branded as hypocrisy by Delia. With her identity as the most beautiful mountain woman in addition to her outstanding strength, her eye for men was very finicky. She hadn't chosen anyone among the young mountain men for so many years, and only toyed around with those who admired her.

Delia’s 170 centimeters body was very tall. To the general mountain people, that height was enough capital for her to strut around with. However, in the face of Han Shuo's 190 centimeters height, Delia no longer felt proud. Moreover, back in the mine, she had been even more overwhelmed upon witnessing Han Shuo's thunderous assault that shattered the stone men to pieces. With her heart that only sought to admire the strong, Han Shuo was her perfect target in every aspect.

Suddenly, Delia leapt to block the road in front of Han Shuo, her shining eyes staring hotly at him, her soft, silky breasts heaving.

Han Shuo was caught off guard and almost bumped into Delia's soft chest. He immediately came to a stop, subconsciously taking a step back. He looked at her, somewhat confused as he asked, “What is it?”

“My Lord, you are a true man. I like you!” Contrary to Han Shuo's expectations, Delia's burning eyes was fixed on him as she boldly confessed her true feelings. The mountain women were very straightforward in their character, and Delia was one of the more outstanding specimens. She was wild, daring in love and daring in hate. The normal women of Lancelot Empire weren’t so bold and frank.

Such a confession from Delia astonished Han Shuo. He squinted, and swept his eyes up and down Delia's body, as if wanting to see her clearly.

As Han Shuo eyes roamed her body, Delia instinctively felt somewhat shy, especially when his eyes fell upon her tall and full twin peaks. Some of the sensitive parts near her waist also weren't spared. Under the caress of his bold gaze, her body started to burn, making her a little embarrassed. However, Delia wasn't as timid as those ordinary women. She had confirmed Han Shuo her target, so she didn't retreat despite her shyness. Instead, she even pushed out her breasts, seeming very confident in her own body.

“You’re not bad.” Han Shuo suddenly smiled faintly a long while later and spoke softly.

Delia was delighted. A passionate smile blooming on her lips, she spoke boldly to Han Shuo, “My Lord, then, you want me, don't you?”

End of part one of the chapter.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo answered, “I’m sorry. I already have a woman, and I love my woman.”

Delia’s face dimmed when she heard those words. She silently hung her head for a moment before lifting her face again and said stubbornly, “I, Delia, have never had any man before. Only you have been powerful enough to make me lose my resolve. Whether or not you have a woman, I want to become your woman.”Han Shuo was flabbergasted. He looked at Delia's stubborn face, the face of a woman who didn’t seem to know the meaning of defeat. His first thought was that either this woman had been feted by the gazes of adoration of the mountain men for too long, or maybe her standards were too high. It seemed like she was setting her mind on her own objective, regardless of his willingness.Han Shuo himself wasn't a gentleman who could control his desires with a beautiful woman sitting on his lap. Otherwise, there wouldn't be Emily and Phoebe, and of course, Fanny whom he was obsessed with. Of course, Han Shuo was a horny male that had to mount every woman he saw. A demonic practitioner like Han Shuo wouldn't have any scruples about the secular constraints. As long as he was genuinely interested in a woman, he'd throw all morality to the wind.Delia's body was extremely tempting, and her face was also very beautiful. Han Shuo didn't deny that he lusted for her beauty. However, that was all it was, lust. If there was no responsibility attached to having sex with her, he would’ve have taken her without hesitation.However, everything had its limits. If Delia persistently wanted to be with him, but he only stayed at Brettel City long enough to toy with her, only to abandon her afterwards, then the thirty thousand mountain men here would be unwilling to let go of this matter. Han Shuo also didn't want to poke at this kind of hot potato.“Hehe, I really do have, and not just one.” Han Shuo first explained a little before continuing, “Honestly speaking, I only have a bit of interest towards you. However, it's just the interest a man would have towards the body of a beautiful woman, not the kind that you feel. You should understand what I mean, yes?”“What? You have more than one woman?” Contrary to Han Shuo's expectations, Delia didn't care too much about the implications of his words. Her surprise had only led her to clarify the first sentence.Han Shuo nodded, inwardly pondering if Delia would sprout some nonsense. However, as he thought about it, this matter would be exposed sooner or later, so he didn't deny it. Han Shuo answered with a nod, “Mhm, there is indeed more than one. So what of it?”“Then that means you won’t mind having me as another one! I'm willing to be one of your women. It's still better than being the sole woman in the heart of a mediocre man.” Her eyes gleaming with excitement, Delia continued, “I knew it. A man like you can't just have one woman. Adding me in should be no problem, right?”Han Shuo's eyes and mouth were wide open in shock at Delia's words. These mountain women were unexpectedly bold and straightforward. Even someone as free as Han Shuo, who'd always done whatever he wanted, found this attitude hard to digest.Delia still wanted to discuss this matter in detail, while Han Shuo was set on heading out to find the materials to refine the metal elite zombie. Not knowing how to respond to Delia, he responded directly, “Let's discuss this later. For now, I still have no interest in you. I’ll consider your proposal when I’m interested in you. Alright, I have some matters to take care of, so I'm going first.”Han Shuo shot towards the sky as soon as the last words left his mouth. His magical yuan circulated to radiate an aura that placed him high over the entire world, and he turned into a black streak of light that disappeared into the clouds without a trace.

Delia watched with infatuation as Han Shuo's flying posture gradually disappeared into the horizon. She revealed a resolute smile, firmly nodding her head and whispering to herself, “I’ll definitely make you fall for me. My Lord, keke, only a man like you can make me submit from the bottom of my heart!”Of course, Han Shuo didn’t hear these words. He flew all the way to Brettel City and looked for little fatty Jack, giving him the list of materials needed to refine the metal elite zombie, saying, “Acquire these materials for me. Use the Boozt Merchant Guild or whatever merchant guild, just get me these materials as soon as possible.”“No problem!” Possessing a mountain of gold coins, Jack replied with a hundred percent of his lung power. He was projecting an extraordinary spirit that screamed ‘Consider it done!’. When he finished those words, he added, “Oh, right, Dick was looking for you.”Hearing that Dick was looking for him, Han Shuo parted ways with Jack. He went straight to the Dark Mantle stronghold in Brettel City, since Dick was normally there. He really did find Dick there after arriving at the Brettel City's Dark Mantle stronghold. The latter was processing and organizing some intelligence on the seven grand duchies sent back from his subordinates.

Seeing Han Shuo abruptly come in, Dick quickly stood up to salute with surprise. He then sat down and asked with a smile, “My Lord, what have you come here for?”“I heard from Jack that you were looking for me. Did something happen?” Han Shuo asked Dick as soon as he sat down.There were only six members, including Dick, in this secret stronghold. However, Han Shuo was absolutely sure that there were more than six Dark Mantle members stationed at Brettel City. It was just that they were usually scattered across the city or the seven grand duchies. They were all undercover or carrying out a secret mission.They wouldn't come here unless circumstances warranted it. Only when they acquired an accurate piece of intelligence or successfully completed a mission would they come in to report to Dick. Originally, Dick had been stretched thin for manpower. However, when Han Shuo had arrived here, Candide had reassigned some members to Brettel City to be under Han Shuo's direct command.All of the Lancelot Empire’s secret activities were singlehandedly managed by Candide. Even Brettel City, located at the extreme east of the Empire, was under his control. As Candide’s most outstanding underling, Han Shuo also had the right to manage the personnel network of the Dark Mantle in Brettel City in addition to being the Brettel city lord. Dick was naturally under Han Shuo's jurisdiction.“My Lord, I looked for you because I've acquired some information. It was just that you weren't in the mansion at that time. I didn't expect you to personally come find me. The honor truly frightens this little one.” Dick himself also sat down with a smile before explaining to Han Shuo.“Alright alright, less nonsense. What actually happened?” In private, Han Shuo and Dick never continued their master-servant act for long.Dick chuckled and let out a cough. Face turning solemn, he said, “We may just have a big problem this time. All of the seven grand duchies have come to a truce. According to the information our people sent back, the grand dukes of all seven duchies will soon have a secret meeting at a mountain valley. We have no way to knowing the agenda for the meeting, but I’m almost certain they’re convening to figure out how to deal with us.”The seven grand duchies had tirelessly waged war within themselves when Brettel City was no threat. However, now that the Brettel City had revealed its ferocious, domineering momentum, it naturally became the single biggest threat to the seven grand duchies.The seven grand duchies were all split from the Vanerdun Dynasty. A hundred years ago, the royal family had fought amongst each other for the throne and split the Vanerdun Dynasty into seven duchies. Afterwards, they had gradually became today's seven grand duchies. When there was no external threat, they delighted in invading each other for benefits. However, their history made them family, and a common enemy would quickly find themselves facing a tight knit alliance of the seven duchies. .The Lancelot Empire hadn't clearly understood this peculiar situation last time and was tempted into invading the seven grand duchies. Ultimately, the seven grand duchies had allied to beat the Lancelot Empire into retreat. Also from that event, Brettel City had fallen into a slump, reduced into a worthless existence.“It seems the seven grand duchies now consider Brettel City a new threat. Hehe, we should be proud. Brettel City's population doesn't even touch a hundred thousand, far less than any of the seven grand duchies. I didn't think they'd think so highly of us.” Han Shuo smiled coldly at Dick.“My Lord, the seven grand duchies absolutely can't be taken lightly. They can't be compared to ordinary bandit groups. They are a true army. Not only do they possess complete sets of siege equipment, their years of constant warfare has resulted in their common soldiers being of high quality. They are even one notch stronger than the standard army of the Lancelot Empire.” Dick smiled wryly as he explained to Han Shuo, “In addition, each duchy has at least thirty to forty thousand soldiers on standby, not to mention the many private armies of the local aristocrats. If every man is roused to fight, and the seven grand duchies combine forces, their total force would probably be double that of our population. We absolutely cannot underestimate them!”“Rest assured. I already have a plan. I just won't let them ally together.” Han Shuo laughed sinisterly as his thoughts began to spin.

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