Chapter 360: Receiving some benefits

Great Demon King

Chapter 360: Receiving some benefits

When Han Shuo and Helen returned to the army station, it was just as she had said—her family’s trusted aides were completely oblivious to Ferrodias' actions. He’d obviously been acting in his interest, and Helen’s actions were written off as arresting and suitably punishing him.

Ferrodias' original plan was to capture and bring Helen to Marquis Kekaru of Helon Duchy. After Helen, the pillar of her family’s army, disappeared, Kekaru would be able to defeat the Helon Duchy’s army and become the duke with Benedict Sackville’s backing.

After Han Shuo and Helen returned to the stationed army, they didn’t openly appear before the army. That was mostly because Han Shuo had plenty of methods to privately meet Helen.

After dealing with Ferrodias, Helen began traveling back to the nearby Helon Duchy. She had prepared her cover story of being attacked by assassins on her way back. Because no except her people had survived, the revolt was prevented from being divulged.

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