Chapter 366: How do you want to play?

Great Demon King

Chapter 366: How do you want to play?

“Since you’ve already come all this way… Don’t even think about leaving!” Han Shuo’s face split into an evil grin as he executed the “Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts” with his Demonslayer Edge, letting the sky be segmented by a bloody red light.

The Demonslayer Edge produced sharp, bloody lights one after the other. Together, they became a mass of bloody red light that swept towards the seemingly young dark elf, Sikong. As Sikong saw this whirling mass of bloody light releasing a deadly, terrifyingly baleful aura that seemed sharper than a honed blade, he began retreating even faster.

The “Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts” closely and relentlessly pursued Sikong like a parasitic apparition. Along the way, it came to the not so spaciously drilled underground passageway from which Sikong had entered. An enormous hail-like downfall of broken rocks fell as the “Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts” tore through the tunnel, forcefully broadening the underground passageway by a fold.

As the couple of dark elves entered, they saw a mass of red blade-like lights closely pursuing Sikong. One of them yelled, “Protect the elder!”

A few truly young dark elves bravely stood in front of Sikong without thinking about their own safety. Torn and crushed by the bloody light, their remaining pieces of their minced bodies were scattered among the rocks below.

After experiencing the bloody light’s powers, Sikong was truly frightened out of his wits as he began to run at a breakneck pace. The crystal ball that had been grasped in his hands all along began glowing a misty blue, using a bit of the evil goddess’s power bestowed within. The light from the crystal ball began rapidly weaving a protective screen as thin as a cicada’s wing as it wove through the air like a snake.

The bloody light bombarded the top of the protective screen. The intricate linking of thousands of strands of light gave the faintly radiating blue a powerful defense and began rapidly shredding the multiple bloody red lights. As the protective screen that was as thin as a cicada’s wing shattered with a loud bang, Sikong had long since seized the chance to tumble out of the cave, albeit frightened and his back damp from cold sweat long ago.

Sikong had obviously realized that although he had already lived for a couple hundreds of years, he really wasn’t a match for the Han Shuo inside. As one’s age increased, one’s fear of death also increased, and Sikong was no exception to that. The moment he experienced Han Shuo’s power, he immediately threw away the thought of fighting Han Shuo to the death. Instead, he began retreating even faster than before, directly fleeing until he was in front of a purple veil tent.

“Matriarch, forgive my incompetence, but there is a young necromancer inside with an incredibly powerful ability. Not only could I not capture him, but I was even forced to retreat back here!” Sikong’s nerves were frayed as he trembled when reporting to Adele within the purple veil tent.

“Idiot, if you can’t even take down a young necromancer, then all your years of life has been truly useless!” Adele, who had been smiling merrily, suddenly became angry after hearing what was just said.

Ten silk-like black grass strands that were as flexible as tentacles extended from within the purple veil tent, firmly binding up the fearful Sikong. The black strands seemed to be even more tenacious than metal, causing the trussed up Sikong to feel his limbs gradually lose blood. Sikong’s breathing gradually became laborious as his body trembled and his veins began to pop from the pressure exerted by the silky strands.

The surrounding dark elf elders all began feeling apprehensive as they helplessly looked at Sikong, bound by the silk as his skin began to tear and blood began to cover him from head to toe. Even though Sikong was her favored boy toy, no one dared to plead for mercy. Women were the most vicious indeed. If she even felt the tiniest dissatisfaction, she would immediately began treating them cruelly, causing blood to lavishly decorate the ground.

Sikong felt a bone-piercing like pain. Yet, because he was bound too tightly, he couldn’t even scream. Instead, he could only softly whimper. Nevertheless, he still did not dare to beg for forgiveness, seemingly extremely afraid of Adele.

Breaking the unbearable silence, Adele coldly snorted within the purple veil tent, only after seeing Sikong faltering for breath. Afterwards, the black light binding Sikong slithered back into the purple veil tent like a demon snake.

Due to his weak and paralyzed body, Sikong collapsed on top of his own pool of blood. Only, he continued to persevere as before, kowtowing and happily saying, “Thank you Matriarch, many thanks for your mercy, Matriarch!”

The purple veil tent was suddenly lifted by a light-purple colored arm. An arm that could send the hearts of men into a fluster, it brimmed with a bewitching luster, an alluring, full and boneless arm. After the tent-flap was lifted open, a beautiful woman appeared. She was like a bringer of catastrophes, capable of making all living things go crazy for her as she knitted her brows, walking out from inside.

The beautiful woman’s entire body was covered with an exotic, light-purple skin. Yet, she had a head full of long emerald-like green hair and two sharp ears, indicating her race as an elf. She nearly possessed all of the characteristics of an absolutely beautiful fairy. With a soul-stirring and attractive charm, she only needed to stand in front of men, without moving or speaking at all, to fill men with desire. An unrestrained desire would fill their hearts and loins as men drank in her sight like the finest alcohol. All they would want would be to jump her, fiercely pressing her below them and conquering her.

This matriarch of the dark elves, Adele, was undoubtedly an extremely pretty, coquettish, and dangerous beauty. Just a glimpse of her smile was seduction of the highest quality, capable of causing people to become unconsciously obsessed, willingly falling into oblivion for eternity.

Lightly sighing with deep feeling, Adele walked next to Sikong, attired in a purple dress that hugged her curves. Deep emotions seemed to burst out of her chest as she said helplessly, “How could I bear to kill you? Over the endless years, there were only a couple of you that accompanied me, allowing me to feel a hint of joy while imprisoned within this dark underworld. But, although none of you were talented, handsome youths, you should still amount to more by now by now. After all, you’ve lived for such a long time, such an endless number of years, so how could you still not have attained even a wee bit of additional courage, becoming increasingly timid instead?”

Sikong only trembled slightly while his body lay immersed within a pool of blood. He seemed to be seriously listening to Adele’s lecture without a word.

Adele shot a glance at Sikong, lying next to her leg and curled within a pool of blood. She sighed once more, expressing her exasperation with their failures. She suddenly raised her head towards the huge brownish red mountain in front of her and yelled towards the lizardmen’s dwelling place, “Hey necromancer, let’s both come out and have a chat.”

This shout seemed to have formed through the convergence of a thousand sound waves. Unexpectedly, it directly passed through the intricate and sophisticated mountain holes, descending right into the mountain’s core. Even if Adele hadn’t deliberately used her mental strength to amplify her voice, Han Shuo would still have heard Adele’s yell through his two mystical demons constantly watching her.

After Adele finished speaking in the common language of the humans, she once again yelled in the language of the elves. The dark elves, originally doing their best to infiltrate the lizardmen’s cave, suddenly withdrew like a current of water. In an amazingly short period, the dark elves managed to reorganize themselves outside When Han Shuo saw all the dark elves withdrawing through the mystical demons, he realized that it was definitely due to Adele’s command. Knitting his brows, he hesitated for a moment before calmly walking out of the cave. Only, he didn’t go too far from the cave.

After Han Shuo left the cave, several lizardmen that were currently tracking Han Shuo quickly reported his movements to the leader of the lizardmen. After the leader learned of this news, he told the lizardmen to follow him outside. When Han Shuo was standing not too far from Adele, the lizardmen leader arrived behind Han Shuo with his people.

When Han Shuo walked out from within the cave, he only caught a glimpse at the dark elf matriarch, Adele, before being immediately taken aback. However, Adele’s beautiful face that could make all living things go crazy, only made Han Shuo astonished for a moment. Han Shuo’s willpower had been tempered too often for this sort of trick to work. His expression remained natural as he spoke, “Well, I’ve come, so what do you want to chat with me about?”

“Hehe, that big lizard. It left already, right?” Adele smiled sweetly as the surrounding young dark elves obviously swallowed their saliva.

Unexpectedly Han Shuo nodded with a smile, not hiding the truth, “Correct, he has indeed already left this place. I can’t say when he’ll be back, but even if he doesn’t come back anytime soon, hehe, I will still help these lizardmen people. If you have any intentions of enslaving the lizardmen people, then we can continue to play.”

Adele had likely decided to cause a commotion today after constant probes up until now. They’d even discovered that Degassi had left. Thus, Adele was most likely feeling confident attacking today. However, since Han Shuo has entered the underground world, he would naturally try his utmost to help the lizardmen people deal with the dark elves’ encroachment. He would also not need to rely on a vague lie to preserve the lizardmen’s safety at all.

Adele started unceasingly laughing, causing Han Shuo’s heart to undulate. She amusingly sized up Han Shuo, saying, “Continue to play? Now that the big lizard has left, are you capable of stopping me, all alone?”

“Who knows?” Han Shuo calmly said while the corner of his mouth evoked a pondering smile as he looked at Adele and said, “Do you want to test me?”

“It’s only natural that I would want to test you. After all, you were able to force Sikong to withdraw. This clearly indicates that you’re definitely out of the ordinary. Only, young man, how young are you? I believe, considering your human age, no matter how strong you, you still must have a limit. I also don’t believe you can obstruct our march to conquer the underground world.” Adele tactfully smiled, brimming with confidence.

Shrugging his shoulders, Han Shuo said, “Then we have nothing to chat about. How do you want to play? No matter what kind of method you want to use, I’m willing to accompany you. Hehe, if it’s body-on-body combat, I would welcome it even more, haha!”

Even if the lizardmen leader’s people as well as countless undead creatures were behind him, Han Shuo was not completely assured of victory facing this Adele. After all, just Adele’s personal strength was enough to keep him busy, and the couple of pretty, handsome, and obedient dark elves who had lived for so long also had strength that couldn’t be belittled. Additionally, they had even brought approximately ten thousand dark elf experts.

However, Han Shuo did not believe that Adele would fight him to the death to defeat the lizardmen people. Thus, he had no fear as he threatened Adele, even going as far as leering at her.

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