Chapter 378: A Summit of Dignitaries

Great Demon King

Chapter 378: A Summit of Dignitaries

This test was no different from the previous one, with mental strength being tested first. Since Han Shuo had indeed reached the grand magus level, he effortlessly passed the mental strength test.

The next necromancer test was just as simple as well. Since an even more powerful summoning technique was the most effective representation of reaching the grand magus necromancer level, Han Shuo did just that. After Han Shuo’s chant, an old fey corpse descended from another world. The appearance of this old fey corpse proved everything.

WIthout a doubt, the appearance of the undead creature proved Han Shuo’s strength. Ares gazed deeply at the old fey corpse and sensed a thick sense of death emitting from its body. He nodded his head in astonishment before saying to Han Shuo, “It’s true. You’ve actually become a grand magus necromancer! Inconceivable!”

Carlos’ eyes radiated with an astonished sparkle as he looked probingly at Han Shuo. After a good while, he sighed with emotions saying, “Your reputation is truly justified. It seems like the accomplishments you’ve obtained thus far have truly not just been a fluke. Congratulations Bryan!”

Han Shuo politely nodded his head towards Carlos, before laughing, “Many thanks.”

“Alright, there’s no problems. Just wait a moment, I’ll immediately handle the proper formalities.” Ares headed straight up after saying this to Han Shuo. He was most likely going to deal with Han Shuo’s matters and record his current rank within the Magic Association.

After Ares left, Carlos looked at Han Shuo. Although hesitant, he opened his mouth in the end and said, “Bryan, your relationship with Prince Lawrence is extremely close right?”

Han Shuo was surprised, unable to determine the purpose of Carlo’s words. But he still nodded his head and looked at Carlos, surprised, “Yep, what’s the matter?”

“I have some words but I don’t know if they are appropriate.” Carlos appeared reluctant and faltered.

“Hehe, it won’t hurt. Go ahead and just say it.” Han Shuo laughed while becoming increasingly perplexed.

Carlos’s complexion suddenly became stern as he deeply looked at Han Shuo, “Then, I’ll be frank. Among the four princes, Prince Lawrence is the most hopeless and will probably fail to inherit the title of king. Additionally because of Lawrence's peculiar identity, I’m afraid the moment when His Majesty passes away, Lawrence will also be the first to suffer. Forgive my words but it’s best if you don’t become too close with Prince Lawrence. Only by keeping clear will you be able to provide the most help to Brettel City.”

Han Shuo had already known of Lawrence's predicament thanks to Emily’s letter. Furthermore, when Han Shuo had first met Lawrence and found out that he was of illegitimate birth and status, he already knew that there would be such a day sooner or later. Candide had warned him once as well. Thus, Han Shuo naturally already knew that with Lawrence's identity, it would definitely be very challenging for Lawrence to inherit the title of king against the other princes.

However, Lawrence had treated Han Shuo with sincerity and Han Shuo had once promised that he would try his hardest to help him. Even when Han Shuo took control of Brettel City, Lawrence still continued to help him as best as he could. Now that Lawrence has truly sunk into a predicament, Han Shuo couldn’t just sit there and ignore him no matter what.

“Thanks for your warning, however I am someone who returns favor with favor and repays my gratitude. Since Prince Lawrence has once helped me, now that he has encountered some dangerous times, I will still help him no matter how dangerous and how detrimental it is to me. This is my immutable, societal code of conduct. Hehe, still though, thank you.” Han Shuo smiled at Carlos, clearly expressing his stance.

After hearing this, Carlos sighed disappointedly while nodding his head, “Bryan, I very much admire your methods, but you should still reconsider this prudently. This matter will not only implicate you alone. Once Lawrence fails to weld power, you, your Brettel City, and all of your friends will also be implicated because of this matter. Sometimes, even if it isn’t for your own good, you should still think about it for others.”

This statement was reasonable. However, Han Shuo wouldn’t change his decision just for these couple of words. At the moment, Brettel City was incomparably stable. Plus, Han Shuo could also rely on the Cemetery of Death. Even if Carlo’s words became a reality, Han Shuo could still guarantee that he could bring everyone around him to safety.

“I am extremely grateful for your good intentions. Hehe. However, when I make a decision, I normally don’t regret them. Even if my decision is wrong, I will still carry it out to the end!” Han Shuo’s expression remained the same as he calmly replied. Obviously, he wasn’t tempted due to Carlos’s words.

After Han Shuo had said such words, Carlos knew that it would be useless to try to continue to persuade him. Carlos sighed helplessly before saying, “I really didn’t wish to be your enemy. However, if things develop normally, I’m afraid some things will truly be unavoidable. Sigh!”

“What are you guys saying, you two fellows are Lancelot Empire’s rare and talented characters. Hehe. It seems like every nation has their own talented mage. Bryan, you’re only twenty years old and you could actually become a grand magus necromancer. Truly an abnormal freak.” Right at this moment, Ares came from upstairs and chuckled at the two of them.

“It’s nothing. Mister Ares and Bryan, I still have some things to do. Goodbye.” Carlos politely said his farewells to Ares and Bryan before immediately heading downstairs and leaving.

Han Shuo looked at Carlos’s departing figure. He knew that this person was definitely supporting of one of the other three princes. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said those words. Perhaps because Carlos was wary of Han Shuo’s power or perhaps because he didn’t want to face such a strong adversary, he tried so hard to persuade Han Shuo.

But to Han Shuo, after his magical cultivation had entered the carnal realm, he wouldn’t necessarily lose even if he faced a sacred swordmaster. Carlos would absolutely not be Han Shuo’s match since he was someone who had only just recently advanced to become a wind grand magus. Thus, Han Shuo did not place Carlos on too high a pedestal in his heart.

“Bryan, your data has already been rewritten. From this point on, you’re a grand magus necromancer. As promised, this is your new medallion and certificate. You can now order your own magical robe and embroider a symbol representing your strength as a grand magus necromancer.” Ares chuckled at Han Shuo before placing the certificate proving his new rank into his hand.

“Thank you Mister Ares!” Han Shuo expressed his thanks and then opened his mouth to continue, “Alright, then I’ll also take my leave.”

“Wait a moment!” Ares smilingly shouted loudly before opening his mouth, continuing, “I’m good friends with your Academy’s Dean, Emma. She has erected a statue of you within the Academy and has once came here to verify your rank. If you don’t mind, I will hand her the newest information about you. Hehe. This will greatly improve your status within Babylon Academy.”

Han Shuo was startled. Then he smiled and nodded his hand, “As you wish. Hehe. I won’t mind. However, Dean Emma already knows of my new strength. I think whether you inform her or not will not actually matter.”

“Oh, is that so. Hehe, then I’ll just forget about it.” Ares laughed and then continued, “Alright, go ahead and do whatever you need to do. I hope the next time we meet I can verify your new rank as a sacred magus. It would be my greatest honor if I could still be alive to verify your rank for you.”

Han Shuo laughed cheerfully and chuckled, “I hope so. But you must live a few days longer Mister Ares!”

After finishing these words, Han Shuo did not continue to remain within the Magic Association. He headed downstairs and walked out.

Carlos had already left a moment ago with his crowd of servants. Thus, when Han Shuo started coming downstairs, that young lady obviously already knew that Han Shuo had successfully confirmed his new rank. She excitedly looked at Han Shuo with worship, “You are truly very amazing. I have worked here for several years but I have yet to see such a young grand magus before!”

Han Shuo only nodded his head at her reservedly and didn’t say anything. After a laugh, he walked out the door and headed for the Dark Mantle Headquarters.

Mt. Ordas. Dark Mantle Headquarters.

This time, Han Shuo was immediately received with great fanfare after flashing his identity medallion. One of the agents brought Han Shuo towards a building.

“Sir. Please wait a moment. I will go inside to send them a message first.” That Dark Mantle agent brought Han Shuo to a wide doorway made of rock before respectfully informing Han Shuo

Although separated by the thick and wide doorway, Han Shuo could still sense a couple of powerful auras from within. Han Shuo always kept an impression of any new acquaintances he made. Furthermore, even if he was separated a large distance, he could still distinguish between them through their auras. After his magical cultivation advanced to the new rank and his consciousness improved greatly, Han Shuo could even more easily differentiate between everyone’s differing auras. Thus, this stone door that was shrouded by some complicated and complex magic enchantments was completely incapable of blocking Han Shuo’s mental probing.

“Mm, go ahead.” Han Shuo nodded his head and said to the agent guide.

Han Shuo’s current status was already different from his former days; as a Dark Sun Envoy, he was definitely at the top of the social ladder. Last time when Han Shuo ruined Celt’s operation in the underground world, he had already advanced to a Second Dark Sun Envoy. Within the entire Dark Mantle Organization, there were not many that was a Second Dark Sun Envoy like Han Shuo. Thus, this agent naturally treated Han Shuo with great caution and respect.

From this agent, Han Shuo discovered that Dark Mantle’s three heavyweights had all congregated here today. Furthermore, even some senior figures that had gone into seclusion were included in this meeting. They seemed to be negotiating about some big matters. Within the entire Dark Mantle’s enormous organization, only those that were above Third Dark Sun Envoys could participate in this discussion. However, these agent knew that Han Shuo’s identity was unique and immediately went inside to inform the dignitaries.

Han Shuo could sense Candide and Amyes’ aura inside, as well as the not-so-friendly Cecilia. Besides them, there was also another completely unfamiliar aura. Since all of these people had gathered, there were definitely important matters needing to be discussed. Of this that was certain.

The Dark Mantle headquarters had a tight defense in the perimeter. There were even more complicated and strange magical enchantments assembled within. Thus, Han Shuo didn’t release his mystical demons to eavesdrop and only stood outside, waiting.

After a while, that agent came out with another person. This person was extremely robust and also at the prime of his life. His coarse palms indicated that he was most likely a user of heavy weaponry. His sideburns were preserved in lushful display. After arriving he nodded his head to Han Shuo and said, “Bryan, right? Follow me.”

After saying these words, he said to the agent who guided Han Shuo, “Alright, there are no more matters here for you.”

While heading inside, this robust man opened his mouth to introduce himself, “I’m the same as you. I’m also a Second Dark Sun envoy. Hehe. The upper guys have given verbal orders to bring you to them.”

This was an extremely spacious passageway. There were powerful crossbow mechanisms on the walls, as well as various magic cannons and hidden magical enchantments. Han Shuo dared guarantee that if one didn’t have the qualifications to enter but still barged in, what welcomed him would be a road to death.

After passing through the spacious passageway, they arrived at another gate that was protected by another two agents. The robust agent that guided Han Shuo signaled to open the gate and said to Han Shuo, “Go ahead, enter.”

Han Shuo was startled, took a look at this guy and said, “You’re not going in with me?”

He smiled ruefully and shook his head before helplessly replying,”I don’t have the qualifications to enter. Although we’re both Second Dark Sun envoys, I only have the qualifications to stay here on guard. Hehe. They let you have a good guide, but here is where I stop.”

Hearing this, Han Shuo unconsciously fell silent before laughing apologetically at him. Then, he walked through the door without saying anything else.

The moment after Han Shuo’s steps landed inside, a formation suddenly mobilized into action. Han Shuo then noticed that he had already appeared within a secretive and sealed, wide stone room

The stone room was roughly the size of a basketball court. There were white marble tables and chairs individually placed in the surroundings. The tables were filled with various refreshments and fruits. Encompassing one of the large rhombus table were thirteen chairs. Every chair carried a person. At this moment, these thirteen individuals unanimously gazed towards Han Shuo.

At one corner of the rhombus table sat the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle. They were obviously Candide, Amyes, and Cecilia. Emily sat upright at a different side while only shooting Han Shuo a glance with her eyes. She purposely didn’t over do it, probably to avoid arousing suspicion and letting others discover something.

These thirteen individuals were the Dark Mantles’ truest senior levels. Among them, even the lowest ranked Emily had advanced to the Third Dark Sun while the highest ones were like Candide and Cecilia were Fifth Dark Star.

However, after Han Shuo shot a glance around, he suddenly noticed that the three heavyweights were actually not sitting at the main seat. Instead, at the most honorable seat sat two unimpressively looking old man. Han Shuo had seen one of them once. He was precisely the elder that laughed all day while looking after a shop at the Valley of Sunshine’s Dark Mantle stronghold.

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