Chapter 53: The perils of the town of Drol

Great Demon King

Chapter 53: The perils of the town of Drol


Felix’s high call drew open the curtains for magic attacks.

Suddenly, all the mages next to Han Shuo and the others started chanting magical incantations. A column of sharp windblades, multiple large, blazing fireballs, several ice bolts shaped like spikes, lightning landing violently from the skies, and even the longswords from the light major students’ Radiant Slash all abruptly appeared, rushing towards the charging wolf riders.

Fanny and Gene also chanted their incantations and skeletons and zombies staggered out, one after another. They ran out from the side of the foremost warriors and rushed at the wolf riders.

The orcs on the backs of wolves were engulfed in magic in an instant and suffered brutal blows. Beneath the howling of the windblades, multiple injuries appeared on the wolf riders and the large wolves they rode on. When the large fireballs came crashing down, several wolf riders were completely swallowed up by the blazing fire. Soon after, the ice bolts and lightning also took down ten or so wolf rider lives.

However, there were five hundred or so wolf riders. When this wave of magic came crashing down, it only killed the thirty or forty wolf riders in the very front. The rest of the wolf riders did not display the slightest hint of fear or cowardice upon seeing their companions die. They continued to thunder forward in excitement, caring not a whit for their deaths.

Just as the mages were about to sing the second wave of magical incantations, crossbows appeared unbeknownst to anyone in the hands of the charging wolf riders. They raised the crossbows and clouds of sharp arrows flew like the wind, soaring over the first row of heavily armored warriors and making for the mages and archers.

“Everyone be careful!” The elven archer, Blanche, called out in a melodious voice, also directing the archers to counterattack.

The mages had been chanting incantations, planning to attack the wolf riders. When they saw the sharp arrows flying towards themselves, they immediately changed the direction of the magical attacks and released waves of magic to crash down onto the arrows in the midair, destroying them before they could strike their targets.

However, not all the sharp arrows were destroyed by magic. Ten or so sharp missiles still shot down, and the strong force behind them immediately pierced two thunder novice mages to death. Three or so mages more or less suffered some sort of injuries. At this moment, the three priests suddenly started singing healing incantations, taking care of the three injured mages.

Because this wave of magic had all been used on countering the sharp arrows, the wolf riders hadn’t suffered much damage. They rushed over with an even faster speed. The large wolves charged over with an extremely fierce aura. The skeletons and zombies, that bore the initial brunt of the attacks, were demolished within seconds.

Beneath the charge of the large wolves, the lowest level skeletal warriors were abruptly trampled into bits of bone and didn’t have much effect at all. The zombie warriors stood up to the onslaught for a brief moment, but under the slices of the orcs’ longswords, the heads of ten or so zombie warriors were simultaneously sent flying as they fell to the ground.

“Humph. The dark creatures of the necromancy major are indeed useless!” Upon seeing that the dark creatures from the necromancy major weren’t having much effect, Irene and a few other light major students started jeering at them.

Han Shuo grasped a dagger in his hand, his entire being still calm and composed. He eyes gazed at the figures of the wolf riders in the distance, completely ignoring the mockery coming from Irene and the light major students.

The crossbows in the wolf riders’ hands rose again, and another hail of arrows rained down. The mages in the back all used magic to defend themselves. A couple mages with more training destroyed the sharp arrows that flew towards them and were still able to continuously release magic to attack the wolf riders careening towards them.

Five sharp arrows suddenly shot over with a whooshing sound, heading towards the students of the necromancy major. Fanny and Gene’s facial expressions changed as they both sent out bone arrows, destroying three of them in midair. One of them had veered off course and shot towards a corner in which no one was standing, whereas the other made a beeline for Amy.

At this moment, Amy became panicked and started chanting magic. Gene and Fanny were also a bit anxious and also started to swiftly chant magic, but the speed in which they all chanted at was obviously slower than the speed of the sharp arrow.

A dagger suddenly drew a cold line through the air and flew into the sky like a bolt of lightning. A sharp crack sounded out as the arrow that had been flying towards Amy broke into several pieces. At the same moment, Han Shuo’s body suddenly squirmed out, stopping in front of Amy and catching the dagger before it landed on the ground.

“Thank you Bryan!” Amy smiled widely after the crisis had been averted and was full of gratitude towards Han Shuo.

“You’re welcome!” Han Shuo nodded with a faint smile, returning once again to Fanny and Lisa’s side with dagger in hand, surveying the surroundings with a face full of calm.

Finally, after paying the price of seventy injured or dead wolf riders, the wolf riders broke through the constant waves of magic attacks and came into direct conflict with the warriors of Drol. A large battle suddenly commenced with fifty to sixty warriors armed to the teeth, wielding broadswords and long spears. There were even ten or so knights wielding lances, fighting with the wolf riders from the back of their battlesteeds.

The mages chanted their magics as they flew across the air in glorious sparkles, landing on the wolf riders in the back. The entire southern part of the town of Drol had sunken into the heat of battle amidst the sounds of violent explosions.

Han Shuo, Fanny, and the others were situated behind the warriors and continuously chanted magic. Bolt after bolt of bone spears and arrows flew out towards the orc wolf riders that were charging at the defensive line of warriors.

Felix, hovering in midair, became the main target of all the orc wolf rider crossbows. More than ten sharp bolts came whistling towards him, but Felix showed no trace of panic. He chanted an advanced wind magic after which a ten meter tornado formed in the air behind the wolf riders. Wolf riders were swallowed up wherever the tornado touched, and ghastly screams and wails sounded endlessly.

After the tornado had appeared, Felix gave a wave of the magic staff in his hand and more than ten windblades instantaneously flew out from his body, demolishing the sharp bolts that flew to him. At the same time, a magic shield appeared and completely covered him. The few sharp missiles that finally made it past his magic were blocked by the magic shield. Felix didn’t suffer any harm to his body whatsoever.

“So strong! That’s the true power of a mage!” The light students were watching Felix’s relaxed expressions besides Han Shuo and all of them displayed expressions of adoration and worship as they sighed with emotions.

Just as everyone was reflecting on how amazing Felix was, the previously relaxed Felix suddenly gave a great yell. “Oh dear, more wolf riders have appeared in the distance. There also seems to be a few orc shamans with them. Let’s retreat! Everyone split up and make for the city of Zajoski.”

Felix’s words immediately had a huge impact on everyone assembled. Han Shuo was the first to react as he grabbed Fanny’s small hand and said calmly, “Follow me, hurry.”

Fanny was startled and when she saw Han Shuo’s gravely calm expression, the curses that had made their way to her mouth transformed into, “Alright, but where do you want to go?”

“To where the battlesteeds are kept. We must hurry and find the battlesteeds. Only on the backs of horses will we have the chance to escape to Zajoski, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee our escape from the grasp of the wolf riders.” Han Shuo’s mind was thinking very quickly at this moment and he spoke with decisiveness and grim determination.

Fanny immediately reacted likewise when she heard Han Shuo’s explanations, calling out hurriedly. “All students, follow me.”

Han Shuo knew that Fanny agreed with his plan when he heard her call out. He turned his head to see Lisa looking covetously at the hand that he’d used to grab Fanny’s small hand. Han Shuo’s expression turned wry as he also reached out a hand to grasp Lisa’s hand.

He then paid no attention to either of their expressions and hauled them off to where the battlesteeds were kept.

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