Chapter 70: Help me kill two lackeys

Great Demon King

Chapter 70: Help me kill two lackeys

Han Shuo appeared directly within the secluded tomb, located in the mountains behind the Academy through use of the transportation matrix, in the blind spot that he had dug.

He put away the six magic sticks and removed the stone slab that blocked the entrance of the tomb before walking out of the tomb. The sky was only just brightening hazily, and Han Shuo didn’t walk towards the Academy. Rather, he took his bearings and circled the area, walking directly to the northern street according to the directions indicated on Fabian’s card.

The northern part of the city of Ossen contained many tall, ornate buildings. Many of the Empire’s nobles and aristocrats lived here. The city’s defense guard was also found in the highest numbers here, and there were many armored guards, wielding various weapons, patrolling early in the morning. Han Shuo cleaned up his clothes and wiped off the dust he had just acquired, walking towards the northern street, according to Fabian’s instructions, afterwards.

Han Shuo stopped in front of a house after a while. There were no guards at the door and it didn’t seem as conspicuous as the ones around it. Han Shuo walked up to the front door, gathered his concentration, and looked around him, finally knocking when he concluded that no one was paying attention to him.

Last time in the Boozt Merchant Guild, Phoebe had killed the assassins from “Shadow Ghost” and shifted the blame onto him. When Grover left the chamber, his expression was apparent that he was harboring resentment in his heart. According to Phoebe’s explanation, whether it was “Shadow Ghost” or Grover, both had associates who could kill her at anytime. Therefore, Han Shuo had to be extremely careful when returning to the Empire this time. He was deathly afraid of attracting “Shadow Ghost” or Grover’s attention.

After a while, a butler with warm features opened the door and gazed at Han Shuo, bowing with a smile. “Good morning sir, whom are you looking for?”

“My name is Bryan, and I’m here to discuss some matters of business with Fabian!” Han Shuo also responded politely.

“Mr. Bryan! I’ve heard Fabian speak of you, please follow me!” The butler immediately turned his body sideways upon hearing Han Shuo’s name and invited him in.

When Han Shuo had walked in, the butler stuck out his head, carefully observed for a while in front of the door, and finally closing the door tightly afterwards. He was quite cautious and prudent as he led Han Shuo inside.

The buildings inside were still quite ordinary. It all seemed rather dull when compared to the luxury of the Boozt Merchant Guild. The surface area of the buildings were far less expansive and spacious than those of the Boozt Merchant Guild.

The butler led Han Shuo into the main lobby after walking for only a minute. An ordinary looking maid served tea and snacks, after which she said, “Please wait a moment Mr. Bryan, I’ll go get Fabian for you.”

When the butler left, the maid also left the lobby after pouring a full cup of tea for Han Shuo. After a while, the chubby Fabian walked in from outside the lobby, laughing heartily. Bright and clear laughter rang from his mouth, but his face looked a bit wan and his spirits didn’t seem too good. He seemed to have been going through a difficult time lately.

“It’s Bryan! It’s so good to see that you’re safe and sound.” Fabian pulled out a stool for himself after entering and laughed loudly.

“I too am very glad to see you unharmed. I hid after leaving the Boozt Merchant Guild last time, so whether it’s ‘Shadow Ghost’ or Grover’s men, they’ll all be unable to find me. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about me at all, but you on the other hand, you don’t seem to have been living that well!” Han Shuo sized up Fabian as he spoke slowly.

“Don’t mention it, Grover is becoming more and more domineering lately. Our lives have become a bit difficult. Right, what business would you like to discuss this time?” Fabian sighed and said with some resignation.

Han Shuo didn’t want to pay attention to the old scores between Grover and them, and Fabian wasn’t willing to truly discuss his feelings in detail. He thought for a bit and said, “I’ve come to find you this time not to sell any resources, but to purchase a few rare materials from you.”

“Oh, what rare materials?”

“Take a look at this list, I need all the materials on it. How many gold coins would this cost?” Han Shuo handed over the list that Chief Calvin of the dwarf village had written out to Fabian and asked.

Fabian took the list from Han Shuo’s hands and looked carefully at it, thinking for a bit before saying to Han Shuo. “Bryan, even I don’t know some of the materials on this list. I’m afraid I can’t make the decision. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask our Miss Phoebe to discuss with you?”

Han Shuo was startled, thinking did Calvin ask for some very precious items? He mused for a bit and nodded, “Alright, it’s the same if I talk to Miss Phoebe. I have urgent need of these items, when can I see her?”

“Our miss is right here. I’ll go request her instructions, please wait a moment.” Fabian rose and left Han Shuo with these words before leaving the lobby.

Phoebe swept a nonchalant gaze over Han Shuo after she entered, making him feel a bit befuddled. She found a seat and thoroughly perused the list that Han Shuo had brought. She furrowed her brow slightly as she lifted her head to look at Han Shuo, “These materials should be for the use of forging weapons. Some of the items within are very rare indeed. You’ve come to the right person to purchase them.”

Joy flooding his heart, Han Shuo kept a calm expression on his face and randomly tapped his right finger on the table. He said lightly, “What’s your price?”

Nodding, Phoebe’s wise eyes sparkled cunningly as a slight trace of a beautiful curve marked her slightly tightened lips. She said, “With the exception of the black gold ore, we can sell all the other ingredients to you. Particularly because you helped us last time, I’ll even give you a discount. It will only cost you 3,500 gold. This price is absolutely fair.”

3,500 gold! Han Shuo’s heart leapt in shock. He hadn’t thought that the ten or so missing ingredients that Calvin had listed would be so pricey. And judging from the connotations from Phoebe’s words, this price was already quite low, and that the Black Gold ore seemed to be of some difficulty.

His brow furrowing slightly, Han Shuo thought deeply and said, “3,500 gold is no problem, but is your Guild unable to obtain black gold ore?”

“Black gold ore is the same as black iron ore, they’re materials of the utmost quality used for forging weapons. The price of these kinds of ore is beyond your imagination. A piece of black gold ore the size of a fingernail can fetch the price of 5,000 gold on the marketplace. Under normal circumstances, there is no supply for both black gold and black iron ore, at any price.

I have a piece of black gold ore the size of my thumb in my possession, but I only gained this piece of black gold ore at extreme effort. I was planning on forging the best sword for my respected teacher when I collected enough material, that’s why I’ve kept it all this time. Therefore, even though this piece of black gold ore can satisfy your needs, I will not sell it to you no matter how high a price you offer.” Phoebe’s face was solemnly grave as she said resolutely to Han Shuo.

Phoebe was a swordswoman, and Han Shuo could figure out with even his toes what kind of level of character her teacher would be. The kinds of swords used by such a character would naturally be uncommonly sharp. As Phoebe had reached the level of swordmaster at such a tender age, she must not have been taught at an ordinary academy of magic and force. Phoebe was a mysterious character indeed.

However, Han Shuo truly needed the black gold ore. He wanted to create the best possible Demonslayer Edge in one go, and naturally needed the exact amount of the rarest materials. If he was short on the valuable black gold ore, then the quality of the Demonslayer Edge would decrease greatly. This was what Han Shuo didn’t wish to see the most.

His brows locked tightly, Han Shuo pondered hard and finally asked Phoebe, “Apart from you, who else would have black gold ore in their possession?”

“Don’t wish for the stars. I think even if someone had some, they would cherish it like treasure and wouldn’t sell it to you.” Phoebe looked at Han Shuo’s anxious expression with interest, a hint of a faint smile curving at her lips as she said with some pride.

Han Shuo felt an involuntary wave of depression when he heard these words, but suddenly detected Phoebe’s unintentional hint of a smile at her lips when he was shaking his head and sighing. His thoughts spun furiously as Han Shuo thought silently. He finally stared straight at Phoebe and asked lowly, “Miss Phoebe, if you’re willing to give the black gold ore in your possession to me, you can name whatever condition you wish!”

Phoebe started and looked at Han Shuo in some surprise. She then frowned and pretended to turn the matter over in her mind. She finally said with some reluctance, “I can bear the pain of giving up something I value very much because you helped us last time, but you must help me with another task...”

“Help in doing what?” Han Shuo privately thought that Phoebe had indeed been scheming early on. Although he felt angry, he didn’t let it show on his face and responded with a grave face.

“Fight by my side and assist me in killing the two lackeys most loyal to Grover - Darnell and Yuna, those two b*tches that should be hacked to death by a thousand cuts!” Frost grew on Phoebe’s charming face as she spoke through gritted teeth.

“What are their strength, respectively?” Han Shuo’s face was calm as he asked.

“Darnell is a senior swordsman and his strength is almost at the level of breaking through to swordmaster, while Yuna is a fire adept mage and her strength is extremely frightening. The two are a couple who are beyond depraved and exceedingly shameless. They basically do not spend long amounts of time apart from each other. They currently both live within the Boozt Merchant Guild. If you’re willing to aid me, I have a sixty percent chance of assassinating them without a sound!” Phoebe’s body abruptly straightened, highlighting the soaring twin peaks in front of her chest as she spoke excitedly.

“I promise to help you!” Han Shuo didn’t hesitate as he spoke in a low voice.

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