Chapter 75: Close the doors, you get in bed first

Great Demon King

Chapter 75: Close the doors, you get in bed first

Ossen City, the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force.

Han Shuo ate breakfast and first bought a set of new clothes, arriving at the academy later in the morning. He went to the library first and surreptitiously put back the two books of “The Foundations of Necromancy” and “A Magical Dictionary” that he had asked Jack to steal before. He then walked to Fanny’s lab.

The doors to the lab were open and Fanny was wearing black robes trimmed with gold, wearing a set of black framed glasses and holding a magic staff in her left hand. She held a pen in her right and was drawing some magical patterns on the pedestal in the center, explaining something with her speech.

Next to her, Fitch had put on the appearance of conscientious listening, but his eyes often travelled over Fanny’s face. Fanny had lost a few traces of her charming beauty with glasses on, but gained solemness and the beauty of intellectuality. In Han Shuo’s eyes, her beauty wasn’t diminished at all, and he rather stared soulfully at her, mesmerized.

Fanny delivered a string of words then lifted her head to look at Fitch, who was busy staring off into space. She frowned, “Fitch, do you understand?”

Fitch suddenly woke up from his musings and nodded, smiling, “Master Fanny, you were very clear, I understand.”

When Fanny lifted her head to look at Fitch, she happened to see Han Shuo standing in front of the door. Han Shuo was now a bit taller than Fitch, and his body was muscular and well defined due to continuous training and fighting. He stood there with his spine straight, like a javelin, without the slightest bit of the usual, frail external appearance that mages usually possessed.

Fanny first blinked, a bit astonished by Han Shuo’s unnoticed changes, but when Fanny also saw Han Shuo staring at her, mesmerized, her heart gave a leap and her face blushed red as well. Her right hand tightened on the pen and almost snapped the pen in two.

What’s wrong with me? Fanny said to herself and involuntarily took a deep breath, seeming to pout as she glared at Han Shuo. She lifted her head to call out, “Long time no see Bryan. You’ve disappeared for a month after last time’s training. Where have you been skulking around for so long that you only remembered to return now?”

Han Shuo’s mentality immediately returned to normal after hearing Fanny’s words. He laughed lightly, not waiting for her to greet him and strode purposefully into the room. He responded, “Last time’s outing in the Dark Forest made me realize the many deficiencies  in my abilities. That’s why I borrowed a magic book and did some remedial studying on the foundational knowledge of magic. I’ve come to Master Fanny with some questions because I’ve encountered many difficulties.”

“Huh. Who would believe you?! You’re always so mysterious.” Fanny rolled her eyes at Han Shuo, obviously not believing his words. She turned her head to look at Fitch, suddenly feeling that his presence was irritating, for some inexplicable reason. She instructed, “Fitch, I have a few more matters to discuss privately with Bryan. Since you understood my explanation, you can go back and practice well.”

Fitch started. He hadn’t seem to think that Fanny would want him to leave because of Han Shuo’s appearance. He blanked for a while, then finally viciously glared at Han Shuo, saying lowly, “Errand slaves will always be errand slaves. It’s not like you’ve become a real student just because you put on the uniform.”

Fitch finally left after saying this. A smile was constantly apparent on Han Shuo’s face, completely oblivious to Fitch’s low mutterings. Han Shuo knew this was because of Fanny’s attitude towards Fitch that caused Fitch to carry a grudge, but until Fitch took action to express his hatred, Han Shuo couldn’t be bothered to spend an ounce of strength on him.

“Go and close the door tightly!” Fanny put down the pen and raked Han Shuo with her gaze, instructing in an imposing manner as soon as Fitch had left.

Close the doors? Han Shuo’s heart jumped, gazing upon Fanny with a deep and meaningful look. He displayed a trace of an odd smile, hastily got up, and hastened to say, “Alright alright, I’ll go close the doors.”

When Han Shuo had jubilantly and gleefully closed the doors to the lab, Fanny raked Han Shuo with another gaze and continued instructing, “Get on the bed first!”

Nodding his head like a chicken pecking corn, Han Shuo didn’t even bother saying much this time and directly shucked off his shoes, falling directly backwards on the white bed. He proudly crossed his legs and smiled, “Master Fanny, you come over as well!”

Fanny watched Han Shuo with an amused expression as her mouth closed with an audible click. “Come, close your eyes first.”

He had never been so docile as Han Shuo obediently closed his eyes, thinking dirty thoughts. A depraved smile blossomed on his face.


A painful howl emitted from Han Shuo’s mouth. He suddenly felt that a large surge of mental strength had invaded his mind, completely startlingly Han Shuo from his beautiful dreams.

When Han Shuo saw that Fanny was gazing at him with a small smile, he asked with a hint of anger in his voice, “Master Fanny, what are you doing?”

“Examining your body! Didn’t I say last time that you’re the subject of my experiments, and that I would use the school facilities to conduct a thorough examination on you when we returned to the school, like I’ve just done? What did you think I wanted to do with you after closing the doors and make you lie on the bed?” Fanny spoke with a face full of seriousness and glared at Han Shuo, but even with glasses on, they couldn’t hide the proud smile in her eyes, one that was proud of successfully executing her scheme.

The Han Shuo of now was not the Han Shuo of before, he immediately discerned the joy in Fanny’s eye with one glance. He sat up with a wry smile and said, “Forget it, don’t examine me in the future. These things can’t be explained by rational logic. If you truly turn me into an idiot by intruding my mind that way, my life will be over.”

Fanny vaguely creased her brow in thought upon hearing Han Shuo’s words and sighed involuntarily after a bit of contemplation. She smiled, “Forget it then. I’m willing to lose an experimental subject, but not a talented student.”

Seeing that Fanny was letting him off the hook so easily, Han Shuo heaved a huge sigh of relief and immediately thanked Fanny sincerely. He then took out the book of “Beginner Magics of Necromancy” and started asking Fanny all the parts he didn’t understand.

Upon seeing Han Shuo withdraw the “Beginner Magics of Necromancy” from his space ring, and then seeing that many parts of the book had been highlighted and noted by Han Shuo, Fanny immediately looked askance at Han Shuo. She exclaimed lightly, “You’re already reading this book? Have you grasped all the magics that magic apprentices should know? Um… and you’ve taken a lot of notes. Looks like you really didn’t slack off during this month... I’ve thought wrongly of you.”

“Of course I’ve already grasped the magics that magic apprentices should know!” Han Shuo smiled.

He thought for a moment and released the “Agony of the Soul’ magic in front of Fanny. Fanny immediately said, “Oh my goodness! Bryan, you’re too amazing. You actually have enough mental strength to release the ‘Agony of the Soul’ magic. This means that your mental strength has truly reached the level of a novice mage. You’re a genius, a true genius!”

Han Shuo wasn’t sure if he was a genius or not, but he knew that his mental strength could only improve so rapidly due to that odd, green, round ball. He still hadn’t figured out what this green, round ball was, but he was absolutely sure that it had something to do with the cemetery of death.

After a string of surprised exclamations from Fanny, Han Shuo started seriously asking Fanny all his questions about magical knowledge that he didn’t know. As an adept mage, Fanny’s constant homework had always been to teach students how to understand magic and was very familiar with this foundational knowledge. She went out of her way to resolve all of Han Shuo’s difficult questions.

During the process, the two were quite close to each other and Han Shou could smell the fragrance wafting off of Fanny’s body. Their gazes would interlock during explanations and have a sense of mutual admiration due to shared enlightenment. Fanny didn’t feel distaste at Han Shuo being so close to her, and would actually clap his shoulder as she complimented him whenever he clearly understood one of her explanations.

Time passed unknowingly in Fanny’s lab. The two of them had conversed for several hours, yet Fanny wasn’t the slightest bit impatient. She seemed rather delighted and would never be bored because she had met a good student.

It wasn’t until when the bells started ringing that Fanny came to herself with a shock. When she recovered her senses, she said lightly, “Oh no, I almost forgot that I still needed to preside over class at the training fields later this afternoon. Bryan, your comprehension abilities are very high. Looks like you’ve chosen the right path in learning necromancy magic, but let’s stop here for today, I’m going to the training fields to teach my class, do you want to come with me?”

Shaking his head, Han Shuo smiled, “I’d rather not. I’ve already thoroughly grasped some of the lower level magics. I’ve understood from you today many of the things that I didn’t previously understand, and need some time to carefully think about them. I won’t be going to the training fields.”

Nodding, Fanny didn’t press further and hastily cleaned up the lab. She picked up a book, adjusted her collar, and said, “That works too. You can come find meet with me in private in the next couple of days and I’ll help you go over the areas that you don’t understand. Oh. right. Lisa seems to have been very worried that you were gone for so long. She asked me where you went?”

“Heh heh, I haven’t been up to much. Please tell her not to worry. I’ll be going now, and will come disturb you quite often in the next few days. Thank you in advance, Master Fanny.” Han Shuo said carelessly and left before Fanny left her lab. He thought for a bit, avoided the crowded areas, and started walking outside the Academy.

After leaving the Academy, Han Shuo circled past two roads very carefully, finally making his way towards Phoebe’s residence.

Han Shuo vaguely felt that he was in a bad place after the assassination at the Boozt Merchant Guild. Not only had he offended Grover, but it was likely that even Phoebe held a grudge against him, but for the black gold ore, Han Shuo had to grit his teeth and come find Phoebe again. He only hoped that the past ten or so days had been enough to calm her temper.

The same old butler answered the door again, with Fabian coming by shortly after Han Shuo had walked in because he’d heard the news. He still wore a faint smile when he saw Han Shuo, saying, “Bryan, how come you have time to swing by today?”

Smiling wryly, Han Shuo shook his head and sighed, “Don’t mention it. I helped your young miss assassinate Darnell and Yuna in the Boozt Merchant Guild last time, but somehow offended your Miss Phoebe. Not only did I receive no compensation, but she actually beat me up. Terribly unlucky!”

“Oh? Although Miss Phoebe comes from a wealthy family, she isn’t the type to throw a tantrum without cause. What happened between you and Miss Phoebe? After she came back in the dead of the night that day, she spent the next couple of days being angry. I happened to overhear her curse you as despicable, shameless, and disgusting. I truly don’t understand what could have happened for her to be in such a terrible mood!” Fabian looked at Han Shuo with confusion, saying slowly as he seemed deep in thought.

His face wry, Han Shuo sighed lowly once again. “Forget it, let’s not mention those things again. I have to find her again for my materials. Is Miss Phoebe home right now?”

“Apologies, the miss is out and temporarily not available, but I think she’ll return shortly, so if you’re not in a hurry, you can wait here a bit.”

“Alright, then I’ll wait for her for a bit.”

Indeed, Han Shuo’s ear caught the sound of someone knocking at the door from far away after waiting for a short while. As his heart started to agitate with unease, he privately weighed up what he should say to Phoebe when he saw her later.

Just as Han Shuo’s brow was deeply furrowed in thought, a man’s voice sounded lightly. “Eh, you’re Bryan, what are you doing here?”

Han Shuo started and immediately lifted his head, realizing that the warrior Lawrence, who had spent five gold coins to hire him as a human target last time in the warrior’s academy, was standing at the door with Phoebe.

“Senior brother Lawrence, you know him?” Outside the door, Phoebe looked at Lawrence, astonished, as she asked in surprise.

“Of course, he’s Bryan, the errand boy from our Academy!” Lawrence answered matter-of-factly.

“Errand boy?” Phoebe and Fabian both exclaimed at the same time. Phoebe measured up Han Shuo with an odd look as she asked Lawrence, “Senior brother, your Babylon Academy of Magic and Force is the most renowned school throughout the Empire. Why would such a despicable, shameless, and disgusting person be present?”

Lawrence started upon hearing these words and shrugged his shoulders at Han Shuo, smiling at Phoebe, “Little junior sister, how did Bryan offend you? I rather admire his tenacious and unyielding personality.”

Han Shuo’s face was wry as he sat there without a word, drinking tea with a lowered head, one sip after another. He privately reflected that he was in quite the pickle. He hadn’t thought that Lawrence would be Phoebe’s senior brother. Now that his identity had been revealed, if Phoebe wanted to pursue previous events, it would be troublesome for even him to avoid this.

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