Chapter 101: Desperate Self Rescue

I Am Overlord

The lightning transformation grass was a mid-grade spirit medicine. After entering Xiang Shaoyun's mouth, it immediately suppressed a portion of the lightning energy in his body and made it milder.

Despite the name, this herb was not something that would transform the lightning energy or something. Rather, it worked by placating the lightning energy, reducing the destructiveness to help a person better subdue the lightning energy.

Because of that, the streams of lightning energy coursing throughout Xiang Shaoyun's body were suppressed, causing him to regain a slight clarity of mind. His powerful consciousness recovered quickly, and an unyielding willpower surged from within him.

It was unknown if his gift of visualization had been provoked by the lightning energy in him, but it was much sharper right now, giving him a clear look at the terrible condition of his inner body. His inner body was filled with lightning, and it was on the verge of exploding. If he couldn't solve this soon, not even the lightning transformation grass would be able to save him.

"Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual, revolve!" Xiang Shaoyun understood what kind of predicament he was in. Without a second thought, he roared and activated his cultivation manual to start guiding the strains of lightning energy into his nine stars.

However, his meridians were already stuffed full with powerful and terrifying lightning energy. It would be hard for him to move the energy through his meridians. Even more annoying was the fact that his lightning bone seemed to be completely full right now, as it had completely stopped absorbing the remaining lightning energy in his body.

If the lightning bone was able to unleash its true power, it should be able to absorb an even larger amount of lightning energy. Perhaps it was currently shackled by Xiang Shaoyun's low cultivation level. Or perhaps the bone was merely undergoing some sort of evolution and no longer needed additional lightning energy for now. Thus, the only person that could save Xiang Shaoyun was himself.

"Astral cosmos sea, cultivate!" Xiang Shaoyun shifted his focus and instead started cultivating his astral cosmos sea with the excess energy. The astral cosmos sea required a huge amount of energy to grow, and these lightning energy would serve nicely. 

But of course, the astral cosmos sea needed more than lightning energy to grow. It required numerous types of energy and could not grow through only a single type of energy. If it relied only on lightning energy, it would grow into a destructive astral sea instead of a storage astral sea.

Even so, the astral cosmos had still grown to six square meters in size. This was the growth that had resulted from both his growth in cultivation level and the supply of lightning energy. But that was far from enough. Xiang Shaoyun still needed to move more of the lighting energy to get himself out of danger.

"Overlord Skyslaying Saber!" Xiang Shaoyun cried out when he saw the Overlord Skyslaying Saber in his astral cosmos sea hungrily absorbing the lightning energy. But because of the layer of astral cosmos sea separating the saber from the outside lighting energy, the absorption was rather slow.

After noticing that, Xiang Shaoyun opened his astral cosmos sea and directed all the lightning energy in his meridians there. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber became excited and started shining brightly. The presence of dragon and tiger also unfurled as the saber absorbed a large amount of lightning energy. Slowly, the body of the saber started recovering.

"Black gold, melt!" Xiang Shaoyun could sense what the Overlord Skyslaying Saber was trying to do. Although it was absorbing all the lightning energy, it still couldn't fully recover, as it was too badly damaged. Therefore, it was important to supply the saber with some materials to help with the recovery.

The black gold was something Xiang Shaoyun had accidentally obtained at the market. He was originally planning to forge his own fate weapon with it, but with this Overlord Skyslaying Saber within him, he changed his mind. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber seemed to be connected to him by fate, and if he could fully reforge the saber, he might be able to turn it into his fate weapon.

The black gold was incomparably hard, but soaked in the lightning energy, it softened considerably. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber seemed to have its own consciousness as it drew in the black gold and stuck the black gold on its body so as to slowly devour it.

"No, still not enough. I still have too much energy." Xiang Shaoyun was feeling much better after shifting a large amount of lightning energy to the saber. But that was still far from enough, as he still had a lot of excess lightning energy.

His brain worked overtime thinking of a solution before he finally made a decision. He started pouring the remaining lightning energy into his first star. Innate stars were something born naturally in humans. These stars were what enabled humans to cultivate, becoming something more than human.

A regular star was only a tiny dot of light as large as a pinkie, but at the same time, it also felt boundlessly wide. Generally speaking, the Astral Realm was the realm where one’s stars started awakening. At the Transformation Realm, one’s astral energy would solidify, and at the King Realm, one would be able to ignite the star to unleash its unlimited potential.

Now, Xiang Shaoyun was concentrating the lightning energy into only his first star instead of spreading the energy evenly among all his stars. This was very risky. The lightning energy was a pure unrefined form of energy and was still extremely rough and destructive. The star of a mere Astral Realm cultivator shouldn't be able to take in the pure lightning energy at all.

In fact, only those at the Transformation Realm and above could start absorbing these pure unrefined external energies into their stars. When the strains of lightning energy converged in his star, Xiang Shaoyun felt an aching sensation, as if his star was about to explode. In fact, it gave a sensation that he was going to die soon.

Fortunately, the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual displayed its prowess right this moment. It gathered the energy scattered throughout Xiang Shaoyun's meridians and slowly used them to suppress the most berserk of the lightning energy. That coupled with the medical prowess of the lightning transformation grass, the excess lightning energy was fully gathered into his first star.


Xiang Shaoyun roared repeatedly as an unending pain assailed him. The pain  made him feel as if his body was being ripped apart alive. He did not enjoy such a sensation at all. As all that was happening, his willpower grew without stop. This was the boundless tenacity originating from the inheritance intent he had received from the Martial Palace. As he stayed unyielding in face of pain and suffering, his consciousness grew stronger and stronger.

"I have yet to take my revenge, and I have not retaken all that is mine. How can I die just like this? Lightning energy? Suppress!" Xiang Shaoyun's willpower kept growing until it finally reached a brand new height—smashing his shackles apart—and made him forget the pain he was feeling. He continued pushing all the remaining lightning energy in his body into the star. 

The star seemed to have sensed Xiang Shaoyun's boundless tenacity, as it started shining brighter and brighter, as if it was turning into an actual star. It absorbed all the lightning energy, and with the electricity currents crackling all over its surface, it had the appearance of a lightning star filled with boundless, pure lightning energy.

After the star finished its transformation, Xiang Shaoyun's lightning bone also started transforming. It started shining, its radiance forming a connection with the radiance of the first star. The astral sea turned into an expanse of purple radiance. Occasionally, dragons could be seen soaring and tigers could be seen pouncing, making the astral sea look incomparably majestic.

The purple energy quickly spread into Xiang Shaoyun's meridians, organs, bones, and so on. Under the nurturement of the purple energy, his injuries started healing. The lightning condor had been guarding Xiang Shaoyun all this while, and when it saw his transformation, shock filled its eyes.

It could not see the transformation within Xiang Shaoyun, but it saw the physical transformation Xiang Shaoyun was undergoing. Cracks had actually formed on the surface of Xiang Shaoyun's body.

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